Positive Masculinity – Now on Audible

Okay, okay, spare me the ‘better late than never’ jokes. The third installment of The Rational Male series – Positive Masculinity – is now available for purchase and download from Amazon / Kindle. The book is once again narrated by Sam ‘The Voice’ Botta and as with the other two books I’m sharing the royalties with him to help him with his absolutely insane medical expenses due to his injuries sustained from his hit & run “accident”.

The book logs in at 23.7 hours and is presently $29.99. A lot of work has gone into making this title the best we could make it. In addition to Sam’s medical challenges ACX / Amazon has really stepped up their quality assurances requirements with respect to the audio quality. We went through several rounds of edits and approvals, but the end result is really something worth the wait I think. In audio time alone this book exceeds The Rational Male.

Now, all that said, and with the time and effort we put into this title I need to ask my readers & listeners a special favor. If you are starting a new Audible subscription with this audio book, it is imperative that you use the link here to start your sub.

The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity

In August Amazon/ACX altered the bounty payment structure they have with their content providers, authors and narrators. Prior to August of 2018 content providers were guaranteed $50 per each new subscription. Essentially Amazon rewarded it’s best authors for helping them create what is now the biggest self-publishing monopoly ever known, and authors could rely on the popularity of Amazon to help promote their own work. As of August, all this changed and not for the better. Now ACX pays a bounty of $75 per subscription, which on the surface seems like a great deal, but now authors/narrators only get that bounty if the sale comes exclusively through this affiliate link – the one I’ve posted here.

This isn’t a big deal for most low-volume self-publishing authors, but it’s a huge deal for authors (like me) who sell a good number of audio books because this is primarily how men consume Red Pill media. Men tend to like listening above reading this material. They listen on their commutes to work and in the gym when they’re working out. I’ve always stressed purchasing the print copy; it’s not as ‘deleteable’ as the digital versions, it can be passed on to men who need the books and a lot of men tend to highlight and liner-note their well-worn copies. That’s great and it’s exactly what I always intended. However, my subscriptions bounties for Audible went from about 160 per month to around 20 now that this new program – which is being sold to authors as a big advantage – went into effect.

This affiliate link switch has also been applied to all my titles, so if you’re looking to start a new subscription with The Rational Male or Preventive Medicine please use these links. I’ve also switched the links to the Audible files in my side bar too.

For more info on this please read this article: ACX The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

All that said, please pick up the Audible version and let me know what you think about the audiobook here in the comments.


Thanks Sam, and thanks to all of you who make this and all my projects possible.


Rollo Tomassi

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Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

11 comments on “Positive Masculinity – Now on Audible

  1. “Essentially Amazon rewarded it’s best authors for helping them create what is now the biggest self-publishing monopoly ever known, and authors could rely on the popularity of Amazon to help promote their own work.“

    Jeff didn’t have to care acquire and command the market.

    I have an audible account do I still use the link with my audible account?

  2. Donning the Captain Obvious hat here for buyers of the Audible version:

    You should copy the audio files (presumably 256k mp3 files like most Amazon related audio) to a DVD-R at a minimum or a portable storage drive, which you should be doing anyway for purchases this significant. Thereby making it less delete-able, capable of restoration with only a modicum of bother.

    Leaving it on your phone/tablet/iPood means it can be reached in and erased by the I Think We’re All Bezos On This Bus people if you stop your subscription. As Apple Music free trial subscribers learned to their horror if they didn’t sign up for the pay version: anything in their iTunes files, including stuff they uploaded from their own library, all vanished. Word to the Wiseguy.

    (quoting some author dude whose name escapes me but whose initials are William S. Burroughs)

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    Game is the future. Not just PUA. Game is essential for pickup, spinning plates, and LTRs. Oh, wait…game is also essential for getting quality male friends, for getting hired, for getting promotions…for life.

  4. Clearly, the F#B#of#I is still under the influence of socialists. Even Wiki (which is controlled by leftists) doesn’t have anything very negative to say about them. The PBs support “western values” (classical liberalism) and are organized to provide defensive support against Antifa.

    The only negatives are “ties to white supremacists” (e.g., Trump has been called a “white supremacist”) and admiration of right wing leaders who stood up to leftists. If you’re a socialist, those are big negatives.

    Our national cops should do better.

  5. Rollo,

    I don’t have twitter and didn’t copy your email from the RMG episodes you list so I hope you get this.

    I am pretty sure Audible just screwed you. I used you link to try and sign up. I was taken to audible.ca (Canada website) and when trying to set up had a “glitch” in the system as per the audible support on the phone. I had to register over the phone which leads me to believe that you were NOT credited with my sign up.

    Audible gave me an extra credit (so 2 free books) which also leads me to believe that you got screwed. They can offer the extra book because they don’t have to pay you. Just a belief/thought I could be wrong.

    I don’t know if you can check into it or if it is worth your time to even do it. I signed up for notifications from this post so hit me back if there is anything I can do.

    Tks for all the work you do MUCH appreciated.

  6. Thanks for making it whispersync and matchbook compatible, that always incentivizes me to get it in every form, which I did. Could you perhaps also offer the second book in matchbook as well?

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