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Imagine you’re at a casual bar and grill. Not a club with pulsing music and overdone HB7’s, but a cool place to hang out and bullshit with friends. There’s a good bar, good food, maybe pool tables and you’re with your regular social circle, but there’s also other groups of people in their own social circles. Very casual, nothing pretentious, you’re in your element and open to the potential for meeting a new girl.

Then this girl is introduced to you by a mutual girl-friend:


Her name is Elle and she’s pretty down to earth, but has a “fun side” to her personality. She wants to shoot pool with you, and after a just a short while you number close closer her. After your 2nd date you f-close and wake up in the morning to what she looks like in a different environment:


Still, not bad. She looks good sans makeup, and helps you get past the morning breath. Minus the make up she loses maybe an SMV point.


You meet Rilee at dance club while sarging with four of your boys. She’s hot – body’s tight, has a great smile, flirtatious and while she gives off IOIs you can read with ease you still need tight game since she’s an HB8.5 in a club full of mid 7’s:


Rilee also has a “fun side” but she’s more direct about it than sweet little Elle. While you don’t get a same night lay (SNL) you do get after it on your first ‘real date’. And in the morning you see the ‘real’ Rilee:


You’re beginning to wonder if she had a fake ID to get in the club, and now you’re on the hook for statutory rape. It’s all good though. Also not bad, but she loses maybe 1-2 points considering her first impression.


You meet Zarina at local gig your friend’s band is playing at. She’s kind of a wild child, also has a “fun side”, but requires minimal game. Two hours after the show she’s dry humping you in the car. Logistics don’t work out for a SNL, but the Saturday night after the gig she’s riding you to glory:


Zarina doesn’t spend the night so you never get a look at her in the morning, but you happen to run into her coming out of the local Game Stop with the most recent version of Halo:


Woah,..if she hadn’t been wearing the same shirt she wore (briefly) on that Saturday you wouldn’t have know it was the same girl. This is easily a 2 point conversion.


Anikka is a rare beauty you met in Estonia while you were writing pick-up guides for guys looking to get laid abroad. She was a difficult notch – no fast times at DC high with Anikka, you had to work your Game for every contingency with her. You learned her language just for the privilege to turn her out.


Your efforts would not go unrewarded, Anikka is indeed a rare talent and you discover her “fun side” after investing more game than you ever thought was within you. After a night of Retzina wine and unmatched sex you awaken to Anikka who has just hung up the phone with her mother after telling her of your impending wedding arrangements:


Yaaagh,..a solid 2-3 point drop!

If you’d like to learn about all these girl’s (and more) “fun side” head on over to this link.

Granted I’m having some much needed fun with this, but the grain of seriousness in it is understanding the bigger picture of how what our perceptions of women are when our familiarity with them isn’t what it was when you met them. Next to posts about the importance of men’s looks and what the definition of Alpha should be, defining what constitutes the qualities an HB9 should have is the most contentious. I’m not saying that (most) of these women are particularly homely sans makeup, but there is a marked drop in SMV potential.

I understand the “well duh? Rollo” factor here, but do you see the woman behind the foundation and mascara when you’re deciding whether she’s worth your tightest Game? Bear in mind, these women are porn stars, would you think they were capable of being so if you saw them with little or no make up eating a burrito supreme at Taco Bell?

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  1. try googling sofia vergara without makeup…

    the hardest lesson to learn, though, is that the whole female jekyll/hyde paradigm isn’t just on the outside.

  2. i think this is a great exercise, but for some reason it makes me think of b&d’s essay on “how to meet a shy girl”. i mean, i guess the point of this essay, or at least part of it, is for us men to realize how girls have their “going out” face, and their real face. yeah, that’s good to remember. but the deeper meaning is that some women are much more fake than others.

    there is A LOT to be said in favor of a young, fresh faced, natural beauty, the kind of girl who doesn’t drink too much, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do drugs, has no tattoos, etc — often, a shy girl, or a non sensation seeking girl. the more makeup a girl wears, and the higher her heels, well there’s a good chance that you will be surprised the next morning by the nasty transformation.

    if you want a real girlfriend — which i do, at this point — then i think that b&d is right, we gotta learn to sift through the jeky/yde girls, and find the ones who are more natural, maybe slightly more mousy and less flashy, but the ones who are prettier and fresher in the morning.

    side note: my ex was this mousy, less flashy type of girl. she was bookish and slightly insecure, and not in the 5 inch heel insecure way, but in the hide behind a book way, and after i banged her real good and made her feel like a girl, she started getting sexier and sexier. she just needed that confidence boost. of course i am not saying that this will work every time, but it’s something to think about. this may not be a viable strategy, but who knows, maybe it is.

  3. The best thing to keep in mind here is that this same ‘ugh’ feeling you get as a man at seeing the two different looks….

    Is exactly what a woman feels when she sees a man that has an ‘on and off’ switch for his game because he hasn’t internalized it.


    That same feeling, with a little bit of revulsion, some surprise, and a question of ‘Was it worth it and do I want to commit to this or am I leaving without looking back?’

    Inner, internalized game gents. Best tool you can have.

  4. b&d actually references this same concept. here you go:

    “Shy girls are often Plain Jane girls. For purposes of this article we will describe beautiful as an 8, 9 or 10. A shy girl that will make a nice girlfriend will fall in the 6 to 7 range. These girls make perfect girlfriends, so don’t shun a 6 or 7 right away. All she needs is something that you love, something that drives you crazy. If her body is good and her face is good and it turns you on then it matters not if she isn’t an 8 or above. By the way, I will let you on a little secret I know: Makeup makes ALL the difference in the world and shy girls tend to not overdo their makeup. If you have found a girl who wears little to no makeup and still makes you hard then you have found yourself a treasure.”

  5. This post has left such an impact that I have been compelled to write my first comment.

    This is not new to us – the fact that women use makeup to make themselves appear more attractive than they actually are – but I am pretty blown away in these examples by the sheer extent of what is possible. And since aesthetics are what women (and the majority of men) seem to believe are a female’s majority source of value, this creates a frightening prospect for relationship imbalance for the general male population (its bad enough that a huge % of males are happy to essentially trade in their $$s for beauty, but even worse when that beauty isn’t even real!).

    In my mind, there is no equivalent ‘quick-fix’ for men. True value is obtained over time, by developing your social acuity, following a path of passion and interest, continuous learning, development, travel, and/or whatever else creates a well-rounded male. If you’re prepared to do that, then the standards for even a casual partner need to be SO HIGH; aesthetically and otherwise.

    This has also raised a question to me about the world of pornography – would a woman of true aesthetic beauty, in this society, ever be forced in to porn? Possibly, but I think its unlikely, given the plethora of beta males prepared to pay for everything and anything, not to mention the bias of seedy bosses who are 100x more likely to hire girls of genuine beauty.

    Some food for thought.

    PS – Rollo, really great blog sir.

  6. Actually I found the opposite was true for me. My wife wasn’t more than a 7.5 when we met, and I was rather nonchalant with my affections, but once I found out that she was a conservative girl who loved shooting guns, hated liberals with a passion and loved wearing dresses and being feminine, she went up about a point in my estimation.

    She’s an excellent mother to our boy and suggests that when we teach our son to shoot, the family code word for a head-shot zombie will be ‘feminist.’ That gained her another .5 in my book.

  7. Great post, but it doesn’t just stop at make-up. Women have bras that lift up and accentuate their tits, high heel shoes that make their asses look firmer and tighter, and form-fitting “brazierres” – for lack of a better term – that hold in all their mid section fat.

    But when it all comes off and you see them how they really are and are disappointed, you’re called “shallow”. They ask “Why can’t you love me for who I am???” after they’ve gone waaaay out of their way to misrepresent themselves. We men can’t get away with that shit.

    @Leap of a beta: EXCELLENT point. Very true.

    @feral: you’ve got yourself a good one.

    Love the blog, Rollo, keep it up.

  8. I should add that I once dated a Puerto Rican stripper who was totally batshit crazy (yeah I know), but I stuck with her for a while for 3 reasons:

    1. Sex was pretty damn good
    2. She was a GREAT cook
    3. She was beautiful even w/o makeup

    I’m finding that #3 is getting pretty hard to find these days.

  9. @Smalls: “In my mind, there is no equivalent ‘quick-fix’ for men.”

    On the contrary, pretending you have money is that equivalent quick-fix.

  10. Ace Haley,

    Interesting point. I was just discussing this with a friend who made a similar argument, in that strapping on a rolex and some designer clothes is the equivalent male quick fix. I must concede this is something I had overlooked. I was coming from an angle of value in women often and largely being derived by their appearance (which this post showed can be very effectively hacked), whereas the value of men generally being derived by their personality, depth, confidence, which in my mind cannot be faked. However, it is true in saying that similarly to a woman slapping on make-up to give the appearance of beauty, a man can give the appearance of wealth (therefore implying success, confidence etc.) to a similar end with ‘wealthy props’.

    In this scenario, both parties deserve each other – men who are only able to fake and imitate wealth and success may well end up with women who do the same with their appearance (since both are driven by surface level traits), and where there lies a notable imbalance, (ie one ‘faker’), they will swiftly be identified and weeded out. In the long run, both genuine male value and genuine female beauty will become abundantly clear (though I am reticent even to include these gender descriptions in the same sentence, since they are anything but comparable – not to mention the fact that ideally male value increases over time, whilst a woman’s appearance depletes…).

  11. Thank you three times, Rollo.

    First, for the overall blog.

    Second, for this post.

    And third, for not including* some of the more hideous examples.
    *: although you did include the link, for which I now need eye bleach.

  12. Thanks to this post, I have just returned from an emergency meeting with R&D.

    The final product will look like a medium-size wristwatch, and will be able to keep accurate time, date, and year. Wristband comes in stainless steel or faux leather in brown or black. Second hand sweeps, not jerks.

    The tube leading to the ten milliliter reservoir is guaranteed not to leak, and is flexible enough to not restrict arm movement. Convenient belt holster for the polyresin container is available for a small additional fee.

    When worn properly and with the safety disengaged, bending the hand ninety degrees downward at the wrist will dispense a thick stream of Pond’s Cold Cream and Acetone at the target’s face, instantly dissolving concealing compounds and exposing true facial cartography and color.

    We expect to begin shipment by the third quarter.

  13. Makeup, hair extensions, pushup bras, high heels, plastic surgery and other ‘appearance enhancers’ aim to increase physical attractiveness, that is to say to give the appearance of greater genetic fitness. As such, the degree to which these tools must be relied upon is strongly correlated with the true long-term (i.e. mating) attractiveness of the subject. If all you are interested in is the short term (e.g., ONS), then this is not so great an issue, but the more time and resources you intend to invest in a woman, the more important it becomes to confirm her natural health and beauty.

  14. I saw this a while ago, but it’s still entertaining. It’s pretty obvious:

    Woman = sex object.
    Man = success object.

    Just like men attempt to ‘fake’ success through various shortcuts, women attempt to ‘fake’ their sex value through makeup, clothing, and augmentation.

    So what?

    One thing I learned a while ago: do NOT get with girls who clearly cake on the makeup (you know what I’m talking about). 1) It’s unattractive in its own right when you can tell is severely layered and 2) one can only imagine what she looks like without it, if she ever dares take it off.

  15. ” She looks good sans makeup, and helps you get past the morning breath.”
    Sans makeup??? Dude, that chick is wearing eyeliner, and therefore God only knows what else. That’s *why* she “still looks good”. If you *really* had a pic of her without makeup, you’d be looking at more than one point.

  16. Regarding the idea of a “quick fix for men”, I covered the different factors which women use to find a man attractive over on SSM’s old site. It is gone now, but I restored the post and put it up on my own blog. Link here:

    Quick summary: I call the mix of factors LAMPS, for Looks, Athleticism, Money, Power and Status. Each of those “vectors” are the different things a women uses to determine how attractive a man is. As some have suggested, a quick fix is anything which might give off signals that your value in one vector is higher than it really is.

    The suggestion of a Rolex is a good way to boost your apparent Money factor. Same with expensive clothes and shoes. “Game” is all about increasing your apparent Power vector (although true Game results in a permanent shift in your Power vector). You can give yourself a higher apparent status through “pre-selection”, using other attractive women to hint at your value. Clothing which emphasizes your height or muscles can boost your Looks or Athleticism vectors. “Peacocking” can theoretically boost several at once.

    The advantage men have is that it is easy for us to change our personal LAMPS values (with the exception of looks). Women can do little to increase their beauty, besides eat healthy, work out and avoid bad life choices. And that mostly just slows the rate of decay, not enhances their beauty.

  17. My question is what is the manly equivalent? We see what they did there. As much as a change in their looks (make up mostly) there is also a change in attitude (more feline, flirty, feminine, sexually aggressive somehow).

    In the end, is just GTL the only thing a man needs?

  18. This is a great post in the argument about applying game and its apparent inauthenticity, to just “being yourself”.

    I continue to have this debate with my talking lady. She keeps coming back to it calling it, game playing. I shall now see if she is wearing makeup, this is a hamster stopper to be sure.

    Tim Ferris the author of a 4hourbody, has a really interesting thought on health. Your health is directly related to sperm count, and your ability to reproduce. If you are an AFC with ONEiTis and you aren’t reproducing, as you say Rollo you have a disorder, you are actually less authentic than a guy with game, as has been stated before.

    Thanks great post……..

  19. I saw this “Pornstars without their makeup” thing a while back. Only 3 or 4 were especially attractive sans makeup. You should do an article on how makeup has effected the SMP.

  20. Lol. That Rilee is a 6.5 at best imo, and thats with makeup. without she is barely a 5.

    I once hooked up with this bird that was a solid 7. I hit it at a house party and didn’t see her again until we arranged date. Boy did she look different. She was a 5.5 at best.

    I used to know a REAL 8.5, not like that mediocre Rilee, that didn’t need makeup to look good; she just had a beautiful face. She was rare though.

  21. @Leap of a beta

    Yep. When a newbie goes out tossing out openers and negs and teases and is all badass alpha to her, then she flirts with another guy and he gets all insecure or she shit-tests him and he gets offended or flustered, it’s like the chick you’re talking to suddenly turning into one of those makeup-less girls. That same “ah shit I was duped” feeling.

    Makeup is magic, I went thru a phase of hooking up with girls in the makeup industry so I saw a lot of the miracles it can perform. The guys who talk about natural beauty this and that have no idea how rare real natural beauty is…even the girls who look like they aren’t wearing makeup have at least a little something on. There’s also a difference between a girl who knows how to apply her makeup and a chick who, like a guy who buys an ill-fitting suit, is just kind of winging it based on her mom’s advice or her own guesswork etc. if I had a daughter I would take her to a makeup counter and spend the $50 for a makeover to have them teach her how to apply her shit nice and have the world at her feet.

    I enjoy the final product, personally. When I have fuckbuddies over I make it clear that I expect them to do themselves up. Makeup, hair, nails, sexy outfits, etc. I’ll fuck them in their outfits, I don’t care if they’re naked if they look hotter to me with a push-up bra and heels on.

    I’ve turned away girls who try to get away with showing up in sweats and a ponytail (usually these ones are either testing my rules at the start, or we’ve been hooking up for a while and they think I’ll cut them some slack). Part of the frame I set is that our relationship is completely about sex, so she has to bring her A-Game sexually, otherwise I’ll call a different girl who wants to put in the effort.

    It took me a while to get this frame solid. Especially since I started pickup as a virgin where ANYTHING was amazing and I was grateful for any pussy I could get. Now I’m perfectly comfortable telling a girl “lol no, try again.” and turning her around with a smack on the ass as I close and lock my door behind her. I get shit-tested for it and I have to screen out the girls who think just having a pussy should entitle them to getting my dick, and they think I’m an asshole when they realize I’m not joking…from there either they don’t want to hook up, and that’s fine with me there are other girls, or they fall in line and respect that I know what I want and that I’m confident enough to feel entitled to it, and they go out and buy some sexy outfits for their visits.

    Sure, you can get all “but what about natural beauties blah blah she should look like an angel on a Sunday morning blah blah” but ehhh, those chicks are so rare that I’m not going to lock my dick away till I find that needle in the haystack. And the way I’ve set it up, when I open my door to a fuckbuddy I’m looking at a chick who looks like the first pics not the 2nd. My dick is happy enough with that, and I don’t hang around them on a random ugly Sunday afternoon so I only see them at their best.

    If I were to date a chick long-term I’d pick one of those girls who runs to the bathroom to apply their makeup before I see her in the morning lol

    Also, a relevant pic and a problem that’s going to become very common in the future now that plastic surgery is getting good and cheap and common…what do we do when every chick SEEMS to be a 10 regardless of how she was born?:

    One of the chicks in my rotation had her nose done. She’s got a super cute little feminine nose now and you’d never guess she had any work done. But I saw pics of her from before and man…it seems like something they should be legally required to warn guys about before having kids lol

  22. @YaReally

    about plastic surgery: there was a chinese dude who successfully divorced his wife because she had a tremendous amount of work done and once they had a kid, he initially thought she cheated on him because they looked so ugly. He assumed she had boned an extremely ugly guy and the kid was his and hers. turns out, she had two dozen cosmetic surgeries and the judges ruled that she basically conned him and they dissolved the marriage and slapped her with the costs for the proceedings. i think there was an article in the manosphere about it too.

  23. “Would a woman of true aesthetic beauty, in this society, ever be forced in to porn ?”

    A super alpha friend of my brother chaperoned a formula 1 driver in Melbourne last week and was shocked at the wall to wall hookers during the event. Every single one was a 10, they were payed 3k an hour, accompanied the geezers all day, days on end and signed secrecy waivers.

    So would a true aesthetic beauty turn tricks? If the price is right, you betcha.

  24. Props to leap of beta for most insightful comment.

    OT question…
    Rollo (or anyone with an opinion) … what is the correct age not too early and not too late for me to have my son read RM cover to cover, so to speak?

  25. and they (women) have the audacitiy to get mad on men for learning game??!! who is fake now?!

  26. That’s what happens when you base your choice on women purely on looks alone. By the way, all the girls are actually quite pretty without make-up – but one or two they really need to take better care of their skin and junk all that cheap petroleum crap they put on their faces or they will end up looking fifty by the time they are in their 30s.

  27. @ Case, look man, I don’t know how old your son is, but speaking for myself, I wish I knew the red pill knowledge on Rollo’s site back when I was at least 10 or 12 years old. I’m 35 now. Had I known then what I know now, I would be a much different man living a better life than now.

  28. ^^Agree Fred. I wish i knew more about it at a younger age too–i’m also 35–but what can you do? Part of the reason i was a little slow getting to it is because i lived in Greece for a while, and in Greece the women often approach you if they are interested and they know how to escalate, so there was no reason for me to read all these books and websites about game. Of course there is more to the red pill than just game, but i think the fact that it was easier for me to get laid in Greece delayed my growth in this respect, and when i got back to Australia i experienced the great dry and had no choice but to get onboard. I had some offers here, but they were nothing compared to the women i was sleeping with in Greece, so i had to do something about it.

    When you get to your 30’s it’s a little easier to get women–there is more desperation–but they are generally looking for guys to pay for them basically and/or supplement their income.

    Game has been good to me, and if i had a son i’d start teaching him about when he hit 15 or so.

  29. Case, there’s probably not going to be much traction for exotic ideas like “girls are not in control of their actions” and “never beg” until .. the day his first girlfriend dumps on him, out of the blue.
    I’d keep (very discreet) tabs on that sitch, it’s not like he’s going to tell you if he’s even got one, or anything at all, if experience is any guide.

    Overt interest on a father’s part is guaranteed to make him clam up tighter than an IRA man in an Army jail. A light touch and humor is helpful.
    Look for mood swings and oversleeping (in excess of what even teenage boys do!) etc., subtly interrogate the mother.

    Get him involved in guy stuff, and bring in one simple concept at a time while shooting the breeze. Just a sentence or two. And leave gaps, not hammering away every day. He may not appear to even hear you, and might openly deride the nugget you’ve just tossed him. No matter. If you don’t get worked up and defensive, it’ll go in and rattle around his brain.

    And, crucially, he’ll test it against his own experience.

    Just lay it out there regardless, and then talk about whatever you’re doing again. Remember, every day of his life, up to that girl-shits-on-your-heart-for-no-apparent-reason moment, has been the most cerulean ocean of blue-pill immersion, in all media and educational conditioning. It’s like debating a Red Guard.

  30. So for girls who actually want to marry the lesson is don’t wear to much make up because you will pull guys (with your make up face) who would never marry your real face.

  31. “That’s what happens when you base your choice on women purely on looks alone. By the way, all the girls are actually quite pretty without make-up – but one or two they really need to take better care of their skin and junk all that cheap petroleum crap they put on their faces or they will end up looking fifty by the time they are in their 30s.”

    I would go back and read YaReally’s comment.

    I had wanted to comment on an old RationalMale theme about the reality between a man and a woman is that man is actually the prize. She gives something that actually is nothing and in return she receives something that actually is rather substantive.

    What you get from her is nothing, you get to rub some of your body parts on her body parts, and for this privilege you pay a considerable price. Anything else is some “love” projection that you seek on the part of conditioning, some “love” pat on the head, some attaboy.

    What, are you going to be “friends” with her? Is she some trusted partner, some great confidant, someone who will faithfully look out for your best interest?

    Or is she a fucking parasite that sucks worth and value from you? Someone that constantly imposes costs, conditions, impositions, demands, criteria, something rented, leased, compensated for its time?

    So instead of the falling into trap of the feminine imperative, that she is the value and you must justify yourself to her, you step back a view the real and actual cost of her and demand that she provide real and actual value to you that is a reasonable exchange for the reality of the true and actual value that you provide as opposed to the ephemeral, transient nothing value of her.

    This is an old Rational Idea. You are the prize.

    But then I read YaReally’s comment and he actually hits the nail on the head.

    Photo 1 is what you are buying, at least what you want to buy. Photo 2 is the cost of photo 1. And make no stupid, idealistic mistake. Your are buying it.

    Every other comment is all falling into the trap of some form, some version of “love” and “oneitis”, bullshit, old ways of thinking.

    To worry about photo 2 is irrelevant. Women are to be “consumed” and YaReally’s comment is representative of that truth. He demand’s the photo 1 version and that is the only version he will accept. Use it, receive the benefits of the Photo 1 version then dispose of it. Photo 1 is the only condition you should accept.

    “She” is no different than a fucking Cheeseburger. You have a “hunger” to be sated and photo 1 is the food you want to eat.

    Photo 2 is illustrative of the concept that with time, after consumption, both the Cheeseburger and the woman in Photo 1 turn into shit.

  32. I also continue to hold that the best way to fight and overcome OneItis and to make adult and mature decisions is to best understand that you are making choices and taking actions as the result of biological processes.

    And the more you understand that they are truly, and I emphasize truly, subconscious, physical actions, and you are responding to purely biological wants and needs that percolate up into your emotions, and emotions drive rational, meaning judgement based, actions as much or more than any “conscious” thought or reasoning.

    So if you understand the dopamine causes the “feeling” of love, then you can respond to those feelings in, hopefully, a more rational way, and hence, be a more Rational Male.

    So read this:


    It is another piece that can explain to you your mechanics of attraction to women and why you choose or are attracted to them.

    I found it while researching my idea of testosterone as key to male attraction.

    There is a widespread of idea of female attraction solely as a signal of their “fecundity”. And proper hip to waist ration, symmetry, lack of masculine features, or more feminine features, are signals to men of a lack of testosterone and hence, a more properly function immune system in the case of women. Testosterone is immunosuppresant.

    This article takes on that idea and says while there is validity to the “fecundity” thesis there is more to male attraction to women than mere “fecundity”.

    This is a very good essay because it tackles particularly the notion of female beauty. And it does it by considering the standard ideas of “fecundity” and some others.

    Here, here is an example:

    “Because of the burdens of foraging, males might be biased toward detecting and responding to bright colors; females that evolved bright colors (bright eyes, shiny hair) would trigger the biases and compel men to approach; therefore, ceteris paribus, the alleles that caused the lustrous traits would propagate as would the fondness for them (Fisherian selection).”

    So you like shiny things because you are a man. So all those pictures that appeal to you above, do so because of those “shiny things” in those pictures.

    Ok fine, but it is better to know that there is some subconscious process at work here. If you knew nothing of caffeine, and when your hand started shaking when you drank it, then it might be discomforting when it did shake. But if you know your body, then you are comforted with the fact it was the caffeine.

    My intent is to beat the shit out of “love” and to completely trivialize it, to point it out as something no different than needing to take a shit. So read the article. It is in your benefit to understand not only the biological aspects of attraction but also the social so that you may better appraise your responses to stimuli as a Rational Male.

    This essay covers something called the “Positional Goods and Social Information” model of attraction. A positional good in economics is something like Porsche or a Rolex, a good that entirely receives its perception of value as an indicator of status. And they say that mates are exactly indicators of status. And so that is why you like the “shiny thing” in Photo 1 and resent the “dull thing” in Photo 2.

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  33. I know I’ve brought it up before, but I think a great way to introduce a kid to the Red Pill is the movie “The Last American Virgin”. At the end of the movie, put your arm around his shoulder and tell him that THAT’S how it really is. It’ll save him more heartache than you can imagine.

    Age, depends on the kid. I’d do it as soon as I get that first inkling he’s seeing girls as something more than annoyances intruding on the fun he has with his other male friends. If you sense any puppy love brewing beneath the surface, nip it in the bud right then and there.

  34. I think the Republican Party should incorporate Red Pill ideas at the expense of all other core Republican values. I don’t think they can win if they don’t.

  35. “So if you understand the dopamine causes the “feeling” of love, then you can respond to those feelings in, hopefully, a more rational way, and hence, be a more Rational Male.”

    Yep. One of the major classic PUA rules of keeping a fuckbuddy relationship casual is to only see her once a week at the most. This isn’t just to keep the girl from getting attached, it’s to keep the PUA from getting attached as well, because we understand we’re just as susceptible to our emotions as anyone else and, much like a person trying to stick to a diet would generally be wise not to keep junk food in the house, a PUA wanting to keep things casual with a fuckbuddy, shouldn’t be seeing her 2 or 3 times a week.

    I know exactly what’s going on with my psychology/chemistry/etc. when I start getting pangs of one-itis for a girl, and I understand how to manage them. I also know more about the girl’s psyche/chem/etc. than she does when she starts falling for me, so it’s my responsibility to make the decisions that will keep our relationship ideal (VS letting her sabotage something that makes us both happy, with The Ultimatum after a month when I could have simply managed things better and we could have been happy together for a year)…the same way that if I had a kid I wouldn’t let him eat chocolate for dinner every night, even if he really really wanted to, because I’m ultimately looking out for his best interests.

    It’s also why the people who are like “PUA is only to get pussy, you can’t keep a girl around!!!” are stupid. Here’s how you get a girlfriend when you have a harem: See one of them more than once a week. That’s it. Nature will take over from there. We just generally don’t WANT to keep one girl around forever, because we live a lifestyle of abundance and aren’t attached to any one particular girl. In a way we’re doing the same thing MGTOWs do, focusing on ourselves and our personal development and lives, except that when we want sex, we can actually get it from normal chicks instead of having to hire hookers.

    Someone might respond: “But having sex only once a week sucks, I need more than that!!”

    To which PUAs obviously respond: “Get more than one girl.” This is the whole point of having a rotation/harem. Variety and abundance, without commitment or monogamy. Keeps her chasing you, keeps you from getting attached to her. Life is good.

    I think the biggest problem with most Blue Pill men is that they don’t know how their own psyche works, they don’t REALLY know what they want either from life or from women, and they don’t know what’s really attractive to them because they don’t have enough experience with women to start narrowing down “I love women who do or look like such and such” and “I don’t like women who do or act like such and such”.

    So they just jump into the socially conditioned framework they’re supposed to follow, find a girl (any girl), get married (soon as possible), have kids (as many as possible, as soon as possible), and hope you live to retirement where you can enjoy life. Meanwhile they didn’t necessarily want any of that, or they didn’t want it with the girl they got it with, or they didn’t want it in the way they got it…but they were too against the Red Pill to swallow it a bit and start learning about themselves.

    Game is more about self-discovery and self-awareness/knowledge than getting pussy.

  36. Holy crap! What a difference makeup does for a woman! The last one, Annika, especially does not look like the same person. Thanks for posting this. This was a great article.

  37. @Exeter – yes, am a dad. I think one is just too young to have a remote understanding of game. The other, around 10, is bounding up against it, but something almost ham-handed like having him read this site wouldn’t make any sense in his world. I feel sure it’s somewhere between 10 and 16, where if you started at 16 … probably too late to avoid some damage, but all at once works with nothing at all that you pass on to kids, so wouldn’t work with game either.

    @Tam the Bam – you sound like you’ve done this? I like the basics you are laying out. No big lecture or outline, just a concept here and there with time to sink in. It’s organic and fits in with how the father/son relationship works and gives it all time to process. Yeah – 10 too early for the book, so to speak – but you see signs of interest and attraction, unmistakable really, hence the question.

    @Fred – cosign your whole note. Wouldn’t everything have been different?

    @Mark – I pop over to the National Review from time to time and try to drop in on the comments discussions when they talk about things like marriage (usually comes up in a “same sex” context). They understand everything through political ideology which is a self-contained system the pre-processes it all before you get in. On one hand, I do suspect there are readers who see what I’m saying, take it in and account for it and come back later on with remarks like “maybe we should do something about no fault divorce, then men would at least feel…”, but there are masses for whom it’s just “does not compute”. They are an infinite regress of “government ruined values”, “liberals ruined values”, “lower taxes” (the solve everything solvent) and “we didn’t choose this battle (with gays)”. It just doesn’t process, the pill won’t go down. Plus I know a lot of these guys, they have so much vested in the FI. I’m trying to think of a suitable metaphor. Only one coming to mind is walking into a bar, sitting next to a friend who closely follows the NFL and trying REALLY hard to connect with him by discussing high school band at length. He may be polite, but he isn’t following.

  38. This from Dayo Wong (Hong Kong comedian): “Ladies, do you understand? If I still recognize you without your make-up, then that IS make-up; but if I don’t recognize you [without your make-up], that’s impersonation!”

    In Cantonese. Quote is from 1:05 to 1:19 (note: a great pun between “make-up” and “impersonation” has been lost in translation). The clip itself starts with Wong saying that “make-up is how women tell lies with their looks”, eventually leading up to his “confession” that he used to believe that women had NO armpit hair, followed by a hilarious minute on their practice of armpit-hair shaving.

  39. @ mark, case: It’s gonna be very hard for the GOP to incorporate red pill ideas when they’re still solidly blue pill in regard to politics.

    The Democrats have no understanding whatsoever of human nature in the policies they advocate, but they’re very red pill in regards to how they manipulate the press and public. The GOP gets people in their policies but are at best beta-overlords in how they campaign and present themselves.

    On how the Dems do it right:

    On how the GOP does it wrong:

    The GOP won’t take the lead on men’s rights (or a host of other issues that would be political winners for them like corporate welfare) because they’re under the illusion that niceness wins elections, that being is the best way to have an impact. The best way for them to ensure people stop calling them racist, greedy, etc. would be to not give a damn about people calling them that stuff and respond like a badass.

    But, like betas afraid of losing their oneitis girl, they’re afraid that if they stand up for themselves they’ll get passed over for another guy who’s even more nice.

  40. I went to college with a girl who part timed with the Ford Agency. I never knew until one day before class, she’s reading through Vogue and points to this picture, a full page spread and says, “I don’t like this picture. it makes my hands look huge. What do you think?” She was a girl-next-door type but a solid 8 with a perfect face and really nice hair, but in Vogue with the Illusion Factory working full time on her, of course she looked like a 10. You never know though until you see a girl with the makeup off.

  41. Rollo responded on another blog

    “Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Expert? About what I’ve come to expect.”

    As I research topics, particularly using Evo Psych keywords, I can bump into sites with “scholarly” repositories of papers, thesis, articles, and when you see the titles that have the having the above words in the “keyword list” or the “of interest list”, it is a fucking joke, literally bullshit fodder for girl mags articles.

    I sometimes wonder just where do these quacks and frauds get the balls to call themselves “clinical”.

    You can almost twist an old joke around:

    A man is having trouble with social interaction with women and it is hampering his sex life and causing him involuntary celibacy. So he goes to a clinical psychologist.

    He knocks on the door of the office. The “doctor” opens the door and says “How can I help you?”

    The man says, ” I want to get screwed”

    The doctor says “Give me $250”

    The man pays him and the doctor closes the door leaving him in the hallway.

    It will come to you, just hang on for a moment.

  42. A college age girl who babysat for my kids is a classic example of this. When she took the time to do her make up, she was remarkably photogenic. If you saw a headshot, you’d call her a solid 9.

    Then, she went through a bad patch with her boyfriend, and stopped using makeup for a month.

    I swear to God, this girl had the plainest face you’ve ever seen. She had no more facial features than little orphan Annie. Very symmetrical, fine featured, no man jaw. But blank! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    Women can paint whatever they want on their faces, and men totally buy into it.

  43. Pale white girls who are hot with make-up aren’t at the top of my list because of their tendency to be plain albinos without make-up. The difference is startling. I prefer ethnic girls with natural color who use make-up to enhance their natural look rather than as a necessary total-makeover mask.

    A few of the porn actresses look about the same, just smoothed over a bit from the before to after. A few go from cute to porn-hot, which I’m cool with. For most of them, the difference is jarring.

    My biggest disappointment is Allie Haze. I was a fan, and I thought she was a natural cutie. Yet her before picture is very plain. What I believed was a touched up natural cutie is actually a total makeover.

  44. Case,

    Regarding the best age to introduce your son to RM and the red pill, my advice is to lay a general foundation of positive masculine values before he hits puberty and gets interested in girls. Train him to trust your judgement as a Man that will survive his passage into teenage years.

    Track your son’s interest in girls. When he is interested in girls, don’t throw everything at him before he has a baseline made from 1st hand experience. Don’t keep the red pill a secret, but my advice is to take care not too get too far ahead of him. Focus first on guiding your son in setting a proper baseline.

    As soon as you realize his hormones are on blast and he’s sexually interested in girls (he should be 12 or 13 yo), push him to act on his interest ASAP and ask girls out. Let him know girls his age are interested in boys, too, and want boys to pursue them. Let him know being rejected is okay. Failure is okay – in fact, failure teaches. It’s all part of the learning curve, like a sport, training a pet, musical instrument, serious hobby, or any skill worth learning. If he’s afraid of the peer response, let him know that being embarassed is okay. In fact, other guys his age will envy him that he’s taking the leap that they all want to take, but are too scared to. Let him know the perfect is the enemy of the good (enough). Without diving into Game yet, let him know it’s okay not to be a (blue pill) moral paragon, nice guy, perfect little gentleman in his pursuit of girls. But as you encourage him to take risks, also warn him he should only take calculated risks. He needs to draw the line at anything that could get him into real trouble (eg, the Steubenville football players). Answer his requests for advice, but keep it simple to start. Don’t jump ahead of him. The important thing for him at the 1st step is to act on his desire so he can jumpstart the learning curve.

    In short, at the 1st step, the priority is not to teach him how to swim before he gets wet, but rather convincing your son to jump into the pool ASAP. Keep up with your son’s development, but take care not to get too far ahead of him before he’s ready.

    Two things will happen from there. Your son’s a natural and he gets the girls. That’s fine. From that baseline, you can accelerate his learning curve to advanced male-female dynamics. It’s like discovering your son is really good at a sport. That just means you give him more advanced coaching.

    Or, he’s a normal kid who’s not a natural and gets frustrated by rejection or limited progress with girls, and discovers LJBF, nice guys vs bad boys, FI, the hamster, etc.. Now you’re in business. As soon as he gets frustrated – the sooner the better – then his dad can start teaching him red pill in earnest.

    I think a reasonable goal is that your son is game-ready by the time he enters his senior year in HS and he’s an experienced alpha by the time he goes to college.

  45. All of them save Rilee look pretty bad with makeup. Elle and Zanika are very attractive without makeup though. Rilee looks okay both with and without makeup. Anikka looks bad both with and without.

  46. I don’t agree with Rollo’s assessment of Zarena without make-up. Her drop-off with make-up removed is about the same as Elle’s drop-off. Both girls are still good-looking without the glop.

  47. Rilee has the biggest difference – she goes from plain to cute in makeup. Annika has something off about her even in makeup – she’s just not that good-looking, though the makeup does help. Elle is pretty hot without the makeup, and the makeup just makes her more presentable, not hotter. Zarina is more difficult to judge, but the camera angle is helping her as much as the makeup – if you saw her in real life, you’d see her nose at both angles, for better or worse.

    But maybe I’m just not as easily fooled by makeup.

  48. Yeah, this is what I would feel if I found out that the guy I’m interested in is a “gamer”
    That is the reason I don’t wear a lot of make-up, and I don’t sleep with a man very early. Let the gamers ween themselves out early and be left with the nice guy who likes the fresh face.
    I have noooooo interest in running to the bathroom to rush on make-up for the rest of my natural life…

  49. Elle is good looking? Jesus! I’m no looker myself but i wouldn’t touch her.

    Zarina is the only one i’d bang of that group.

  50. They can’t fake a nice body. All women look plainer without makeup and I don’t find any of these women un attractive.

    If what’s below the neck is an 8 it’s easier to accept the SMV drop that occurs when she’s au natural.

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