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12 comments on “Shit Whipped Guys Say

  1. Thank gawd for guys like this so the girls I fuck have something to do with their time when I’m busy.

    @ Stingray
    Hilarious! But it did give me a gross mental image.

  2. Haha nice, classic whipped guy.

    I believe that you can show a little beta as long as you established dominance first and that it can be taken away at any moment, basically keeping them in limbo and calibrating, not to much, not to little but always err to the side of more dominance/asshole.

  3. Yeah! Well I must be dick whipped!
    Honey, did the Giants win?
    Should I pick up a bottle od scotch?
    How’s that car search going?
    Wanna beer? . . How ’bout some popcorn?
    Your buddy, what’s his name- the one who smokes cigars in the house-he’s on the phone. Tell him to come over!
    You like that little black thong?
    I love your sweaty smell!
    Your mother called. . .

    Funny thing–I’m not joking. 25 years later and still going at it. . .

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