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I didn’t really see the point in jumping on the Krauser-love band wagon since The Chateau already has most of the manosphere’s eye-attention, but I did want to repost the full interview which is worth every minute of the hour you’ll spend watching. I tend to get associated as one of the three ‘R’s (Roissy, Roosh, Rollo) of the manosphere, but if I had to define the impetus of my writing it would be more about Game Theory than actual PUArtistry. I had more than my share of women in my libertine rock star 20’s but in my writing I look under the hood and see how the PUA car works from a sociological, psychological bent.

So it was with a profound sense of pride that I hear Krauser using terminology and addressing concepts I in some part feel responsible for introducing to the manosphere. I’ve had Krauser in my blogroll since day one, because I’ve always felt he most closely melds the ideologies and theory of Game with the actual practice of Game. That isn’t to take anything aways from Roosh or the other godfathers of the ‘community’, but it was inspiring to finally hear a self-described (former) PUA speak intelligently about his progression from that PUA mindset into something resembling maturity in Game.

I’ve seen far too many celebrity PUAs crumble under social pressure and fem-centric shame interrogations on mainstream talk shows. All of which cast Game, even the earnest study of the mechanics behind Game, as some cheesy endeavor to hypnotize girls into fucking a man she’d never give the time of day to. Krauser is the first public PUA/Game-Aware figure that I believe could be taken seriously.

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  1. It’s comical to watch Krauser’s face as he is repeatedly interrupted – just as he is saying something interesting – by that idiot on the right with what sounds like a South african accent. Damn that guy annoyed me.

    Sign of Alpha : listeners get annoyed when other people interrupt you…

  2. When he turned to theory he alternated between paraphrasing your writings and quoting verbatim

  3. good linkage, its interesting what transpired in his journey as it was esentially a band-aid similar to CBT techniques and overlooking the innercore unresolved issues.

  4. The only problem I have with Krauser is that he is well known for talking up his abilities and not actually being able to back it up with real results. Unless you count ‘face-book’ closing teenagers.

    1. You must have found out about him too late then – he was posting almost home videos on his blog with hot girls. He’s taken them down for obvious reasons.

  5. Great video. He’s the Brit version of myself. Everything he said is exactly the same stuff I’ve been saying for a while now. Good to see we’re getting some exposure.

  6. @ gideon…. have you ever read krauser’s website? all it is is results. yes, facebook chatlogs can be kind of lame, but who else is posting vids of their pickup for all the world to see? krauser is the king, results on display for all to see. if anything, he’s the only one who’s not lying.

    smh you hater.

  7. I’m watching the interview now. A key point he makes is that the essence of inner game is that “you are more invested in your inner self than in other peoples opinion of yourself”. This seems to be another way to phrase something I’ve been saying, which is that the essence of being alpha is being individuated. The key to alphahood is being individuated.

    For example an alpha, or a man with solid inner game, would not be concerned with other peoples opinions of who he is dating.

    1. That was the most valuable thing that I took from the interview. Its a very solid aphorism.

  8. From 42:00 he talks about how it takes 2 years to get across Game both outer and inner.

    For me this was about right. It took a few weeks to get the techniques down.

    But the Inner Game–the not giving a shit stuff—that was much harder. I had a disastrous one-itis thing with a girl I was gaming but that never closed with.

    Since then my rate for closing and banging has been much higher. I also keep several irons in the fire and game over a period of time.

    I gamed a flight attendant for 8 months who just this past week called me up out of the blue, said she was in town and basically invited herself over so I could bang her.

    The whole, not giving a shit thing is important. If you’re all weird after banging a girl, they notice this and act weird.

    Another girl I gamed and banged, wanted to talk about what happened. I fell into that trap and didn’t bang her for almost 8 months. Then when I resorted back to game, I fixed it. Now she comes to visit me regularly despite complaining about how selfish I am.

    It takes work, it takes a lot of self-awareness.

  9. Thanks for the kind words. I didn’t really credit everyone whose ideas I referred to but alot of it was in fact ideas I first read here (i.e. femocentrism, buffers).

  10. I’ve read quite a few of Krauser’s facebook chatlogs, if anything for the entertainment value. They’re amusing. Game informative too though.

  11. Watched the first 15 minutes. Krauser seems to get it. The guy on the left needs to tone down the schedule one stuff though.

  12. awesome interview. i feel like the manosphere is really getting its shit together. i have four nephews, ages 4-8, i feel like shoving these blogs in their faces NOW before they get any bad ideas in their head.

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