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Yesterday, August 16th, at about 10am EST this blog passed a milestone. We broke one million views.

From what my esteemed contemporaries in the manosphere tell me it’s an accomplishment for being online less than a year (I started August 28th, 2011). While I’ve been writing in the manosphere and at SoSuave for over a decade now, I’m still relatively new to the blogging thing. So please excuse my ignorance about web stats and all, but I wanted to pause for a moment to say thanks to all the readers of The Rational Male.

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45 comments on “Over 1 Million Served

  1. Congrats. That is huge for that amount of time.

    Where there is a need for the service you provide, they will come.

  2. Congratulations. The best blog around for the modern male who want to look ‘under the bonnet’ as well as enjoy the drive.

  3. Congratulations! Considering the outstanding quality of this blog, no surprise there though.

  4. That’s a very good rate of knots for a first year blog and you should be proud of it. You have a strong writing voice.

    Next step to think about is publication. The Createspace/Amazon/Kindle combo is unquestionably the way to go on that front if you decide to head that way.

  5. Hey Rollo,

    I came across your blog two weeks ago. I\’ve been slowly reading all your posts from the beginning. Been in the \”community\” for a few years, but your perspective has really opened my eyes to what the Matrix is, from a 50,000 ft perspective. I\’ve been passing around links to your blog to all my friends. Thank you for your fantastic work, and I wish you even more success.

  6. Big ups, Rollo. I send men here all the time, send links, etc. This is one of the best places to send smart, willful men who have trouble with women.

  7. From the “Orientation” page on my blog

    Of the blogs linked to on the main page, two of them stand out as the creme de la creme of online resources. The first is The Rational Male. Author Rollo Tomassi combines a genuine talent for writing with an unparalleled grasp of game theory. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why women act a certain way, Rollo has the answer. R.M. is the best blog on the internet, and we’re unabashedly huge fans.

    Congrats man! Really did mean that too. Best blog on the internet.

  8. Congrats on the mil Rollo ,

    I do appreciate what I’ve learned here , even if it sometimes makes me feel cynical and bitter. I guess ya can’t sugarcoat the pill of truth.

    Maybe you’d be so kind as to help me with a problem ?

    Met a girl in January , I spin plates so she’s mostly been on the back-burner. When I nexted my front-runner in early July, her number came up and we’ve been spending most our weekends together since.

    She’s late thirties, though in excellent shape, she could pass for 30-32. Very sweet and accommodating. She starts dropping not-so-subtle hints ” I feel so safe with you. ” “You have a protective nature ” ” You don’t have to wear that with me ( talking about a condom ) and finally ” I think you’d make a great father.” Seemed really early for this kind of talk so I changed the subject or redirected my attentions the first couple times she started it.

    Eventually we ended up discussing the “Have it all ” meme and that’s when she hit me with it. She’s spent her entire life on her career and never took the time to settle down with Mr. Right. She always wanted a child and now the clock is ticking out. We had this conversation on the very day I read your ” Sacrifice ” post. So I brought up some of those possibilities.

    Of course no woman would openly admit that kinda stuff as plan. Though I would doubt that many of them actually plan it that way. We talked it through and she said she would not hold me financially accountable (She’s fairly wealthy ) and would be happy to sign legal documentation to that effect. She would prefer a long courtship and the more standard relationship vetting but her viable eggs are becoming a scarce commodity. ( Lot of paraphrasing in that last paragraph to save time. )

    Told her I’d need some time to think about it.

    I have no trouble pulling women into my bedroom but it’s rare to find one who actually wants to cultivate my seed. It occurs to me that I might not have another chance at progeny. Mid 30’s myself and the fact that I might be able to produce a child up to 70, doesn’t mean I want to produce a child at 70.

    Marriage is not something I’ve ever wanted. But having a kid may be.

    Love to hear your thoughts or cautions if you have the time.

  9. Thank you. While I may not agree with everything, I find your blog invaluable and share your posts with my friends.

  10. Moved up north for a few months but I’m looking forward to hearing about the book idea when I get back in November.

    Hot sauce is on me.

  11. @ Simon

    ” You don’t have to wear that with me ( talking about a condom ) ”

    Yes — yes, you do. I get a 35-45 y.o. HB4-5 every few months that throws herself a me. They’ve ridden the ol’ Cock Carousel and are now willing to settle for Mr. “Good Enough” before their eggs dry up and die.

    If you’re OK with that – cool.

    But *I’m* sure as hell not sinking that hook into my mouth..

  12. she said she would not hold me financially accountable (She’s fairly wealthy ) and would be happy to sign legal documentation to that effect.

    1- People’s minds change. Especially women’s.
    2- Given the current legal climate where “It’s all for the child” and a man can even be held responsible to support a cuckold child after finding out his wife cheated on him, do you really think that “legal documentation” is bulletproof?

    If you want to have and possibly end up raising a child with her, and are aware of and accept the real risks that poses, well, that’s your choice, and I’m not saying whether it’s good or bad. But I also tend to slap down people who complain afterwards to the effect that, “I was tricked,” “I took all necessary precautions/covered all bases,” or “How could I have known this would happen?”

    Okay, I lie. I don’t slap them down. I point and laugh.

    Caveat emptor

  13. Congratulations for the spread of the blog wisdom, fully deserved, as well as the 16 years of successful marriage, both massive achievements.

    A year’s worth of pure dissection of the inter-gender relations and insightful analysis without delving into the quagmire of politics or overly messianic posturing. Yesterday also linked to another gem, the “Duplicity” post. Scary, but in an educational way. (Yes, I’m too lazy/busy to go systematically through the archives at any blog…)

    As for the book, a book-as-a-book choice would be a useful plus to the in itself handy e-book scheme, there is something tangible about physicality. (Had to afterwards print out both Roosh’s Bangs, I could do it correctly this time right off the bat). And with Rollo having an artistic eye, the book could be expected to turn out aesthetically pleasing too. So no pressure there, heh.

  14. Congratulations Rollo. I found your blog in January and it opened my eyes to the real inherent nature of women and their behavior while also teaching me not to be ashamed of spinning plates and having multiple relationships with women. I’m still working on my “game”, which can take time and experience to perfect, but the biggest step was “unplugging” from the female imperative which was conditioned into me since birth. Thank you.

  15. Rollo, are you unique in being an MRA who is married?

    Seems like most are not?

    If true, your comments and perspective are much more interesting.

  16. Congrats, Rollo. Been reading your blog since it’s inception and loved reading every minute of it. Very enlightening & insightful. Continued success. Would love to see all these blog posts in e-book or book form just in case your site gets shut down like In Mala Fide.

    BTW, I probably contributed an exorbitant amount of those page views.

  17. Congratulations! I’m not sure where else on this blog to post this topic,so I’ll just post it here.

    I’ve been playing around with game in the last year, but a recent encounter started me thinking about false rape accusations. We seem to be told that a lifestyle with many women is ideal and safe from problems of marriage, when the problems of multiple relationships isn’t talked about.

    Any thoughts on combating false rape accusations.

  18. Congrats. Bottom line, your content is an invaluable resource for men trying to navigate a feminized society.

  19. Meh, you’d be at 10+ million views and 1000+ comments average now if you posted up dodgy studies asking women how they think they behave, and praised us – the utterly unique and special people who are your best readers ever – more often so we would each post 30 comments per blog entry to tell you what we really think & feel. Try harder, Rollo!



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