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For women, nothing is both as frightening and arousing than a Man aware of his own value.

I got a metric ton of feedback with regards to my Mrs. Doubtfire post and the notion of Game being co-opted to serve the feminine imperative. This sparked an interesting exchange on more than a few blogs and forums. All of this led me to do a bit of research into how Game principles, not necessarily Game in practice, is being subverted to address feminine-centric mandates. Even the idea of ‘false flag‘ blogging in the manosphere has been suggested as a means to more effectively establish a male-specific popular perspective that might be considered more legitimate.

The problem intrinsic to all of that is that masculinity is now so ridiculed and delegitimized in our feminine-centric reality that any (lame) attempts at subterfuge only make the manosphere look even more like the boys club in the treehouse shooting spitwads at the “mature” girls below. It’s going to come off as game-playing and juvenile, and only serve to make any legitimate point or appeals to logic appear self-serving. That said, I do understand the necessity to be covert in expressing the principles behind Game from a pro-masculine perspective. Men blogging in the manosphere, whether it’s Game theory, PUA, MRA or MGTOW, all assume a horrible risk for publicly expressing their views that a proponent of feminism would rarely need to consider. Professionally, personally, and to an extent, even physically, manosphere bloggers paint a big target on themselves that very few people would sympathize with their being damaged for their outspokenness. If it looks like patriarchy, it’s OK to set their home on fire, and a feminized world of angry women and their identifier mangina sycophants will line up with torches to do so.

Building a Better Beta

None of this is really even a concern for the proponents of a fem-centric culture; they can rest comfortably in a self-affirming, social echo chamber without any real fear of persecution or risk to their career or reputations. However, the utility of exploiting Game in theory (not in practice) to better serve that female centrism hasn’t gone unnoticed. This has given rise to what might be called “sanitized Game” – take the primary elements of Game to build a better Beta. With such an overwhelming social undercurrent for men to ‘Man-Up’ today it’s really simple pragmatism to reinterpret Game to serve the expectations and entitlements inherent in fem-centrism. Thus we see Game concepts being co-opted by social conservatives, so-called female manosphere sympathizers and christo-religious revisionists all blogging in disclaimered agreement with Game principles insofar as it serves their particular delusion. What they fail to recognize is that, for all of their efforts to contort Game into their personal agenda’s boxes, they’re still living in and fostering a feminine-centric imperative. If there’s a definition of the Matrix, this is it.

I would argue that most, if not all, are unaware that this is the latent purpose they’re serving. The overarching  point is to create a more acceptable man for a female defined goal, NOT to truly empower any man. There is no feminine opposite to this; there is no counter effort to make women more acceptable to men – in fact this is actively resisted and cast as a form of slavish subservience. This is the extent of the feminine reality; it’s so instaurating that men, with the aid of  “concerned women”, will spend lifetimes seeking ways to better qualify themselves for feminine approval. That’s the better Beta they hope to create. One who will Man-Up and be the Alpha as situations and use would warrant, but Beta enough to be subservient to the feminine imperative. They seek a man to be proud of, one who’s association reflects a statement of their own quality, yet one they still have implicit control over.

Whether the reasonings are moral, entitlement or ‘honor bound’ in nature the end result is still feminine primacy. The sales pitch is one of manning up to benefit yourself, but the latent purpose is one of better qualifying for normalized feminine acceptance. What they cannot reconcile is that the same benefits that are inherent in becoming more Alpha (however you choose to define that) are the same traits that threaten his necessary position of subservience as a Beta. This is precisely why ‘real’ Game, and truly unplugging, cannot be sanitized. This social element wants to keep you plugged in; more Alpha, more confidence, more awareness, is a threat to fem-centrism. It’s great that all this Game stuff has finally got you standing up for yourself, but remember who’s got the vagina.

The Evolution of Game

In the beginning, Game was about little more than racking up lay-counts. For some guys this will never change; you can’t ignore the purely seductionist intent of the origins of Game. Game was (is) for getting laid, and along with that now comes a sort of stigma of the Player. It’s against the interests of the feminine imperative that a man might conceivably have some kind of secret, learned system that bypasses her (mythological) feminine intuitions and natural reservations. That’s a power that men have sought for millennia. Some might realize it to a degree through power, fame or fortune, but to distribute this figurative ability en masse would be a power shift that would put women at men’s mercy. With great power, should come great responsibility. This is the fear that Game represents to the feminine – even the concept of men ‘understanding’ women’s natures must necessarily be ridiculed and shamed even in the attempt. When women are knowable they lose the power of their only actionable agency over men.

Game has evolved into much more than just a set of replicable behaviors for PUAs to ply their craft and get laid. Somewhere along the way a man wondered why these behavior provoked the responses they do in women. What were the core elements that these behaviors and attitudes were operating on in women? Game is still about getting laid, but it’s progressed beyond just the practical. Game is really a catch-all term now for lack of a better one. It’s moved on to the theory, the principle and the psychology that makes us better Men, and makes women knowable. It’s very important that the vision you have of being a “better Man” originates with YOU, not with the idealisms of a plugged in moralist or women so fearful of your new awareness that they’ll make concerted efforts to supplant it with what makes you a better servant of their insecure imperative. Resist the idea of becoming a better Beta in girl-world and focus on being that Alpha Man as you define it.

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Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. You´ll see a bunch of female Game supporters demonizing Alphas everywhere. They want their betas to become “more alpha” but not “Alpha”.

    Susan specifically equals Alpha with narcissism and all sorts of evil. So Game becomes similar to what some PUAs think of game: ways of giving women what they want.

    But its not about womens want, its about what mens want, first. Specially because here, again, its the men´s doing the work.

  2. Best fucking manosphere post in a while.
    Dig this blog so much.

    Its easy for someone who grew up beta in a girl world to start trying to make changes in himself to continue pleasing the pussy, and not even realize his OWN motivations. But at some point on the path… you get it. Enough life wisdom syncs in and the alpha awareness becomes real. Inernalized.

    Alpha aint for pussy. Pussy is for alpha. 🙂

  3. I’ve spent more than a few years mastering seduction to please women rather than myself. High level of mastery brought little deep satisfaction.

    The reason for this happening is that no matter how great the tools (Game, etc) and mastery of them is, without strong fatherly masculine force separating a boy from the mother all these tools would be used to appease rather than serve the feminine. We need a return of fatherhood and man circles in real-life – not just on-line.

  4. I must say, you got me confused. And worried.

    Are you suggesting that by making “a better beta” women would unintentionally unleash men’s hidden true alphaness which would result in a world of non-committing PUA’s?

    Or maybe this would just produce half-baked alphas to the content of women? Personally, this would make things worse for true alphas, as they’ll have to pump up the volume on their game in order to get the same results they used to.

    Or should we just hold on to our abundance mentality, telling ourselves that there’s plenty of pussy for everyone, even if the entire world becomes alpha.

    Yes, I’m worried sick.

  5. I would argue that most, if not all, are unaware that this is the latent purpose they’re serving. The overarching point is to create a more acceptable man for a female defined goal, NOT to truly empower any man.

    Agreed and a great point. They are unaware of this because the feminine imperative is the only frame they know. A world where the “evil patriarchy” frame ruled was so long ago that none have ever experienced it.

    I wonder if the belief that Betas cannot become Alphas lies somewhere in the subtext.

  6. “The sales pitch is one of manning up to benefit yourself, but the latent purpose is one of better qualifying for normalized feminine acceptance. What they cannot reconcile is that the same benefits that are inherent in becoming more Alpha (however you choose to define that) are the same traits that threaten his necessary position of subservience as a Beta. This is precisely why ‘real’ Game, and truly unplugging, cannot be sanitized. This social element wants to keep you plugged in; more Alpha, more confidence, more awareness, is a threat to fem-centrism.”

    The entire post is great, but this part is especially so.

  7. I really have to say that this is a great post. It’s always bothered me when I’ve read discussions about game and it’s interaction with the wider culture, and people (mostly female but some male) have tried to tell men what they should and shouldn’t do out of some obligation to fall in line with what women want in life. Game definitely does make men more acceptable to women, but that should be a side effect of the improvements it allows a guy to make in his own life of his own accord and for his own true motivations, not some obligation to fit into someone else’s view of the ideal reality.

    Yohami called it. “Alpha” seems to be conjuring up the image of a tyrant in the minds of the people discussing on some of the other blogs out there. Personally, I think Alpha just “is”, it’s neither good nor bad, and could be used for either end- as we’ve witnessed over and over throughout history. I don’t think a culture full of men with those traits wouldn’t necessarily be anti-family or anti-commitment, just as there is a full spectrum of moral leanings and values among people we consider alpha. Maybe at first things would be lopsided, but I think it would balance out over time, or reach a new balance, probably one that doesn’t just assume female wants as the standard.

    Those people that seem to want to control the concept (again, mostly women, but even a few men) seem to be assigning a default negativity to the goal of becoming “Alpha” out of fear.

  8. You are so absolutely correct.

    Here’s the rub though. The vast majority of men (and they are men, I’ll not play that woman game where we sit back and make every guy jump over a stick to test if they’re men or not) want nothing more than to be Betas.

    I work in an all men setting. Very masculine, as blue collar as you could imagine and very physically demanding to boot. Just about every guy there values his Betahood and only wishes to improve it.

    Out of roughly 100 guys maybe 3 value themselves on an equal par with their womenfolk. And that’s a big maybe. The divorce statistics, the cuckold stories, the ass raping child support stories and the soul crushing family court stories abound… and still all these dudes only want to please some snatch at the expense of everything they have.

    So there you go. Expect better Betas to line right up at the sacred altar of the feminine. Willingly.

    As usual, great article.

  9. Paging King A..

    Social conservatives LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to trot out the alpha-lite, pro-female, blue-pill-in-disguise.

  10. Just responded to this on my own fledgling blog, The Third Path. Very, very true, this bit about making sure it’s on our terms, not anyone else’s. I don’t think many men get that early on. It’s way more about “getting even” or “getting back at” beautiful women who overlooked them when they were wusses in high school. Let’s not forget that the famed Mystery had to be ADMITTED after his girlfriend broke up with him in an often-overlooked, yet crucial, scene in The Game. If that doesn’t reflect some fundamental mommy issues he hadn’t resolved yet (and a sense that he wasn’t really standing on ground he had created himself independent of women’s opinions of him), then I don’t know what does. Great post. I’m new to this neck of the blogosphere, so have patience with me, but regardless, can’t wait to read more.

  11. Excellent post, Rollo. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

    It’s funny how much of this dynamic you notice if you really pay attention, since we’ve been conditioned to normally accept it.

    Game advice, thoughts, and objections from a woman, betas:

    “But that would break her heart”

    “You shouldn’t make her jealous”

    “That’s not very nice to her”

    “That’s not fair to her” (exhibit #1- Doug1 and the recent HUS mess)

    “She might not like that/ that might make her mad”

    “You should just work towards having an LTR”

    “You can see multiple people at a time, but you really shouldn’t, but if you do you should decide on one after awhile”

    And so on and so on, ad naseum. Should should should. The objection always revolves around the women’s best interest, often with heaps of moral outrage at alpha behavior. Apply Game, but not too much. We still need you looking out for the women’s interest, we can’t have you being a player.

    SoCons and most game-aware women aren’t looking out for you, they’re looking to get the best outcome they want. For them, their functioning paradigm is marriage/soul mates/monogamy, which naturally suits the female imperative, and thus they are completely and utterly unable to *truly* give you any advice that actually has your interests at the top of consideration.

    Like that recent beef Susan had with me. My advice would most definitely have given her reader the best possible shot at the outcome *he* wanted, but because there might be some more advanced game involved and broken hearts on team woman, it was deemed wrong. Not that the advice was deemed bad or worthless, but shamed because of what it would require.


  12. Whereas most, dare I say all, female dating advice is totally geared towards getting what she wants, full stop. Considerations of the men involved are rare as two legged elephants.

  13. Girls love horses because they’re beautiful, powerful, occasionally erratic animals that they can tame and control.
    Gosh, why can’t men be more like horses?

  14. Flyrfresh, correction, their paradigm is marriage/soul mates/monogamy that when managed in a female centric way always leads to serial, hypergamous monogamy.

  15. But…women will try to find ways to undermine or knock over the alpha.

    The girl I’m seeing has been going mental, jealous, possessive. She’s on my case for having a laugh with a girl, having a drink with a guy if we’re out at a party together. I normally blow it off.

    But the other day at a class we take, I told her to chill out and not go mental if I talked to other girls.

    Well….she went mental…After the class she tried to pin me down and “tlak to me”…I blew her off. Another girl seriously started flirting with me.

    This prompted my girl to go nuclear and threaten not to DJ a big Christmas party I’m holding for some visitors and around 100 people.

    I was instantly put in a position of being “beta” and apologizing.

    But of course my apology wasn’t “sincere” enough…She left that evening.

    It pissed me off for being put on the spot, accused and then threatened with her withdrawing.

    What to do? The propensity for revenge and anger here has gone too far.

    I was put in major beta position. Failed that shit test when faced with the threat of her pulling the plug on her promise to help manage my party.

  16. Great post.

    The Alpha’s relationship to the feminine as that of a business owner to an employee, power vests in the Alpha, he chooses and defines the terms of the relationship.

    The state and church wants the Alpha to be on the hook for the employee which is why they legally want to control the terms of definition of the relationship, while the socons and feminists are front men for the female prerogative (like unions) and bat on their behalf.

    Imagine an employee being able to cease employment while maintaining the right of residual payments, that’s what we have now with marriage.

    In the end though the Alpha chooses whether he wants to engage the employee as a permanent, temporary or casual.

  17. @walalwla: You lost frame. You made yourself dependent on someone you admit is “mental, jealous, possessive” and ended up getting into a situation where you were not willing to walk away.

    As soon as she threatened you should have turned around without saying anything (show her your back), walked away, and found a new and even better DJ for the party asap, even if it costs you bucks. If she comes back, apologizes and says she will DJ the party after all, you can either hold firm (“No.”) and disinvite her from the party, saying that her behavior towards you is disrespectful and has gone too far – you need time to think and will contact her after the party. Or, you can accept her offer on the surface, and keep the DJ that you have already hired on standby at the party (without telling her, of course) just in case she decides to make a scene at the party, at which time you can throw her out, apologize to the guests, and then bring out the replacement DJ for the greatest party ever.

  18. You lot are hilarious, you can’t deal with women, probably get red faced and spluttery in our company. If you just relax a bit, you might even get to hold a females hand that isn’t your mummy one day.

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