A Fresh Start

After much hand wringing and urgings from friends and commenters on various forums and blogs in the “community” I’ve finally decided to give the blog thing a try. I’ve resisted for a very long time. The main reason for this has always been my preference for a ‘forum’ style interaction when it comes to sharing ideas. In all honesty, I prefer that kind of open discourse because I feel it’s more conducive to a free interchange of ideas, and particularly ideas I may emphatically disagree with. As abrasive as this can often be at times it helps me understand the thought process that people use to come to their conclusions. Forums are better learning experiences, even if you have to suffer the occasional troll.

It’s always been my impression that blogs are more than a bit self-serving for the writer. The open discourse a forum affords is kind of squelched in blog comment threads since the real purpose of a blog is to promote the solitary ideas of the author, and anyone else can chime in if they feel the need. As conceited as this sounds, I think I’ve got too much humility to believe my ideas should be shouted from a rooftop to the exception of the input of others. I believe in the first rule of the philosopher – all I know is that I know nothing. So it’s in the spirit of remaining the eternal student that I’m starting this.

Most of you will know me as a long time SoSuave forum moderater and contributor, but as I’ve branched off into other forums and contributed to the comments and conversations of various ‘community’ blogs I’ve been inundated with requests to compile my ideas in one place. And thats the real purpose of this blog, to collect ideas and hopefully have others profit from them as they can.

That said, my initial plan is to repost sort of a ‘best of’ series of topics I’ve archived from sosuave.com interspersed with fresh topics as they hit me. After 8 plus years of contributing to SoSuave my hope is that others beyond that particular community can benefit the ideas that evolved there. I am now and will be for the foreseeable future still be a regular contributor and Mod there. I have no plans to abandon that forum, and in fact I’d encourage readers here to do their own searches of my user name Rollo Tomassi for any particular topic of interest I may have covered in the past: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/index.php

It’s my sincere hope that you can benefit from my ideas on intergender issues. Some of them may seem a bit foreign to the uninitiated. Others may be familiar, but the mechanics were still confusing, and still others may be something you’ve never considered. Always understand that nothing I state here or on any forum or comment thread is ever meant to be set in stone. In return, I would encourage all my readers to adopt the same ‘eternal student’ ideology and open your minds to critically understanding things that will at times be uncomfortable to consider.


Rollo Tomassi


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12 years ago


Atl Man
Atl Man
12 years ago

This is a good start, Rollo. I have been a visitor to other men’s PUA and advice blogs for awhile and you have been a constant provider of some of the best, real life, no non sense, and practical advice as a poster at these blog sites. I ventured over to SoSuave because of you and here I am because of you. You don’t get bogged down in some of the silly and juvenile back and fourths that take place at some of the other blogs where you post. You give the advice and / or facts straight up with… Read more »

12 years ago

I think what you’ve posted here is a solid beginning and immediately challenges most of the held beliefs the average male is raised with. Considering the winning streak for males I see in the world around me; we need a new approach and formula for dealing with intergender relations. Keep up the good work, I’ll be visiting — I adopt your eternal student mindset — there is only more knowledge and trial and error.

Fred Woodbridge
12 years ago

Thanks, Rollo!

8 years ago

After finishing the best of the rationale male-year one, I’ve decide to start from the beginning…
Thank you for creating this blog and sharing your experience/ ideas/ believes with us
…So help me God


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10 months ago

After watching your content for a few years now, I (finally) decided to read all of your articles from the beginning. See how this all has changed over time, and what has stayed the same. I look forward to learning as much as I can (however long it takes). Thank you for your commitment for (going on) 11, almost 12 years.

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