I am officially sold out of my 20 tickets for this event!

First off, I want to thank all the guys who’ve reserved a spot to already. The response to what started as a small gathering of guys in Vegas has been overwhelming. As of this post I am sold out of my initial 20 tickets – in 5 days!

Jon (MLD) is also sold out of his tickets. Rich Cooper is about 3 away from selling out.

So that’s the bad news. The good news is that I do have 6 extra slots available for overage.

However, once these are gone that’s it! The price will still be $500 per until March 1st. At that point registration goes up to (and stays at) $750. You must be a Rational Male Patreon subscriber to purchase a spot.


We’ve just added a new gathering to the event activities,…

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46 comments on “RULE ZERO LIVE! • LAS VEGAS – Update

  1. I don’t know, Rollo. They’re your buddies now, but I smell a cheap business model (that can’t be scaled) and you’re just promoting it with your name.

    Body Language Mastery? Blax and Palma should up their game and pay $600 for this course!

    What this course includes:

    A Head to Toe Video Breakdown of Female Body Language that shows you if she is sexually interested in you or not. ($999 value)

    3 weeks of twice daily webinar Q&A sessions for Quarter 4 ( 80 hours total coaching) on Zoom that allow you to interact with top members of the Red Pill Community and Multimillionaires to Ask Them Your Personal Questions. Speakers included – Rollo Tomassi, Richard Cooper, Rian Stone, Donovan Sharpe, Ed Latimore, and More! ($9999 value)

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  2. Rollo is right… All these articles have a stock image of a guy with two girls. Then the story starts about a girl with two guys….

    But this…

    Over the last several years, my (Preston’s) full-time job at The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender has been helping leaders and pastors engage questions about sexuality and gender with theological faithfulness and courageous love. Naturally, I often get asked, “What’s the next discussion Christians need to have about these issues?” My answer is always the same: “Polyamory.”


    What will Tradbots do?

  3. 😂 That Jersey teacher is from my county. I’m familiar with the school in the article.

    I’m still debating in my head if there is a massive increase in student/teacher sex, or if it’s just being reported and discovered more in the digital age.

    I managed to bang out my Spanish and home economics teachers during summer breaks, but unless they told somebody it’s a ” secret ” to this day.

    But my teachers were very young, and pretty hot. Like 22 years old. Some of the teachers getting caught lately are a tad doggish looking.

    The disclosures are fast and furious. Almost monthly consistently. Wtf is going on?

    I think we don’t see much of male teachers banging female students because there’s a drought of make teachers over the last 20+ years.

    In my junior and senior year of high school, I had a Margot Robbie history teacher that I used to eat lunch with in her class. Nothing sexual at all ever but I loved talking history with her because she was a true history geek. The school admin put a stop to it because ” looked inappropriate ” via proximity.

    What’s changing in schools now? More relaxed? Or are young women more predatory with young men? Is it that we find out about this more now, or is it truly something different going on in society?

    Nah. It does look to me like women teacher’s legs are springing open like trap doors from sea to shining sea. But are these women trapped in adolescence? Mentally stunted?

  4. Blax

    Yeah it’s interesting. A profile would be 28-35 yo 6 or former 7, married.

    For every 1 that was passed around the Sportsball team chad(s) there are 10 where the teacher is pursuing relentlessly, grooming… I suspect the bulk of these kids really are overwhelmed beta nice guys. And tgis situation – not the sex but the complications from discovery amd subsequent shaming and scrutiny – is going to mess these kids up.

    Rollo should do a post

  5. Palma

    Women are desperate for any sign of alpha.


    What I don’t see, in 15 years and counting of observation, is enough Alpha among the high school demo.

    If the teacher was mid 20s I’d guess the kid was a young Alpha. Mid 30s teacher who’s initiated all the contact?

    Something else there. I’d guess Wall Impact + beta husband + desperate need to be worshipped and told “so pretty”.

  6. Well…


    blockquote>Lydia Beattie-Milligan, 43 [married mum-of-two], of Kingsley Close, Lydiate, was found guilty of arranging to meet a child following sexual grooming.



    After she texted that she cared about him and he replied that he cared about her too, the boy asked if she loved him.

    She replied: “OMG I cannot stop thinking about you but I know it is wrong. You do batter my head, so maybe.”

    Let’s not forget there are feelz at play. These women want the thrill. The secret. The forbidden fruit. The butterflies in the stomach, high school style. The youth desiring them. Some want to be in control and position of power.

    Yes, they want alpha. But they find one by following their feelings (and alpha makes them feel different than beta). In the absence of alpha… they can craft scenarios which give them the feelz they crave. Which leads to…

    But it was in text messages to a friend – who wrongly believed Beattie-Milligan was talking about an affair with an adult – that she revealed her sick intentions.

    Judge Woodhall said: “You referred to trimming your body hair, you said you were going to make sure you were looking amazing, that you were going to do a lap dance for him and get some sexy underwear and in your words – not mine – in one text saying “major f***ing going on”.

    And the boy, was he a dominant alpha? He “asked if she loved him”. Ahh the feelz… Say, how do we end up blue pill again?

    His health and behaviour was affected and he was left “mistrustful of professionals”, making it more difficult to get help.

    Judge Woodhall said: “In short he has not been able to deal with what you did to him and has threatened to take his own life.”

    Keep up the good work @Rollo, keep the discussion going. There’s “major f***ing going on” in those minds.

  7. Well put IRL.

    Yes, they want alpha. But they find one by following their feelings (and alpha makes them feel different than beta). In the absence of alpha… they can craft scenarios which give them the feelz they crave. Which leads to…

  8. Palma IRL Blax

    To me it seems mostly “cougar dynamics” in play, just set to a younger demo. Who are cougars banging mostly? Better looking beta guys from what i’ve seen. Why? Because the Alpha guys have better options.

    So while this is true, in the stand – and in the hallways

    I’m damn sure I saw more alpha on the pitch than in the stands amongst the parents.

    No doubt all those sex positive young hotties at school see that too. It’s not like young maidens are holding back any. More than few texting nude pics around.

    I suspect it’s 80/20 Cougar Type to Alpha Type ratio.

  9. Sentient
    Meanwhile… a life is lost, a meme is born…

    He believed the Earth is flat and wanted to see for himself, but all he found out is that the Earth is pretty solid. Saw an interview with him last year and concluded he wasn’t too bright. Rockets is more complicated than a lot of people think.

  10. Damn.😂

    First, I nominate dude in the last vid as Teacher of the Year. Solid classwork.

    The pants thing.😂 Since that ” style ” of wearing pants with a belt cinched around your thighs won’t seen to just die already ( gay booty inmate look is powerful), these fuckleheads are forced to hitch their pants whenever they do anything above a causal, slouching walk,.less their pantaloons fall down around their ankles.

    Cop friends tell me it saves them a lot of exersion when they chase a guy and within 20-30 yards his pants fall and get wrapped around his ankles like one of the 3 stooges.

    But lmao at the guy getting bunched by the big gal. I thought everyone knew not to take 250+ pound chicks with wide fucking shoulders for granted. When that guy recovers from his concussion, I hope he learns to stay in his weight class.

    ( If I got knocked silly by a woman I’d just leave the state. Maybe the country. )

  11. I approve of all the pants hitching, just as I approve of very obvious jail tats. Especially when I’m in line at the local inconvenience store late at night, tells like that are helpful to read the situation.

  12. Nowadays tats and low slung pants aren’t reliable indicators of intentions or ( actual ) temperance. They’ve gone from fashion statements to almost standard flesh gear.

    But when you do.see.actual jail tats ( crudely done, one color, crooked as fuck ) , yup, take heed. If you’re on the west coast especially, avoid nortenos or any other Latino gang sets that are notoriously for waist up ( including neck and face ) tats that are more intricate. Regulars won’t tat themselves that way so that they won’t get lead poisoning in a case of mistaken identity.

    ” chit main, that ain’t Rodrigo!! He’s got tribal tats. “.

    The best ways to gauge intent is still body language and eyes. eye’s NEVER lie.

  13. Sentient
    Here, one last one. Good lessons here, bad lessons here… It’s got it all…

    Not got it all…no pants were hitched. Lesson there.

  14. These, slutty teachers make their husbands jump through hoops just to get starfish sex once a month lol. But then, give up the pussy for free to young teenage chad, lol, what a clown world……

  15. Cheesecake factory parking lot…😂😂😂

    I’m dead. Between fight videos ( including deontay wilder getting his natural was BEAT!!!!) Anne parking lot bang outs, I can’t lol anymore.

  16. Cheesecake factory parking lot…😂😂😂

    I’ve been to that restaurant many times. The Hyatt next door has much better accommodations than the cheesy parking lot. Had an awesome romp there one night with my girl when we didn’t feel like driving home.

    The local media doesn’t think much of the alleged scandal and neither do I. The whole thing smacks of needy girl seeking attention. Might be true, but whatever. Meh

  17. I wonder if ” kacie ” can actually fuck or is she just a series of holes?

    Nothing worse than a chick that thinks she’s hit because of all of the thirst getting thrown her way, but the sex didn’t live up to the billing.

    A chick that’ll advertise that she blew you on social media sounds like a lousy blowjob. 😂 Baker….tsk,tsk. Now you have something to always remember her by, and it’s not the sex.

  18. Senient
    That parking lot sees a lot of action… Lol

    Looks that way. Or…they’re working up to a shakedown of some kind.
    Not that average-looking Quality Women would ever do such a thing, of course.

  19. “Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has been married to Emily Wilkinson for less than one year, as the two got married this past offseason, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s been faithful to her.

    Mayfield has found himself caught up in the middle of an interesting scandal, which began over the weekend, when a woman, Kacie Dingess, came out on Twitter about “tea to spill” when the Browns quarterback blocked her.

    — Viral Sports (@NotScTop10plays) February 11, 2020

    There was also this.

    — Viral Sports (@NotScTop10plays) February 11, 2020

    It didn’t take long for Dingess to get her five seconds of fame, as a local radio show gave her a platform to share her side of the story.

    The 20-year-old Dingess stated that she wore a Mayfield shirt to a Browns preseason game, which later led to him following her on Snapchat via a burner account. The two later agreed to meet at a Cheesecake Factory in Westlake.

    “We were texting for a while and then finally he was like ‘come see me.’ I drove all the way to Westlake, it was like behind Cheesecake Factory at some development parking lot,” she began. “He texted me on the way there saying I have to keep my phone in the car. I was kind of sketched… if this really isn’t him, why I have to keep my phone in the car?” Lol….

    There was more:

    “I got in the front and he said are we going to do this or not?” Dingess said. “After I left he texted me you’re actually a really cool person but you can’t say anything, like it’ll ruin my career.” Lol. Miscalibration of the highest order.
    Dingess claim she gave Mayfield oral sex in the SUV, then never saw him again, adding “he was not that memorable.”

    Not really the type of news Mayfield needs to begin the team’s offseason.

  20. Not really the type of news Mayfield needs to begin the team’s offseason.

    Even from the website that did some uh hmmmm reporting:

    It is worth remembering that neither of these women have any substantive proof of what transpired beyond their initial claims.

    Yeah…look at the sources for the story. Do some searches and see what you find. It’s all garbage clickbait sites. Not that the MSM is really that much better, but it would appear most sports writers are ignoring this one as it seems super scammy.

    Back in the day I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was a rival from an NFL team. Lawrence Taylor used to pull some pretty good ones on opponents. Maybe all these young guys in the NFL are too busy jerking off on Twatter to get clever with shenanigans.

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