Dissecting Body Language

Hard to believe my seminal essay on Body Language is almost 2 years old now. I did a review of Body Language and a subcommunications with Jon from Modern Life Dating on my latest livestream and it was good enough that I thought I’d make a post of it here.

I’m also helping Jon out with his Body Language Mastery II program this time. I passed on the affiliate marketing stuff for the first program Jon did because I wanted to “audit” the class first to see if it was legit. I understand a lot of guys’ first impression of this stuff can be a bit off-putting, but the videos and the interactive stuff was really pretty good. I get that not everyone in my audience needs this program, but if you do, or maybe you’re just looking to have some interaction about Game, I’m endorsing Jon on this program. If you watch the livestream you’ll understand why.

I’m really late to this party. Tomorrow, Monday, March 30th is the last day to get in, but if you’re interested follow this link:

Body Language Mastery

Registration ends at midnight March 30.