Sitting here like uninvited company
Wallowing in my own obscenities
I share a cigarette with negativity
Sitting here like wet ashes with X’s in my eyes
And drawing flies

Bathed in perspiration drowned my enemies
Used my inspiration for a guillotine
I fire a loaded mental cannon to the page
Leaning on the pedestal that holds my self denial
Firing the pistol that shoots my holy pride
Sitting here like wet ashes with X’s in my eyes
And drawing flies

And I said “Hey what you yellin’ about
Conditions, permission, mirrored self-affliction?”

“Hey what you yellin’ about
Sadists’ co-addiction, perfect analogies?”

“Hey what you yellin’ about
Conditions, permission, mirrored self-affliction?”

Leaning on the pedestal that holds my self denial
Firing the pistol that shoots my holy pride
Sitting here like wet ashes with X’s in my eyes
And drawing flies

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    1. Good blog. I just got here from Roissy. Best of luck.

      Keep the long-essay format, but break it into subheds. Those are the easiest to scan — we are all scanners online. But if the material is good, the scan will lead to in-depth reading, like samples lead to feasts.

      Post your seminal pieces, like Roissy did with his sixteen commandments, above the blogroll to the right, so newbies can get up to speed with a click or two and you won’t have to repeat yourself (one of the impetuses of this blog, I take it).

      Writing regularly is more important than writing often. If we can depend on one post a week, that’s better than sporadic bursts of irregular content, six posts in a day followed by weeks of silence.

      I look forward to your brand of thoughtful, elevated conversation. Roissy unintentionally invites confusion in the commentary by posting eclectically (politics, culture) rather than concentrating exclusively on game — like he did in the beginning. Stick to your core competencies, and the rest should take care of itself.

      P.S. Correct the spelling of “Chateau” in your blogroll. And take the apostrophe out of “way’s” above.

  1. Rollo,
    Congratulations for the blog! May I suggest you to include the subscription list module, so we can receive your new posts inmediately.

  2. Here’s a little preview:

    “Keep in mind the basic rule that he who cares least wins. Do not allow yourself to become emotionally attached to your dates and girlfriends, or some very unhappy days are in store for you. You may allow them to enjoy your body, your mind, and your money, but always deny them your soul”

  3. You can’t stop yourself from getting emotionally attached to someone who you’re fond of, you bloody idiot. Bonding with another human being isn’t really a choice, it’s rather biochemical and involuntary. How facetious and naive of you.

  4. The two biggest shocks of my life have been discovering PUA/The Manosphere/Game. The second was discovering this blog. I read a few of your comments at Aunt Susan’s before wandering over.

    It is amazing how I have internalized cultural meme’s like that of soul mates, and how I just sort of never considered never marrying, because of how the feminine imperative absolutely dominates discourse in our society. Your work has been absolutely critical in my internalization of the red pill, and has actually helped me let go a lot of my anger and bitterness.For about a year, I was completely stuck in the anger phase of acceptance, so to speak. If we ever meet offline, I need to buy you a beer. I literally cannot thank you enough.

    1. I just listened to your book, the rational male. You say that women cannot truly love a man in the way that he wants them to, that deep committed romantic lifelong love, because women operate based on hypergamy.
      What if you had the option of dating men?

      I am bisexual and more or less subscribed to the belief that I am searching for the one, which I know you think is absurd. But is that because your only option is women? If you were in my position, would you seek a man, would you recommend I only date men?

    2. Have a MGTOW real estate marketplace question.
      Have a idea & property to consider.
      619.885.4278 phone
      Mike Merrifield

        1. I am interested for an hour. How can I contact you ? My email is tied to the comment which only you can probably see.

        2. All right bro. You got me. I’m hooked. And I need a hand. I think it’s going to be a challenge for you but I’m definitely interested in trying out a counseling session. Watch your step man because this story I have is a fuckin DOOZY

          1. I just wish every pua and red pill didn’t want to charge me at least 150-200$ a month, claiming it’s such a deal, and not even show me women I think are pretty, even for their “lays”.

            I don’t even want a just lay.

            God this hurts. I’m so tired of only FUCKING CHRISTIANS, WOMEN/FAT PEOPLE AND BETA MEN IN MY LIFE.

            And I can’t stop hating myself because of it.
            It’s not “personality disorder” X (what even IS a “personality order? – NO, really, I want the ANSWER and the EVIDENCE) and even if it were, nobody can do anything about it but label me with the stigmatizing label of what? Narcissism? I don’t want money or power or looks for their own means to begin with, I just want them as an indicator of goodenoughness to have something to offer HER.

            Also fuck you Aaron Clarey. You have a giant ego because you’re rich and stem smart so you could just quit early and not be raped by the big businesses/accounting or finance gig that made you rich anyway and write books insulting the “weak”. Ever think I can’t just adderall and “learn to STEM/learn to code” and that I WOULD HAVE LOVED THE PHYSICAL HEALTH AND ABLE BODY TO DROP OUT AS AN EIGHTH GRADER AND LIKE WELD OR WHATEVER IT IS THAT THE TRADES SUPPOSEDLY ARE…

            But I never had that option for a career. In fact, I’m clumsy to the point it’s a legitimate medical diagnosis in its OWN right called dyspraxia go figure.
            I never had a real passion either, I just wanted to experience what the frat boy types, the good looking, or the good, beta male boy next door type experienced with his long term girlfriend before they got all ugly and life got all boring. I never had any other wants or needs or dream other than not being a disabled pile of shit tbh. No lie…

            And now, I’m stuck. Why? Because every major but STEM is worthless. But WOMEN can just open their legs for guys like you and be “homemakers”. We’re expected to be the “men”, to “earn it”, to be the breadwinners… or be celibate and chaste for life, worshiping the Christian fucking GAWD (that I fucking hate with all of my being even though I don’t even BELIEVE in it) and.. rot on lots of “medication” while getting life long “therapy”… so some shrimp dicked libtard beta pleb or some virgin till marriage ugly as fuck Christcuck can give me “therapy” to “help” my “mental illness” while some jackass douchenozzle with six pack abs and a seven plus inch dick remarks about how I am “ill” and they hope I get the “help” I need.

            The help I need is for a guy like Rollo to go out with his young DAUGHTER (if she’s not a fuggo that is) and show me he can get ANY attractive young woman, or to get me a male figure in my life who can, so that they can help ME as well.

            I don’t want cliches, iron rules, inner beauty, religion nothing.
            And I’d happily take illegal roids … but I don’t want broke dick and baldness and heart failure (all of which I’m prone to) when I can’t even afford adequate and accurate physical healthcare now.

            And I’m legit terrified that my benign medical condition ended up turning into a more malign (but still non-fatal) form… I don’t even get to live now, all because I wasn’t what? MATH SMART? And don’t have Jordan fucking PeterfuckingCuckoldson’s goddamned ability to “have faith” and take ssri dick breaker drugs for thirty fucking years of a fuckless, sexless token Christian fucking marriage? Ugh. Also his daughter is a fucking slut and so was Lauren. I hate them both. Two faced imbeciles and token wammxyn.

            I still hate me more though, because I can never measure up and it’s all my fault because I was simply BORN inferior. I simply CAN”T study past being the mediocre, jack of trades B STUDENT that FUCKING IS TERRIBLE AT ALGEBRA AND CODE AND STUFF AND HATES IT… (probably would help if my brain didn’t turn it all to fucking soup past normal long division/multiplication) and just unable to afford, or enroll in a “skilled trade” even, if I had the optimal healthcare to be able to stand long periods, bend over without any dizziness ever, etc.

            Gimps want to still sleep around a bit or fall in love or fuck too. I don’t care if she’s equally “gimp” because I’d only want her to be from a wealthy background so I could use the mannerisms and social clout to do it for myself (“networking”) and for the “aura” or what have you that comes with women raised upper middle to upper class simply lacking in those raised in a trailer, or section 8 or the lower classes. I know I’m not the only one that notices a certain different “something” to them either. Just compare Cardi B to Candice Owens. You’ll understand PRECISELY what I mean.

            But I digress… thank you for attending my TED Talk.
            I wish I could be lovable just like that fucking hipster shitstain Klosterman, or that “intellectual” doofus Jewfro Malcolm Gladwell…

            Why are they even so popular or considered so smart anyway? I don’t know. I just wish I were, or that I could just… be some sort of darkweb/alt-left/alt-right/alt-whatever third position, edgy online radio/talk show host over on Bitchute anonymously saying all the naughty words like the n word and the k word and whatever and make MILO and Howard Stern look like boyscouts. Then still be able to make millions like the rest of y’all do, sleep easy with myself at night, and because I’d finally be something other than a failure, maybe do some real good in the world, donate to charity, teach reading to the illiterate. That kind of thing.

        3. Sir, I would like to know whether you have time for a consultation, if not I understand but it would be nice to know that as well 🙂

          1. One last try to Major Rollo, I have not had any answer from you so far so I presume that you are busy still next week, after which the need for consultation is not needed any more. Regards

  5. I have a bunch of things I’d like to pick your brain about. Much appreciated

    paulkarwoski1989 at gmail.com

  6. As do I, I respect what you do here and would love your insight/opinion on something. Thank you.

    adiaa.xam [at] gmail.com

  7. Hi Rollo,

    I was wondering what your views are about guys that are below average height? How do they overcome the heightist attitude 99% of all women have. One is automatically disqualified as an attractive guy or romantic interest because of shorter stature.

    I am 5″8 myself. This might not sound really short, but I live in the Netherlands. The average male height here is over six feet.

    Thanks, love your posts.

      1. (Sorry for spamming. “cienfuegos”, “houseofjacques” and “antoniocienfuegos” are the same person, it’s just that I signed-in with three different accounts. My e-mail is still escueladeunhombre at gmail dot com, and I’d still like to hear from you for a situation I’m having right now. Thanks)

  8. RT, how does that saying go? Don’t give women a reason to reject you, let her figure it out for herself. Something to that effect. Good job on the blog too.

  9. Rollo,

    You were great on So Suave and you’re doing great here…..

    When comes “the book” ?…..

    Over and Out.

  10. I very much enjoy your blog. Well done. BTW, have your read the book Chivalry-now by Dean Jacque? A great piece on the male “condition” in today’s world. Might check it out.

    Thanks again and great work!

  11. Love your blog. As a mid-40’s married guy, I relate to your POV and experiences; especially about older women. Keep up the good work.

  12. Hey Rollo,

    Love your blog. Thank you for all that you do here. I’m about to graduate from college and I’d appreciate some advice from you as I head on into the real world.

    jkaplan1337 AT gmail DOT com



  13. Rollo,

    What’s your take on marriage counseling? Is it alpha if the husband initiates it or is it a weak attempt if the wife has been thinking of straying? I’ll explain more by email. Your advice would be helpful.
    Your blog is stellar by the way.

  14. Rollo,

    Really enjoying the blog, especially the Feminine Imperative stuff, had a few questions for you specifically, please get in touch when you can garibaldi2k1 AT yahoo DOT com


  15. Hello Rollo,

    I have some idea you also may find interesting: how about analyzing the Hank Moody character from Californication?

    I would really appreciate that!

    1. +1 for that.


      i want also to tell you that your blog is a great source of inspiration and information.

      thank you.

      just a little questio Rollo: is all the blogs in the blogroll list, is created by sosuave members ?

  16. Hey Rollo,

    Long time viewer, first time commenter. Great blog, BTW. Just curious to see if you’ve you seen this drivel being spewed by none other than Jon Hamm of ‘Mad Men’ fame? Check it out:


    Seems like even Mr. Hamm has avoided the red pill even after having all of the tools of the trade, so to speak. Well, except the right mindset as it relates to the female mind and how it really functions, it seems.

    Perhaps it might make for a good post about how even people who are either innately alpha or have great alpha-potential, can be betaized in a snap, it seems. Or, perhaps something a lot more clever you could spin out of it.


  17. Rollo,
    I respect the high quality work you’ve been producing.
    If you’re ever looking for a blog topic I’d love to hear your thoughts on determining a girls LTR potential based on her upbringing. Specifically, economic class growing up, and her father.
    My personal “unscientific” research has been:
    Middle class girl with married biological parents, and a non AFC father are the most stable/LTR.
    The further you stray from this the more unstable / borderline batshit crazy they get.
    (think adopted girl to a single mom).
    This is obvious to you I’m sure, but it amazes me how much the average guy will overlook such an important component. No amount of “game” can fix the first 20 years of a girls upbringing.

  18. Sure you know your RSS feed comes up as “title unknown.”

    I see it’s been brought up before. I recommend Google’s FeedBurner for fast and easy.

    If it doesn’t matter, let it be!

  19. Rollo your blog is one of the most important things that has ever happend to me. Thank you

  20. rollo i want to echo some of the last comments here. your website is among the best (top 2 imho, and you can guess who the other one is.) and i want to thank you for helping me to understand why i don’t want to be like every other beta male in my family.

  21. I don’t know how to send message to you not related to particular post.
    I have a subject to discuss. You might write an article about.

    I read this and that, I discuss it with my friend, male, he says:
    Everyone finds what he seeks.
    One seeks women are bad – he finds enough evidences.
    Another – women are wonderful. Same case. he has evidence.

    Would you analyze this ?
    Sort of truth is in this POV.

  22. Rollo, I would like to talk to you about some business. Nothing wrong, bad or illegal but really potentially lucrative and no investment. I tried to send you a message on sosuave but it didn’t work.

  23. Rollo,

    I was wondering if I could get some help with the implementation of game in an LTR as your described in your last article. I’m kind of at this point and am quickly finding myself back in the same beta boat as the gentleman above.


  24. Hey man, love the blog. You definitely had a way of verbalizing things I’ve always thought but never had the words for. I have a bit of an interesting case study for you if you got the time. Scarface.at.dli@gmail.com

  25. Rollo. Your stuff is solid. Cuts out the BS and simplifies things into straight sense. Some of the better material out in the manosphere.

    Wanted your input on a personal situation if you had the time.
    theprofessor181 at gmail dot com

  26. Rollo,

    For some reason of late, if I am signed into my WordPress account, my comments are going other blogs spam filters. I made a comment yesterday. Would you mind checking to see if it’s in your filter?

    Thank you.

  27. Rollo,

    You wrote a post at some time that ended, in essence, with you saying (please correct me if I get this wrong) that you work the alpha, in part, because of your wife. Because she is feminine and because it satiates her hypergamy. I have been looking for it and cannot find it. Would you please give me the link if you remember the post I am writing about?

    Thank you.

  28. Hello Rollo… I have started reading the blog just recently. I have heard the phrase Female Imperative several times… What exactly is the Female Imperative? I appreciate your help.

  29. Thank you for your time Rollo. Unfortunately, that’s not the one. Is what I wrote before a fair characterization, though? This really struck me and I would like to write about it if you don’t mind. I don’t want to misquote you, however.

  30. Thank you Rollo for sharing those links. I read them over. Basically the female imperative = the feminine reality = the female purpose = the matrix. Now, what is the relationship between this imperative and hypergamy? Is hypergamy what is behind the female imperative? Or are both the same beast?

    1. You mean beside every post on this blog? Heheh,..

      You can look through my blog roll of course, but I’d suggest Chateau Heartiste, Dalrock’s blog, RooshV and the Mature Men’s forum on the SoSuave BBS.

      If you’re looking for a book, don’t read anything Game related until you look up Dr. Warren Farrell’s books, Myth of Male Power and Why Men Are the Way They Are.

      48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene are also required reading.

  31. Hey Rollo, do you have a post that compiles all your Iron rules? It would be great to have them in one spot ala the Chateau commandments.

  32. What’s happening Rollo,

    This is a pretty deep question, but you’re a father and I was wondering if you have any advice or suggestions (e.g books to read) on how to be a good role model to your children, especially to a son, in the game sense.

    I’m only 20 years old and I’ve got no children at the moment, but I thought I’d ask ’cause you never know how long a blog will be around for. I was raised in a single parent house hold and I thought about how I would raise children if I had any myself. But I’m afraid all the parenting tactics I might enforce may be that of a woman because it’s all I know. I’m well aware of the game as I encountered it when I was 11 (never been AFC!) but this is one question I can’t find a definite answer to myself.

    email – surfacep@Hotmail.com

  33. rollo.. long time reader here. i don”t know any way to contact you so here it is..

    i recently got a new job and my team has a lot of alpha’s. there is one guy who is a super alpha. Both physically and mentally(6’5″ broad shoulder and chest,.) i have the physical characteristics of an alpha but i am no where close to him mentally. How do i deal with that insecurity and unnerving attitude. I was quiet during the first day but i dont know how to.deal with this especially around the ladies. he gets loads of attention from the ladies, which bothers me more.. thoughts?

  34. Hey Rollo, great blog.
    Any chance you can send me an email for a private consult?
    It’d be much appreciated

  35. Love this blog. It has helped me immensely and I enjoy your writing style. I would also appreciate it if you could drop me a mail: skylife81 (at) googlemail.com

  36. Hello Rollo,

    I’ve been reading for a while and would be interested in a consult.

    ad.fortitudo at yahoo dot com

    (note that the period between the first two words is part of the email address).

  37. Hey Rollo,

    I stumbled upon the manosphere years ago, and although I more or less agreed with the uncomfortable (and yet somewhat freeing) truths of Game that were brought to my attention, nothing I had read prior to this blog resonated quite so profoundly for me. This is truly a treasure trove of Inner Game insights, and for that alone, it is worth reading from start to finish for anyone serious about overcoming AFCness/Beta-ness.

    Anyway, there are two reasons for my writing. First, I’d be happy to write-up a glossary page that briefly defines all the key terms of Game. Such as AFC, Beta, DTF, IL, LJBF, LTR, and so forth. When I first stumbled upon your blog, as well as those of your affiliates, I was a little annoyed by the fact that there was all this jargon but no easy link to the myriad terms and acronyms that were bandied about. I think by this point I’ve figured out most of what these terms mean, but I think providing an easily accessible reference would be a great help for recovering AFCs (such as myself) or for new or first-time readers.

    I’d also suggest providing a link to any relevant blog posts at the bottom of each term. For example, the definition of Plate Theory could be followed to links to your series of posts that break it down in further detail.

    Like I said, I’d be happy to do this for you, and then send you what I’ve got, which you could then edit and post on your page.

    My second reason for writing was to give you a link to this article I’d found from MarieClaire.com, “The Starter Husband.”

    For all I know, you might have already read it, but if you hadn’t, I thought it might be good fodder for a future post(s).

    Best Regards.


  38. Doh! Hey Rollo, can you please delete my full email address from my signature in my previous post. I only wanted to leave my user name, and do not want to be bombarded with spam and whatnot. Needless to say, this followup message needn’t be posted on your About page. Thanks. And sorry for the inconvenience.


  39. Book Suggestion: The Charisma Myth

    Well researched book that offers some techniques for increasing confidence, improving body language, stabilizing inner state, etc.

  40. Rollo, since discovering your blog all the way back in January, I have been consciously observant of the fem-centric atmosphere with which western men live in today. The best example I can think of up to this point of the fem-centric conditioning you have brought up in earlier discussion, is the webiste http://www.MSN.com.

    I will not leave any evidence here. However, I do encourage that you and all the readers stop by the MSN.com website and simple observe the daily headlines they have going. From the manosphere prospective, It’s a shocking but CLEAR example of what you mean.

  41. I’d like to ask you to analyse my observation.

    We agree what women are and what are reasons of that.
    I think I definitely am not white knight and I feel impact of swallowed red pill, but let’s be fair and consider such thing:

    Women are 50% of humankind, we cannot ignore that fact.
    I sometimes thought how I would behave in particular situation if I were on other side of barricade.
    It seems to me that I would take advantage of what I have just like they do.
    Why sell good for 1000$ if I can sell it for 2000$ ?

    Do they simply play cards they were dealt better than men do ?

  42. Was wondering if you would be willing to provide input on a military/manosphere-related project. Thanks for what you’re doing here.

  43. Hi Rollo,

    I just left a comment over at whoism3.wordpress.com commmenting about the insanity of feminism.

    I left a link there to a Canadian television show regarding the the future of feminism”.

    I’d like to share it with you. You can find it here:


    The reason I thought you might find it ineresting is because Erica Jong actually seems at one point to be warning women that they should go against their natural programming to be too invested in a man they really love because there is a danger that she will be and do too much for him and lose touch with herself and her own path (to empowerment, I guess).

    Anyways, the program is loaded with fodder for red pill analysis, and feminist critique. I thought it might be a useful resource for a future post.

  44. Poetry’s interesting but largely flies over my head, trouble with subtleties I guess. Oh well, the about is mostly in the context of the posts. I must remember to read this blog more often. I clearly could benefit from some Red Pills.

  45. I don’t see any direct “contact” link so I’ll ask here.
    I saw it asked in a reply to one of your entries but it never got an answer.
    You say alot against being married but you yourself are married. And seemingly happily so. So what is the case for marriage? Why should a guy with options settle down?

  46. I have a unique case for you. Please contact me when you can. I’d be more than happy to compensate your time.

  47. Hi Rollo,
    You don’t even start to realize how much have you done for me since I discovered your blog last month. I suddenly wake up every morning and have a reason to keep believing in my dream. I grant you I had almost completely given up.

    If you wish so, I would like to tell you my story, and thank you personally.

    I wish you all the best.

  48. rollo,

    my friend sarah is one of the few women that can step out of her solipsism and view the world and society from a man’s perspective. she is pretty much the only woman i will ever take any dating advice from, not that i do.

    she and i discuss everything, and she knows all about me and my past relationships, including my last one that eventually pushed me towards unplugging. when i recently told her about it, we got into a bit of detail, and unsurprisingly agreed with most of the things i said (meaning most of the things i’ve read over the past 4-5 months, and subsequently internalized. it’s working, but that’s a story for another time) she told me how she and her girlfriends sit around and discuss how hard it must be for guys because of all the mixed signals being thrown out everywhere. the conversation was spawned from the fact that in seattle, men are very timid when it comes to approaching. (although i think this is really everywhere, she just lives in seattle, while i have another good friend in denver and she says the same)

    i then sent her links to you, chateau, and m3’s recent piece “Demise of Civilization. A feature, not a bug?”

    to which she responded, “a good read. have you come across anything that says women on birth control pills pick different men (more aggressive, alpha males) than women not taking hormonal contraceptives (who go for men who would be good fathers)?” which got me thinking, although hypergamy is pretty blind, do the various contraceptives lend to or detract from the hypergamous selection (or lack thereof) process? would a girl with more raging hormones tend to gravitate and seek out a more dominant male to try and tame, or would she want to find a more beta male that she knows she can already beat into submission? additionally, how much would age play into the decision of whether to go after an alpha or a beta?

    as always, thanks for your insight. feel free to post this if you choose to write about it.


    ps. my eyes don’t hurt anymore. thank you.

  49. Hi Rollo,

    I’ve been following your blog and the Chateau. Now, given the current state of society and social “progress”, I definitely see the beta male population (the ones who get up and slave away at ACME corp) that is needed to build and maintain civilization and all its trappings giving up (until they discover game… and then they’ll still probably don’t care). The old way of doing things was that you are the man, you get a job, support your family and the woman stays at home. The man provides and the woman gives birth to his children — usually — and offers sex. This has been the old way of doing things. But it’s changed.

    Now, are you, personally, taking precautionary measures for the future? Do you predict a breakdown in law and order? Would you move to other locations? If so, what are the general qualities of a new settlement would you look for?

    This is a growing prepper movement in this country. I’m not 100% convinced that they know what they’re talking about (at least some seem more sane than others).

    I’d really love your opinion on this matter.

    Also, if I missed your e-mail somewhere on this blog, could you please point it out to me?


  50. I can’t post comments to “the men in the garage” all of a sudden. Is there a daily limit or something?

  51. I have a suggestion about article I would like to read.
    Title: Pain.

    You cover different aspects of battlefield, I use hints and they work for me, you were great help.
    Yet …, small detail.
    Somewhere deep inside there is dark room with pain which bubbles up from time to time.
    I know awakening is like dentist visit but i think it might be quite good subject for analyse.
    Don’t you think so ?

  52. Rollo,

    I’ve been a reading your blog since it’s inception. I love how eloquently everything is written and presented; therefore, I’d like your written opinion on this following Youtube video, if possible. It’s from ESPN First Take that was shown yesterday and Stephen A Smith was discussing Red Pill rhetoric (Being Anti-Oprah, lol) on a national platform. It was based off Chad Johnson and his wife Evelyn Lozada.

    And I had this similar discussion with friends who are also fans of this show and they couldn’t understand Stephen A’s point; even though, he illustrated and demonstrated his points so well. I tried to explain his position and why he went off but I got berated so I let it go. Is there anywhere to simplify his point of view to where my guy friends would somewhat understand?

    Btw, these are blue pill guys trying to figure why women are the way they are. Basically trying to find the red pill but not knowing to look for it if that makes any sense.


  53. I’d love to hear some opinions and thoughts with regard to myself and how I should consider the upcoming years of my life, unplugging at 21. My e-mail’s kurtcop at gmail.com. I’ve read a lot of material but much is colored by the viewpoint of a man coming into this perspective late in his life. You, however, seem to have the most rational viewpoint. Pun intended.

  54. Rooooooooollllllllllllloooooooooo,

    I know you have an interest in getting ideas out there, so I thought you might like to know Nick Savoy will be on the Today show February 5th. He’s promoting a book he’s written for women called Its Your Move and there’s a good chapter in it on evo psych that is palatable for the average plug-in. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the irony that the only way to break into the feminine matrix is to write a book for them explaining how to deal with its consequences. I don’t know what he plans to say on the program, but I am pretty durn excited about it. Catch it if you can!

  55. “a good read. have you come across anything that says women on birth control pills pick different men (more aggressive, alpha males) than women not taking hormonal contraceptives (who go for men who would be good fathers)?”

    Its the other way around actually. Women on BC pills don’t ovulate, so they don’t have a period in the month when they desire more dominance.

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