Truth, Awareness and the Post-Gynocentric World

For the past 12 years I’ve been asked some variation of this question:

Rollo, why should a man bother with women at all today? All women today, yes all women, are vain, self-important, narcissistic, hubristic and entitled. What average man would ever want to have anything to do with the average woman? By the time a girl reaches her late teens she’s already conditioned to expect a High-Value Man is what she’s due in life. By the time she’s in her early 30s she still hasn’t had the delusions of her entitlements dispelled for her – no matter what the realities of her situation might hold up in her face. What’s the average guy supposed to do about the average woman?”

Although I’ve been writing about intersexual dynamics for 20 years now, there’s definitely been a sea change in those dynamics since the rise of social media. While the last two generations of women have been the test experiments, it’s not just a case of “Bro, women’s egos and assessments of their own SMV are blown out of all proportion because of Instagram.” Men’s expectations (really anticipation) of average women’s overblown egos is also part of the experiment. We’ve come to a point where men don’t expect anything else from women than an aggrandized sense of female self. The average guy has little recourse but to accept this ego-appeasement and adapt to a sexual marketplace defined by women’s hubris; or by choice, or necessity, (usually necessity) they simply opt out of that marketplace – or they convince themselves they do. In fact, much of what passes for dating now is really a form of personal brand management that has to contend with the rigors of a global sexual marketplace. No one really “dates” in this market. Without realizing it they simply look for strategic co-branding opportunities that align with the changing perception of sociosexual value in global society.

  • How will the images of me dating this guy increase my brand engagement?
  • How will the pics and video of him appearing in my feed impact my future opportunities to get with a hotter guy?
  • How many Simps (commodified Beta orbiters) funding my lifestyle will abandon my brand as a result?

While these (and more) may not be conscious concerns for women “dating” today, the sociosexual context of this brand management is pervasive. It is the acknowledged environment in which men and women have play the game.

In a Gynocentric global social order the sexual marketplace is by women, for women’s short term and long term mating strategies. Men are simply the replaceable accessories needed to optimize those strategies,…or to be used as convenient foils when the consequences of those strategies become unignorable. So, it’s hardly surprising then that we’re moving into the second generation of Lost Boys. Young men with no real purposeful direction in life, less creative drive and a generation-defining sense of existential ennui.

And what would be their incentive to prompt them to creativity or purpose? Certainly not the long-term reward of an adoring woman or of sexual satisfaction born of her genuine desire. Those rewards are reserved for the High Value Men all women (young and old) believe are their due. Anything less is just brand management now. In an age when girls are raised on the ideal that no woman ought ever to do anything for the express pleasure of a man, doing something pleasurable for one becomes an act of rebellion against the Strong Independent Woman character they’re raised to emulate. Thus, any guy she’s motivated to go against her Fempowerment programming for had better be extraordinarily, confirmedly, high value. To paraphrase Patrice ‘O Neil, women want a man who’s better looking, smarter, stronger, more dominant, educated, taller and richer than they are, yet still wants him to think of her as his equal – or his Queen. He’s the ideal Superman who still defers to her socially-mandated authority (because he respects women) despite being her superior in every way she measures high-value. Oh, and he still has to continually qualify for her intimate approval even if he initially passes the average woman’s filters. Otherwise she might begin to feel as if she settled on him.

One thing that our new order communication society has made unignorable is that the truths we used to build the previous social orders on aren’t exactly what we believed them to be. In some cases those presumptions were useful faiths in truths we expected others to mutually accept; others were pretty-but-useful lies. Regardless, we still cling to romantic ideals that were tenable in previous eras despite the growing (easily accessible) research, data and empirical evidence that puts the lie to that romanticism. What we’re left with is a conflict of old order hope, faith, romance, emotionalism and the lives shaped by these influences versus the often harsh, empirical, objective truths about human nature that are unignorable in this age. Reason itself doesn’t destroy comforting faith, but it does take the magic out of faith by explaining it. Faith confirmed by reason only reinforces faith, but it can never go back to being a faith again once it’s explained. This is a hard pill to swallow for generations that have made a faith in emotionalism the guiding principle that defines their personalities, entitlements and expectations of the opposite sex. And this is to say nothing about the current global social order founded on emotionalism (Feels Before Reals).

Long ago I wrote an essay titled The True Romantics where I asserted that it was men, not women, who are the true romantics – of this age and those past. Men are innate idealists. This idealism prompts us to the performance we use to establish dominance and competence hierarchies amongst ourselves, but it also incentivizes us to the romanticism we hope will solve our reproductive problem. I’ve said in the past that this idealism is both our greatest strength and our most exploitable weakness. For the past two generations this idealism has been a liability for most men. When you make a man necessitous it’s his idealism that makes him hopeful in hopelessness. It’s idealism that makes him a suicidal nihilist or a pollyanna optimist. It’s idealism that keeps him going to work each day in the hopes that his dedication to a proscribed rule-set he believes everyone else is (or should) be playing by will earn him respectability. It’s idealism that makes him a Black Pill Doomer when he can’t reconcile his old Blue Pill conditioned hopes and goals with the Red Pill aware, new order data confirmed for him every day on social media or is just a Google search away. And it’s idealism that makes him hate the women who will never make those pleasant Blue Pill fictions a reality, while he hates the men who brought him to that despondency even more.

Both sexes are gravely, irreversibly, disillusioned today. Both would like to return to some idyllic time where women could swoon for a dashing high-value man who would become a husband they could admire (and be hot for) – and men could find a suitable mate via an understandable and realizable performance, acceptable responsibility, and actionable authority. But an underlying blind faith in the Blank Slate, Social Constructionism, Emotionalism and Subjectivism have made all this impossible. Progressivism, feminism, gynocentrism, (Wokeism) and all of the fallacies that built them, are really old order faiths founded on previously accepted presumptions – presumptions that are destroyed by new, easily accessed, empirical data every day. The more empirical truth (or even the questions that come from it) the more desperate the old social order becomes in maintaining the frameworks its power relies on to sustain it. Red Pill awareness of intersexual dynamics is one such catalyst that is disrupting those old order, Blue Pill, false ideals. It exposes a game we all enjoyed playing up until technology made public what the winners and losers had to do to be so. Women want to play the game, they don’t want to be told they’re playing it is an old maxim I’ve used for over a decade. Now we can apply this to the entirety of our globalized social order; except being told we’re all playing an old game is unavoidable. It makes playing it seem contrived, but it also calls into question why we’d ever build our lives around the contrivance.

Women and men are being dragged from this comfortable game based on emotionalism, false potentials of a Blank Slate and social constructivism. They are being forced to take the Red Pill and cross an abyss very few will have any idea how to deal with. We need new paradigms of thinking, and new ways of inter-relating with each other that align with an empirical understanding of our natures. This will require an acceptance of Red Pill awareness, and innovation and creativity that is sorely lacking in these generations.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. “Rollo, why should a man bother with women at all today?”

    Thanks for the essay, Rollo. But you didn’t answer your question. You explained only what prompted it.

    You continue to denigrate this Black Pill as if it’s demonstrably wrong. BP is a conclusion, not a body of knowledge. Given the issues you rightly elucidate, you’re bafflingly blind as to why BP would be such a poor pathway.

    You yourself have said relationships should not be work. Yet you accurately outline the slog they are today.

    You need only watch the content of Kevin Samuels and Better Bachelor to see how deluded, entitled and impossible so many women are today. The way to be truly happy as a man is too often to, as Huxley remarked, love your servitude.

    As BP is a conclusion, it isn’t a ‘pill’ of any kind. Neither is MGTOW. They are conclusions, but not the only possible ones, that are supported by the evidence.

    Technology has unbundled women. Men can learn how to cook online, get groceries delivered, get delivered takeout. To keep a home tidy, they buy smaller instead of bigger with crippling mortgages to serve women’s nesting instinct. The noisiest house on any street has a woman living in it.

    Why bother? Women have little utility. They are reward-free risk. They are a bundle of financial and legal liabilities you hand control of your intimacy needs to, all in exchange for locking in their decline.

    The marriage contract is a slave contract. An unequal treaty. When you breach a contract, a court sanctions you. What sanction do women face in divorce? They are rewarded for leaving and destroying a man’s life, plus any child’s life involved.

    So stop with your screechy, whiny anti-BP and anti-MGTOW BS. They’re rational conclusions based on empirical data and reasoned theory. You couldn’t answer your own question.

    It’s not about hating women. It’s about realising they are reward-free risk.

    No bitterness. No BS. Just truth.

    1. indeed I agree with this conclusion . I think MGTOW guys should focus more on videos which teach guys how to take care of themselves, their own car, their own house, and things like that.

      Instead you get videos aimed at pointing out women’s faults and their delusions. Like what the hell are these guys tryna’ achieve?

      Don’t they know that most women DO NOT CARE about you pointing out their fallacies a bit? I mean, fuck me that is the whole point of Rollo’s essay: Are we our Sister’s Keeper. NO we are not.

      Instead if MGTOW guys focus more on self-sufficiency they can help us younger guys achieve a lot.

      If a woman accepts my lifestyle and is happy to cooperate with me and wants to enter my world, I will let her enter happily . OTHERWISE its the highway route for most women so….

      That’s all I wanted to say here. Thanks once again Rollo for pointing out the rather vast content in the MGTOW circles which focuses on male indignation rather than self-actualization . That is why I go back the older MGTOW content like some from Stardusk, Colttaine, Niko Choski, Aaron Clarey, Marcus from Metaphysics of MGTOW, etc.

      I think in general the manosphere content creators focus way too much discussing about single old haggard ladies in their 40s , their delusions and the female wall (lol). These concepts are right but giving too much time on these topics is not advisable IMO.

      This guy here is a better “MGTOW monk” than most of us and he got featured in Vice, a strongly feminist media company LOL :-

      1. I think of it as AA type recovery. Newly destroyed/divorce raped go to the forums to vent like AA it’s success is addicts helping addicts by relating and telling their own stories of how it was, how it now is and hope fro ow it will be. , how it is and how it will be. If the newly abused can get just a little insight from those who have been there the biggest message is your not alone. Your not the monster women may think you are. Over time the anger and hurt recedes and then the quite transition to self ownership and improvement gain momentum. Just likeAA. You never really leave. The maintenance of the forums and chats are small doses renewing your reason for walking away and energizing new commitment.

        Those above comments seem to believe those new MGTOW adopters are not doing it right,wel whatever works for pessimist, sound like old men complaining about the kid
        Do these days, 10 mile hicks to school through snow drifts filled with broken glass and somehow up hill both way. 😁 there is no rules, no play book,no study aid or members dues. It reminds me of Harley Snobs thinking you. May /e a biker if you ride a metric bike and don’t need a drip pan for your bike.

        Most guys I know that are doing the same general thing without a label. Like many Mgtow we arnt anti feminist, that’s for MRA activities. Most will say out right that the like women but won’t subject themselves to long term commitments due to lack of trust, I was you g and thought I’d be married and kids, I even purchased a wedding ring set from the Middle East when peacekeeping.

        I Still have it, (near 30 years) But I watched the destruction of my brothers, the devastation of my fellow soldiers coming home to empty houses empty bank accounts and maxed credit. Worst of all is loss of thier kids. I lost more brothers in arms to suicide then by war. A few other events of false accusations and being sexually assaulted by drunk women (estimated to near 900 sexual assaults by women, and with the addition of forced to penetrate being called out for what it is, rape, well I was raped 3 times by women.

        I never had a issue finding a short term sexy fun time companion, and many. Friends with benefits. Eventually I withdrew from even that after dodging a bullet my a slighted f friend that thought she could change me. To close to issues I had in late teens early 20s and swore I’d never put myself in that situation again . I’m old now, the over charged sex drive of youth have simmered and I really don’t miss it much, but for that odd itch I go to a pro to scratch it. I’ve come to realize that a escort (not street walkers, most are addicts) is the closest to honest transactional sex. The others are a long con.

        I maybe hitting age were we shake our fists at those darn kids, pull my pants up to my nipples and complain about. Government full time. as I assume my father did about me and my lazy spoiled generation. It’s hard to judge yourself so I Will rely on others to correct or confirm my dire predictions. But I I’ve been quite accurate in past predictions. This time it’s the fall of western civilization. Most empires last about 10 generations before self destructing.

        Critical race, gender, bl BLA BLA theory has undermined the west, we cri about injustice of not being called elf kin, trans, newly invented racism while countries like China sit back and laugh. They outlawed feminism and even France is distancing itself from the woke insanity of the US

        Well we had a good run but all empires fall, I just hope the next renaissance takes less then the hundreds of years of chaos called the Dark ages. That. Or assimilated into th3 chines culture.

    2. III. You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority

      Brother, I hear your frustration and hence, I can understand the seductive appeal of Black Pill/MGTOW thinking. But consider the following: If the disappointment in women today is driving men to the Black Pill or going their own way, is that not admitting the man is pedestalizing her (vagina) and not focusing on himself and his mission?

      The whole point of Rational Male is to open men’s eyes to the reality of women’s nature. Rollo leaves it to the reader to apply the observations and make judgements for himself. I think that men who follow the Black Pill/MGTOW narrative admit that they’ve lost to the ‘power of the pussy’ and now distain what they can’t have. That is the complete opposite of CH’s wisdom imparted his readers.

      It’s also why the grey hairs of the Red Pill community invoke following much of the themes of stoicism: Don’t let your emotionality (including disappointment) govern your actions.

      The way forward through this morass of intersexual dynamics and gynocentrism depends on the man inverting the power dynamic. Women today are comfortable receiving attention from men and their ego investment depends on that attention. If you become more attractive, more frame-centered/locked on, more competent…you will not need to chase women–who might reject you–they will come to you because they want to be around high value men.

      To riff off of the ennui passage above–making your mission your priority is the antithesis of nihilistic boredom.

      1. Why do you bother what Rollo thinks about BP? If you think BP is the way to go, GO!!!!

        Btw, seeking validation is not manhood.

        Rollo still won’t bang you.
        BTW, white knighting women is pathetic but white knighting men is the worst beta orbiting known to the species.

    3. @Andrew Smith

      Lol, I’ll agree with you but not for the reasons you’ve outlined. I’m assuming you’re a millennial, and fyi I’m not a millennial. I’ve with the Red Pill since it became a thing, I read Roissy in 2007, I saw Rollo creating Every generation has its own tactics, what was very applicable 20 years ago no longer applies today. My father was a natural red-piller. He just understood how to deal with women by default, old school masculinity worked for him. But his tactics don’t work for me, at least not totally. Every generation must invent its own mechanism to deal with its own problems. Rollo is not a millennial, he is from the previous generation (Generation X), what worked for him won’t work for you. I used to be a Red Piller till 2012, back then I didn’t fuck other people’s girlfriends/wives. But modern Game has changed, so did the Red Pill. Just three weeks ago I fucked a friend of a friend who was engaged. After I was done with him I asked her, “Do you feel guilty?” She replied,”Why? I’m not married to him yet !” She was in her late 20’s. By the look of her eyes, my gut feeling is that it’ was not her first cheating experience. What I’m doing can not be considered Red Pill because Red Pill has hope, a hope that if you have game you can control women, Game Works!! But the modern reality no longer support red-pill. You no longer get the virgin girl to begin your red-pill life? Am I wrong? Actually Red Pill ended just before Heartiste began race baiting.

    4. It’s clear you’re new to Rollo’s work. Rollo gives the diagnosis, not the prescription, as the prescription is seemingly different for everyone.

      Talking about, “screechy, whiny anti-BP and anti-MGTOW BS” is projecting quite a bit, isn’t it? He tells us exactly why these males (not men) are the way they are.

      He’s not here to hold your hand, son.

  2. Men & women both matured (emotionally – intersexually) at a much younger age in our distant past before the modern conveniences made life easier. I postulate that with each advancement in tech the age of maturity is set back in an inversely proportionate manner. Take for instance the K-12 “education” has postponed mariage and adulthood well beyond puberty , responsibility is postponed almost indefinitely for some.

    With the internet – smart phone age maturity has been set back so far that most “men and women” don’t survive the reeducation phase that asshole consulting talks about. They rather become bitter in their entitlements or shift into predator-victim roles.

    I studied on this phenomenon for years , the irony is I stumbled onto the answer on this blog that high tech made possible. So not only has the information age postponed maturity by promoting BS even to the point of the self anihilation of the human race. while at the same time it has allowed the masses to find the truth that can save us. The tough part is the pain that comes before acceptance of truth, not many can take it.

  3. I found this article off of twitter. A good read but I think that women should not be taken this seriously.

  4. Well holy shite. I’ve done a bit more reading here. This fella Rollo seems to have his head screwed on – I’m going to read more. The fellas in the comments are obviously bad at the maths. Now lads in case you didn’t realise, there is so much vagina on this planet you couldn’t ever possibly be stuck. Women are not to be taken seriously.

    1. Now lads in case you didn’t realise, there is so much vagina on this planet you couldn’t ever possibly be stuck.

      You’re very new here. Read more.

  5. Hello Rollo. Big fan of your work. That read is well written and that last paragraph had me ready to accept your challenge or lack thereof as I am in my mid 20’s essentially playing a balance act with my idealism. I’m just about half way through “Religion” and the context of that piece reminds me of “The Red Pill and Religion” P2 of your fourth edition to The rationale male Series. Thank You and plese continue to send e-mails mentor. 💜♠️

  6. the divine revelation of our time is that the whole christian civilization is a civilization of cucks working and dying for the top 10% of men and for the women. since the beginning it is built on cuckery, Marie fucking a HVM and having a baby (jesus is so smart and cannot be Joseph’s son) and Joseph the cuck raises the child and the fantasy of god inseminating Marie just means Marie was not having sex with her husband since years (which is forbidden by jews, couple MUST fuck at least on saturday) or Joseph was not fertile. Joseph knows and accepts … typical cuck. But being raised by a cuck and a women, Jesus becomes a smart cuck and works his ass for … women of course, loving prostitutes and bad women as if they were queens.

    This civilization disappears because the foundations it is built on is now in front of everybody eyes. And all so called warriors and heroes of this civilization died only to maintain power and wealth in the hands of the top 10% men and women. They were all slaves, disposable material ans nothing more since millenaries, and too stupid to understand. They were/are all white knights. All nowadays heroes like soldiers/fire men etc etc are white knights.

    I am so glad this civilization disappears because men now know younger and younger the truth of their exploitation and murder since millenaries. My own son just does as I did since I was 17 (i am 57 yo) NVWC, Not voting (all laws are against men, ALL LAWS), not working (the minimum, so the minimum taxes and so the minimum in womens pocket), not consuming (destroying all bs jobs mainly in womens hands, and killing corporations who are beneficial to HVM and women only).

      1. NVWC, Not voting (all laws are against men, ALL LAWS), not working (the minimum, so the minimum taxes and so the minimum in womens pocket), not consuming (destroying all bs jobs mainly in womens hands, and killing corporations who are beneficial to HVM and women only).

  7. Good article, but I do agree with a point previously raised that you didn’t quite answer the question of why men should bother with women. Perhaps the question was being rhetorical.

    Nevertheless, there is value in having a relationship with a woman because it brings balance to both men and women, which is sorely lacking today. True, society and the courts have tilted in women’s favor, but this is no excuse not to try to achieve that balance. There are women out there who recognize these same problems and want strong men.

    I’ve been around both men and women who are insufferable assholes, who are intractable and unwilling to listen to another person. It’s all about them. They are always right. There is only their way. The reality is that we are social beings – we are not meant to be isolated and alone and those who are have mental issues (in my experience).

    It is just as much a fallacy to believe that being MGTOW is the proper solution as buying into the modern female dominated society and hubris. It demonstrates a lack of balance. A good woman provides value to a man, just as a good man can to a woman. If a man is to be strong and have value within himself, part of that value must be gauged in his ability to lead a woman in a relationship (or men on the battlefield or in business). Not every man can lead (in fact, most cannot but they think they can). MGTOW, in my mind, is a failure to acknowledge that something is lacking and therefore the easier choice is to avoid relationships altogether. It is admitting you are not strong enough to conquer the fallacy of the modern woman’s movement nor brave enough to even try because you are afraid of the pain of loss should you fail. (One person called marriage slavery – it is if you define it as such and live in one where you make yourself a slave.)

    That is not being a man.

    Lest anyone think I have no skin in this game, I have suffered the fate of the devoted husband whose heart was carved out by a woman filled with hubris and heightened self-value. Finding Rollo’s work (among others like Jordan Greene) was a game-changer for me.

    To those who think Rollo is “whining,” he is not. There are still men out there who do not know this information at all (I know of one right now who is devoted to his wife and she is casting him aside for another dude who “excites” her). Many of them will eventually find this material because they will want answers; answers their wives or significant others will not provide because they don’t even know themselves – “I don’t know why I don’t feel for you anymore the way I did…blah blah blah.”

    As Rollo has often said, to have a successful marriage, you MUST be extremely good at the Game.

    The answer is not to leave the Game. The answer is GET BETTER AT THE GAME.

    1. ->> There are women out there who recognize these same problems and want strong men.
      Why a man should be strong for a woman ? This is old fashion, women have to be strong for themselves, bc you know, they do not need men, and are better than men for everything.

      ->> It’s all about them.
      Yes sure, it is no more about women only. Good job feminism. Men get what they want or NEXT! Yes it is no more only what women want.

      ->> A good woman provides value to a man, just as a good man can to a woman.
      good women never existed in our civilization, they all have run after top 10% of men and had sex with them without asking anything in return, and used betas to raise alpha kids. Nowadays good men aka betas are disappearing. Good job feminism, the 90% of men enslaved for millenaries are now free of the burden of women and kids. State takes care, so not me anymore.

      ->> One person called marriage slavery.
      It is indeed, and you know it. But you think you can be stronger than LAW, all laws/politics/eduction is fabricated in order to have 90% of men enslaved. How naïve you are. When divorce will come, and it will of course, you will finish homeless.

      ->> Divorce happened to you isn’t it. Sorry for you.

      1. @bsadacheng

        NVWC Not voting, working or consuming. Is an interesting philosophical movement, much like a protest in hiding that none see or hear.

        Basically you are enjoying the ease of civilized life without contributing anything to make it better. Hard to believe out of 100,000 sperm from your daddys nut you were the fastest one and now you are giving up , teaching your son to and complaining in blog spot for self improvement.

        You don’t have to work for millionaires, being strong for women is innate and 80% of statistics are invented on the spur of a moment.

        Snap out of it.

        1. so called self improvement as you see it is cuckery. all your improvements are money in womens pocket. my improvement is freedom.

          1. What do you have to barter with? As in energy, food, shelter, clothing or special skills? Or are you still addicted to munny

      2. Thanks for your reply. It’s clear that you miss the point of what I’m saying. It is completely unbalanced to hold the view there are no “good” women out there. Read the Rationale Male again.

        It was never his point that women are “bad” or “evil” or anything like that at all. His point is to accept the nature of women (hypergamy) and derive your own worth. You lead a woman not by ignoring her, but by leading her.

        Your value is not defined by women – but you can have greater value in life with the right woman and with the right approach to the relationship

        And I stand by what I said. Men who have not been in a relationship with a woman are unbalanced, just as women who have not been with men are unbalanced. It’s not just about sex – it’s about the ability to subject your own ego – because none of us are always right or always perfect.

        I’ve worked for MEN who are complete assholes because they think they are always right and never listen to anybody…I’m quite sure the relationships they are in are not dominated by the woman and she would have a far different yarn to spin than the spoiled woman who left because she thought she could do better (the latter is the part why the Rationale Male resonates with many).

        When it works is when the roles of each are accepted.

        My point was not that many (if not most) women aren’t spoiled little children who expect to get what they want because of their unbridled false expectations and society backing them – that cannot be denied to be happening.

        My point is that holding the view that women are bad for men is just as unbalanced as women’s hypergamy run amok.

        You have the ability to lead the right woman, and if you did, it would make your life better. Being alone and just moving from “relationship” to “relationship” is not the pinnacle of happiness. But it certainly does avoid the danger of being hurt when a relationship ends and having your money taken away because you didn’t get a solid pre-nuptial signed (married or not).

        I am quite certain most on this site will disagree with me, and that’s fine. I know the arguments against what I’m saying. Still, doesn’t make my point wrong.

    2. Beautifully said and written. Your comment would not look out of place as one of Rollo’s posts.

  8. @Rollo: I don’t agree with the conclusion in the final paragraphs. Women might not want to be told they are playing the game, but I think many men do want to know the real rules (instead of the fake ones that fool us). Your books are best sellers.

    Certainly a lot of men also have trouble swallowing the Red Pill, it depends a lot on the circumstances, and it matters how it is presented (your perspective vs something like what Heartiste used to write in the old days – which was hilarious but a bit too much in-your-face for most men to accept as easily).

    1. CH is sorely missed, it was an epic work.

      Tired of hearing that. Want to create a Game blog of the same taste?

  9. The problem here is pretty clearly defined: overentitled, narcissistic women are willing to trash a man’s life so she can satisfy the needs of hypergamy.

    The short-term solution has been pretty well defined by the Red Pill: varying degrees of men withdrawing from the company of women in order to maintain control over their lives.

    That said, there are two key principles at work here:
    1) Whatever CAN work, WILL work, until it CAN’T, and then it WON’T.
    2) Demographics is destiny.

    In the long run (long enough that most of us here will be gone by the time it happens), barring invasion by China or destruction by meteor, women are being driven into choosing one of two paths these days. They can either choose the party girl/career woman path in which they let hypergamy and ambition run wild throughout their lives, or they can choose the traditionalist path. And though I’m going to have a bunch of people scream at me that I’m NAWALTing here, traditionalist women actually ARE out there and gaining some traction socially (their numbers are probably along the lines of “there’s more of them than we think and they’re very underrepresented in social media), although there’s not enough of them yet to change the statistical probabilities we’re all familiar with on finding long term happiness in marriage or preventing hypergamy and the family courts from destroying men’s lives.

    Over the next several decades or the next couple of centuries, this is going to play out along these lines:

    The women choosing the party/career path (coupled with a rise in the popularity of vasectomies by a generation of #metoo-scarred men) will (for the most part) fail to reproduce, leading to the rise of Generation Spinster as predicted by Aaron Clarey. The development of artificial wombs will play with this a little bit, but over time having children will become the almost exclusive province of the strictly religious/traditionalist.

    As more and more children are born to the traditionalists, the demographics will gradually change (even though a significant amount of even these children choose the party/career path) such that the basis of society will lean more traditionalist. Barring the adoption of outright communism or outright theocracy by Western society, women will still have the option to choose the party/career path, but 50 percent custody will become the norm, and strict curtailing of cash and prizes by women filing for divorce will be cut down as larger numbers of women choose the traditionalist path and want the disincentives against marriage faced by men to be removed. Marriage contracts will come much more to resemble complex legal contracts and marriages will go back towards being strict legal arrangements.

    In the short term, disillusioned men will continue to withdraw from the company of women at younger and younger ages. In the long run, the relationship between men and women will be much more carefully negotiated and legally codified to incentivize LTRs and marriage. The number of women who are angry about the lack of men willing to marry them and who subsequently start understanding the Red Pill just has to keep growing. It doesn’t even have to hit 50 percent of the women in the Western world; just enough that they become a loud minority of women that won’t be ignored. At that point, Sisterhood Uber Alles will demand that their needs be met too.

    It may take up to a century or two, but it will happen. Change just happens very slowly.

    1. Over the next several decades or the next couple of centuries, this is going to play out along these lines:

      Maybe. Lots of variables. Hope is not a strategy.

  10. What’s happening here is technology is a market disruptor, and in the scheme of things it’s been happening for a very short period of time. A glitch on the matrix if you will.

    Hypergamy is the hardwired operating system of women. That hasn’t changed, and if it ever does, we as a species will be extinct in a generation. It’s actually the rift system for survival so we shouldn’t diss it.

    Contrary to the popular thought process which is that technology is sorting the men into order for the women to pick, it’s not doing that. What it’s actually doing is the opposite, it’s making all the women available so the top men can pick them off.

    Women’s frustration with online dating is a testimony to this, 90 odd percent of their online dating activity is a frustration for them. Oh for the days when they could put on a dress, go to the pub, and only the man with balls would approach.

    From what I’m seeing it is not having the desired effect of allowing women to choose the most Alpha and consolidate on commitment from those men. What it’s actually doing is creating a system whereby a few men are banging everything, as an average, women’s N count is probably at an all time high, and Alpha Widows / ruined women that can no longer pair bond are at an all time high.

    This has not yet played out demographically.

    It’s only been going on for about 10 years (since tinder), so we have yet to see the full fallout. In my opinion this is going to be a lot of strong independent cat ladies. Fucked up women that can’t pair bond / no man wants. So @ Michael Davis is right, they won’t reproduce (in favour of the ‘conservative’ women that will) and the ship will self right – albeit at lower volumes.

    Furthermore this monetisation of outright simps will follow a standard product lifecycle / supply / demand / pricing curve.

    It’s no different to something like clothes pegs. They were a great idea, clip your clothes to a line so they can dry in the sun and not get blown away – fucking brilliant idea, I want some. But there are no suppliers, you need to tool up to make that shit, get hold of a factory, staff etc.. and its expensive but a lot of consumers want them so they’re expensive. You can demand a high price and the customers have to pay.

    Moving forward everyone sees how great it is as a business, and if there are no barriers to entry they all pile in and supply rises. In the early days demand is rising too so prices keep rising. But as the market matures so everyone has a bag of the fucking things and no one wants anymore. Prices drop like a stone and a load of manufacturers go skint.

    At that point you have to have a value proposition to keep selling at a margin over your competitors. Hence the saying, “get big, get niche, or get out”

    That’s what you’re gonna see with only fans and the like. Loads of pissed off women that can’t make coin / can’t get the endorphins hits anymore.

    My money, when the market matures – which will be soon – there are more would be only fans THOTS than there are chumps. They’re gonna be bitchin about what hard work it is and the money is gonna suck. You’ll see the other side of hypergamy play out in real time. The side where women with no SMV can’t attract a man at any price.

    And we all know it’s there, it’s called the wall.

    Supply of younger hotter tighter is gonna rise, while demand for older, and looser is going to collapse. Overall however, supply rises dramatically, but demand probably doesn’t rise at the same pace.

    Then you have @Michael Davies observations. And he’s right. NAWALT. but he means it in their conscious forebrain. Some women, are not actually feminists. They don’t want the mans role, they want the traditional feminine role, and they are aware enough to know this. They understand that way is probably a better life, and there are quite a lot of them.

    They ARE all the same in the context that they are hypergamous, but they are not all the same in the way they see their life playing, especially in male / female roles.

    Unfortunately none of this helps the young men right now that can’t get laid. Those men need to learn game.

    Hangs might happen sooner than everyone thinks.

    1. “They ARE all the same in the context that they are hypergamous, but they are not all the same in the way they see their life playing . . . ”

      Strategy vs. tactics.

    2. Great post. I agree with you about the technology thing. In the past a woman went to a bar and maybe saw/briefly encountered 100 men, that she may then make a quick hypergamous choice on, and given the smaller selection, a guy who isn’t even that alpha may win her over just by approaching her and talking to her. In today’s digital world those 100 men might be 10,000 men in her area, and she can filter for only those who are clearly Chad.

      As you said, creating an alpha widow pandemic. I am scared for any man marrying a woman in her 30’s, of which someone is doing so who is very close to me. And yep, she was a ‘career woman’.

      1. I agree – Palma, that’s been a brilliant piece of writing, near artistry and still full of logic and truth, as well as easy to understand (also for stupid foreigners like me).

        You are right, supply and demand will regulate a lot and I see in my generation (under 21) a giant need for solid relationships, largely by women.

        And of course they also have the choice of the highest value alphas in the demographics to 30 y.o.

        It’s only very few, who literally have bad chances in the game.
        Two friends (one lad, one girl) stayed over the weekend and we made pizza in an old wood-fired oven, it was great fun.
        Yet while the girl was literally tight and far from fat, with good character and interesting, she was just not even a 4, as her face looked exactly like the members of the “Habsburger” family (look that up).

        At that point (and I got some IOIs) I realised again that so many of us young men are single by choice.
        There are always enough women out there, you just need to invest time in yourself (including game, but also your real self) and in practicing the game.

    3. @PalmaSailor

      great analysis!… +1…

      and to the men playing along on the home edition, you can use the RP insight that @Rollo has already collected/analyzed/organized and generously provides for free to put yourself into that top 10% of men… just have to put in the work… by trying…

      ( it’s right up top on the masthead… or just buy the books!…lol… they’re a bargain at any price…lol… but not kidding…)

      good luck!

  11. @stuffinbox
    I postulate that with each advancement in tech the age of maturity is set back in an inversely proportionate manner.

    Agreed. Although, as @HABD says, the tech is just a force multiplier.

    You reminded me of an article by some sociology professor, Frank Furedi:

    The most important change in the way individuals are viewed in the 21st century is the shift from a presumption of resilience towards defining individuals by their vulnerability.
    Back in the 1950s, the term ‘vulnerable’ was never used to describe victims of floods, or any other disasters. Nor were those who faced the deadly Hong Kong flu epidemic of 1968 referred to as ‘vulnerable’. The invention of vulnerability as a fundamental human characteristic started in the early 1980s. In the subsequent 40 years, ‘vulnerability’ has become a taken-for-granted category that is applied to more and more people.
    As a result, the cultural script that now influences everyday life tends to call into question the capacity of people to deal with adverse experiences.

    You know… having a woman in your life is just too risky, man.

    From Furedi’s other article:

    As I explain in my book How Fear Works, the prevailing culture of fear has fostered a climate in which uncertainty is equated with danger, and worst-case thinking is accepted as the norm. Unsurprisingly, there is a constant demand for guarantees of certainty. The market has even come up with the idea of ‘future-proofing’ to reassure risk-averse clients.

    A slippery slope…

    This has taken us to ‘safe spaces’… and lockdowns as the ultimate insulation from the real world adversities (Shyamalan’s The Village style lol):

    In large parts of Western society, and many of its institutions, safety had already become a governing principle, and freedom a secondary concern.
    This is perhaps best captured by the prevalence of the idea of the ‘safe space’. The speed with which this idea, hitherto the preserve of campus activists, became common currency has been extraordinary. This tells us just how receptive broader society was to the notion of safe spaces – because many already conceived of everyday interactions as risky, and safety as their overriding concern.
    Unsurprisingly, to those who see safe spaces as desirable, the lockdowns and quarantines of this year really didn’t seem so bad. Indeed, some have explicitly interpreted their lockdown experiences in terms of the safe-space narrative. Jonathan Mayer, a professor emeritus of geography and epidemiology at the University of Washington, wrote that as danger, real or perceived, creeps closer, what we think of as unsafe space expands, ‘until it’s really anything outside the home’. A lockdown is thus reimagined as the creation of a society-wide safe space.

    Combine this ^^^ with the guard dog spinup dynamic… and voilà.

    1. @IRL

      I disagree with Furedi’s premise; ” The invention of vulnerability as a fundamental human characteristic started in the early 1980s. In the subsequent 40 years, ‘vulnerability’ has become a taken-for-granted category that is applied to more and more people.”

      Vulnerability is a natural feminine que even a survival instinct used for attraction to the tender trap. The rise of egailitarian blank slate equalism indoctrination in the 80s taught women to hide this and males to faux it, to the point of role reversal confusion.

      I agree with Furedi here, with the exception that the market is the promoter of the fear culture rather than the product of it ; “As I explain in my book How Fear Works, the prevailing culture of fear has fostered a climate in which uncertainty is equated with danger, and worst-case thinking is accepted as the norm. Unsurprisingly, there is a constant demand for guarantees of certainty. The market has even come up with the idea of ‘future-proofing’ to reassure risk-averse clients.”

      As little as 50years ago warranty was implied at purchase, today it is offered as insurance as if you are unsure of your purchase and wish to gamble on its early failure. We are set up in a constant bet against future success from mandatory auto , home, health, loan insurance right down to life insurance the next thing will be marriage or divorce insurance for new couples , statistically actuarried.

      The E media age has isolated humans from each other and destroyed normal social community interaction long before the plandemic was conceived. It has replaced normal interaction with a new normal that is being constantly reinvented to appease the natural gap in market. Ie more money

    2. Jonathan Mayer, a professor emeritus of geography and epidemiology at the University of Washington, wrote that as danger, real or perceived, creeps closer, what we think of as unsafe space expands, ‘until it’s really anything outside the home’.

      “The creeping horror”. That’s a big part of some Gothic novels. Fiction written for women to have a nice roller coaster emotional experience. Fiction. It’s a part of horror fiction, like H.P. Lovercraft.


    3. @Stuffinbox @Anonymous Reader

      Ya, all this needs to be interpreted through the red pill lens. Furedi misses the underlying intergender dynamic and fundamental differences between men and women. I like his fear and risk aversion observations but he’s still blue pill. Whenever he says “people” I just read “men”.

      What he stumbled upon is the collective effect of men failing the vulnerability shit test at the societal level. A slippery slope… with the tech providing an illusion of contact and importance, instant validation and distraction… so basically a lubricate for the change.

      And to @Palma’s point:

      1. @IRL

        that sounds like a hat trick threesome kit!… some assembly required…lol

        good luck!

        1. @HABD

          The quote is from a paid article, The surprising reason so many young men are virgins, but there’s a similar one from the same author available for free:

          But trying to find love in lockdown turns you into a teenager again. The only place to drink is the park and if you fancy someone you have to go for it behind the bike sheds and hope no one’s looking because the powers that be are set against it.

          DIY routine validation for @Palma lol:

          There, I swiped so long I thought I had finally unearthed that mythical beast “the nice guy” and got giddy. He suggested a socially distanced date, since it was OK to meet outside. Later, I discovered a get-out clause on the state sex ban. It was allowed provided you did it for work purposes, so I had him in to do some DIY and paid via the world’s oldest barter system. Soon enough, he became my bubble boyfriend. But the second restrictions lifted, he naffed off without a second glance. So that left me mashed up, good and proper, facing another lockdown alone.

          @NNN1 how’s that kino working for you:

          The reason I fell for him in the first place was partly due to lockdown itself. The first thing he did was hug me and I was so shocked — even my best friend wouldn’t touch me, she was too afraid at the time — I was disarmed.

          @Palma, she’s writing another piece on love and romance, you should get in touch 😉

  12. @silver fox

    Just wanna forget Rollo, shit!!!!

    What’s all that ^^ about?

    I can’t imagine you even said that.

    His work has totally changed my life. I mean totally. I could never have imagined I’d be here where I am now if it wasn’t for what I’ve learned here.

    Sometimes I have something to say to him, and I mail him personally. Sometimes I think he’s making a mistake and I spit it out. And he may think I’m a cock. I don’t know. But if I’ve something to say I tell him. He’s a big boy, he can take it or leave it.

    But I’m totally in his corner. I couldn’t fail to be after what he’s given me.

    So what’s your beef?

  13. Great to see you posting again Rollo. Always a great read.

    I shall attempt to answer your question (rhetorical?) “Why would an average man (or any man for that matter) want anything to do with an average woman?”

    Mostly your posts about men/women in love answer this. That women don’t love men for who they are, hence basically removing personality from the equation in terms of potential attraction for a man towards a woman. And since we don’t care about power/status, that really only leaves us with looks. So why marry an average woman? Why indeed. Seems relatively pointless unless you really must solve your reproductive problem. And if you are merely average, then she probably doesn’t love you.

    Anyway, this is not a greatly considered comment, but really happy to see you blogging again. I am a man, and therefore idealistic, so regular truth reminds about hypergamy, alpha widows etc are always well received.

    P.S. What you say about a woman’s BRAND is especially on point.

  14. Long time lurker and first time commenter. I’ve read a lot of your material but I don’t think you’ve explored issues that affect the top 5-10% of men and women. Not trying to sound elitist, but a lot of what you write about I think applies only to men/women within 2 standard deviations of the mean (about 95% of people). The mean measured by social economic status. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Red Pill, spinning plates, AWALT, hitting the wall, etc. I love it and I agree with it. But it’s also not that applicable to people in the top 5% of social economic status. Again, not trying to sound elitist. We do not think like the average Joe. This is an extreme example: Do you think Mark Zuckerberg married Priscilla Chan for her looks after spinning plates? Do you think Priscilla slept with multiple alphas and finally settled on a Beta provider? She’s a Harvard grad and a doctor. People doing residence working 80 hour weeks in a hospital do not have time to sleep around.

    There is a lot of research on divorce, single motherhood, etc and its correlation with social economic status (more specifically IQ). The higher the social economic status, the less likely all these negative life consequences apply.

    You’re written about assortative mating. In general, men making 300K+ a year do not marry and have kids with OnlyFans whores. Increasingly people marry others within similar income brackets. We don’t talk about it publicly, but we do know that IQ is highly heritable and if having children is important, we pick others that are also highly educated with high incomes because that is the best indicator good genes (high IQ).

    AWALT? Yes, applicable to 95% of the women. Those who are smart enough to become doctors, research fellows, or tech startup directors do not seek validation by sleeping with random guys at clubs. Publishing peer reviewed papers or successfully operating on a patient is a much higher reward. High status men may sleep with interns, but do not marry them. Instead we marry and have children with women of similar social economic status. Genes do matter.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on how this whole Red Pill philosophy applies to people at different brackets of the social economic status distribution.

    1. I like these points. While social-economic standing does not change the nature of women (or men), it does impact the decisions those people make. It is also true that multiple generations of people can go down a dark path to destruction (the Roman Empire is but one example).

      When bad things happen in relationships, I think what Rollo writes about explains, to a large degree, what was happening inside peoples’ heads.

      However, when many relationships last, I believe it is more those people recognize the dangers of making those decisions and choose a different path. It’s not because they aren’t tempted to; it’s that they recognize those alternate paths will not bring them the happiness that “society” promises. Doesn’t mean that all those relationships are necessarily “good” – many factors exist to explain people staying together (good and bad).

      It would be interesting to see Rollo write a book specifically on what is necessary for a good marriage to last (maybe his position would be the Rational Male is just that!). I believe he would put some obvious “Game” principles in there, as I think that is required. But additionally, I think there are other factors beyond just “playing good Game in the marriage.” I’ve not read his latest book on religion, so perhaps he touches on it there.

      There ARE people who believe loyalty, commitment, and promises mean something.

      And lest we not forget, it was often the men in the 30s who left their homes during the dustbowl because they could not provide for their families. And in the 50s who left their wives due to mid-life crisis. Neither men nor women are any more virtuous or iniquitous when it comes to relationships. We are who we are, and we have natural proclivities to act in certain ways. Men may want relationships to last, but are they capable of allowing it to evolve so that their women are more independent? Or must women always remain “devoted” despite their age and growth as human beings? There is far more to what is happening inside human beings that just one proclivity to act a certain way. And while I agree that hypergamy has swung society to be highly feminized and in favor of women, this does not mean that men cannot be men. In point of fact, you have to be MORE of a man to lead a relationship that is successful and brings you value – it does not just happen. That’s the work part of it.

      That is the point of teaching children – learn to make mature decisions beyond just what you selfishly want. These women that many of the MGTOWs despise are simply humans who have not learned there is more to life than their own selfish desires. It does not mean that ALL WOMEN are the same – just as I would argue that not all men are assholes based on some of those I’ve been around (and saw how they abused the women in their lives, which MGTOWs conveniently ignore in their diatribes against women).

      I am a man who believes in balance.

      1. That’s exactly my point. People in the top 10% make life decisions differently from the average person.

        AWALT does not apply to Amish or Orthodox Jewish women. “Game” also does not apply to the men. The social consequences of sleeping around is expulsion. Very few people leave those small closed religious groups.

        Imagine the top 10% of social economic status as a separate group. Instead of strong religious indoctrination to enforce social behavior, it’s rational decision making based on long term self interest. Do the things talked about so often here apply to those people?

        Take the Priscilla Chan example again. She’s at Harvard studying hard for her MCATs to get into med school. You think women like that need validation by banging the drummer of a no-name band playing at a night club? You know how ridiculous that sounds like? Harvard women do date of course. They date Harvard men.

        Red Pill for the top 10% men means not wasting TIME. If a guy just got a $500K bonus for working on a complicated merger as an investment banker, you think need he need to work hard on his game to get women who are 9/10s? You know how ridiculous that sounds again? If he needs to blow off steam the rational thing to do is to pay for a woman who is a 9 or 10 for a week. It saves time.

        Most women doctors marry other doctors. Yes hypergamy. But men, it’s also the rational choice. Both are selecting each other for genes and for long term financial self interest. A male doctor marrying a female doctor is less likely to get screwed in a divorce because they both make bank.

        1. Well, just from my experience (and I’m in your 10% group or near that), you got one point: Female doctors date male doctors.

          And that is rational as well, sure enough.
          But that does not mean they would not sleep around or that to 10% men would not have dating problems, they seriously do.
          Many of the ones I know have tremendous dating problems and they lack game nearly completly.
          Sure, they’ll find a woman settling down at some point, but that won’t be the for the woman as the band leader in her early twenties.

          While I’m not familiar with M.Z.’s relationship I trust myself to assume she married him because of rational thinking, yet still not because of love.
          Maybe she started the relationship because he is the man to get her to any university in the world (and ordering a helicopter to bring her there and get her again no problem).

          He is the provider while he may feature other positive traits as well.

          If it would have been only about IQ – well, there are several more people with the same level, as well as drastically better social skills.

          Remember: The reason for M.Z. to do Facebook was to establish contact to girls. It would make no sense at all to invest hundreds of hours into a (likeely at first) shitty programm just to get one or two girls to actually like you because of that.

          That’s just the tell of negative preselection. As he is intelligent he would just go on campus and open the next girl, who – by your thesis – would happily marry him.

          The thing is: that’s just not the way it works.
          Sure the amount of invested time changes and the idea of what “sleeping around” is, yet the dynamics are always the same.

          Intelligent women want to fuck around not less than others, they just lack the capacity to do so many times.

          And the ones who really can just do that. And I know several high IQ girls, who fuck around in the time I discuss them doing so.

          Plus: their idea of what is high-value is even more “screwed” if you go from Doom-Pill-thinking.

          They are from rich (I mean so) families, money is no object for them. Character (i.e. Game) is.

          One daughter of a doctor here (the guy holds several high revenue-practices and his wife is an architect) dated a sporty, social, but anything but rich or high-IQ boy.
          And while it seemed she might dump him because he wanted to study graphics-design (bad paid here), she might pay him the medicine studies.

          Other girl: Father rich businessman (both the previous’ and this girl’s parents are more like top 1% or above), she dated a turkish guy (generally lower status here), neither really bright nor otherwise considered “high socio-economic status” to bring him to the next night clubs.
          There, she would make a few guys buy her all drinks, f*** around a little bit, maybe just enough to make guys chase her enough.
          At some point she changed her boyfriend as he might not drive her through the night any more.
          So she got others to buy her Rolex etc.

          She is highly intelligent, no doubt at all, she just capitalizes best on what she has.
          – And she has a lot of fun doing so.

          So from my perspective here your thesis is no other than what I thought at first – that TRM is all right, but for the top %.
          Yet imho it just holds true anywhere, at least anywhere I’ve been: Upper status school, meetings from a liberal thinktank / foundation, top tier universities.

          The way it may manifest itself changes, but never the dynamic itself. Also it may change what high status means, but people (man and women) chase it relentlessly.

          1. Would you say Jeff Bezos is in that top 10%? How about Elon Musk? Do they both possess 130+ IQ’s? Is Zuckerberg an autistic genius, or did he just steal and execute someone else’s ideas better than they could at the time? Is Jordan Peterson counted among that top 10% intelligencia?

          2. Look at a picture of Jeff Bezos first wife. Then look at a picture of his second wife. Bear in mind he’s in the top 5 men on the planet in terms of wealth, and some months he is the richest human alive.

            Is Bezos really an Alpha when it comes to women? Really, truly?

        2. Faceberg’s wife is a bad example. She is Chinese, so she married him because her country told her to….so they could then control Facetube.

    2. Interesting post. Don’t be too fazed by any posters who highly disagree with you. We all have led different lives and therefore have different perspectives.

      A couple of reasons why female doctors/lawyers might seem not as keen on the night club scene as other women, and might therefore come across as apparently NAWALT.

      Firstly, by the time that a woman is fully graduated and well established in her hospital/court, she is how old? 30? She’s probably at least 25. Anyway, that means that she already has many younger women to compete with in that scene, and therefore might not have access to alpha fucks. Or at least not easy access.

      Secondly, a doctor or a lawyer commands a huge amount of social respect, which must certainly give the ego a nice massage. When she buys her coffee on her way to work, the waitress that serves her is ‘invisible’. However, later that night when doctor and waitress hit the club, the doctor loses all of her advantages in the day time. Status and resources don’t mean nothing to alphas, and given that the waitress is probably younger, she is probably prettier. Surely this would bring about much anger (or at least annoyance) to a female college graduate to have a waitress who may not have even completed high school, win the eyes of desirable males in the dark of night. I see this as discouragement to go out clubbing.

      And as what another poster said, there is nothing stopping your supposedly NAWALT’s from sleeping with an alpha and deliberately having his children, and then passing the kids off as the male doctors who she is only interested in for the beta bucks side of hypergamy.

      1. Rollo, I read your blog and highly respect your opinion. I do hope that you write a separate blog post on the topic I brought up.

        In hindsight, I probably should not have used Mark Zuckerberg/Priscilla Chan as examples as it’s too extreme. You can’t draw conclusions by using one of only about 10 people in the world whose worth is $100+ billion.

        To expand more on the topic I brought up. Two standard deviations above the mean is 130+ IQ and top 2% in income (more than $350K a year). This is a small group. We’re specialists/surgeons, directors/VPs at large companies, and owners of McDonald’s franchises for example. I never said that women in this category are virgins until they get married. I said that they date men of same or higher social status (“Harvard men” as example). Isn’t that the essence of Hypergamy? Rollo already wrote in this article. “How will dating this guy improve my image”?

        How do you improve the image of a woman who is attending Harvard with your game if you’re not attending an equality prestigious Ivy League school? I really don’t want to come across as an elitist asshole. Most people do not go to a prestigious university or belong to these social circles (top 2% by definition). Banging the pool boy is not something these women do unless they have a serious relationship problems with their dad. And no, the vast majority do not have these problems (despite what popular movies may show).

        I refer you again on empirical evidence of social problems like teen pregnancy, divorce, drug use, crime, single motherhood, etc broken down by people in different social economic statuses. There are many books on this. Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart”. Robert Putnam’s “Our Kids”, “Bowling Alone”, etc. The higher the social economic status, the less likely these problems happen.

        What I’m trying to say is that if you want high quality women, you should do more of what Jordan Peterson talks about. IMPROVE YOURSELF. If you’re not in the top 2%, you can work hard and maybe get in the top 10%. The higher up you go, the more choices you have. You are the prize as Pook said. Running game to try to bang a 7/8 is a complete waste of time. Improving your education, health, career, and financial situation is a bigger reward.

        And you’re not doing this so that you can become a provider to a 35 year old human resources lady making $70K a year. You’re doing this so that you can meet very high quality women who went to elite universities and are making $200K+ a year. They’re looking for high status men. Are you such a man? You can if you work hard on yourself.

        1. What I’m trying to say is that if you want high quality women, you should do more of what Jordan Peterson talks about.

          Clean my room? Become a lobster? But what if I do not want to take meth for weeks on end and wind up in a Russian clinic?


          Huh. Wonder why no one else ever thought of that.

        2. Doctors and Lawyers

          Banging the pool boy is not something these women do

          Yes they do.

          I’m spending too much time in here right now but briefly – of those plates I quoted up there ^^

          The first two photographs are a lawyer who heads a department.

          The last one is a Dr that also works in intensive care.

          The other is a highly trained A&E nurse that can prescribe drugs.

          And right now I’m a builder that drives a van, but I have never been a “professional” in the doctor / lawyer sense.

          So this idea they are different needs debunking.

          They are EXACTLY the same except that the shit testing might be worse because they may – and I say may have higher beta provisioning expectations / desires – this is also enhanced with age. The ones in their 40’s shit test harder than the 25 y/o.

          My IQ is 156 by the way.

        3. The most valuable women do not go to prestigious schools and do not work.

          They exist on beauty, and come from the backwoods of Russia, Tennessee and Bahia…

          Different scales.

          1. “In an Instagram post, dated 28 November 2017, Porizkova shared the photo that got the attention of modeling scout John Casablancas. She was thirteen years old. One of her friends, who wanted to be a makeup artist, painted Porizkova’s face, along with other friends, and sent the photographs to modeling agencies in Paris in the hopes of getting hired. “Soon after, a modeling agent called inviting me to Copenhagen to meet the famed model scout John Casablancas. . . . He took one look at me and asked: want to go to Paris? As if I’d say no! The rest, as they say, is history.””


          2. You dudes….Russian women?!?!

            Holy fuck. I’m speechless. They carry hypergamy to entirely different level. I should know – I was married to one and boy did I pay such consequences for that bs!

            That relationship ending kicked my ass and that’s how I eventually discovered Rollo.

            Many may have big breasts, but holy hell do they have a sense of entitlement – every last goddamn one of them (and I’ve met a lot of them).

        4. High status Harvard educated women aren’t likely to use their male socioeconomic/intellectual peer boyfriends as an Instagram brand upgrade flex on their girlfriends. They’ll show off the hot guy in the foam cannon party in Cancun long before they post images of a guy like Zuckerberg.

        5. “B.S.” stands for “bullshit”, “M.S.” stands for “More of the Same” (or “More Shit”), and “Ph. D.” stands for “Piled Higher and Deeper”.

        6. @David L

          Are you trying to say that loud lazy girls are not your cup of tea? lol

          Sure, there are communities that are more likely to raise sweet feminine girls. Go for it. All part of the vetting process (go to Field Reports to find out more).

          But don’t conflate ‘elite school educated’ with ‘hot’ with ‘good person’. One is not like the other.

          Also, let’s not ignore the amount of entitled ‘woke’ activism in higher education. Or career women misled to pursue much higher reward only to end up unfulfilled 10-20 years later.

          Don’t go too theoretical on the puzzle you’re trying to solve. There’s a girl that you like. Unpack it and go back to basics. What is it that YOU want? What are you going to do about it? What have you tried? What has worked for you and what hasn’t?

          Everything else is just ‘prestigious’ hot air. And boys poking each other with dog logic.


          1. I understand your logic David and I suppose our position is very similar.
            My highschool was full of local elite, intelligent women, rich families and so on. And I agree that many of them were better cared for and often enugh more intelligent.

            And I always thought: The higher you go up this ladder of dog logic (i.e. higher education) the more they will be like I expect them to be.

            Now I’m at the best university in Germany for the subject I study and matters only got worse.
            The girls don’t get more (although we have enough here) and definitely don’t get prettier and I’ve heard the same thing from other friends at good universities.

            And finally: They do go for the alpha in a club or wherever, because they are 20year old girls wanting to feel their live. And there is nothing wrong with that.

            They won’t tell every dude around about there last Tinder exploit or the hawt craftsman last week. Nothing to say about the orgy in the university’s cellar.

            They may hide it better and also might have less time to pursue, but they surely go for that as well.

            And then there is that minority of super intelligent girls, who might accept your dog logic. But they’ll dump you no different when someone else gives them the feelz.

            J.P. is great in that he told my 16 y.o. self to get hold of my live, but dating advice isn’t his core competence.
            You surely do get more options with more status, but most sexual encounters are based not on socio-economic status, but just on feelz.

            And that’s Rollo’s point: Women have two needs for pairing up:
            – Beta Bucks (which you will get based on socio-economic status) and

            Alpha Fucks (which you will not get based on that. But you will get it on solid game)

            It’s taken me literally two years to get this and understand this, but everywhere I’ve been this holds true.


  15. @ David

    Take the Priscilla Chan example again. She’s at Harvard studying hard for her MCATs to get into med school. You think women like that need validation by banging the drummer of a no-name band playing at a night club?

    Yes, she does if he’s alpha. Otherwise she’s stuck with zuckercuck. And no woman would want him if he didn’t make bank.

    You know how ridiculous that sounds like? Harvard women do date of course. They date Harvard men.

    Yeah. Probably. But they’ll still fuck and get pregnant by the pool guy with a six pack, and the Harvard men will pay to raise that child thinking it’a theirs.

    Both are selecting each other for genes and for long term financial self interest. A male doctor marrying a female doctor is less likely to get screwed in a divorcee

    Wrong wrong wrong.

    Red Pill for the top 10% men means not wasting TIME. If a guy just got a $500K bonus for working on a complicated merger as an investment banker, you think need he need to work hard on his game to get women who are 9/10s? You know how ridiculous that sounds again?

    You are totally blue pill. You think that $500k is gonna buy him sex? Well.. it might, but it will be shit, negotiated sex.

    If he needs to blow off steam the rational thing to do is to pay for a woman who is a 9 or 10 for a week. It saves time.

    You fundamentally misunderstand what is happening. Red pill is not his to do with time and explicitly not money. Money has no role in desire

    You think that money can substitute for genuine desire, it can’t.

    Yeah the guy just made $500k bonus so he can buy PIV “sex” but that’s not SEX.

    Go back and read the books again.

  16. @_deleted_sock_puppet

    I’m going to reply to your question in the hope that you can grow out of your adolescent stupidity, and also that the reply might help any young men reading who actually want to improve their lives.

    “what has Rollo ever done for me”

    The answer is that I have access to the company of women on my own terms, more or less as and when I want it.

    I didn’t know I had that until he handed me the keys to my own prison cell. He realised that I had those and I didn’t.

    I’ve always been good with women, but I’ve always been “Monogamish” and Blue Pill.

    If I hadn’t found this place, and Rollos work, then I wouldn’t have the life I have now.

    There are elements of the game that I haven’t yet cracked and thats reliably getting younger, and Secret Society.

    I haven’t cracked those because I haven’t done the work. Have you done any work? And if so, what?

    In the meantime this is my current plate line up:

    I’ll forgive you for creeping around the place hiding in sock puppets because I know that when you look in the mirror you don’t see a man. You see a reflection of whatever you are.

    I’ll suggest this, get a proper handle, and come back explaining the problems you have getting intimacy from women, which we all know is because you’re beta as fuck, and actually, yes, we will try to help.

    Or keep hiding.

    It’s up to you.

  17. @David
    AWALT? Yes, applicable to 95% of the women. Those who are smart enough to become doctors, research fellows, or tech startup directors do not seek validation by sleeping with random guys at clubs. Publishing peer reviewed papers or successfully operating on a patient is a much higher reward.

    A much higher reward? For a woman? Please.

    Peer reviewed papers, academic degrees, money, societal norms and safe space bubbles are all logical entities. Brought to life by our forebrains. A deterministic world of formal dog logic. An illusion of order.

    Your blind spot seems to be the underlying quantum world of cat-o-nese. The non-verbal, illogical liminal space of hindbrains in the moment. The biochemical soup of feelings and instincts. The secret society of what Mother Nature really needs from us. “Babies all the way down” (thus spoke @kfg).

    Women live in both worlds… instinctively knowing (feeling) the former is a facade. That’s why men who don’t just get it frustrate them.

    The further away from real physical tension and friction with women in your life, the more insulated you are from the real world and what’s really going on.

    You have some catching up to do. Maybe start here:

    Drop the “random guys at clubs” narrative, too. It’s not really about a place (and your slut shaming). It’s about how you (sub-)communicate with a woman and how you make her feel. Even years after getting married.

  18. It is really quite simple in theory – though more difficult to master in practice

    It can be boiled down to “be attractive” however; the red pill delineates it better as;

    One must proceed with a dynamic passionate and authentic mental point of origin from there one must develop strong frame and hold and maintain frame forever and I mean forever. From there, while maintaining your mission, it is all about game, status and resources or as I like to say magic, muscles and money (and it is specifically in that order). If you find yourself in a short or long term relationship and you believe you are slipping from any of the mandates either correct the course or exit stage left. Obviously, there are many nuanced rabbit holes and detours.

    What Rollo has distillated down extremely well is the basic firmware of all women. There are many form factors of the various software and applications running in the foreground but the primary operating system behind the facade is 1) solphism, 2) Briffault’s Law and the big one 3) hypergamy. These three female survival firmware features are always and I mean always running.

  19. Here you go.

    It’s playing out in real time, I get one of these a week. She hit me up via online dating today and she’s “just realised that I’ve already got kids”

    And she’s face palming.

    Like she’s actually going to find any man of any value at 47 (my online age 😎) that doesn’t already have kids.

    I’ve given her my standard answer and by the time I wake up tomorrow morning her head will probably have totally exploded and she’ll have sent 6 messages.

    It’s usual to get 6, 7, or 8 notifications on the iPad overnight that she’s sent a message and I can read the first bit which is her going nuts, then when I log into the app she’s deleted her profile. So when you question the kid at 41 thing they literally lose their minds and then get embarrassed and have to delete their profile.

    As I say it’s weekly.

  20. @Steve

    You dudes….Russian women?!?!

    Holy fuck. I’m speechless. They carry hypergamy to entirely different level. I should know – I was married to one and boy did I pay such consequences for that bs!

    Sounds like a story for Field Reports. Just sayin’…

      1. the thought crossed my mind. Hypergamy , feature or bug. Even being to alpha spins up the guard dog,just sayin.

  21. “indeed I agree with this conclusion . I think MGTOW guys should focus more on videos which teach guys how to take care of themselves, their own car, their own house, and things like that.”

    “Instead you get videos aimed at pointing out women’s faults and their delusions. Like what the hell are these guys tryna’ achieve?”

    Actually, I think if you want to learn about personal fitness, car maintenance, home improvement, investment, etc. you are better served by visiting sites and channels which specialize in these issues.

    The primary purpose of MGTOW content has always been focusing on the delusions and faults of women, and this seems logical and practical to me. This gives men the motivation to say away from women, when their biological and social programming is telling them they need to do the opposite.

  22. Recently I’ve been watching the freshandfit podcast on youtube where they invite 5-10 girls at a time and talk about sex,relationships,etc. But, damn, I thought women’s requirements and expectations were highly exaggerated in the red pill about six foot, six figure, six pack ,etc and that it was a sort of a meme. But damn 90%+ of these women repeat that meme to heart every show.

    Is it that bad in the US with women or are just the women that go on that show really trash?

    1. @Stefan
      APRIL 22, 2021 AT 6:56 AM

      “Recently I’ve been watching the freshandfit podcast on youtube”

      Great podcast, i love those guys. Very entertaining, a little informative too.

      “where they invite 5-10 girls at a time and talk about sex,relationships,etc.”

      Women have two knee jerk reactions that fit here one is feels before reals the other is hive mind, they will all adopt the same feels. What would happen if they brought on one at a time? She would tell them what she wants them to hear.

      “But, damn, I thought women’s requirements and expectations were highly exaggerated in the red pill about six foot, six figure, six pack ,etc and that it was a sort of a meme. But damn 90%+ of these women repeat that meme to heart every show.”

      None of those women can read a tape measure, all of them would be intimidated by 6pack abs (mainly featured by gay men and narcissists) and none of them can do math at even two figures. Watch what they do not what they say, in fact don’t even listen to a word of what they say, just change the subject.

      “Is it that bad in the US with women or are just the women that go on that show really trash?”

      It isn’t so much that they are trash as that they flock together and their survival depends on agreeing together even when they have no clue what it is they are agreeing to.

      1. @IRL
        Quit my engineering job and got into a soft eng bootcamp which took weeks to get into ( tech interview, project, etc ), so i m starting next month going deep into coding and hopefully end of the year will get into the industry and start making some good money in a few years.

        Gyms are back open here, so back to gym, dieting, creatine, etc, going well.

        Girls wise, i haven’t fucked yet, but did get more matches lately, one girl stood me up, a few stopped replying after agreeing to meet , a few deleted me straight cuz i was too direct to meet and they wanted ” to chat first to get to know before meeting” , lol. A few gave me the age shit test, cuz I m 30 and put my bumble and tinder to 24 ( so I appear to more 18-25 women ) and just put 30 in the bio, and some react ” oh shit you are 30, that’s 8 years…” , things like that.

        So, not much action, but I m working on improving all other areas in my life. Sooner or later, should get something. Trying to get into top 10% in money and physique now as a priority.

        1. @Stefan

          Good to read, keep going.

          On this:

          Girls wise, i haven’t fucked yet, but did get more matches lately, one girl stood me up, a few stopped replying after agreeing to meet , a few deleted me straight cuz i was too direct to meet and they wanted ” to chat first to get to know before meeting” , lol.

          There’s the tempo of the night and there’s the tempo of the week (month, year).

          Start noticing patterns and tweak your approach accordingly.

          Note also that you won’t develop many skills by trying to do it from the safe distance of online dating. You could be opening people around you while going about your day and doing your regular stuff, too.

          A few gave me the age shit test,

          Shit tests are good. You know why, right?

          cuz I m 30 and put my bumble and tinder to 24 ( so I appear to more 18-25 women ) and just put 30 in the bio,


          and some react ” oh shit you are 30, that’s 8 years…” , things like that.

          And what was your response?

          Take it to FRs if you want a breakdown of the past approaches or tips for the ongoing/future ones.

          So, not much action, but I m working on improving all other areas in my life. Sooner or later, should get something. Trying to get into top 10% in money and physique now as a priority.

          Great, good luck!

  23. Wow. Wasn’t expecting MGTOW and Black Pill triggering. If you don’t want kids, then don’t get married. You can still have the occassional girlfriend and access to sex. It seems like some MGTOW and Black PIll have chip on their shoulder, and think other men are judging them negatively, and need to justify themselves. I’m neutral on MGTOW and Black Pill, and see it more as rational response to what might be irrational situation. It might or might not be for you. Your mileage may vary. Nothing to argue to death.

  24. “Most women doctors marry other doctors. Yes hypergamy. But men, it’s also the rational choice. Both are selecting each other for genes and for long term financial self interest. A male doctor marrying a female doctor is less likely to get screwed in a divorce because they both make bank.”

    Are you british or from fedual culture that has been rigidly class conscious for 1000 years?

  25. Wow, the same arguments over and over, years later. Just amazing. Rollo couldn’t be more correct in his assessment. At 58, my dom/pussy monger days are drawing to a close with the young hotties. I thank a God I believe in once again I woke up 8 years ago and at least had some solid fun with this young upcoming generation of whores.

    The explosion of eGirls is amazing. Funniest? Men only have themselves to blame for this. Girls take advantage of thirsty simps cuz they can. Like if men said No, they wouldn’t be doing any of this shit. The sad side affect of the simps is it’s made the girls so transactional, it’s kinda gross. I’ve made a minor compromise with a sort of a mini-sugar relationship with a 21yo. Known her two years. I don’t spend much and it’s more like taking care of shit for her. Cuz i’m a dom and I was her first dom, she imprinted on me so the sex is still off the charts, like I’ve alpha widowed her for good. But it’s not meaningful in the way a non-transactional relationship is. She’s also pretty much a unicorn. 5’11”, me 5′ 8″ and she submits to me sexually in the most depraved ways you can imagine.

    Funniest? I’m good with that. Women mostly suck to be around these days. That daughter I fought so hard to get back into my life – a total cunt, lol, so not worth the effort and drama.

    So, what to do?

    I’m still a self defined man with power and finally some money again, and status. I’m writing the third act of my life now , the first one I’m truly authoring. I’m a lifelong sailor and I’ll be departing the shithole that the West is and spend the rest of my life in places where people are more traditional. Turns out Argentinian citizenship is a breeze and unlike Belize or the DR, you won’t be used and abused and robbed and played constantly. 14% income tax. A gringo can do okay down there. And it will only be my home port anyway. There is more to it than sailing. I’m combining a musical interest – will be a floating music studio, with a few other angles to keep me busy with projects until I can’t do it anymore. Then I’ll just head out into a gale in the North Atlantic in winter and go out of this world they way I lived in it, standing on my own two feet, howling into the wind. I will not be warehoused in some “care facility” in which some foreign troglodyte ministers to my health needs while gibbering like an imbecile.

    Was a time maybe you should stay in the west for the health care but have you actually been treated by the absolute shit-stain our health care system is? Utterly feminized and run for the purposes of the women who run it. I know non nurses who work in “health informatics” who work 4 days a week (10 hr days supposedly) who make 140k a year and bitch endlessly about their lives. These women who run the system have dead eyes and dead hearts and dead brains They fuck up all the time and you have to watch them like hawks and double check it all and push and constantly be on the lookout. I feel so bad for the male docs, I can see them slowly dying inside as all their authority is chipped away. So why stay here at all? And guess what? If you drop your citizenship, they still have to send you social security, hehe. I will love the thought that i’m skimming off a bit lard off this society for myself.

    As for women in the West? Marriage? Dating? Bwahahaha. Good luck. They are all whores now. Treat them accordingly and understand that’s what they are and you’ll be fine. Only time I have a problem is when I forget that. But it’s also true i’m retiring from the game. And i’m fine with that. I’ve had a great run. Banged so many young hotties i’ve lost track, it’s hundreds now – and I was over 100 before the Red Pill.

    You low value white guys? You should ban together and throw a revolution – you have nothing to lose. The economy will give you less and less. Society literally hates you. And you have no future, no hope, no chance. I know so many young guys who basically live sexless lives – if you don’t count their OnlyFans sessions, lol.

    If men had simply said No to all this shit and refused to play, none of this would have happened. One way of putting it is that the simps ruined the game for everyone and made them all whores. I mean, it’s so easy for them.

    Can’t blame the girls for it. It’s the old ‘dog and balls rule’. Why does a dog lick his balls? Cuz he can…You fucking simps deserve everything you get. MGTOW is even more bizarre now. A dead end with no hope. Cool story, bro.

    Sack you up cowardly fucks and take this society back. Me? I’m done with the fight.

    Last. Rollo always wanted to ‘stay away from politics’ which is why he only can explain part of what’s happening. The destruction of all traditional values was an intentional campaign of the left over the past 100 years. If you read Engels essay on the sexes published in 1880s, the entire program is there. They won – and we didn’t even put up a fight. Me? I managed to still live a decent life cuz I’m in that 3 std deviation in intelligence and earnings. But even with that now? It’s a fucking wasteland for the most part. Like most people who aren’t blue collar or seriously traditional are shit too. People talka about white nationalism – I wouldn’t want to share a nation with at least half of the white people in this country.

    As for women, let me cut you off a the pass. There are always exceptions but they are aging out and being replaced by angry, arrogant, narcissistic cunts who no man should even bother with to begin with.

    Fight or leave. Otherwise, you are a just a total sap.

  26. @Scribs

    Sorry to hear about your daughter.

    August last year I nearly timed out around Portland bill – thought I’d “get ahead of a bit of bad weather”. Ended up in a force 8 and snapped the stainless forestay. Also snapped the rigging to the traveller so the beam came across and smashed me into the deck. On the way down I hit the GPS repeater and smashed it. Lost my glasses in my own puke. Without glasses couldn’t read the location or SOG on the Raymarine..

    I wont bore you with any more detail, but I can think of better ways to check out.

    Your poasts come over as 100% anger. I can’t see any positivity in any of it.

    And 58 is not too late – but you’re paying for sugar babies – which is what I’ve suspected you’ve always done. So you never did learn game. And now you’re getting pissed “they’re all whores”. Well what do you expect if you’re paying them? And I’ve got news for you, if she’s taking your money you’re no Dom, you’re the bitch.

    Whose frame is any of that ^^ in?

    Now you do what you want; but there’s enough nihilism out there and enough young men starting out in their lives reading and lurking here that I’m not gonna let you fly in and tell them it’s all shit just because you haven’t got it together.

    Whatever’s happening is just another societal shift that has to be adapted to if you want to survive and live the life you want.

    So my message to the young men is this – In even the shittest of societies you can get women and a life on your own terms if you understand and learn game.

    That means understanding the core principles that make you attractive to women.

    It’s not money

    It’s doing the work on yourself

  27. @scribbs

    “14% income tax”

    Consult your tax advisor before relocating. I was just investigating this. There are carribean islands that have ZERO income tax. However, you still must pay income tax to US unless you renounce your US passport and give up your US citizenship. This part is easy. The difficult part is getting new citizenship in the caribbean island nation which take many years. After that you have to keep in mind its damn difficult to get your US citizenship restored in the event your new banana republic retirement home convulses in revolution overnight because some pissed off corporal has coup and elevates himself to colonel, and rams through new higher taxes.

    1. Those “Banana republics” don’t put cunts on a pedestal and vilify men like America, Canada and the remnants of the British Empire.

      1. Glad to hear you being convinced of that ;D

        Yet Facts point was those Banana Republics can easily change their goverment (and be it ’cause the CIA conducts a regime change). And then you can just easily get someone who needs your munny.

      2. Gen Z

        Agreed. I’m in snyc with that. International game is eye opening experience for american males. Should be encouraged. I’m just saying an american might not want to surrender his american passport for tax reasons. Also keep in mind that an american passport has value directly related to game. Just having one can make man couple notches more attractive in the eyes of women in some parts of the world and makes inernational game more rewarding.

  28. I believe Love songs are of the reason that put man on a beta status if they Focus on what the songs are saying instead of knowing the medium is the message

  29. @Rollo

    Great social commentary in your recent interview with George Gammon:

    I’m not a fan of lengthy regular podcasts as they become repetitive and seem like their only purpose is to stay present online and/or sell a product (+circle jerk in some cases). So I get bored and don’t really listen to them. But I had a couple of hours for DIY work around the house, thought of playing something in the background and decided to check your content again. The topic of economy and social unrest through the red pill lens sounded fresh and interesting.

    What can I say. I really enjoyed it. Solid introduction to the topic with minimal amount of manosphere slang, great insights, well paced. After about 2 years of not listening to your show, I noticed a big change in your overall delivery. Hard to pinpoint but the words that come to mind: calmer, wiser, deeper, broader, more engaging storytelling, more empathetic and more inviting. I like the take away message for girls and boys at the end, too.

    Kudos, great stuff.

    You should have it transcribed, redacted for ease of reading and posted as a series of blogposts here.

  30. This is just one small comment in a sea of better comments, but I want to say that I have been reading your work for a long time and I truly appreciate it. I’ve learned so much about myself, namely my subconscious motivations and also my inherent weaknesses. You’ve helped me piece together the puzzle of male/female dynamics. I don’t imagine that you have many female readers, at least not appreciative ones. But I am one of them and I really appreciate the amount of thought and effort that has gone into your body of work. It has changed my perspective on so many things and, hopefully, made me a better woman.

    1. Ah now Bill will finally have time for the hordes of hot horny groupies banging at the gates of the Gates Estate……

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