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I hate to start a post off with apologies, but I feel like I have to hash out some things with my long time readers. In the wake of all this worldwide civil unrest and amplified Cancel Culture online I thought it prudent to disable comments on this blog for a couple of weeks. As expected, the usual suspects who are still obsessed with destroying this blog, attacking my books with review bombing, and creating torrents of my books’ for pirated downloads took the opportunity to start race-baiting in my comment threads. I can only conclude that this was the beginning of an effort to plant inflammatory racial sentiments on my unmoderated discussion threads to be complained about to the authorities at my blog host to have my 9 years of Red Pill work deleted in much the same way Chateau Heartiste was last year.

I will not allow that to happen. I will not allow half a dozen adolescent haters and pathological liars to remove this blog and its 18 years of aggregate Red Pill information. Unfortunately, this necessitated the temporary closure of the comment sections on this blog until I could implement a better filter of the content, bot-spam and overt sock puppeting of user accounts. At present I’ve reverted back to the original Jetpack comment plugin that comes standard in WordPress. No bells, no whistles, but it’s security is far better than the wpDiscuz plugin I installed so commentors had a better control over editing and content. Sorry, the assholes and race-baiters have ruined that for us now. Take it up with them.

Until such time as I think the woke-mob threat is over, or the career-liars have filed for bankruptcy, the comments on this blog will be moderated until further notice. I don’t take this decision lightly. The comments on this blog have been unmoderated since the day it began. Open discussion has always been one of the core strengths of The Rational Male. When I opened this blog I knew I wanted to keep the same dedication to debate alive that SoSuave had started with. As I’ve always said about the comments, it’s a hot kitchen, stay out if you can’t take the heat. That was fine and well in an era when everyone commenting came to the table with an earnest opinion in the spirit of hashing things out. Even personal attacks could sometimes be beneficial if they sparked a novel debate. But that’s not where we’re at now. Today, adults with the maturity of 12-year-olds are using the opportunity of today’s social climate to use a forum of honest debate as a means for the politics of personal destruction. I find it the height of irony that some of the people who were railing about threats to free speech and the injustice of Social Justice Warriors just 3 years ago are the first to use their same cowardly tactics they warned about then when the opportunity for petty revenge comes along.

So, until such time as I think we can go back to an unmoderated format I will be assigning mods and being much more proactive in deleting any comment that could in anyway threaten the future of this blog. I will also actively ban any user who uses a sock-puppet account, attempts to create multiple proxy accounts, impersonates myself or another registered user, and any user who I even suspect is attempting to attack this blog. I tried to do this your way. 8-9 months ago I said fuck it and unbanned, and de-blacklisted everyone and everything. I decided to go full hands-off and let users deal with the obvious troll accounts, spammers, and ubiquitous bots in the comments. It got to be too much work to untangle the endless proxy accounts and outright liars in the commentariat. No more. That was my bad, and the predictable attacks came along as soon as the time was right.

If your account is banned now, I won’t apologize to you. You fucked up. If it comes down to you baiting other users as a threat to the viability of this blog, I choose this blog. I’m a very patient man, but I will not allow The Rational Male to go down. I distanced myself from Heartiste back in 2012 because of exactly the racial and political sentiment that defined his comment threads. You will not bring that shit here.

The Rational Male – Religion

My upcoming 4th book Religion is in the final stages of edits and I’m presently finishing the Forward and Afterword sections of the book. This book has been consuming my life for almost 3 years now. It’s the first book I’ve written virtually from scratch; meaning it’s not solely a collection of prior essays. I had every intention of publishing the book in March-April and that’s when the whole world decided to go to hell. I took the opportunity of the quarantine to revise and reedit the book. I wanted to be sure that parts of it reflected the current state of the global sexual marketplace and be relevant to a post-crisis readership. Since then it’s become clear that 2020 will be a chaotic reset for a lot of things we’ve taken for granted for a long time. I’d be lying if I said I thought the world I began writing book 4 in would necessarily be the same world that I finally published it in. This has been foremost in my mind since mid March.

I had originally asked my friend Pat Campbell to write the Forward section of Religion. I like to have a peer write the Forwards to my books and I thought Pat would do a Red Pill book on religion justice. Then, in January, Pat had his car accident, seizure and a tense ICU stay in an Oklahoma hospital. Real life is a lot different than online life, I had thought my friend would be dead or in a coma, and that really did a number on me at that time. We’d been friends and partners on his show and my YouTube channel, as well as convention speakers, for over 2 years by this time – I was aware he had the brain tumors and they were malignant the week of the accident. Pat has cancer; just like the last person I asked to write the Forward to my 3rd book, Andrew Hansen (The Private Man). Andrew’s cancer took him before he could do the Forward to Positive Masculinity and I ended up making the Forward a dedication to him and his life. Pat Campbell is one tough son of a bitch. Thus far he’s been beating the odds and I would attribute this to his stubbornness and bullheaded tenacity. That’s what makes him a badass. I will likely dedicate book 4 to him as well.

Facing down your own mortality really puts things into a new perspective for a man. Most men don’t get this opportunity. I love Pat like a brother, but I get the feeling that this experience changed him significantly. I saw the same change happen in Andrew 4 years ago and I’d looked at book 3 differently because of it. I was having a similar experience with book 4, and then the pandemic hit, and then the world went batshit insane. The irony that book 4 is about the Red Pill in religious contexts isn’t lost on me here.

Religion will be a thick book. The biggest complaints I get about The Rational Male is the formatting and grammar, syntax, and yes, I know, the print book’s type size. I’ll be focusing on a 2nd edition (and a hardback version) of book one once I release Religion. However, this book will be the most bulletproof addition to the Rational Male series in terms of editing, proofing and citing sources. I’ve made a lot of effort in providing proof of concept in this book. Not that I think this will dissuade my disingenuous haters from blathering on about the validity of the sources they don’t necessarily like, but they won’t be able to say I didn’t do my due diligence. The topic of religion and making correlations to Red Pill concepts (to say nothing of evolutionary concepts) is a really dicey prospect. I’m definitely going get things wrong with the ‘true’ believers – there’s no way I can get them right without full confirmation of various beliefs – and this is another aspect of the book I have to be very careful with. And this takes time.

This is why I’ve scaled back my blog posts here. My writing time is directed wholesale towards book 4. I am doing my best to keep this blog fresh with new content, but a once a month post bothers the hell out of me. I’m also considering going to a once a week show on my YouTube channel until I’m published. That’s also something I don’t want to do, but I may need to. I’m an author first, public personality second. One blessing about the quarantine/lockdown is that my ‘real’ job liquor promo gigs have been basically nonexistent since all this began. I was starting to get new offers to do work in Vegas and then the riots happened. Back to the book.

Body Language Mastery 3

Lastly, I will again be endorsing Modern Life Dating’s upcoming program Body Language Mastery and the online community that it facilitates. Since I’ve been so invested in the new book I haven’t had the time to really do much one-on-one counseling with guys sending me requests. I honestly want to do these Skype consults, but I can only really do them as I have the opportunity. I swear, I read every one of your emails. That said, the program Jon from MLD has going is a great opportunity for guys to get this kind of advice/counseling via the weekly group chats that are part of the program. Not only do you have access to myself and guys like Rich Cooper, Rian Stone, Jon and Troy Francis, but there’s a community of dozens of guys in the group who are there to help, live in real time.

I did a 90 minute show with Jon to cover the details of this new round of the program. If you’re waiting for a counseling session with me, please consider joining July’s group and bringing your circumstances here. I will be available to you in much the same capacity, but you’ll get a lot more input from the community. The registration just opened today June 25th and it will close on midnight June 29th.

This is the registration link: Body Language Mastery 3 – July 2020

So, that’s the Rational Male update for 2020 thus far. I hope you can bear with me for just a bit longer. I’ll have a new essay incoming by Monday. Thanks.

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27 comments on “The Rational Male – Blog Update 2020

  1. As a 50 year old Black Man, I’ve been a supporter of The Rational Male over 10 year’s. It’s BS what you have to go through. As you correctly stated we’ll be reading The Rational Male in candlelight one day soon.

  2. I’ve also been red pill for a decade plus. The more red pill I become, the more loneliness starts to rear its ugly head. I’m all in and don’t need validation but sure enjoy knowing there is a community out there that seeks the truth. Thanks for your dedication Rolo.

  3. Moderating comments will help raise the bar. Other blogs do it and the comments tend to be more insightful.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Comments should be moderated. This is your creative outlet for free speech, not a free-for-all. Even most well-meaning comments are reductionist tripe and not worth reading.

  5. I have been reading you for many years. Never found any “racist” innuendo. People can go to Donavan Sharpe, who is a black man, and he has a pic of Rollo and him together. Rollo was on his show a few times and they had many interesting discussions.

  6. Rollo, I’ve been reading your blog for years.

    The changes I’ve made from reading the articles and the comments have improved my life immensely.

    Do whatever you must to preserve this blog, not for me, but, for all those Beta nice guys who I used to be before I found the Rational Male.

  7. Nothing wrong with taking countermeasures against information warfare. When the world’s in the middle of trying to end you won’t hear me complaining about losing a few conveniences. Hope everybody’s staying safe out there.

  8. Surely you must know that, despite your precautions, eventually the Woke Guards will come for this blog—the knowledge contained herein is just too threatening. I can only assume–and hope–you have secure backups of every post and the comments as well, if possible.

    Stay strong and I’m looking forward to buying your next book.

  9. How did “woke-ism” become a thing? I don’t see this originating with working people. Does it have to do with colleges and universities? If so, how do we combat it?

    1. It partially came through postmodernism being integrated into the colleges starting with a Marxist professor visiting Yale in the 1960’s.

      There are now hug and hold hands engineering courses at a prominent US engineering school.

      1. Columbia, turn of the last century (with a predecessor in Engels). It was approaching dominance among the intelligentsia in the 20s, but then the depression and war slowed it down. It regrouped in the 50s (1984 was published in 49), resurged in the 60s and had pretty well finished its Long March Trough the Institutions by the turn of the century. They had complete control of Sociology, Anthropology, English, Pedagogy and, oddly enough, nursing.

        So that’s why it pops up as virulent today, one educational generation later.

        From Marx on it has always been a movement of academics telling working people what is good for them. Watch Norma Rae, carefully and thoughtfully.

        I also note that although the postmodern, woke egg was hatched at Columbia, the chief influence came from Germans. All the roads converge in 19th century Prussia.

    2. Look in the YT works of Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad(The Saad Truth), and Janice Fiamengo(The Fiamengo Files) for extensive info on this topic and many other related ideas. All three are against the grain university professors.

  10. Woke-ism is just regressive feminist fascism. It’s the feminization of speech and communication en-masse. Agree with the group-think or be cast out. I don’t know who gets to decide what is acceptable group-think, but it’s probably not this blog. Everything has to be without sin or imperfection or it can be cancelled. No judgements are allowed either or at least allowed to be expressed in a certain manner.

    I made a comment in a post Covid shutdown restaurant that the booth contagion dividers were simply just ugly painted 1/4” plywood. My Gen Z girls, instantly said, “you’re judgmental”. I simply respond, “Yes I am, because I have an opinion and a big-mouth”. Sure I could have used a lot of words or sub-coms to express myself in a less overt manner, but I’m not going to.

  11. I use TOR browser for reading this blog. I think it is naive not to. (Maybe there are better options.) I am glad that I can read all your comments in full length now. Maybe this capability this will attract some interesting commenters or will make others return.

    The email address is fake for the moment. I am not keen to get this published, I just want to let you know.

  12. Hi Rollo
    I have bought and read all 3 of your books.
    All I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

    I am a 59yr old widower and was very much a blue pill guy. So bad I would of probably bled blue if I got a cut.

    But now thanks to you, your books, and Dalrock’s site, I now know the truth of what is going on with women. When I first took the red pill, it felt like I was swallowing a pill the size of a big truck but now I would never undo that.

    For the previous 58 years of my life, I had went by the women’s playbook of what they said they wanted. Doing what they wanted and then watching women do the exact opposite of what they told me they wanted. They said they wanted a “decent guy” but then would drop me to run off with the “bad boy” who treated them like dirt.

    Again, THANK YOU for writing your books and for your blog. I was confused about my late wife’s actions vs her words until learning the red pill truth.

    I was married to my late wife for 13+ years. I am a Christian and she supposedly was. She was “vouched for” by 2 different preachers that had known her for 3 years. She was a devout Christian who drove 70 miles each way to attend church every time the church doors were open, rain, sun or snow. We attended 2 different very conservative churches – modest dress, courtship, biblical womanhood, etc. There was no sex before marriage. But we did talk and she had said that she would never ever tell me no for sex. Also before marriage she acted submissive and followed my lead.

    The wedding night it was a 180 degree turnabout and I saw a raging feminist reveal herself. She had knowingly scheduled the wedding during her period. Her “I will never tell you no for sex” was actually sex once every 3 months, with the lights out and her wanting to be on top.

    She was 35 and had told me that there was only 1 guy before me. AFTER marriage she finally revealed that before our marriage that she would ride the city bus wearing short, very loose shorts and low cut , loose tops with no underwear or bra. Then put on a tease show for the guys to get them “worked up” and then run off the bus. Now I realize she never ran from the guys but delivered on what she started.

    She also had debt in the form of student loans and credit cards which she said she was paying them down. After marriage it turned out there was no paying down but that she had been running the debt higher.

    After we married, she immediately started blaming me for running around and being unfaithful. Now I realize that was a cover for her own actions of infidelity. We counseled with 3 different preachers who basically sided with her. On the way home from counseling, she would laugh the whole way home because they believed her and not me and how I best become a better man. I struggled for years, wondering what was wrong with me.

    During our marriage I had a suspicion that she was with another man when I was at work. (She was a stay at home wife.) But I put that thought out of my head. Surely no woman would commit adultery on me, let alone a very conservative Christian woman.

    Long story short. On her death bed, she was hallucinating that different people were there in the room that night. While I was tending to her needs of water, blankets, etc – I listened to her “talking to” her many lovers of my 13+ years of marriage to her.

    From her own mouth and from your books, I have been able to uncover 5-6 different men over 13 years, each affair lasting months. I strongly suspect her involvement in a neighbor’s place that had many cars parked outside on Friday nights which I suspect was a sex orgy place.

    So while she was using me to pay her bills and basically a 13 year sexless marriage for me, she was out being the wild sex woman with other men.

    Thanks to you Rollo, never again will that happen to me. Thank you for explaining why it happened and that I was a product of the blue pill and not understanding reality.

  13. Happy to see moderated comments and tighter control here. Open, uncensored dialogue is all well and good, but not at the cost of the blog getting whacked. Glad you’re taking measures to lock down the security here. Guaranteed that none of the regulars here will mind at all.

    The lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn from here have been growing like a tree. And it goes far beyond women. It’s more like zen: it’s shown me how much of what I thought were issues I was having with women were really just my own twisted, low self-esteem view of myself. And how that twisted self-perspective is the norm for the vast majority of men in today’s world.

    The fruit of all this mental labor is peace of mind. When I first read The Rational Male many years ago, peace of mind is something I couldn’t even conceive of, and there’s no way I could’ve known that that book would be the first step I’d take towards achieving that. I’m always improving myself, but I’m on the other side of the river now. Honestly, had it not been for your work and the community here and everything I learned, I think I would’ve just ended up bitter, cynical and hopeless after my last relationship ended. Instead, now the world is looking like a much bigger and exciting place than it did before.

    Fortify the defenses in whatever ways you have to. Good to hear from you again.

  14. Don’t compare your blog to Heartiste, Rollo. His blog had mutated from a formerly entertaining blog on game-related issues to an increasingly shrill race-baiting platform.

    You, by contrast, have always provided deep insight and analysis on the true nature of females and the feminine imperative, without being distracted by irrelevant private obsessions.

    Keep it up.

    1. I don’t compare TRM to Heartiste, but I do see the potential for the same takedown censorship that killed the Chateau a year before all this moral panic started.

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