The Future Shock

When something big in the news goes down I’ve learned from experience not to be too quick to write anything about it until the hype dies down and more information comes out. My long-time readers know what I’m talking about. In the early days of this blog I could get caught up in a story about how a guy got Zeroed Out and committed suicide or killed his family and himself, and people would run me up the flagpole for jumping to conclusions. That those conclusions were, in fact, accurate was irrelevant to critics. It was all about ‘hasty generalizations‘ and confirmation biases at the time of writing.

This new Corona Virus pandemic is something different though. There are a lot of people very eager to jump to those hasty generalizations in this global crisis – and pointing out their panic only makes them feel more justified in panicking. At the time of this writing we’re seeing a globalized response to a globalized virus. For all or our new order information, technology, access and connectivity the same old order human nature remain the same. Odd that the people who’ve criticized me for being too mechanistic about our evolved nature are the same people who are in a righteous panic caused by the nature I’ve been told we’re supposed to be evolved above now.

But today, instead of a localized panic, we get a global panic. Instead of localized disinformation, we have globalized disinformation.

“In the social media age, people have forgotten that it’s not remotely normal to be able to see hundreds of millions of people’s opinions & actions, let alone engage with them.

We’re living in the biggest experiment in human history and have little idea of the long term consequences.”


Ironically, Zuby tweeted this quote about a week before the Corona Virus really became what it is now (late March, 2020). At the time I though it captured what was going on in our Global Sexual Marketplace so I saved the quote, but it’s true about a lot of new order areas of our modern globalized lives. And that includes global pandemics too.

I wrote about old order versus new order thinking a few months ago. This essay, The New Age of Enlightenment, is actually an excerpt from my upcoming fourth book in the Rational Male series and is a theme I carry through much of it. At the time of my writing it I had come to much of the same thinking as Zuby had here: it’s time we re-envision what a rapidly advancing global society looks like. My take began in the global sexual marketplace, but it’s expanded to many other areas of life. It’s a challenge to humanity to be sure. Reassessing what was old order wisdom worth preserving and abandoning what was simply inaccurate (or deliberately distorted) in the age of new order information and communication is something most people are unprepared for. Most people are too comfortable in the lives they built for themselves based on the foundation of old order ideals.

The Virus pandemic is proving this to us in real time and online 24 hours a day now. Faced with the rapid, systemic shutdown of every major economy on the planet, the global community now reverts to its very human, very predictable nature. The response to real, existential crisis is what defines the person, and what defines their ego-invested belief-sets – except everything is intensified.

Here’s what I’m seeing happen.

Believers’ Confirmation

Doomsday preppers rejoice. Christians, Catholics, [insert Millenarian Dominionist religion] all love and hate this crisis simultaneously. It both proves God’s love and God’s wrath in the same breath. And as I’ve expounded upon in the fourth book, there’s simply no arguing with people who have no questions. Don’t take this as a flame on believers – I get why they find comfort in it – it’s a simple observation of how crisis situations bring out what truly motivates people in a way we only rarely see.

Even the woo woo magical thinkers find a common confirmation of their spiritual-but-not-religious beliefs. They all told you so. They all knew it was coming. The tea leaves and energy ‘vibrations’ have all been off for months. If only we’d sent enough positive Juju out into the universe the Law of Attraction would have prevented all this! Likewise, they’re all equally unprepared for it. A reaffirmed faith (however they define it) will see them through. And maybe that’s a good attitude to have when panic and fear are the hot new commodities to sell on the worldwide stage (I’ll get to that in a moment).

Uncertainty is difficult for people, but there’s a lot of comfort in finding confirmation of beliefs in crisis and tragedy. And that belief doesn’t necessarily have to be religious. Political wonks are equally zealots now. This pandemic will define presidencies and, going forward, will likely determine the platforms of future world leaders for some time.

Never let a good crisis go to waste” – especially in an age when the majority of the worlds’ people literally cannot escape seeing it in real time. For the political ideologist, on either side of the spectrum, how this pandemic is being handled by officials, and the prophecies of inevitable economic ruin, is just as belief-affirming as religious confirmations.

For the Left, this is the event they’ve always waited for to bring down a president who’s been effectively invincible since the Primaries of 2015. To use their own words, they can “finally get the motherfucker.” That it took a global pandemic is irrelevant. For the Right, it’s an illustration of how life will look under the fantasy Socialist tyranny they see in the Left. The wholesale closing of abortion clinics is an added bonus. In our own sphere, for MGTOW it’s the sweet humbling of women’s egos as, from all appearances, women turn to a new appreciation of conventionally masculine men and ape the mannerisms of traditional femininity – for now. For the Trad-Con sunhat ladies this feminist pivot is, again, reaffirming. Gone, almost overnight, are the bleating of social justice warriors with all discussions of socially constructed gender norms. Noticeable in its absence is all talk of Women’s History Month (March) and the need for reparations in gender inequities. Hell, in Finland the all-female, all-feminist, government is glaringly impotent from all accounts I’ve read.

Most of this is what I’d expect from the average global citizen in the face of a world changing, relatively lethal, pandemic. However, it’s the new order Outrage Brokers and Success Porn Hustlahs scrambling to place their bets on the next 9 months who are truly a wonder to behold now.

Outrage Brokers in the Apocalypse

Amongst all of this pandemic gnashing of teeth we get the inevitable grifters. If we’re honest, we knew most of these guys were leeches when times were good. Certainly not all of them, but the temptation of quitting an old order day job for the promise of a new order monthly direct deposit from Google for playing ‘life coach’ on a webcam was a dream come true for most. Now their true natures rise to the surface as they see the chuckwagon of the gig economy pulling away. And just like rats going through an Extinction Burst they frantically try every new angle that they might profit from.

These are the war profiteers of this new order era, but the pitch is the same as it was in the past – stoke fear, sell security.

It almost seems quaint that I brought up this exact formula as discussion topic on Rule Zero just 2 weeks ago. We were illustrating how the term Red Pill (and now MGTOW) has been coopted as a branding opportunity by “coaches” and “relationship experts” with very little experience beyond what they can glean from others in the sphere. The main point was this: it’s far easier to get views and build subscriber bases in next to no time when your material is all red meat outrage for ‘underserved’ Average Frustrated Chumps. Toss out a few “red pills”, paint a few of them black, and commiserate with the average 80-percenter guy’s reality with women, gynocentrism and then play on the same indignation porn that the mainstream has been selling to women for 3 decades now. All sizzle, no steak. Is it any wonder that critics think the Red Pill is populated with nihilistic, homicidal Incels?

But that’s the formula. It just took men longer to perfect it for a fresh generation of male consumers. Indignation might be an innate female need, but the past 3 generations of men have developed a taste for it as well. It’s what happens when boys are raised as defective girls.

It’s important to see this crisis through the emotional lens that the past 4 generations of men and women have been taught to prioritize. For over 50 years now we’ve been conditioned to see the female, emotions-first, experience as the correct interpretation of every facet of a globalizing society. This pandemic is no exception.

Because of their emotions-first nature fear is easy to sell to women. Women’s innate need for security is what made them the primary consumer in western societies, but now we have at least 2 generations of men who were educated to be defective women. ThoseVillage-educated emotions-first men are susceptible to the same sales formulas now. Feels before Reals isn’t just for women, and this pandemic crisis is proving it in spades.

The savvy hucksters know this. The not so savvy ones will attempt to go back to whatever cubicle job they think still exists for them before they quit their day jobs. But the career Outrage Brokers are already profiteering from that formula; feed the fear, sell security.

You know the names. Watch them. You’ll need to remember their nature when things shake out.

Zeroed Out

What even the best Red Pill rage-bait “entrepreneur” knows is that the vast majority of his/her soon-to-be-former supporters will be Zeroed Out in the coming months. There is no going back to what we thought of as normal. Even if we recover back to a comfortable normalcy fairly quickly this experience changes things. The game has changed, all games have changed, and the uncertainty of the basics will replace the leisure of having the personal concerns we used to entertain before the virus hit.

A lot of good men will be Zeroed Out in the wake of this crisis.

I think it ought to be part of any Red Pill aware man’s understanding that at many points in our lives we will be confronted with the prospects of having to rebuild ourselves. Failure, rejection and disappointment will happen for you, that’s just part of a man’s life, and it’s easy to rattle off platitudes about how many times you get back up being the measure of a man. But what I’m saying is there will be times when total reconstruction of your life will be a necessity.

You will be zeroed out at some point, and how you handle this is a much different situation than any temporary setback. This zeroing out is made all the more difficult when you confront the fact that what you believed to be so valuable, the equity you were told was what others would measure you by, was all part of your Blue Pill conditioning. At that point you need to understand that there is most definitely a hope for a better remake of yourself based on truths that were learned in the hardest way.

The red meat is still there. The chemical rush that comes from indignation-without-solution will always satisfy in the short term, but now it will be a reminder of what people had a luxury to pursue before all this shit went down. Grifters and Outrage Brokers know this. Zealots and Shamans know this. Black Pills, God-Pills, MGTOW and every Red Pill rebrand knows this. And the old order thinkers who were comfortable and self-righteous in the certainty of a condition that couldn’t ever end for them will all say they saw this coming while they shit their pants looking for a way to sustain themselves. The red meat is all that’s left for them, and they’ll climb over themselves to be the source of it.

I’m not throwing all this out there to freak anyone out. Freaking out is the reflexive response I’ve been seeing for 2 weeks now. It’s more infectious than the actual virus. I’m simply trying to put this crisis into rational, masculine perspective. That requires observation.

Yes, women are going to revert to their survival instincts; observe it, catalog it, use it to confirm what the Red Pill has been proposing for 20 years now.

Yes, lesser men will panic and expect you to panic along with them. Their imaginings and superstitions are a source of dopamine for them. Learn from their real nature.

Yes, the Outrage Brokers will all feed you fear and sell you product to allay that fear. They’ll all have a nootropic pill to cure Covid soon. Make a note of who they are.

And yes, you will likely be Zeroed Out in some manner in the coming year. Take comfort in knowing you’re definitely not alone. You, me, everyone will need to rebuild ourselves to some degree soon. Start analyzing you strengths, pay attention to what’s going on around you. You must be agile like never before. Many different aspects of Red Pill awareness will be confirmed for you, a lot probably have been already, learn from these confirmations. This is the Future Shock. Now is not the time to flounder in despair. Look for the opportunities.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. *Noticeable in its absence is all talk of Women’s History Month (March) and the need for reparations in gender inequities. *

    So true.

  2. Timely, the opportunists are showing their true colors,blatantly as if it is the norm.

    Schadenfreude has roots in Indignation. None will walk from this unscathed not even the psychopath that has set their hopes on it.

  3. Just an observation…Its much more likely to be blocked by these half wit wise old boys in the sphere for cross examining their public statements in the comments feed. What used to be non-response to invitations to converse further, are now met with misplaced responses and condemnation to eternal damnation as an exile from their wise counsel while they are busy saving the world from self destruction. I look forward to the wash and rinse and an economy that rewards merit more fluently. Thank you for sharing your views, RT.

  4. For the duration of the pandemic: give strong independent women the gift of proving how much they don’t need a Man. Don’t risk exposing them to your toxic Masculinity.

  5. This Coronavirus thing is just making more visible how pathetic humanity has really become…

    If you look at the media these kids are raised on you can see why this happens. They are rewarded for filming and posting high risk behavior. Reality clip shows train them to laugh at the pain of others. See a grandmother fall over and injure themselves? Fuckin hilarious right? They are watching life through their cameras now instead of participating in it which is proven to cause a disconnect between emotion and reality.

    Most people spend all day long texting about how much they care about a cause or how sad they are because someone they loved passed away. But the truth is that most of the time they do this to get attention on social medial. When someone posts something online think twice before liking or sharing it. Chances are that you are only leading another sorry excuse for a human being from this Gen Z to his self-destructive path of relying on likes and shares for his self-esteem.

    Most “hero’s” in their movies act like sociopaths but have “feelings”. Almost all action movies are based on the “hero” taking revenge on someone and ignoring any collateral damage. The “hero” tortures, kills, lies, and steals without any remorse. Violence is glorified. Ditto on video games (most). I was at a friend’s birthday party not to long ago and her little sister brought her own friends. So we had about 10 kids at picnic table texting and not talking to each other for a few hours. Turns out they were texting each other…………

    The ones who go postal have deep seated hatred of themselves. They see their own reflection in this clown world of ours. Where we are treated as mere social security numbers. No surprise they can therefore not get laid. I believe that they way we socialize our young men and women in the US has lead to this problem.

    If I was president I would try to “reset” this country, if you know what I mean by reset.


  6. Got to appreciate Rollo’s words here. Realistic with the situation, advice and the knowledge/hope – without huckster security package – that there is a chance to build yourself back up.

  7. Good job Rollo. I’ll be honest I was very concerned about my own well being at the start of the breakout. I have managed depression from a young age. I live by myself. I can’t go the gym or get out and travel. But using the Red Pill lense I know this is an opportunity. It’s times like these that show the measure of a man.

    I am now working from home. Now gives me plenty of time to work on my house with my friend. Become a more skilled guitar player. Read, write and study more. I’m still getting payed. Crypto has dropped off the planet, just like stocks & shares. Much of that is to do with cash being king in this crisis and people dumping assets they see of no intrinsic value so they can buy toilet roll. Short sighted? YES. I have been pumping more money into crypto at this time. The reason blockchain and crypto was created was for this kind of global crisis.

    The gender neutral supporters are still trying. I recently read an article, wrote by some guy, his opinion that religious institutes (specifically Catholic), because they do not want non-gender binary part of their church, they see LGBT as a conspiracy theory to bring down the traditional 2 gender order. Not true at all. Even through a global crisis of epic proportions the gynocentric believers are still peddling their dreams of an egalitarian eutopia. What they don’t realise is the current pandemic is a great leveller.

    Thanks Rollo for a well needed injection of sanity.


    The virus isn’t just killing fat old boomers. No one is recovering. It hides in your nervous system and reemerges again when your immune system lets up. It does this again and again, wearing you down and scarring your lungs each time. That’s why people are being released only to die later after being “reinfected”.

    WE ARE ALL FUCKED, do you understand? If you catch this virus you are absolutely fucked.

    WHO does not include “recovered” in their reports, poorly defined:

    New: “Recovered” drops dead, surge of reinfections

    28-Feb: Israeli “recovered” case tests positive again

    28-Feb: South Korea “recovered” case reinfected

    27-Feb: Xuzhou first case reinfected weeks after “recovery”

    27-Feb: “Recovered” in Japan sick again: reinfected or dormant

    26-Feb: 14% of “recovered” in Guangdong test positive again

    21-Feb: Patient reinfects himself after “recovery”

    19-Feb: “There is a likelihood of relapse”, expert says

    14-Feb: Reinfection possible and even deadlier

    31-Jan: Patients can get reinfected, no immunity after “recovery”

    Virus hides in neurons, indefinitely escapes recognition:

    Virus invades nervous systems:

    17-Mar: Italy first case tests positive again after “recovery”

    14-Mar: Cruise ship “recovered” case reinfected in Japan

  9. The essence of a situation distilled to it’s purest form. You’re a damn fine writer sir,

  10. Damn bro….how do you consistently lay it down so on target? What a great thinker. Do you have a reading list?

  11. “Many different aspects of Red Pill awareness will be confirmed for you, a lot probably have been already, learn from these confirmations. This is the Future Shock. Now is not the time to flounder in despair. Look for the opportunities.” I’ve seen this in my workplace. When social distancing (>6 ft apart) was first announced, the women in my workplace would get upset and yell if you got to close. The lack of moral and physical bravery has made me reconsider whom I will consider as a friend vs an acquaintance. The palatable fear and herd following I see as wretched weakness that I find disgusting.

  12. I can tell you that one positive benefit of the self-quarantining and ‘social distancing’ is that it’s made girls here where I live so incredibly horny. I’ve already banged 3 girls in the last month. All had that end of days vibe going into it….

    Of course game was still required. There must be some evolutionary psychology rationale for this….the last man standing or seeking to preserve the species or some sort of rebellious outburst.

    Both the girls were in the 20’s and otherwise very much introverts. So, Apocalypse Game…pursue it.

  13. I’ve probably seen two or three times on Facebook the last couple of days (forwarded by women): “Ladies, now is the time for you to start prioritizing finding a man with Apocalypse survival skills.”

    Of course, anyone who thinks that this is the beginning of SHTF better rein in the panic you mentioned. This is a reshuffling of priorities at the societal level; wait two or three months and things will be settling down quite a bit. But you’re right, it’s time to take stock of ourselves and where we’re coming up short, and where opportunities are about to expand.

    Personally, my advice is to look to where there’s a metaphorical arms race: chemistry, engineering, manufacturing, medicine, telecommunications and IT, and the trades are all where the real demand has been for years, and this is just going to ramp up demand in those areas.

    And, of course, if you can fix your own car, your own house, and your own computers, these are skills that will see you through the hard times moving forward as they have in the past. It gives you income security, wiggle room in your budget, and allows you to avoid debt. This is where peace of mind comes from when there’s a crisis on.

  14. Michael Davis
    “Ladies, now is the time for you to start prioritizing finding a man with Apocalypse survival skills.”

    Lol. “Hang around the finish line and let the winner carry you off”. Just as Rollo described it.
    Life is so much clearer with The Glasses on.

  15. One clear message that Villanueva is sending, is on gun stores.

    “We will be closing them, they are not an essential function,” Villanueva said. “I’m a supporter of the 2nd amendment, I’m a gun owner myself, but now you have the mixture of people that are not formerly gun owners and you have a lot more people at home and anytime you introduce a firearm in a home, from what I understand from CDC studies, it increases fourfold the chance that someone is gonna get shot.”

    Pay attention… No mention at all about spreading the virus.

  16. “anytime you introduce a firearm in a home, from what I understand from CDC studies, it increases fourfold the chance that someone is gonna get shot.”

    Aw, come on, give Villanueva a break…he’s just protecting his base…you know, criminals.

  17. Fear of allllll these ” criminals “.

    Criminals are the least of your worries. Law abiding nutjobs are much more dangerous, because they are strictly operating on fear and emotions. I keep bullets especially for them.

  18. Blax, it’s you celebrities who help us make it through times like these…there’s really no one more important than you…except health care workers…and first responders…people in essential services…ping pong players…mannequins…imaginary childhood friends, sure…and like 400 other types of people

    h/t Ryan Reynolds

  19. Feels over logic — perhaps twenty percent (?) of men prioritize reason/logic, retain mastery over emotion, and are therefore effective. Even when the wings have come off there is no panic — trying to fly it all the way down – no room for panic.

    So many males “uptalk” — rising inflection modeled on the feminine. Can’t help but wonder if it correlates.

    And so it is, urine on the sidewalks, everywhere, as people lose it.

  20. You often refer to red pill hucksters and shysters in your essays, but to be honest, I have no idea who you’re talking about. How many people do those con artists really have in their audience? If it’s less than 10-20,000 people, I don’t know why you spend so much time and energy criticizing them.

  21. opinion: The lack of, or the extreme need to control or eliminate emotions renders one inhuman/inhumane.

    Psychopathic researchers found that psychopaths often have these common traits: Lack of empathy, guilt, conscience or remorse. Shallow experiences of feelings or emotions. Impulsivity and a weak ability to defer gratification and control behavior.”

    People have emotions without being emotional. Normal people can’t control emotions, only how they react to them.

  22. @AD

    The economic impact will be…let’s just say, terrible, if not disastrous. Here is a short note on the non-sense of lockdowing an entire state:

    The fractionation of the redpill community: most of these people, eg. the people associated with the 21Con speakers, were not red-pillers to begin with: was AJ Cortes redpill ? Obviously, not. Was Ed Latimore ? Answer: no, etc. These people are motivational speakers (and fitness specialists like Cortes) and they have their own brands. Both of those are hustlers who work Twatter like a ping-pong table and use catchy phrases to get rewets and followers.

    Side note:

    After the quarantine was lifted in Chinese cities, “divorce rates in have risen significantly because ‘couples are spending too much time together at home’ during coronavirus self-isolation, according to register offices across the country. so much so that government offices can’t cope/process the huge rate of applications…”
    Tells you all you need to know about marriage and men and women living together.

    STAY SINGLE, my friends.

  23. Scuba, calm down.

    Global Times is CCP propaganda. And just because you find SARS2 in cerebro-spinal fluid doesn’t mean that it can reproduce there. It reproduces in the lungs and ENT.

    A relapse can happen with any virus, including the flu.

    If someone taking immunosuppressive drugs recovers from COVID19, then they will excrete the virus…but that can happen with any viral disease.

  24. Nevada gov. Sisolak bans the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for use on COVID19 patients. Because it hasn’t yet been tested clinically. You know, gone through 18 months of testing.

    Reported by msn and gateway pundit.

    Reminds me of the movie, Zulu, where a supply sergeant makes people sign for bullets in the middle of a battle and all the British die.

    Avoid Nevada at all costs. Leave now.

  25. @Rollo: thanks for the post and for hosting the FR section, where very interesting discussions are taking place.

  26. The sputtering simpering experts will finally be outclassed by the experts with some damned integrity.

  27. @ Scuba Steve


    Take a deep breath and get a grip! We have been dealing with viruses since we’ve been on this planet. None of them have succeeded in taking us out. Time will tell for long term consequences ( anybody else here old enough to remember the herpes scare? ), but we have certainly seen more devastating plagues. Up your A,C,D, and E, and practice some reasonable precautions. DON’T buy into the fear-mongering.

  28. @Sentient

    …it increases fourfold the chances that someone is gonna get shot.

    Actually much higher, if you come in uninvited.

  29. “. . . anybody else here old enough to remember the herpes scare?”

    I’m old enough to have had the measles – twice.

    “DON’T buy into the fear-mongering.”

    Remember Howard Hughes.

  30. Do you know what men, the more I read the more it makes me sick and not with Covid 19. The UK government are absolutely terrifying the public into submission as a form of control. A 21 year old girl died of Covid 19 but they are unsure if there was any underlieing health issues. Why would they not know that? Losers on Social Media are using it to give themselves more exposure. The girl who met a guy on a dating site only 2 weeks ago and now has to self isolate with him, putting her daily story on Twatter. Everybody thinks it is romantic. Fucking total bullshit. No pictures of him on Twatter just her well posed selfies.

    Millions of testing kits are being released next week. NHS workers are tested for free, as they should be, but the great unwashed have to buy the testing kit from the chemist. Government not footing the bill and not sending it out by mail on request? Oh no, won’t that cause big crowds to congregate at the chemist as everybody rushes out to buy it?

    The gov. Said companies do not need to submit their gender diversity stats reports (it was mandatory. Yes they are doing this in UK) because of the current situation. That’s good of them.

    Anyway I am using my time to rebuild my kitchen with my friend. Play a ton of guitar. Read, write and fart in my boxer shorts. I do miss the gym though.

  31. One recurrent theme in the people I consider worth listening to is that of awareness. At some point in their lives, they got the superpower of awareness. I like to think of it like some sort of spontaneous unplugging. Those people are rare and valuable. For the rest of us, there are windows of sensibility, usually after some form of trauma, where we are open to new information and are willing to change paradigms (within some arbitrary boundaries (ego investments?)). The danger, though, is that we are willing to consume the finished product, absorb the already digested information and sometimes implement some strategies, but not necessarily want to get the toolbox and learn how to use it. So, we get results, but never achieve mastery.

    Those guys profiting on crisis are selling you the branded goods. What you are buying, though, is not necessarily what is advertised. Sometimes you buy the comfort of a promise, like a canned food that goes into your pantry just in case. It is an amulet, not a tool. It is to calm your anxious mind, never to build something outside of it. It surely serves a purpose, but it is not what was advertised.

    So watch, carefully. Deduce intent from behavior and apply this tool at yourself.

  32. Here in Britain as elsewhere the MSM have been spreading hysteria with sociopathic glee rather poorly disguised as ‘keeping the general public fully informed.’ Last night on the BBC evening news we were treated to footage of an hysterical woman who claimed to be a nurse tearfully begging everyone to stay at home and denouncing anyone who ventured out as putting everyone’s life in danger. This was followed up by ‘experts’ and their doom-laden predictions. Right now this intense enforcement and shaming is working because people so far are treating being off work as an unexpected holiday,but when they realise that they’ve missed a mortgage/rent payment and as a large percentage live paycheck to paycheck it is entirely possible for most people there might be insufficient funds in the bank to cover even one mortgage/rent payment.
    So sooner or later people are going to start saying out loud in increasing numbers:’sorry old folks,but I am NOT losing my house over this. We all need to get back to work’.

    Then there is the exceptionally serious problem of restarting the world economy without getting air bubbles in the system. The handful of people I’ve talked with have not given this the slightest thought. They seem to believe that they’ll just be a backlog at their particular place of work which will get dealt with in a few weeks which is the most appalling naivety.
    I have been trying to counteract the hysteria amongst other women and I have been shamed by a number of them. They can’t believe that I am not having crying fits and/or indulging in endless hand-wringing, nor am I having to do slow deep breathing to avoid a panic attack. I am in some danger of having my woman card revoked.

  33. Thank you Rollo, really good stuff.

    A book that may be good reading for times like this is 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Harari

    It’s kind of seeing through the BS, anxiety, and hysteria of our times. Last chapter invited us to “just observe.”

    I found it helpful. Also, lesson 9 on Immigration was the clearest exposition on the topic I’ve read recently.

    Be good everyone.

  34. I became a Doomsday Prepper within the last yr. Aside from yourself not much remains of the manosphere good sir! It brings me no pleasure to see the world on the edge now, wars will follow this. I am glad I’ve spent the last yr preparing as much as possible and am therefore as ready as possible now. I find it strange, pre virus I found I could really only see negative as I awaited the economic bubbles to burst. Now that actual SHTF is here I find myself noticing the rays of light-more people trying to Prepare, not Panic as the msm claims, yes there’s plenty of panic too. All of the increase in people walking running biking out there with me now I take great heart in. Game Changer is a good description, coming from more of an economic angle I’ve been telling people that the Pre virus world will differ extremely from the post virus one. Everything has to be repriced and a lot of stuff is going down in price, cars stocks bonds houses commercial real estate etc. At the same time many things will be costing more-food clothes shoes firearms meds etc. I’d more than agree its going to affect everything on the other side of this. The quicker we can adjust our thinking to these new, ever changing realities, the more advantage we’ll all have. This is a highly fluid situation. Look up Jim Bianco his economic lens is as sharp as Rollo’s Red Pills lens is. Great thought provoking piece thank you.

  35. Our government will keep exploiting the crisis to justify the intensification of despotism.

    Many minds, both dissident and adherent, will inundate us with charts and statistics. Social distancing will be strictly monitored via GPS, and swathes of the population will be placed on The Superdole as we sink further into economic stagnation.

    At what point do we tell these people that enough is enough? Don’t we have rights that no virus can vitiate? We cannot be commanded to stay inside for months as our economy — and our livelihoods — disintegrates into nothing.

    You can tell these plague-time policies are being drawn up by the old money. They reek of fear and paranoia; of disregard, perhaps even disdain, toward posterity. Whatever statistics they sling post hoc are tainted by malevolence; therefore, why should we even obey? When we are told to follow a directive that is suicidal, and moreover, dripping with condescension and disdain for us plebs, I say again, why should we even obey?

  36. I hear you!

    Exploiting Safety and security and anxiety and hysteria are the name of the game now.

    The healthy feminine considers everything, even things the masculine may overlook.

    The skilled masculine sees through the chaos and finds the main thread, the root, and decides.

    Right now, though, we are suffused with the unhealthy feminine, which makes the swamp thicker, the chaos more encompassing. Harder to see anything.

    And our political system is a failure, as it doesnt promote nor reward healthy leadership. Period.

    So let’s keep our heads while the powers to round up up all the sheep around us.

  37. we aren’t consuming as much as we were pre covid crisis,I would wager the prepping isn’t as frequent as it would appear to be. The modern home has a laundry-mud room right off the garage then a door next to the washer leads directly to the master bath,closet and bedroom. The refrigerator is empty of sustenance. Alarge amount of food was distributed via bulk restaurant suppliers like SYSco that are now shuttered,the grocer is picking up the slack to stock those frige’s and the wholesale supply chain is being shifted to retail.

  38. I’m fairly concerned, not about the virus. Not much I can do to stop it. Carrying on pretty much as usual. I’m isolated when working, driving or in the house (remote rural hovel) as a matter of course. Pub’s shut, sod the world.
    Missus is confined to barracks up in the city (town flat), and she’s always worked down a wire since the days of fax and dialup.
    Kids are staying in England, one working from home as directed (VPNs, login at the usual time) one at uni and stuck in the house there, needs to get a load of work done anyway.

    What is bothering me is UK gov.’s frankly spastic flailing over the issue. One day it’s “go out and exercise” (fat chance, never have). Then it’s “police are gonna fuck you up if you try to leave the house” Fines, literal roadblocks and so on. Everything they “advise” is invariably contradicted by some other department, or by plain logic.
    Since Thursday it’s been “put the whole country under house arrest”. In the next week or two the consequences of that policy will become apparent to even these dolts, and reverse gear engaged. Then back again. Authoritarian anarchy!

    As Stephanie G noted above, the ludicrous nursie-worship is getting to Diana levels of national hysteria. The Internet has noticed too. “Crying nurses are the new drowned refugees”.

    Where I am just now (dahn Souf) they did that ostentatious “go out and clap for the NHS at 2000hrs”.but I heard only one or two. Heck of a lot of oldsters round here, Silents and Greatests, and they’re savvy enough to know the saintly NHS will triage and bin them as soon as look at them. They’ve seen rationing before. “Free at the point of use”, my arse, even though they’ve theoretically paid the biggest share of NI stamps over the decades.
    For people my age and above, it might as well not exist when Bad Stuff happens.
    Boris has got it now, official, lozzlloozzlll

    1. @Tam. Yeh the government here has really screwed the pooch on this one. The NHS has always done a good job. Being a nurse or a Doctor is a vocation and not just a job. You want to have to be it your life. So, what do people do? Stand outside their houses clapping to thank all the health workers. Ridiculous. These are the same people emptying the supermarket shelves with panic buying. Their fear and panic, elevated to fever pitch by the government and the media, causing the NHS to be over stretched. Not the virus.

      What do the government say today? They hope to stop the virus at 200,000 deaths in the UK. Fuck me, why tell people that? Population control with fear. They want people to stay indoors. The best way to do that is scare the shit of people.

      I have never been a big fan of the general population and this pandemic just reveals the true nature of human beings. I’m just eating my popcorn and watching the world burn.

  39. From Rollo’s Twitter feed:

    “Become one with the tool or instrument or thing you are studying.”

    When I’m asked who taught me to play, my answer is usually “The instrument.”

  40. Tam ye Bam
    <Where I am just now (dahn Souf) they did that ostentatious “go out and clap for the NHS at 2000hrs”.

    Wait, wot? Suppose a bloke can even find a poxy doxy that early, how’s he sposed to know what variety of crotch rot she’s got? Does it have to be the clap? How’s this sposed to help out the NHS, anyway?

    Her Majesty’s gummint is flat bonkers, that’s all.

  41. @ AR; I’d love to do my bit. is all about “herd immunity” at the min. (a loathsome bit of newspeak that became common currency Over Here during the Andrew Wakefield/MMR vax scandal of the ’90s, it doesn’t freak us ur-proles out as much as it seems to do the rest of the Anglosphere).
    Obv. that herd of nursies is going to need servicing.
    But ‘Er Indoors might take a different view. Also it would be a very slow rate of return, at my age.

  42. Two things I know to be true. 1) Most people living in the industrialized West have absolutely no idea of what real hardship is like and 2), Most people have the propensity to be idiots. Like a previous poster stated, it’s not the actual virus that poses and existential threat, it’s how the people around you behave.

    I’m hardly affected. I live and work on my farm and Spring is here. My concern is accessing the basics like diesel for my equipment and dog food.

    However……..I am a volunteer firefighter and provide backup to EMS on occasion. I certainly don’t want to be exposed to this virus on a call. It is fatal to some people and I really don’t want to be exposed. I try to leave that up to the young guys.

    Haven’t run into much grift lately other then what I’ve seen on the internet regarding colloidal silver and I’m really selective about any Red Pill content I choose to consume. Most of it is repetitive and derivative these days anyway. As a side note, my GF has asked to stay with me during the duration and has gone into full-on, traditional, mode. Cooking, cleaning, and helping with the outside chores. She said “I feel safe with you.”

    The preppers and evangelicals are ecstatic and due for a let down. The SJW’s are strangely silent. Personally, I think that most of this goofy shit is a result of people having way too much time on their hands. I’m concerned about the stock markets and really concerned about the American compulsion towards autocracy but I also think this will blow over and we’ll be back to doing whatever,

    Keep posting and stay well, y’all.

  43. Most people living in the industrialized West have absolutely no idea of what real hardship is like

    They are about to find out. Around me, the dozen plus high street restaurants are empty. What would be hour plus waits on Saturday night – crickets. A few places trying take out. No one around. Maybe 5-10% of typical revenues.

    Most retail places (not big box) are laying off.

  44. “Most retail places (not big box) are laying off.”

    My observation after going out shopping is that what closing businesses has mostly accomplished is giving a virtual monopoly on over the counter sales to big boxes and gas stations, thus forcing me into high traffic and customer density outlets.

  45. Although where I live is incorporated as a city it does not appear on the census records of incorporated areas of more than 100,000 population. We’re nowhere big enough for that. Looking out my back window I see a working cow feed corn field (the leaves are still off the trees).

    Guess where all The City people are going to be “safe?”

    It has reached the Yukon, the Congo, New Zealand and even Greenland. There are hot spots, but there are no havens.

  46. “You, me, everyone will need to rebuild ourselves to some degree soon.”

    Well, I started rebuilding myself after my divorce a few years ago. Went from being a computer programmer to racehorse hotwalker, call-center employee, big rig driver and now store cashier. So I have multiple skills I can fall back on. And, with my state having implemented a shutdown order, I’m considered essential. So not only do I still have work, my store gave us a temporary pay bump during this mess and as many hours as we want. On top of that, I get a check from the gubmint! What’s not to like? And I built up over a year’s worth of pay in the bank, so I can weather the storm. Oh, and I’m too old and bitter to really give a shit what women think and want out of this, nor do I think I want any of them (nor the weak men I see) around me. I’m perfectly happy as a MGTOW.

    Honestly, if I was living my retirement goal/dream right now (living in an RV, boondocking ready), then I’d be in the desert in New Mexico or somewhere right now just having a beer and waiting for the world to stop going apeshit long enough for me to come back to civilization. Give me a few years and I’ll get there.

    Who needs to rebuild? I’ve already done that and am thriving while others are going mad. And loving it!

    1. Sounds like you’re living the dream. Way to go!
      I’ve been married for a couple of decades now (traditional, strictly religious woman; life is good). This Coronavirus crap hasn’t caused a panic in our house because we’ve been building up food storage and stuff for our whole marriage, and we haven’t even tapped the stored food yet. But it’s got her even more on board with becoming highly paid telecommuters and moving to the country in the next couple of years now. Like I tell her: “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean that society ISN’T going to lose it’s mind.”

  47. For the record: The world isn’t ending. Not even close.

    Too many people that have never experienced bad shit reacting the way that people that have never experienced bad shit are prone to act.

    If this happened while the fake fiat money system collapsed, and all infrastructure ceased to function, then there’d be a real world ( west ) ending problem.

    This is a problem with an end point.

  48. “Too many people that have never experienced bad shit reacting the way that people that have never experienced bad shit are prone to act.”

    Know what?, blax, you lump guys like me into that. I have never not experienced bad shit. I just am not that reactive to it. So much so, that I have this good or bad thing called euphoric recall. And you guys know I have it in spades.

    And I just had a euphoric, fuck my wife moment and had to go downstairs and get re-hydrated.

    And it made my mind more clear… Go figure, how the fuck did that happen?…


    Euphoric recall is a psychological term for the tendency of people to remember past experiences in a positive light, while overlooking negative experiences associated with that event(s). Euphoric recall has been cited as a factor in substance dependence,[1][2][3] as well as anger problems.[4] Individuals may become obsessed with recreating the remembered pleasures of the past.[5]

    Color me guilty of that shit. I don’t even remember the people that died on my watch. I count zero. And I’ve never been deposed or sued in 30 years. And I’ve still never been in a car accident. Although I did find a nail in my tire (actually a screw, bald faced draining the air, albeit slowly. Only about the fifth one. And I’ve had my lug nuts come unscrewed only about three times in the last 10 years, oops. Deal with it and life goes on,…)

    But doesn’t mean that a guy like me can’t via intellect soldier on through the carnage.

    Or turn a trick. Or two or three.

    Or? We all know what is going on here right, because it is the same as it ever was, only more intensely intense.

    Millions are going to be zeroed out with Covid.

    Do the best you can.

    Do the best you can as an adult.

    It’s not about putting one over another. (not that there is anything wrong with that…cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze. rub nose, get in fights, pull out hair extensions, hoe fight…go for it. Just be normal human in a live and let die world. Go for it.)

    Or not.

    What is not?

    Comment. I dare you. But only comment to me as it relates to to MRP. I really don’t relate to anything else. And I see a scarcity going forward for non relationship game. It pretty much is written on the wall for the non-talented.

    And if you think you might have my rational thinking pegged? You might only have a bit or a tenth of it pegged.

    Everything changes all the time. Nothing is static. The trick is having enough robustness in order to have an ability to be versatile.

  49. ER doctor offers lessons on treating Covid-19 patients… Cheat Sheet for Physicians (excellent read)…

    the ER doc tried hydroxychloroquine by itself…but that didn’t work for him, so he stopped…

    Vladimir Zelenko treated his patients with hydroxychloroquine and zinc…and had excellent success…hundreds of patients…

    …the reason is that the effective agent against viruses is zinc…but zinc by itself isn’t absorbed very readily into cells…even if there are elevated levels in the blood…there’s a pump in cells to get rid of ions like zinc…because too much zinc is toxic to cells…but to treat covid19 you need to get zinc levels up during the period of treatment…(continued)…

  50. …one more thing…the reason that you need hydroxychloroquine is that hydroxychloroquine is like a hypodermic that injects zinc into the cells…the technical term for that is “zinc ionophore”…

    …the following article is about chloroquine’s ionophoric character but may also apply to hydroxychloroquine…

    …be careful with all this…we are in an emergency situation now, but there could be ramifications later…so some caution is indicated…

    …I’ve heard tell of some other zinc ionophores out there…in case Plaquenil is in short supply…you’ll have to do your own research on them…

  51. The Cloud people are always conscious that they are a very tiny minority who could be swept away at any moment by the 99%. So for centuries now they have employed a divide and conquer strategy. They keep all our eyes off the ball by fracturing the family,undermining religion and social norms and pitting men against women.
    They have always employed bogey men to distract the masses. Witches,commies, black uprisings,hijacking terrorists in the 70s,AIDS,narco-terrorists,crazed dictators, Satanic child abuse,Islamic terrorists and cultural Marxists.
    The best approach is to always been sceptical about everything. Are men really out to oppress women continuously and systematically? Are women nothing more than gold-digging bitc**s? Is the LGBT community really out to make every boy/girl gay or transgender? Are blacks really getting too upitty?

    1. @asd. Tanks for all these papers. Loving them. Positive science that cuts through all the government and media fear mongering bullshit.

  52. I got another piece of the puzzle today…

    npr had a piece about why Germany’s mortality rate is so low…they don’t have centralized control like the CDC…covid19 is detected early…they don’t do lockdown/sip…South Korea likewise has much better results…for the same reason…

    How does Dr. Zelenko get such good results? He gets patients before their lungs are severely damaged…he gets patients to see him early…

    …I suspect that Dr. Zelenko is aggressive about testing patients…he informs them to seek help early…probably sees them in shul or calls them at home…

    I think that primary care physicians have to be aggressive and call their patients at home to inform them to call in as soon as they are short of breath or have a high fever…

    …we are way too focused on ventilators…if patients require the vent for covid19, the prognosis is poor…100%…if patients survive (30-50% chance), they will have chronic respiratory disease…

    …the message needs to be that primary care physicians need to be aggressive about informing patients to call in early if they show symptoms…that the prognosis is much better if treatment begins early…

    …primary care physicians’ offices need to call patients at home to inform them about early treatment giving a much better prognosis…informing them to call in as soon as they show symptoms…day or night…hours can mean life or death…

  53. @Wildside

    You’re welcome. Papers can be helpful, but they aren’t sufficient in our current national emergency. Dr. Zelenko’s success is proof of that. He used his noggin as well as published papers and his patients thrived. And I suspect that Dr. Zelenko works a lot of hours…day and night…700 patients in a couple of weeks…

    …docs need an effective preliminary treatment protocol–which Zelenko provides–but they also have to be aggressive about getting to patients early…patients can have all kinds of reasons to delay, but if a doctor’s office reaches out and offers hope with early treatment, patients are more likely to seek help early…

    1. @asd. The podcast was excellent. Zelenko explains everything in an easy to understand format for the layman. His ‘cocktail’ he described, sounds very promising. All known drugs that have been tested and used for years.

      He just cut through all the bullshit. Covid 19 is 10 times worse than flu. He said, up to the age of 60, healthy people’s immune system can fight it off, with out any serious complications and he stated we know that for a fact. He even suggested ‘herd immunity’. Here in the UK the media and gov. Are telling people the elderly are more vulnerable but nobody is safe and it could kill anybody of any age. The media has said a couple of young people have died of what they say is Covid 19 but I take that with a pinch of salt. Bad news is what keeps them in a job. Lieing bastards.

      I agree the medical institutes have to be more aggressive instead of trying to just implement damage control. We now have testing kits and if Zelenko’s treatment (only $20 per treatment) is allowed to be used it can be caught before it gets to ICU.

  54. Palma Sailor

    Anonymous Bartender: “Ma’am, I believe you may have had enough Mimosas for one afternoon”.

    Now we’re down to virtual beta orbiters? Sheaaah, call NASA and see wot they’ve got!

    1. @Palma, AR. Spot on. Women realise the narrative has changed. They no longer hold the control. As Rollo would say, ‘attention is the coin of the realm in girl world’ but they are no longer getting payed. Not even the prossies. I had a look at my old online haunts and I found this funny. An argument between a prossi and a loser Punter. He complained she would not kiss even though she said she did on her profile. Her answer was that she was not kissing because of the Coronavirus……LOL So, blow Jobs, arse licking, fucking and naked bodies writhing together does not transmit coronavirus? Who would of guessed. The lack of logic and actual Intelligence stuns me.

      I myself, have been locked up for 2 weeks. Working from home. Yes, I miss the gym and little things like grabbing a coffee, going to a restaurant, sitting in a beer garden with a few friends but I have a routine at home. From a psychological point of view I know the majority of the western world is doing the same. I have a boat load of free time and I am making use of it and actually enjoying it. Making plans for when this is all over.

      An online woman I have been speaking on and off with, never met, has been bombing me. ‘Wouldn’ t it be fun if we where locked down together? ‘. No, I answered. We would kill each other. This Pandemic has made me truly appreciate being a single man. It’s awesome. I feel sorry for the poor bastards locked down with a woman, realising her shit does stink, she’ s not really a 10 and that he would not jump In front of a bullet for her. The relationship has been accelerated by 6 months, in just 2 weeks and he realises ‘Wow, what was all the fuss about?’.

      Another man said to me once, I can’t remember who it was, when I pointed out a hot girl in the street, ‘As hot as she is, remember there is a man out there who is fed up looking at her and fed up having sex with her’.

      Hopefully this current crisis will re-balance the sexual market place. I am hopeful but I doubt it will.

  55. I don’t want to sound all emotional like a woman but it’s good to have you guys and this forum in this time of crisis. The pragmatic truth that cuts through all the bullshit.

    @Rollo. I have also started re-reading your 3 books for a 4th time. It’s either that or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I had to decide which added more value 😀

  56. 😂 ” Another man said to me once, I can’t remember who it was, when I pointed out a hot girl in the street, ‘As hot as she is, remember there is a man out there who is fed up looking at her and fed up having sex with her’.”

    I’ve been telling men this since the 80’s. Even said it here a few times.

    That’s the thing I’m finding fascinating about this whole lockdown thing, people don’t like/can’t stand being at home, and that they hate being around the person/people they chose or gave birth to. Imo, it’s just one more thing in the long list of what went wrong in society. A lot of people have chosen to live ” life ” with superficial relationships of every stripe.

    Being able to almost completely avoid human responsibility has been the order of the day.

    So why is it driving people crazy when it’s an ” order ” of sorts? Are people that dependant on being acted upon by their environment?

  57. Rollo

    Can we get maintenance in here to get a look at this “Read more” link situation?

  58. Technology has allowed women to get virtual free attention from thirsty orbiters.

    The time is right to flip that script. If I did online… And was locked down…


    I’d be htting up girls and working on my game now, with the goal of having them do real time strip shows and peep shows. For shits and giggles.

    What does one have to lose? Make that 🍋 lemonade 🍋 at a nice splash of vodka 🍹

  59. Blax,

    “That’s the thing I’m finding fascinating about this whole lockdown thing, people don’t like/can’t stand being at home, and that they hate being around the person/people they chose or gave birth to. Imo, it’s just one more thing in the long list of what went wrong in society. A lot of people have chosen to live ” life ” with superficial relationships of every stripe.”

    First you and I are people,just not like most people. Commercials and social conditioning have normalized us all to proxies of reality or proxies for action.

  60. Blax

    It isn’t that we have chosen to live with superficial relationships it is what we were sold with promise of reward. The social porn of the entertainment industry doesn’t line up with our realities., The writers and editors of our proxies have many agendas. The People we have chosen and given birth to don’t match the script. So we double down on the distraction to further exacerbate the condition…..

  61. Blax

    “Being able to almost completely avoid human responsibility has been the order of the day.”

    Our natural environment provided expectant dopamine stimulation on a constant basis. While the men were out fishing(constant dopamine feed BTW)the women were gathering and expectant of what the men would bring back,this for the women is a double dopamine feed.
    In todays scenario the men that only provided a hit on payday are not giving her a hit at all. These same men are missing the expectancy in their womans demeanor. …

  62. Blax

    “So why is it driving people crazy when it’s an ” order ” of sorts? Are people that dependant on being acted upon by their environment?”

    The order in essence makes all men betas,the government will provide and protect. The order makes us dependents. Our environment is a reflection of our commercials of choice ,it is only a proxy for the real thing. We haven’t evolved to the point of understanding and have failed to foster it because that would be bad for sales.

  63. Sentient

    Can we get maintenance in here to get a look at this “Read more” link situation?

    Problem with upvotes / downvotes also.
    Looks like a “widget” problem, possibly javascript related

  64. Even her?

    I think it was Black Dragon that came up with categorizing men that needed Sexual Newness (need of different sexual acts to get off) and Sexual Variety (need different women to get off) (of course there’s the ones that are ‘normal’ and will be satisfied with doing the same thing with the same girl forever).

    In my 28 year ltr I suffered from the sexual variety syndrome.

    Heck even with my HB9 black 20yo SB I suffered from sexual newness and variety after 3 years. I’d sneak in others on occasion and could pop inside of 3 minutes rather than not pop after 40 minutes.

    I thought the not cumming was due to age (I’m 61 in 5 days) but being with a new girl and cumming twice in one night convinced me of BD’s categorization.

    To each his own – generalization comes at a risk of not seeing the data.

    1. @asd. The general population are bell ends. They get told to stay indoors and work from home and yet the train platforms and trains are rammed. It also doesn’t help the trains are running a limited service. Also Boris and the government left it far too late before implementing social distancing and when he did, over night, people did not listen and to an extent still aren’t. Another point is as late as 20 March sporting events and other large public gatherings where still going on. Liverpool played Atletico Madrid on the 15th and they let 2000 Spanish supporters fly into the UK and go to the game. The UK government had their head in the sand.

      I have also witnessed the censoring of news on the Internet and it seems to be anything positive related to the pandemic. After I had watched that podcast, you posted, by Dr Zelenko, later that day a news article popped up in my feed related to that podcast. Later in the day it disappeared. I did a search for it, to post the link to a friend, and it was like it never existed. Last week another item popped up in my feed. This was relating to scientists saying good news is the virus is not mutating and so creating a vaccine would be easier, unlike flu which has to have new vaccine created every year. Later that day, the article, disappeared from existence.

  65. virus

    lmfao… ASD is like a small child, pat on the head. Get out of here you rascal… lolzlolzolz

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