Exit Dalrock

This is truly depressing.

Yesterday Dalrock announced that he’s stepping away from his blog. Not only that, but he’s contemplating deleting the blog and over 10 years of what can only be described as seminal work in explaining contemporary Christianity from a Red Pill perspective.

I’m not sure what prompted this decision. I want to chalk it up to burnout, but I’m afraid that doesn’t explain the desire to erase a body of work of Dalrock’s magnitude. Everyone gets burned-out at some stage and 10+ years is a long time to sustain a blog that’s as well-thought as Dalrock’s.

I’m talking with Dal via email now and I’m trying to make sense of this decision. Several people have already begun to archive the ‘best of’ Dalrock for posterities sake, but I’m not sure this aligns with his desire to remove his work entirely.

I’ve been friends with Dalrock for 10 years and it’s no exaggeration to say that no one has done more seminal work on examining Red Pill intersexual dynamics in the context of mainstream Christianity than Dal. His blog has been the go-to place for discussing the Red Pill within a framework of Christian convictions for as long as I’ve been blogging. In fact, we both began blogging at around the same time and we used bounce ideas off each other on the old RooshV forums in a private discussion sub Roosh himself had set up for the likes of myself, Dalrock, Roissy (for a brief time) and various other Manosphere notables of that time.

When I first launched this blog I gave serious consideration to include some section or dedicated space to issues of Red Pill awareness and how religion (Christianity in main) is intertwined in it. I gave up on that idea in the early days of The Rational Male because Dalrock had so thoroughly covered what I knew then would be a necessary part of what was becoming the “manosphere“. And to be completely honest, Dalrock did it better than I had the time to invest in making it worthwhile. So I stuck to my policy of never discussing religion (or politics or race) in specific unless it crossed over into intersexual dynamics.

In these 10 years the one forum or commentariat that I participated in with regularity was Dalrock’s comment sections. I would relate the ideas he was developing to Red Pill concepts and he in turn would use my ideas to better illustrate what he was seeing transpire in Christian dating, Christian marriages, romantic/chivalric idealism and secularism transforming intersexual dynamics in a Christian context. A lot of this came to a head when he (and I) began challenging a new generation of ‘masculinity pastors’ and their own misguided ideals, and their efforts to turn the Manosphere into their pet ministries. It’s these grifters who’ll be toasting the demise of Dalrock’s blog the loudest this weekend.

When I began work on my upcoming 4th book about the Red Pill and religion my first impulse was to coauthor it with Dalrock. I asked him more than once to consider going in on the book with me, but his desire for privacy and anonymity had him decline my requests. Instead I asked if he (and various other men I respect in the christo-red pill community) would be someone I could quote and consult for the book. This he agreed to. In the new book I quote Dal’s blog quite a bit; particularly with regard to scripture and his concepts of marriage and child rearing in our brave new world of gynocentrism.

Dalrock filled a unique position in the ‘sphere. He more than myself has always been a thorn in the side of Trad-Cons & Red Pill Pastors (Warhorn) and their efforts to force-fit their old order beliefs into what the Red Pill was making more and more Christian men aware of. The Red Pill has never been a threat to faith, but it has been a threat to men who’ve built social and personal frameworks around a church culture that validates their Blue Pill conditioned lifestyles. If Rollo Tomassi points out how the Feminine Imperative has replaced the Holy Spirit in contemporary church culture and doctrine, well, he’s just a sinning PUA who can be dismissed. But if Dalrock rips back the veneer of ‘Christian Kosher’ Feminism that pervades the modern church, that’s when these guys have to do their homework.

All that’s gone now. And, potentially, all of that work is at risk of being deleted. All of the well-thought articles that held feet to fire and challenged an increasingly more feminized church (and their male feminist ‘christian’ apologists) to seriously look at itself are going away. And as I said, I’m sure the grifters are rejoicing and seeing it as a sure sign that God is at work in the Manosphere.

Blogs are Dead

I’m wondering if the age of blogging is at an end. 12 years ago blogs were the way to express ideas to a wider audience. Twitter and most of the social media we take for granted today was around, but it was certainly less endemic as it is now. Hell, even YouTube was still privately owned back then. If you wanted to build an online media brand you had to really believe in what you were doing to make the effort worthwhile. Blogging has always been a labor of love. That’s especially true today because everyone on social media today is their own Brand of Me. If all you do it curate an Instagram account with no other function than to show off how great a life you live, congratulations, you are your brand. It’s second nature to us now, but it used to take a lot more effort to relate your digital consciousness to an audience. That was what you used to blog for.

Now, even the most basic social media accounts can be ‘influencers‘. In fact it’s become so endemic that big name brands and their social media PR specialists have figured out that tween-age girls like to think of themselves as ‘micro-influencers’ and “hire” them to represent their brands for as little as a 30% discount on the product itself. As I mentioned in last week’s post, the barrier to entry has been reduced to almost nothing these days. But that ‘nothing’ barrier removes the process necessary to really develop one’s passions, or develop what one thinks about their beliefs. Content is king, but just calling it “content” reduces passions and ideas to a commodity. Are you a content provider or are you an ideas person?

The commodification of ideas, beliefs, imagination, creativity, etc. is really where this ‘sphere and countless others are heading. It’s not hard to start an online brand. Drop-shippers are all basically selling the same Chinese product, but the brand, the logo, the competition is all just a popularity contest now. Want to be a Red Pill dating/life coach? Just read passages from The Rational Male verbatim on a 5 minute video shot on your iPhone 7 and call it your original work. It’s not plagiarism, it’s content deliverables, right?

The easier things are to produce, the more real creativity suffers. Assuming most people in the future actually have original content to deliver, the process also makes them beholden to prioritize the production over the actual product. Blogs are not very good at that kind of prioritization. I was always amazed at how Roissy/Heartiste could produce a blog post a day right up until ‘his’ deplatforming last year. Most of those daily posts were just current event filler crap and C&P’ed comments from his threads, but in between it all there were the occasional strokes of genius. And those genius posts became fewer and fewer in the last 4 years.

I’ve never posted for the sake of posting. Traffic has never been my priority on this blog. Neither has monetization. The message of this blog and my thoughts have always taken precedent. In almost 10 years I’ve never written an essays for an audience. I put forth what I think needs to be considered and hopefully people can use that information to construct a better way of living with it. But in the coming decade pandering to an audiences’ sensibilities will be the only thing most content producers will focus. Audience engagement and content providing is already trumping any real discourse.

And this is the real hard thing to accept about Dalrock’s retirement and deleting himself; it’s 10+ years of real, passionate, ideas and necessary debate that’s been instrumental for men in understanding the state of Christianity, church culture, Red Pill awareness and so many other related issues:

When I think of the wholesale destruction of Dalrock’s work I’m reminded of how violent members of a conquering tribe/nation/religion are prone to destroy the artistic and intellectual works of the society they’ve overthrown. The first order of business is to erase the art, the ideas, the ‘gods’ of the defeated tribe, or to plagiarize the best of it and erase the rest. Burn the books, destroy the symbols, appropriate and assimilate the ideas; in the end it’s an indictment of the one who’s doing the erasing. I have no doubt that once Dalrock’s work is gone there will be ‘grave robbers’ lining up to distort what he built to fit their own narratives and provide them with content to call their own.

And all for what? Roosh has decided to erase himself recently as well. All the work he created that was so influential in the ‘sphere, now that’s traded for a new kind of nihilism. And all the usual moralist suck ups are ready to see him as the Prodigal Son. See? We were right all along. Our faith is validated and confirmed! But all the same problems that brought us to questioning that faith are still where we left them. Only now there’s no one left to point out their inconsistencies. No one’s left to identify the Blue Pill conditioning that’s prompted so many men to leave the churches. No one’s left to call bullshit! Only those grave robbers are left; the same guys who’ve been apologizing for never understanding the Blue Pill or their compromised masculinity because their faith and existence depends on it.

Blogs are dead. Long live The Rational Male.

Just to allay any concerns, no, I’m not shuttering this blog. I’m still going to be writing here and elsewhere. I’m not unpublishing anything. Maybe blogs are now a dead media, but I do my best thinking here. And yes, I fully expect some ‘coaches’ will be lifting my material to fulfill their content quotas. Just be sure to remind them where they’re sourcing it from whenever possible.

I will apologize for not posting as consistently as I have in the past, but this is mostly because I’ve been focusing on the latest book. Like I said, I don’t post for the sake of posting. I craft my essays and I don’t publish them until I think I’ve stated what I needed to state.

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  1. That is sad to hear. Unfortunately the digital landscape has changed. ‘Content’ today is somebody streaming Fortnite or PUBG and getting payed 6 figures for it.

  2. I don’t think blogs, or mens’ interests sites are dying at all. just changing. Having a blog for the sake of having a blog is dead. You need something more. People aren’t just going to read the posts of an anonymous writer. You need to have a presence on multiple platforms. Just having a blog is a recipe for quitting.

    The manosphere is dead either. It’s changing. Dating dynamics for men aren’t improving; they’re getting worse. Men are turning away from dating to focus on themselves, their mission and their families. That’s better than gaming & chasing. The time you spend learning game could be spent mastering a skill, which in turn makes you attractive. In a superficial and ultra-connected society, you need to stand out.

  3. In the early days I read Dalrock intermittently and found the commenters irritating. Over the years I began to read his work consistently, though I am not religious, and found the comments highly worthwhile, especially when contributors were describing their own experiences.

    Often a blog address one main issue or question, and Dalrock’s was: what is a modern, young Christian man to do now that he cannot find a young, Christian wife? That is, when all the girls in church are in their run-around period or have ‘made mistakes’?

    Churchian pastors command those young men to marry single mothers when they reach their 30s and are willing to condescend to marry those well-behaved, less exciting chaps. After all, the girls have debts and expenses. Red pill knowledge informs the men of the dangers, but what does Christianity tell them of the solution? How are they to cut the Gordian knot?

    Dalrock did well in criticizing the anti-Biblical nature of chivalry preaching, where mainstream church leaders frame Christianity as some sort of female worship cult, but he never managed to advise what those men ought to do right now, with the situation as it is.

    Consciously or unconsciously, he realizes that he is unable to help the majority of his readers. Church reform is a long-run goal. In the meantime, single and divorce-raped Christian men are floundering, and they don’t know where to turn. This does not bode well for the future of Christianity, especially when another religion, one in particular, might offer them a more practical solution.

    Any mainstream, societal religion must offer its adherents not just spiritual peace, but also a framework for life and a sustainable template for civilization. Both secularism and Churchianity fail to provide this.

  4. Sad to see him go, he’s done so much good.
    Glad you’re sticking around Rollo, and I’m hoping there will be an archive up of his work similar to the one that exists for Roissy/Heartiste’s content.

  5. Nikolai Vladivostok

    Yeah, I agree with most of what you’re saying.

    One thing I always appreciated about Dalrock was his willingness to hear people out. In fact, he went farther with that than I think he should have at times, but he always provided room for hurting men to say what was on their minds.

    Lots of folks want a systemic solution, but I don’t see how we get from here to there. Local, personal solutions are the only ones that look viable to me.

  6. If blogging is changing or becoming less relevant, then its because of changing audience. Millennials are into instagram or snapchat or tiktok whatever is the fad of the moment.

  7. Rollo, glad you’re keeping your blog up. Can you reveal, how many people ended up “being” Roissy before the final takedown?

  8. Roger that… However, “The more things change the more they stay the same.” Along with red and grey(?) pills, one needs to take a ‘chill pill’ occasionally. Rash departures are dramatic and can be unwise. Establish a perimeter, and hold your ground. Screw the drifters & the absurd “content” claptrap.

    Frankly i am not familiar Dalrock or with ‘christo red pillers ‘ etc., which sounds like a complicated brew of evolution and a portable, malevolent, desert God, mystical as that might be. (I do not mind that you generally avoid the religion topic). Carry on! FkFingFkers

  9. RM is going to be the biggest red pill community after heartiste and now Dalrock members will flock over here

  10. Blogging being dead is generational. It isn’t dead for older men, but it’s really dead for younger men. It’s kind of like “Dad’s old fashioned social media”. The young prefer listening/watching to reading anything long format, so it makes sense that you have moved a lot of your content to YouTube — it’s where the larger audience is, currently, and that’s not likely to change back to being centered around long-form essays in blogs anytime soon.

    I agree with the comment above that today it’s about being a multi-platform presence. People need to hear you, see you, like you … then maybe they will read something you wrote, if they really want to. That’s different than it was 10 years ago, and it’s also largely generational in nature. Also … it’s much, much, much more time consuming (and much less anonymous) to be a multi-platform presence than it is to be a blogger, and blogging itself can be time-consuming enough. This raises the barrier to entry for someone who is primarily a writer (like, say, Dalrock is), but who needs to spend a lot of time on non-writing platforms in order to develop an audience for his text. It’s a different game, and one that quite a few amateur/part-time/avocation writers are not going to want to play, especially if they are busy in real life generally.

  11. 20 Then the Lord said, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous 21 that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. If not, I will know.”

    22 The men turned away and went toward Sodom, but Abraham remained standing before the Lord.[d] 23 Then Abraham approached him and said: “Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? 24 What if there are fifty righteous people in the city? Will you really sweep it away and not spare[e] the place for the sake of the fifty righteous people in it? 25 Far be it from you to do such a thing—to kill the righteous with the wicked, treating the righteous and the wicked alike. Far be it from you! Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?”

    26 The Lord said, “If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.”

    “Be careful that no one misleads you,” returned Jesus, “for many men will come in my name saying ‘I am christ’, and they will mislead many. You will hear of wars and rumours of wars—but don’t be alarmed. Such things must indeed happen, but that is not the end. For one nation will rise in arms against another, and one kingdom against another, and there will be famines and earthquakes in different parts of the world. But all that is only the beginning of the birth-pangs. For then comes the time when men will hand you over to persecution, and kill you. And all nations will hate you because you bear my name. Then comes the time when many will lose their faith, and will betray and hate each other. Yes, and many false prophets will arise, and will mislead many people. Because of the spread of wickedness the love of most men will grow cold, though the man who holds out to the end will be saved. This good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed to men all over the world as a witness to all the nations, and the end will come”

  12. I pray Dalrock turns his body of work into a book that will bless this generation and subsequent ones if he elects to do the unthinkable and take down such an epic blog.

  13. I have mixed feelings about Dalrock. On one hand, I found Rollo via his blog, but on the other hand, he banned me for screwing with his pet commenters.

    I wonder if Dalrock is concerned about possible future legal action against him and he’s trying to limit his liability.

  14. I found Dalrock the same time I found you, in mid 2011. Coming out of an evangelical marriage, life a smoking crater, wondering what the hell happened to my life. I can remember so many a-ha moments from each year since then.

    Hope he leaves that impressive body of work up for future readers. Blogs might be fading into the past as a means of dissemination but they will exist as long as the Internet exists. We stopped using parchment scrolls too, but their value is far more than just the characters printed on them. They represent the thought of a particular era.

    I’ve no way to tell how this era will be remembered other than as generally a Dark Age for men. But the records of our Renaissance should be preserved for the men of the future.

  15. I disagree that blogs are dead. However, as more people are nitwits and get lazy. they don’t bother with reading like older folks did. They want it served up into their ears (YTube). There’s also the oversaturation/overlapping of information: it has become harder to find originals.

    Over at Wall Street Financier: Notes…long name, they serve up some really good soup.

  16. Sad to see. I thought Dalrock was just getting started with his war on chivalry and against people like Doug Wilson (who I deem to be a massive fraud). It does not help that wilson’s circle has attempted to wage war against Dalrock, and are trying to hijack christian elements w/in the red pill world.

  17. Everyone needs to say when they want to hang up the gear, and as I said in his site Dal was one of the first sites I found to answer questions from him I got here.

    It would be a terrible thing if all that work and knowledge were lost. Hopefully, enough people let him know how many of us are still here because we started finding answers. I cant imagine where I would be without having found the manosphere when I did, but I do know it would be a terrible place full of anger and confusion.

    If he isnt reading comments let him know the work he did changed lives for the better.

  18. Rollo, I’ve left a thank-you note over at Dalrock’s and would like to do the same here. I rarely comment but have been reading for many, many years. Thanks for your work and insights.

    As for blogging, it’s not dead. But blogs are still a relatively new thing, a new literary form on a new literary platform, so there’s much to learn and invent. What does seem clear after these first twenty-odd years is that for all but the absolute diehards, there’s a natural limit to how long any person can keep a one-man online journal alive and on topic.

    At the same time, we’ve had the privilege of watching honest men tell the truth to the best of their ability, live that truth, grow and change and follow the convictions they’ve developed.

    Guys like Dalrock and Roosh haven’t left. They’re just leading in new ways, during a time when we sorely need leadership.

    Bless them, and you.

  19. Dalrock led me here, years ago. Can’t accept the thought of being as naive as I was before then, even though the info wasn’t pleasant, it was very necessary.
    I’m not cool with pulling up the ladder now that I’m OK.

  20. There is no such thing as “Christo-Red Pill” – it’s an oxymoron. The plain fact is that much of Christianity is mythology. I know, you don’t like that, here’s me giving zero fucks.

    The Red Pill is about seeing past the mythology foisted upon you to create social control for vested interests in favor of a self-informed and self-serving mentality. Being a “slave to Christ” simply isn’t in the same wheelhouse.

    Get this. I’m making zero comments about the existence of God or the validity of Christianity in a moral or philosophical sense. I don’t spend any time in idiotic and useless arguments. There is no answer to whether God exists and the afterlife is a myth until you prove it with evidence, and the core of Christianity is a deal in which if you are “good man”, you’ll go to “heaven” and live a life of eternal bliss (no 72 virgins but then again, the bible doesn’t say there isn’t sex in heaven…). It’s not hard to see why people would sign up for that. There, we’ve avoided an entire year of arguments.

    But the Red Pill is about seeing who controls you, who you are actually serving with your actions. And Christianity most of all slaps the bit in a man’s mouth and screams “You’d better be a “good man” and a “nice guy””. Separating Christianity from chivalry? Are you fucking kidding me? Romantic love grows up in a stew of Christian social order and is unique to Christendom – not a coincidence.

    I found Dalrock overdone and unreadable. And his departure is quite weird. He builds a following and positions himself as a leader and seer – and then poof, he’s gone and he won’t tell you why. Not shocking to me cuz there was always something off about him for me.

    And then we get to the Roosh apologia. He was always a douche. Sure he’s clever and learned game well but ultimately he revealed his low character long before he was chased from the field. Put simply? He was never fit for leadership and as he tried to become one, his defects of character were revealed. This happens to lots of men…Funniest were all the people who took his political inanity seriously, he’s a gibbering imbecile on economics, history and political philosophy. Seriously, he’s worse than the most bilious libertarian-anarchist…That he was taken seriously reveals a deep flaw in many men in the manosphere.

    We’re seeing the Manosphere collapse. And Rollo is struggling to figure out why. He blames all kinds of people who are supposedly perverting the Red Pill but it’s guys like Roosh and Dalrock who perverted it and bent it to the their ends to begin with, yet he misses that.

    You can be whatever you want of course. You can be a good Christian and pose as all Red Pill all you want. But as I said in my last comment, Christianity is the original “old set of books”. If you can’t see that, you are blind.

  21. @Scribbler

    The Manosphere isn’t collapsing. It’s Coalescing. People are learning how to be. Or they vanish. You said it yourself. Character. Got some?

  22. @Scribbler

    Also I left some comments about you on the last article; “The New Age of Enlightenment”. I hope you read them when you can.

  23. A lot of the success of the blog depends on the quality of commenters.

    As for the generational aspects, I’m guessing that a lot of the search for solutions to practical situations via Game that brought us here have vanished in large part owing to the fact many of the PUA’s writing about Game moved on.

    One of my favorite blogs was “Solve My Girlfriend Problems” By Shark. One day he said he had moved on. His blog posts are classic and archived somewhere.

    Also a lot of the younger guys seeking Game advice are going to forums on Reddit.

    But Rollo’s blog is important for both its insightful content but also for setting benchmarks for those Reddit forms.

  24. @Rollo: that is a fine encomium for Dalrock.

    Twitter is a mile wide and an inch deep; with this blog, as well as Dalrock’s, you can find the deep channel and avoid being bottomed out.


  25. It is depressing. I’m late to the party, been reading you and him for about a year now.

    I think the respect you have for Dalrock is not only merited, but causes others to respect you. I hope you can carry his torch in some small way, as you have been doing!

    In my church we identify our leaders by how well they are making disciples/followers of Christ. We’d call a guy successful if he made just a few “copies” of himself. You have influenced thousands of men with this blog and the books. Even if the platforms are in decline, the power of the message remains. There is no failure here that I can see.

  26. @scribbler You mention Rollo wondering why the manosphere is falling apart and then provide Roosh and Dalrock as examples.

    I’m relatively new to the manosphere/RP (less than a year) and would appreciate it if you could spell out for me (perhaps by contrasting each VS your take on RP) how they deviated/bent the RP to their own ends.

    I get that Roosh seems to be marketing hard (yes, I have noticed that he follows Seth Godin’s model – as you pointed out in a different comment thread), so that always leaves some doubt about a person’s motives.

    What else am I missing, particularly in the case of Dalrock – Is there something in Christianity that is irreconcilable with the RP? Dalrock made sense to me…

  27. “There is no answer to whether God exists and the afterlife is a myth until you prove it with evidence, and the core of Christianity is a deal in which if you are “good man”,”

    So much scribbs says that ain’t so. The core of Christianity is evidence. See, there’s this thing called “The Gospel” which provides evidence of Christ’s resurrection. You know, corroborating witnesses. Which demonstrates that God exists. The Bible shows that God speaks to man and promises a resurrection. This is the core Christian message.

    Scribbs is giving a false narrative of the Christian message. “Faux News”, as it were. Even if you don’t believe the witnesses or the Christian message, you ought not mischaracterize its contents.

    I’m not gonna debate scribbs’ about his nonsense.

  28. Nostradamus in his State of the Manosphere speech predicted everything that has since taken place, such as r/theredpill being quarantined, the president of the manosphere appointed, puas becoming saints, dal losing faith, and candles that smell like vagina. He also predicted that zero income businesses like blogs would be replaced by books, youtube, conferences, coaching, and subscriptions. This is not the manosphere apocalypse, just continued exploitation of men.

  29. Rollo,

    Please keep at him! While the man can step away, we need all that insight and wisdom for the world as well as the Christian community.

    It’s funny, really. So many years ago I first learned about the red pill from sinners like Roosh and Roissy. If only I had found Dalrock and the Rational Male first, things might’ve been different. I might’ve avoided my BPD nightmare and have a family by now…

  30. Dalrock had some good blog posts. I recall some good ones exposing the hypocrisy of cucks like Brad Wilcox and of various female “Christians.” I also remember his posts from 5-6 years ago about the spreadsheet guy, the married guy who documented his wife’s sexual rejections of him and sent it to her when she was on her way to the airport. Other times, I couldn’t figure out what his point was. Maybe because I’m not immersed in the mega-church Christianity world like he is. But all things considered, I’ll miss having the option of checking out the latest on his blog. Best wishes to him.

    Speaking of mega-churches, I recently went back to one that I had attended for a few years a while back. I don’t plan to return. The basic message for the men was whatever you’re doing, it isn’t good enough. The chicks don’t seem to get the same message directed at them. They’re launching some stupid reality show of guys on a motorbike trip who are trying to Jesus through adventure, hardship, etc. Their website has articles straight out of the HuffPo genre. And the head pastor has a podcast series where he seeks validation from quasi-celebrities like some MMA fighter and someone from a crappy band. It was a pretty good church back in the day, but I can’t take the church or the pastors seriously any more.

  31. Read Dalrocks blog off and on. I’m not interested in Christianity as much as just masculinity in general. He did a great job of providing RP insight into the working of the feminist /feminized churches. I don’t think he touched on Judaism, but the same feminization is evident there as well.

  32. A fitting “epitaph” for Dalrock’s blog, Rollo. Unfortunately, there are hardly any bloggers remaining who are sufficiently articulate to compose one for you should you decide to call it a day.

  33. Aaaaaand another one bites the dust…the continuation of a disturbing trend of silencing or at least marginalizing the voices and ideas of the enemies of the accepted (acceptable?) theism of female superiority. God save the nation’s young men and those who follow behind them..

  34. Manosphere is going through turn-over.

    Dalrock going private for own reasons.

    Some names from the 90s moved on because they were primarily PUAs, like strauss, mystery, roosh. It was all about getting high notch count of partners (100 hook-ups) to claim title of alpha male. Nothing wrong with that. But PUAs hit middle age and then the dancing monkey clown game doesn’t play well in night clubs any more. Then they have to re-invent themselves into the dos equis man, or they have to change game to married red pill, or something else.

    ADJ, bitch muscles, was never content creator, he was always marketing guy, and marketing guys chase the larger market, which is purple pill. He’s trying to sell tickets to women who voted for trump to attend his convention with their husbands, marketing ploy to sell more tickets but don’t call that red pill. lulz

    But red pill truths are universal. Women are still women. The manosphere will change with time, but the core ideas remain.

  35. Sinners?

    Let us who is without sin blah blah blah…..

    My experience is that most ” religion ” doesn’t do men that much good overall. But have at it boys.

    ” Christian ” doesn’t seen to have meaning anymore, or is so watered down that it’s practically 90% water now.





    Dalrock did good work. He’s moving along for now. These guys that take time to write and transmit information, if it’s useful, we need to do better at supporting them ( me included). Seems like a mostly thankless task , then when one exits, everyone feels badly.

    Speak up while they are active.

  36. Scribbler G [Scrambled Eggs} provided another rant. Looks like he left a secondary rant on the previous post.

    Haven’t read ’em yet – but they both look like they’re longer than the articles on this blog.

    Let me guess. He’s making more proclamations about how fantastic (that he thinks) he is – or how many hot babes [which are actually nasty] (that he claims) he’s boning – or how (he thinks) he’s got something all figured out.

    Just a guess – but I’ll bet I’m pretty close.

  37. Hey Scrambled Eggs. In one of your ranting sessions – I briefly saw where you’ve convinced yourself that you Triggered me.

    Look at the length of your Rant(s).

    You’ve got the Triggering concept backwards.

    I’ll read the rest of your hallucinations later for some comic relief.

  38. @Coolio

    Scribs might AMOG in comments like male pornstar past his prime for his own reasons that have nothing do with you. Maybe he’s trying to sell his version of game to middle age divorced men? Buyer beware. lulz

  39. That’s very sad to hear, and I hope he reconsiders any decision to delete the blog. As many others, I found his work to be uncompromisingly incisive, but also erudite and conscientious. He was definitely not a Sunday Christian. I am not religious myself, but have enormous respect for Dalrock and his outlook, including the overtly theological dimensions.

    Blogs don’t strike me as a dead medium, just a mature one that has reached saturation, as occurs in the life cycle of all media. At some point the barriers to entry will drop, and the platforms will “democratise” the process of getting one’s own pulpit, and the signal/noise ratio will drop accordingly. But of course, it means there’s a lot more quality writing and thought out there that is being exposed to a wider audience, too. There’s just also exponentially more cruft than before. That’s pretty normal.

    Call me old hat, but I despise videos as a delivery format for thoughtful and stimulating content. I don’t have much patience for them, and they just don’t engage one’s mind in the same way as the written word.

    Lastly, keep up the good work, Rollo. I’ve been a silent but attentive lurker for the last few years. I wish I had internalised some of the precepts of the RP before I beta’d my way to near self-destruction.

  40. Guys, for everyone interested in saving a local copy of dalrock’s work, you can use a tool called HTTrack

  41. >>Blogs are dead. Long live The Rational Male.

    As long as search engines exist I think blogs will have a place, because they get search traffic in a way that Twitter/YouTube do not.

    WordPress says 377 people have found red quest from search engines in the past 7 days.

    Many guys find red pill and seduction from asking google, “Why don’t girls like me” “how to get girls to like me” “how to pick up girls.” Or other things. One place leads to another. I have 10 or so blogs on the side bar so that guys know it’s not just me and can learn from other guys too.

  42. SJF.

    I’m beginning to think you’re a pretty sharp cookie.

    However – the goofy pictures are excellent.

  43. Blaximus needs to keep his picture.

    It’s so incredibly stupiud – I don’t even know what it is.

  44. I have started a new blog to continue the conversation that is ending at Dalrock’s. My comment over at Dalrock’s may stay stuck in moderation, depending on whether he is still maintaining the site. So if any of you have previously commented there, can you post the below info on his site for his readers?

    A new blog to continue the discussion on similar topics can be found at https://joshuas-path.com See the initial post for a list of the topics to be covered.

    Thanks guys. Hope my “squatting” post does not give any offense.

  45. A matter of signal to noise, or a case of competing currencies?

    The better valued currency doesn’t always win because it can also coexist with crap currencies, at least for a time.

    When nearly everything’s a crap currency, you hold the stuff that still has exceptional value, but this doesn’t amount to that currency actually winning anything. It just becomes one of several chosen currencies of reserve, and that you become increasingly encouraged to engage in trade with crap.

    You may choose to hold gold, but you trade with fiat, for instance.

    Gresham’s Law applies when there’s nothing else resembling the currency that you want to use as a means of trade and exchange, not as a general principle regarding exchange in markets with a broad range of valuations.

    Dalrock’s choice may also be interpreted this way: why waste life effort, time, and so forth on trying to compete with the crap currencies of discourse and spectacle on the Internet?

    Especially when the reward for such a thing is to attract flak because you’ve taken position directly over one of the enemy’s forward operating bases, and such flak draws down your resources …

    Expect a lot of this thing where people say “to hell with this” and move on to tending private gardens.

  46. Do men fail to satisfy hypergamy?

    Or do women simply leave men who need constant reassurance?

    Can this actually be one whole circuit in women’s firmware?

  47. Gresham’s Law means that you want to trade off your crap currency as fast as possible and in that sense it becomes the “preferred” currency.

    Ideally you want to trade the crap currency for something of real value (like good currency or a good knife) to be retained, but if you can’t manage that, or have more crap currency than you know what to do with, you trade it for some frivolity or other (see the working class fungible “collectibles” and upper class “modern art”).

    As the bad currency comes to dominate as the medium of trade, frivolities will come to dominate the market. Which will lead to the society using it to become frivolous and collapse. Then the good currency will come out to play again.

  48. You said it best yourself: Start reading whole chapters of your book out loud you youtube. I seriously recommend it because many people simply do not read. Point the camera at yourself and get reading. It’s far better than the scattered and interrupted weekly collaborations you do at the moment.

  49. Hey “Scott”

    You seem like and interesting and valuable soul.

    Welcome here.

    Your essay on seeking Dalrock’s space is refreshing in its military-precision-like writing.


    Start commenting here on ideas and debate. As Rollo launches Red Pill and Religion, I think you might be an interesting commenter and have a lot of reference experiences to draw on. Especially in regards to the traumatized man.

    Are you familiar with Shawn T. Smith, Ph.D?

    And what has been your experience in the manosphere and Red Pill over the years, besides Dalrock? I.e., what readings and stuff have you consumed in this realm?

    What is your take on the concept of Married Red Pill? General thoughts?

  50. @wodansthane

    I saw your comments on Dalrock’s blog today.

    What the hell is going on there with you and your wife?

    And do you want to discuss it? Perhaps in the Field Reports section of this blog? Give it a go.

  51. Religiosity as a whole has been in a kind of downward spiral in the first world for a while now. I honestly see it as unsurprising that guys speaking about Red Pill concepts from a religious perspective would feel like their message is being lost. The church hates you for undermining the single mommy support service feminism has turned in in to, and the vast majority of youth just shrug and say “OK boomer” as they ignore your message. The futility of shouting on a street corner when less and less people want to listen to you can be disheartening.

    Ceasing to produce content in that situation is understandable. Deleting the entire body of work created though? Even though it’s not something I personally find value in it’s clear there are people who do. I can’t fathom why he’d delete it. A CYA of some kind? Pressure from the blue pill religious community? Whatever the case, if there’s value in the kind of ideas Dalrock was putting forward somebody else will step forward and handle it.

  52. Religiosity as a whole has been in a kind of downward spiral in the first world for a while now.

    And Rollo has never actually offered a two sentence opinion on that. Despite his next book.

    I’m not into religiousity.

    Yet I could be. If tempted.

    There’s only a thousand million religions. Or interpretations, as such.

    How can there be a reconciliation of Red Pill and Religion?

    There can’t.

    Dalrock tried.

    Look. I’m not anti.

    I’m pro.

    What is your purpose and mission?

    I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek for the right answer,

  53. Oh, shit. Maybe I should just come out and say it. Even Walter White, and Dexter had a Moral Code and it’s not antithetical to Red Pill.

    Despite common sayings.

    And some of us are doing well.

    It’s not like there isn’t a Natural Order, or a Moral Order., Despite Red Pill being espoused ad Non Moral/Ni Moral Order.

    Thanks Rollo.

    Well that’s the way. Hah the fucking Old Way. Order

    It’s not for nothing. Nor has it been dethroned. In my community.

    The old order is for shit? Not hardly.

    It’s time for the New Order to pick up the pace. Dalrock was in line with the Old Order.

    And he’s not at all ignorant of the New Order.

    I’d like to hear what you have to say.

  54. Although I have gravitated for the most part to the rational male blog, Dalrock was one of the few other blogs that articulated information that I could find value in.

    That being said my cousin and I left the church 40 years ago, even then, it was clear they were running a member recruitment game for maximal numbers and for maximal profit, i.e. the church is always a grift and feeds off of the ideological needs, spiritual and otherwise, of the masses.

    I am not saying there is no God, I am not saying don’t worship, but you don’t need to go to a wealthy worship hall run by a plastic preacher, priest, cleric, or rabbi to worship your god, the god, or a god.

    The only immediate benefit of a church was/is the social net, or network if you wish, as far as I could tell, although the left wants and needs the church removed for their parasitic endeavors to supplant the various religions with their corrupt philosophies. The church has been a useful tool for controlling the masses.

    I hope that Dalrock comes back or that someone picks up where he left off, but for a religion-based blog it cannot be me.

  55. I’ve been studying downvotes, out of curiosity. It’s the feminists who give the most downvotes, followed by the “intellectual” atheists. (As opposed to kfg, who is actually an intellectual atheist and really makes an attempt to be accurate about what Christians believe.) Both are silly, in a feminine way. Why bother to downvote a Christian comment when you are an atheist? Kind of like men downvoting feminine hygiene products. Just scroll past.

  56. I remember Carlos Xuma once divulged several techniques for dealing with mind-control attempts by schmucks. Maybe Dr. Paul also knows them. He wrote a book called:

    “The Tortoise and The Hare quit The Rat Race”

    I haven’t read it but I bet it has got alot to do with what’s going on now.

  57. “I haven’t read it . . .”

    125-130 USD for a used paperback on Amazon. Out of my range for a look-see.

  58. Just ordered. Time to open a new tab I think. Unless independent research belongs in Field Reports. Ah what am I saying? Of course it does!

  59. Re: Tyler video.

    I’ve never got anything from anything he’s ever said. I watched all those videos Yareally posted back in the day, and I tried to watch the video Yollo posted, but Tyler has some kind of mental thing that makes him see life/things so differently that he doesn’t, as he says, ” resonate “😂 with me.

    It’s invasive and all encompassing, but social media is one of the most destructive things for people, men in particular, since heroin, meth, and cocaine. ” Social ” takes on a new meaning that’s the exact opposite of the original meaning of the word, and people’s behaviors are being modified accordingly.

    So the mentally odd Tyler ” explaining ” shit strikes me as absurd.

  60. Yollo Comanche
    Tyler hard at work

    Maybe just me, but it sure looks like Rollo’s prediction on RSD is still playing out accurately.

    What do you mean by “mind control”? I believe I see some NLP in there, is that what you mean?

  61. @Anonymous Reader

    Did you watch all of it? He opens up by acting like he has better shit to do than talk to you. Then tells you that you’re insecure if you call it out for what it is.Then proceeds to use nlp to break into your resistance(just sounds annoying to me by the way). Then starts talking to you like you’re an idiot in case you have any unwelcome opinions. Then proceeds to pitch his product and finally finishes by asserting his right to continually sell more of this type of shit while he remains a millionaire debt slave.

    I bet he wants 15 years out of this approach. Well he got an hour out of me. Nice chance to review my toolbox.

  62. Just wanted to see what kind of avvy I’d be awarded. Something suitably risible, I trust.
    After all, I ended up here through that Dr Helen “BPD is everything” site. Same deal, mongo WP avvies.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish, both you and Dal.

  63. Yollo Comanche
    Did you watch all of it?


    He opens up by acting like he has better shit to do than talk to you.

    Yeah, that usually is where I stop watching most presentations, and why I often cannot finish podcasts. Because people who are trying to sell or tell me something by insulting me are a waste of time.

    Then tells you that you’re insecure if you call it out for what it is.Then proceeds to use nlp to break into your resistance(just sounds annoying to me by the way). Then starts talking to you like you’re an idiot in case you have any unwelcome opinions.

    Pretty much what I expect. Tony Robbins he ain’t.

    Did I mention that Rollo called this a couple of years back? Did I mention that?

  64. What’s that saying about being able to fake sincerity?

    I was raised to figure out what other’s ” angle ” are. What’s the angle
    It’s why salesmen hate me.

    The rsd crowd is always looking to get cash flow from men by targeting their insecurities and shortcomings. That’s the angle. Tyler, mental glitch and all, sucks at faking sincerity. Not even a rank amateur, but it he manages to convey something useful, his hope is that you will see him as speshul and a good dude trying to help regular dudes.

    So yeah, nothing wrong with paying him for his time, and so he can ” create ” more content, right?

    Wonder how his kids are?😂 he has 2 now, no?

    His type wants men to stay in a state of extended adolescence. Don’t worry, he will explain how the world works for you. He might change everything he’s told you when it’s no longer profitable to do so, but that’s not a big deal, right?

    I wonder if he’s still out ” slaying it in the club’s “? ( never fully bought that shit btw.)

  65. @Anonymous Reader

    I know of a type of facepalm that can make someone travel time. But I like where I am atm.

  66. Tam ye Bam
    O fuck. A hairy potato.

    Not all that hairy, really. Probably could do a comb-over.
    Wait one, yer not Irish, so a spud is right out, innit?

  67. That Tyler Instagram video illustrates my point precisely.

    That’s supposed to be a grown ass man jabbering away like that. If that guy can actually help you, you’re in a very bad place ( unless you’re 9 or 10 years old ).

    Arrested development. It’s a thing.

  68. You still got to be fucking shitting me about the avatars.

    You can’t be serious.

    Is this like Kindergarten?

    Step it up a notch.

  69. “I would relate the ideas he was developing to Red Pill concepts and he in turn would use my ideas to better illustrate what he was seeing transpire in Christian dating, Christian marriages, romantic/chivalric idealism and secularism transforming intersexual dynamics in a Christian context.”

    Women are predatory only when they relinquish or are stripped of their dignity.

    Rollo assists the devolution. How does that cynicism help? Tell me again why RP Rollo is an attractive male…helping hurting men justify their suspicious neurotic minds?

  70. @Onceuponatime

    It’s actually up to men to take command and ownership of their own minds. The sooner they can do that, the sooner they can put the pearlclutching well-wishers in the looneybin where they belong.

  71. @ kfg

    You reduce female dignity to a hypergamy Chimera.

    Pot meet kettle.

    You get what you deserve in life. Now cry me a river.

  72. “Women are predatory only when they relinquish or are stripped of their dignity.”

    Or in other words any negative female behaviors are the result of women being mistreated by men. Take your trolling back to HuffPo.

  73. “You reduce female dignity to a hypergamy Chimera.”

    Mammalian female dignity is a function of giving live birth. Why do you hate women?

  74. Must be losing me wits. Not Dr Helen. Tara Shrink4Men Palmatier.
    Both quite good in parts. Although still a bit infested with Man-up! Be a better deal for these clapped-out old roasties/ won’t somebody think of Tha Choooldrinn!! crap. Because women. Part & parcel, I suppose.

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