The 21 Convention, Anthony Johnson and The Red Man Group, LLC

RE: Statement about 21 Convention and Anthony Johnson and the Red Man Group, LLC:

I have to make this short because I am represented by legal counsel and yes, a legal team is now involved in this matter. My attorneys have advised me that I can comment to the following:

I wish the 21 Convention nothing but future success, and as of this writing I am no longer legally a member/partner of The Red Man Group, LLC, a Florida entity. As for statements made on social media/elsewhere by certain individuals that are disparaging of me, to others, and that are ongoing, it is not something I can comment on further. I stand by my work.

I know many of you want a detailed explanation of what’s occurred from my perspective but because lawyers are involved I cannot, upon advice of counsel give that detailed explanation to you right now. I truly hope we all can move forward and thrive.

However, I have been authorized to relate this:

I posted my June 2, 2019 post to avoid potential liability under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, as well as potential criminal prosecution for fraud if my name or owned trademark was used to sell something and I was not present to oversee that deal. It is critical for those purchasing an item to know what they are receiving and my attorneys have made it clear to me that if I was not going to be speaking at an event, it was incumbent upon me to advise the public and potential ticket purchasers – who may have been purchasing tickets to an event expecting me to be present – of my removal from the speakers lineup. The law required me to announce my removal from all future conventions as of June 2, 2019.

As for the rest, I will have no further comment until authorized by my legal team. Thanks for your continued support.

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  1. OK, yeah, I have a watch. Swiss made stainless officer’s field model. Goes with my tendency to dress like I’m with Monty.

  2. Looking a latest tweets from Dr. Shawn T Smith.

    It appears that he too has taken the Soy Pill. One bad review on his book and he is choking on the Red Pill.

    What a shame !!

  3. @Incubus

    Looking a latest tweets from Dr. Shawn T Smith.
    It appears that he too has taken the Soy Pill. One bad review on his book and he is choking on the Red Pill.
    What a shame !!

    I don’t see it that way at all.

    The critical reviewer said:

    “Great narrator, terrible content.
    This is the whole book summary:
    1) Don’t bother with damaged women
    2) Don’t ever marry as there is not benefit for men in marriage”

    I had read his book. It’s all about tactics on vetting women for marriage or LTR. It had nothing about don’t ever marry (that I recall).

    He Tweeted:

    Jul 11
    There seem to be mixed feelings on The Tactical Guide to Women recently. (For the record, I never said there is no benifit for men in marriage. I’m very pro-marriage in the right circumstance.)

    Dr. Shawn T. Smith

    Jul 11
    I advise men to approach marriage with great caution and suspicion, but there are reasons to marry. Primary among them: the opportunity to be part of something more meaningful than yourself. That’s not just aspirational fluff. It’s freedom from a life of neurotic navel-gazing.

    There is plenty of value in Married Red Pill for men who are already married and like their spouse. Married Red pill doesn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. It doesn’t encourage getting married a priori. It does encourage staying married when one want’s to. And improving that relationship. For the betterment of all, man, women, children.

    And a bunch of my MRP cohort buddies offline find plenty of “something more meaningful” including the raising of children and> having fun.

    And we do recognize and have talked about the freedom from a life of navel-gazing in a directed fashion.

  4. No pics allowed. Solid rule. LMAO

    He’s barely beyond a bag o’ hammers: same rule as in Oct., same behavior as in Oct.

    And here I was thinking they were clever enough to lay a false trail. Too charitable.

  5. Wherein Richard Cooper discovers what wealth looks like…

    I knew a hedgefund manager with a house kind of like that.
    He looked like crap. And when the market turned, he couldn’t downsize because he had to maintain the image to keep the clients. He has three kids and of course they all have to go to top tier schools (image, you know).
    I don’t envy them at all. And that is an understatement.

  6. Liz

    Notwithstanding, Richard Cooper explained in his BTT Youtube this past week with Shawn T. Smith, that the guy was a sponsor of other guys hanging out on a roadster road tour. The guy literally opened his castle to entertain with probable real vs. false humility.

    One of the things that is important for your boys growing up is to look at successful people. Successful with respect to every one of a range of criteria, including sexual attraction, money issues, parenting, religion, and relations with in-laws. And a million other things.

    Failures are not exemplars for them.

    Successful people where every possible deficiency has been avoided. But not in entrepreneurs as mentors that have been playing not to lose. But playing to win.

    Rich’s car tour patron seemed a real deal.

    Your anecdote speaks of a guy with an unhappy family, unhappy and imbalanced it his own way.

    The plural of anecdote is data. But sometimes, the plural of anecdote is not data. It’s a one-off failure.

  7. 😁 better yet, build that house yourself, with 10-15 of your buddies for 1/3 the cost.

    That’s impressive.

  8. SJF

    Second your post.

    9 of 10 times really wealthy are very good people. Very generous with their time and treasure… Especially if they are hobbyists. Doubly so if they are multi generational.

    But it all depends on you.

  9. SJF:
    One of the things that is important for your boys growing up is to look at successful people.

    I couldn’t agree more. People (kids especially) learn by example, not lecture. Pattern recognition starts early and goes into the hardware. That’s why we’ve always picked areas with the good schools and low crime, when possible.
    But success in the world of easy credit doesn’t always look like what one would expect. And there isn’t just one anecdote, but a plethora. The guy I described above wasn’t particularly unhappy for a guy working in high finance. He was one of the “success stories”. On paper. To people on the outside looking in. We knew better because we knew them well.
    It’s not hard to imagine why. If you have that job (as mentioned) there is an obligation to look the part. A drop in lifestyle is an indication to others that one’s outlook has changed. And if your finances rely on the confidence of others…this isn’t just limited to cars, homes, children’ educations. He was obligated to go to every charitable event in the community and give big. It was a hella burden, and one part and parcel to the industry he was in. This was an affluent community, fwiw, and he was on the high end of affluence there (by all appearances).
    There are so many stories like that, you never know what someone is going through and what they drive and where they live won’t tell you. My spouse roomed with a guy on a camping trip a couple of years back with more money than the queen of England. He had a big scraggly beard, dipped, arrived in an old truck.

    Back when my spouse delivered pizzas, he learned very quickly that the richest part of town in Plano, Texas, had the worst tippers by far. Paycheck to paycheck living. I know someone who won millions (can’t remember if it was 3 or 5) in a slot machine in Vegas, on a TDY about 15 years back. He’s broke now.

    Failures are not exemplars for them.
    Agreed, but failures in progress can look like successes (short term).

  10. Just to add, now that we have the option to live wherever we want, we elected to move to a mountain where people are very down to earth. There’s not a single “nice” car in the student parking lot at the high school. But the school has some of the best test scores in the state. There’s an area nearby where people are more affluent…or at least more obvious about their affluence. My spouse flew with a guy who lives there recently and said we were right to stay away. It’s a bad environment to raise kids with that sort of entitlement….and a bad environment for neighbors in general as they were all snobs. This guy makes around 55k a month.

  11. Seems to be a lot of weakness and inauthenticity in affluent communities.
    We searched a while to find a livable community with an authentic environment for our sons (we had that on the military bases, which are isolated communities)


    This is no way to live. There will always be someone richer. He flew with another guy (worth about 10 million, but he would retire when he got to 12…no kids, always single, didn’t remember his 30s or most of his 40s). He was money obsessed, asked random questions like….would you go to prison for 3 years for a billion dollars? My spouse’s answer was no. “Why not?!?! It’s a billion dollars”
    “Well, I’ve always been a happy guy. And when I was making only 900 dollars every two weeks I wasn’t much less happy then now. So money doesn’t seem to impact my happiness much, but going to prison would probably change me for life, in a bad way. No amount of money is worth that.”
    We know a lot of successful people. Their ranking of success in our estimation has very little to do with their bank accounts, and we’ve turned down a lot of options to be much richer, because the price wasn’t worth it.
    [/end of soapbox]

  13. The very wealthy (“elites” like Soros and the Rockefellers and Thiel) are typically shitheads who will screw large numbers of people to increase their wealth and power. They set the UMC against blue collar workers and vice versa. Just recently they opened the floodgates to asians to come to America and undermine the UMC.

    Not to mention America’s cyber security. If you’re a spy, come on down!

    Every now and then, in the past, the U.S. reduced immigration substantially in order to allow assimilation of immigrants and to assess our security.

    China and India are the upcoming threats that the U.S. faces, and we are opening our borders to hundreds of thousands of their people every year via higher education and green cards.

    We could still get a lot of benefit from allowing some of them to immigrate without magnifying the risk for low reward.

    The biggest problem with hispanic immigrants is that too many of them are part of organized crime (security risk). The second biggest problem is that they lower blue collar wages. Allowing large numbers of Asian immigrants lowers white collar wages.

    Why is nativism getting more play?

  14. Forgive me for going off topic. But I need to get some frustration off my chest and you, the good men of TRM are the lucky readers 🙂 I could have wrote it in my Blog but it’s a travel Blog and the readers might become confused 🙂

    I have a friend in work I have known for 5 years. He is married with 2 kids. I go drinking and to strip clubs with him sometimes. Even though he complains about me talking to the strippers for 2 hours about inter-gender sexual dynamics, the illusion of their own feminine empowerment and hypergamy. I’ll usually buy a VIP dance. They think I am cheap but are strangely attracted to me hahhaaha.

    I digress. I am on lunch with this friend from work and the subject of the new 007 came up. I say how it is virtue signalling and transparent. They replace one of the most masculine, Alpha and popular male characters in cinematic and written history with a woman. Not just any woman but a black, masculine looking woman. They are willing to financially tank one of the most lucrative franchises, just like Star Wars and Dr Who, in favour of a social, sexual agenda. He did not agree and could not see it.That is fair enough.

    He then, unbelievably, moves onto the gender wage gap and how the England women’s football team are payed a lot less than the men. I was not prepared to discuss the gender wage gap with him because I don’t do politics. I pointed him towards Jordan Peterson’s talks on the gender wage gap. He does not know who Jordan Peterson is.

    The subject is then moved on. There is another man in work I go to the gym with, let’s call him man X. He is ok. I would not choose to hang around with him because he is one of those guys who knows everything about everything. His story is that he has been zeroed out from a failed marriage. He lives with his mother, with not a pot to piss in, while his ex wife lives with the 2 kids in the house he shared with her and takes money off him every month. He told me if he did not have the gym, he’s really into his lifting, he would have ended his life.

    So, the friend I am on lunch with, believes that X should have to pay his ex wife. X and his Ex where both working but both decided that she would stay home and look after the kids while he stayed at work. Because of this he has to keep supporting her in the lifestyle she had before they were divorced. I looked at him and could not believe that he was saying X was fully financially responsible for his ex-wife’s lifestyle

    Through all this he is saying I think too much, I put everybody in a box like I have no reasoning of my own. He thinks one day I read The Rational Male and I was all of a sudden worshipping at the shrine of Rollo Tomassi just waiting for Rollo to serve up the cyanide laced punch so we can then be raptured to the planet of Masculino.

    It took me at least 15 years, through my own reasoning, to finally become Red Pill aware. And then another 2 years after swallowing the Red Pill to fully accept it. I am a million miles away from the pathetic man, who was so steeped in Blue Pill shit that I was suicidal and had ONEitis for a prostitute because I thought I could only get a woman to find me attractive or love me by paying her. And even then she did not want me. But now I am the happiest man I could ever be. My life has purpose. Meeting women is easy. I do everything I can everyday to be a better man. i judge nobody and I hate nobody. Everyday of life is a gift and to be enjoyed. And it is all because I became Red Pill aware.

    When a man, who I think is a friend, judges me with his Blue Pill mindset, writing off the years of pain it took me to become the man I am with flippant digs, It kind of fucks me off. An observation of a system is not attacking that system or defending that system but even a Blue Pill friend thinks it ok to attack my values as a man because he does not agree with my reasoned, observations and my choice to not be part of the FI. Blue Pill judgement like this just solidifies my Red Pill mindset.

    Rant over. As you where 🙂

  15. Wildside you forgot the super nice guy raising that bay boy’s 6 year old almost on his own cause man that’s what a real man does.

  16. Wildside, it sounds as if both of those guys are blue pill to the bone and one of them is in the unique position of being teachable.

    You are helping the wrong one. He will likely resent it and throw you under the bus as convenience allows. The titty bar visits are your leverage in that case. If you find his wife strangely attracted to you it is a result of him badmouthing you to her.

    The lifter know-it-all is annoying as he reflects the treatment he is getting and is still suicidal only his actions are social suicide. Next time go to the gym instead of the tittybar.

  17. “It reads very much that Krauser is on Krauser’s side and will sell to the highest bidder.”

    Yep… No mention of SIZE of event either…

    But this was nice…

    “The speakers were of varying quality, imo. Grannon was excellent. Latimore was pretty good, and I’d like to think I was too. I missed too many talks to comment much further. There were a few duds. Ivan Throne probably shouldn’t spend so much time talking about ninja spy networks and giving generic advice. Ryan Black should stop lying about his results with women [2]. John Cooper needs to resolve his fear of rejection [3]’

    [2] [2] His second slide made the claim, and I quote, that after shagging just three women in his life, he went to a Sasha Daygame bootcamp and within six months had “a harem of six model-quality women who all knew about each other”. Well, Ryan, you kept them well-fucking-hidden in 2010 didn’t you? I know if I’d been rattling half a dozen models I’d have been flaunting it across the London Seduction Society like a right fucking twat. But no, you kept it so secret that not a single person in the dozens I knew in the 2010 London community can recall you ever being seen with a hot girl. You had us fooled into thinking you were just a talentless goon wandering the streets of Covent Garden doing crappy daygame. Did the models’ agency make you sign an NDA and force you to destroy the evidence?”

    Sad that THIS is the press Anthony Dickless Johnson is touting… His twitter, on the heels of “Red Pill Woodstock” is 80% about ROLLO…

    Tells you all there is…

  18. This is the kind of shit ADJ’s “guys” [with 341 followers… lol] are tweeting…


    Make your marriage your #1 priority
    Date your spouse weekly
    Have sex regularly
    Be affectionate
    Spend time talking regularly
    Share common interests
    Honor your vow that you made
    Have boundaries with the opposite sex

    this is why ADJ and his ilk deserve enmity..

    1. @Sentient. Just wow. 8 ways to affair proof your marriage.

      Every single point is a blue pill marriage fail. Every point is all about playing into the woman’s frame.

      8 ways to make sure your wife bangs the pool boy without you knowing.

  19. 😂😂

    That there is a mighty strong shade of blue.

    Marriage a priority?

    Nah, make yourself a priority first.

    Date night?

    Lmao. Really?

    When I tried listening to this kind of dumb assed shit, it ended in divorce, so maybe she won’t cheat…..right away.

    And etc exactly is ” be affectionate “???

    This is awful advice bordering on criminal.

  20. Blax

    some never learn…

    I don’t know anything about this person (Anthony Dream Johnson) or his company (21 University), but what I gather, his main work is to offer dating advice to men.

    His beef with his ex-wife (Marilee Johnson) is that she had been cheating on him from the start of their marriage and had even been doing escort prostitution work on the side. The really embarrassing part for him is that she was one of the celebrities of his company, giving presentations, interviews, etc. And, of course, they held themselves as an example of the perfect couple to his customers.

  21. “Date night?”

    Egalitarianism innately converts “marriage” into “roommates with the option to jointly file taxes.” From that frame of reference “go out” being converted into “date” makes sense.

  22. ” I got the idea she wanted a knight in shining armor and got an opinionated CEO of an accountant firm trying to mold himself into a fiction character instead.”

    I.e. Gamma…

    Now this article is from 2018 mind you…

  23. Krauser’s article is refreshing just because it’s being honest. I like the guy. Even if some might think he’s a bit mercenary, he always comes across as genuinely believing what he says and is really down to earth and rational about it. He makes it clear that his attendance at this thing is in no way taking sides.

    A surprise takeaway that was pleasant for me to see was his mention of The Natural Lifestyle and how he has a preconceived assessment that they’re bullshit. I’m glad to see that, because when I first got into game specifically and trying to read everything under the sun to figure out what was right and what was wrong, TNL was something that I was following for a while. At the time, I was trying to figure out what the specific mechanics of game were, what the actual process in action was. TNL claimed to have the answers, but they only ever made me ask more questions, and when I finally figured out exactly what the process was, I realized all the things missing from their advice. It took me a few weeks of incessant question asking to figure out they were bullshit. Like Krauser, they too believe what they’re actually saying, but they lack the capacity to objectively analyze how or why what they say might be wrong. You can tell there’s an undercurrent of ideology driving them to avoid that, but it’s subtle and they themselves probably don’t realize that.

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