21 Convention Dates Cancellation

I’ve got some bad news. Due to some unfortunate misunderstandings and internal conflict within the 21 Convention organization I will no longer be speaking at the Poland or the Orlando dates this year. I have been either been unfairly maligned by this organization through a campaign of disinformation or through some simple misunderstandings and have been cut from the list of speakers.

I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into seeing this convention become the Red Pill Summit I’ve always said the Manosphere needs, but I am no longer welcome within the group. In spite of this I still believe the organization is a positive and needed element of the ‘sphere and I have no ill feelings for anyone in the organization or the speakers.

Furthermore, the Red Man Group podcast will be dissolved. As of this writing I’ve been locked out of the channel I helped create along with our other co-hosts (Donovan Sharpe and Hunter Drew) and apparently the decision has been made to disband the channel. I’m not entirely sure. I will still continue to produce my own channel (Red Pill 101) on YouTube and it’s possible I may collaborate with others in the future, but for now I don’t know how that will look.

This is a very unfortunate turn of events since it means I will not be attending the Poland convention or the Orlando event. If you purchased a ticket through my affiliate link and you no longer wish to attend you’ll have to see the 21 Convention’s terms of service. I am posting this announcement and will be removing my affiliate links from this blog and twitter so there will be no confusion.

Again, I’m sorry this is the case. My reputation and motives about my association with Anthony Johnson, RMG and the 21 Convention have been attacked either in error or as a result of a campaign of disinformation that’s been fomenting for some time now both within and without the organization.

I have no regrets or ill will for any speaker or the time and efforts I put into helping the 21 Convention grow. I hope in the future that the parties involved will be able to see the error in their decisions to cut me out of the team. There are a lot of strong personalities in the ‘sphere and that’s as it should be. We need the freedom to disagree and air our differences in an open debate. I still hope this is possible, but for now I’m not allowed in that forum.

Know this, I have only ever done my best to ensure that this event has been a great, life-saving experience for men. My interests in the convention were always to save men and be accessible to them. That will never change.

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Edit: June 5, 2019

The 21 Convention terms of service stated since 2014 is as follows:

All ticket sales are final. All speakers subject to change at the discretion of 21 Studios or the speaker.

More information on terms of service can be found here.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. If you want to elicit meaningful comments, it might be useful if you provide some facts of what happened. So far, what we get out of your message is some cryptic description of the events.

  2. Well, something like this was bound to happen eventually. Nothing new in the manosphere, going back as far as the seduction community days.
    Anyway, sorry to hear about that, Rollo. Glad to know that Red Pill 101 will go on, though. You and Pat are great to listen to.

  3. Believe it or not, you are currently the only pillar of the Redpill. Eventually they will ban TRP from everywhere. But as long as you can and as long as you can take the heat, please keep talking on the microphone wherever and whenever.

    Also make sure to backup everything, from posts to videos.

    Thank you for your existence in our lives.

  4. Ok. I’m stunned. I always looked forward to the RMG and like that it’s over. Cooper is gone now Rollo. Why would Rollo get kicked out?

  5. I admit I’m curious to know more details but none are likely to convince me that excluding you is anything besides bullshit. Perhaps if you got caught having affairs with the wives and girlfriends of several of the other participants I might see it. Otherwise, nope.
    What sort of pink pill dweebs are those guys, anyway?

  6. Hey Rollo,

    This makes no sense you’re the Godfather of the manosphere. You made the 21 convention what it is today. The convention is going down hill now since you and Rich Cooper are gone.

  7. Rollo, your work has saved my life, and in addition, has allowed me to go forward with a peace and tranquility that I have never had. I hate to see the demise of the RMG, but perhaps something similar can be developed in the future.

    I will continue to listen you and Pat, you guys work excellent together, it is one of the highlights of my week.

    I hope that your situation with your mom goes as well as possible for you. I went through that type of deal a long time ago. I’ll be sending good vibes for you on that.

  8. It is unfortunate to hear that. I just hope that the content created together with all the other members of the RMG will be preserved and that 1 day the misunderstandings will be resolved and collaboration within the sphere will continu unhindered. Looking forward to book 4 and also the redpill 101 podcasts. Keep up the good work Rollo and thank you for the time and effort put in.

  9. “This is a very unfortunate turn of events . . .”

    But not one I find terribly surprising. Keep on keeping on.

  10. That’s very sad to hear. You seemed like a coherent tribe, no one saw that coming. However, since this is major news in the Manosphere, I think that further clarification is necessary. 21 Con & The Red Man Group will not be the same without Rollo.

  11. Oh my God! First R. Cooper and now Rollo. Can someone let us now what is happening here? I think there’s some conflict of interests in the manosphera. A part wanna monetize it and other part wanna do it for free. Am I right?

  12. It’s a pity, but this type of thing happens with groups. Rollo should create a new discussion group (online at least). He’s way smarter and more knowledgeable and better respected than Anthony. His rational male series speaks for itself.

  13. I’m not surprised, my spidey senses were tingling that something was up. I blocked Anthony Johnson a few days ago after he blocked Abu American for pointing out that a lot of his ideas were in line with Islam. That guy can’t handle anything outside his small perspective. Rollo is the godfather of the Red Pill and his brilliance comes from his willingness to embrace all men who seek the truth and not discriminate based on race or religion.

  14. You and Rich should start own convention. All the best. Really appreciate your input in changing people’s lives.

  15. Brother Rollo, I am sorry to hear the news. But at the same time I am glad that the power you are exerting through your work has been shaking several poisonous social constructs, educating both men and women to come to their senses. I am certain you have saved many men’s lives. Thank you Rollo!

  16. What the hell is going on in the ‘sphere? The group of men that appeared so cohesive and on the same wavelength appears to now be completely dismantling. The 2018 Convention looks like a rousing success. Then shortly after, Rich exits. And now there’s this? There’s so much value in the episodes of RMG and now all of that content will be gone. Poof. Just like that. Is there any way those discussions can remain online for people to access? I understand that whoever “owns” the content can do whatever the hell they want with it but it would be such a shame for those subscribers and other people online who would benefit from watching/listening those episodes to not be able to see that content again. This is so disappointing but I guess the main thing for people to concern themselves with isn’t the “why” but the “what.” It happened. And that’s probably all we need to know. Anyone who’s read RT’s books or watched his channel and got ANY value from his work would behoove themselves to work on improving their lives with the tools and truths Rollo’s work exposed to the world. I’ve gifted copies of TRM to people I know but I always made sure to have a copy for myself. We as men (and I’m talking to myself when I write this) have to apply what we learn from these guys instead of waiting for that next show or that next blog post or tweet that we think will “be the spark” that changes your life. Godspeed Rollo, you’re not gonna give up and neither will I.

  17. @Rollo. I am so sorry to hear this. I have no doubt your future projects will be successful. You are helping men. The Rational Male changed my life and has helped me become the positive masculine man I am today and I thank you for that.

  18. In the end the content provided by all the main RP players is vital for an unplugging individual, if it means that any of RGM compromises thier truth then the group must go.

    Everyone that has featured on that show has helped my unplugging and continued unplugging but its ok if I now need to follow you individually.

  19. We have your back. You are the real Red Pill. Never liked beachmuscles anyway, looks like a showoff.

  20. “Favour and disgrace would seem equally to be feared; honour and great calamity, to be regarded as personal conditions (of the same kind).”

    ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

  21. Rollo, manosphere needs you.
    Personally, I was watching The red man group because of you.
    I hope you will continue to post useful and valuable content on your channel with Pat.
    Keep it up, Rollo.

  22. It’s clear that no one understands that the influence built here to reach the actual men that need this content didn’t happen just by some accident, and the influence was built BEFORE ANY CONVENTION APPEARANCES OCCURRED!

    It’s funny how a few messages I will send via speed dial today will completely change the trajectory of the supposed success of they that have tried to take credit for the success of ROLLO TOMASSI and THE RATIONAL MALE brand.

    Rest assured… YOU the GREAT MAN reading this,

    they that believe they own Rollo Tomassi and his brands are sadly mistaken,

    and all destroyers have already sealed their fate.

    FYI: There’s a new list of speakers on tour beginning FATHERS DAY WEEKEND in ATLANTA, GA

    Let me know if you wanna be there. I assure you that there will not be pricing that keeps men out!

    How embarrassing it is to claim great success with so few attendees.

    Join us in Atlanta Fathers Day Weekend

    Yes, I know,

    THIS Father’s Day (that’s two weeks away)

    I pray I will see you there, and I assure you,

    the content will NOT be built around the F bombs and other content that keeps great men away.

  23. This kind of pisses me off. What kind of masculine, red pill revival is this if it doesn’t include the great Rollo?

    You can’t have a red pill convention without Rollo and Roosh.

    I like Donovan. He’s entertaining and has some good insights.

    The rest of these guys are just too mainstream for me and bring too little for me to invest my energies.

  24. I don’t like Steve The Dean. He attacked Alpha Male Strategies and used shaming tactics and namecalling like a woman instead of logical points.
    So, when I heard him on RMG I had my concerns.
    Not saying it has anything to do with him, but me me question others in the group.

  25. Whether you are going or not. You will always have my support. I have a better life because of you. Keep researching and saving men’s lives.

  26. @Palmasailor

    yea I’m “like all the rest”

    except a few elements that matter like…


    I OPENLY (and OFTEN) speak about, write about…

    Sacrifices he’s made that’ve SAVED MY LIFE repeatedly

    and are the reason I’m Still ALIVE

    and AGAIN rebuilding from full on paralysis on my left side

    I enjoyed reading your book by the way

  27. It’s so vague I can’t honestly tell what has happened? Can someone clue me in exactly?

  28. “Can someone clue me in exactly?”

    Looks like shit. Smells like shit. Probably the same old shit that happens. Probably best not to get it on your shoes.

  29. For no longer being a speaker they sure don’t have a problem with keeping your photos and quotes embedded in the up coming event pages, VERY misleadingly.

    1. Nodrog, that’s why I felt it best to inform my readers and anyone considering going on my account to know I was uninvited. I don’t want any confusion

  30. @Rollo: I’m both happy and sad about this turn of events.

    I would be happy to contribute some expenses for you to come to Europe, either to Poland or elsewhere.

    @Palma: I’d be in.

  31. Devastating news! I was saddened to hear about Cooper leaving, but now this? I hope that RMG can backup their content somewhere at the very least! Your stuff has saved my life, and im still in the process of unplugging (Just ordered physical copies of your books).

    Dont give up the good fight!

  32. Your books are hands down the greatest contribution to the manosphere/Red Pill, and as an avid listener of the Red Man Group (and a fan of all the regular participants) I have to say you were the best/most enlightening one on there.
    This is a huge loss for the 21 Convention. When it’s all said and done, you’ll go down as the most important author on red pill knowledge. They need you more than you need them.

  33. Rollo, Although I’m a newcomer to the Red Pill Man and specifically your work, it is among the best I’ve ever seen. I was a part of the late 80s Robert Bly/Michael Meade “hand drumming in the woods” secular men’s movement and you’re writing and leadership is, IMO much more relevant to what men face in the world.

    Last weekend I almost signed up for the 21 Convention and now I’m so glad I did not!

    Would you consider “starting over” with your own conference in Reno where you’re from? This could begin with something as simple as 50 to 100 guys getting together for a long weekend and hearing you speak, etc. at one of the resorts in your area.

  34. You added a helluva lot more value to the 21C brand than they added to yours, Rollo. As for the RMG, I was an avid early regular viewer, I lost interest in it at the beginning of this year, though. It’s not the right vehicle, at least for when it comes to further educating older guys like myself who have been reading and re-reading your material for years. Respect to you for the manner in which you have gracefully withdrawn from the internecine A-mogging that appears to have bedevilled that group of late. You are a true model for all the manosphere, and long may you continue to be its godfather.

  35. Absurd. I applaud your maturity and diplomacy Rollo. Please keep up with your message. You continue to be a literal life saver for so many men.

  36. @Tommy

    “Your books are hands down the greatest contribution to the manosphere/Red Pill . . . [and in] Red Man Group . . . . I have to say you were the best/most enlightening one on there.”


    Actually commented as much on an early RMG episode and that the other participants – though perhaps good guys – were by contrast “wannabees.” RMG was getting repetitive and dull, so quit watching. My preference seems for Rollo straight-up and un-diluted.

    Get your water from the Fountainhead. Not downstream.

  37. Dear Rollo.
    You with Dr Glover literally saved my Life.
    I will find someday a way to express my gratitude. I can sense you disappointment and Sadness. And its a Shame considering your contribution to the modern world and all generation of Men who were Lost.
    Keep help Men and Our Civilisation…
    You have all my gratitude

    Much Love

  38. Rollo,
    I think you are right…..I just don’t know how you can have a Red Pill group that is for profit. It just seems that the profit motive corrupts the purity of the data and Purple Pills the Red Pill. I don’t see any way out of it…. Just seems that the Red Pill can’t be your main source of income. Sorry for the turn of events.

  39. I’m finding the timing of all this to be rather remarkable. Roosh unplugs RoK. Roosh’s books get banned. Roosh gets harassed for announcing a summer tour. Then the big killshot-CH seemingly now gone forever. I find it interesting that Rollo has yet to write at length about this. However, being on wordpress yourself, a little self preservation is more than wise. I’d imagine RM’s days are numbered, too. My heart weeps.

    So now this drama. I’m not the least surprised. I’ve become much more economy-focused these days-in case people can’t see it for themselves, the economy is tanking and shit’s about to hit the fan. Trump’s most likely a goner-we’ll still be in recession (or much worse) on election day next yr. The whole financial system is at risk-start prepping & stacking!!! Anyways, my brother was noting I’m not as manosphere oriented lately, and I dejectedly had to admit, the manosphere ain’t what it used to be. Big brother big tech censorship information control has knocked off 1 after another. Unfortunately it’s much more than feminism at work here. Many on youtube who preach to get out of these markets, bitcoin, the rigged financial system, gets systematically banned, too. Darkness is at work and we must all be awake and prepared.

    But I’m starting to see a lot of potential in the new future that awaits. Can do real men, who can change a fucking flat tire, like many who I hope are on this site, are about to see there market value improve big time. These useless financier vichy males, and the unemployed Xbox doritos heads are about to be weeded out to the gene pool, in the upcoming economic panic. Prepared males who can provide strength, shelter, food, security, and comfort, are about to see their value increase tenfold, even a hundred fold. Remember the pictures from Houston: man carrying woman through the flooded streets. The days of go-gurls depending on big daddy government to sustain them & their useless pursuits are nearly over.

    God Bless you Rollo I hope and pray you’re able to continue your work 1 way or another

  40. ThAnk you for letting us know Rollo.
    I will continue to fallow you as your work have help made a big positive difference in my life and in to my son life and many more men for that matter.

    Please continue on with your great work on saving men and making this world a better place for all humanity.

    I have bought 3 of your books right now.
    I am reading your first book nearing the end of it and juste like Richard Cooper says the Oh and ah ha moments are really there ..

    I will buy your last book soon on religion..

    Thank you again for everything that have done and keeping doing .

    The group has lost a vital key .

    I am certain that there’s a damned good reason that you are not associated with the group anymore.

    God bless and god speed ..

    From one of your followers
    A French Canuck
    Daniel Beaudoin
    Gatineau Québec Canada 🇨🇦

  41. Have this moment. Have this disagreement. Be mad at one another, block one another, whatever. Boys, who ultimately become Men argue, we fight, we brawl and later, we become friends again. It is firmware, to use a term, hardwired into the Male psyche. It is one of the things that makes us Men, and not fucking women. We have a blow-out, clear the air, and move on.

    Collectively, what the Manosphere accomplishes is bigger than any one of us, alone. Please, I implore you all, make up. Disagree, be pissed, but Gentlemen, please come together, work this out and be like those brawling kids on the playground and become friends again. I know there’s probably money and more at stake, much more at stake than when we were those kinds on the playground but ask yourselves: “Was it REALLY that bad?”

    This is a time to come together, to unite and keep things going. This divisiveness? It’s just what those fucking cunts want and may I remind everyone, not all cunts are female. Some are “Men.

    Again, the message is larger than any one member here. Take the best of Masculinity, talk this thing out, and reconcile. The cunts want a house divided. Fuck those pieces of shit.

  42. This has all the hallmarks of a smear campaign…shame, the only losers will be those that got real value from your RMG videos and content…in many cases it saved lives…when big male characters/egos combine, a clash is inevitable….resolving it though shows bigger character…not submitting to knee jerk reactions and splintering into smaller groups…

  43. Salamander is on fire… 🔥 🔥 🔥

    What’s AJ saying about this?

    Personally the more the “manosphere” and “red pill” are branded the less valuable the content will become.

  44. Let me make this clear, I didn’t pull out of the conventions, I was kicked from the line up. Anthony has also taken it upon himself to scuttle RMG by banning everyone who had an admin account for the channel.

  45. You have a brand already, Rollo. They can’t really leverage you. Everything is about how YOU look at it now. Move on and build your contribution.

  46. I’ve seen some dustups over the years but this one is really disappointing. Do your thing Rollo. I wish 21C the best but my gut is telling me they just jumped the almighty shark.

  47. Funny thing is how things escalated quickly in both Rollo and Richard’s cases. I remember Richard doing a podcast with Anthony in Orlando, nothing seemed off, and a couple days later Richard pulled out. It seems like a knee-jerk reaction from Anthony…in any case, Rollo getting kicked out is gonna hurt 21 con way more than vice versa….but it’s also a warning to Rollo to be a better judge of character and vet his future associates more ruthlessly. He still has the strongest voice in the Manosphere.

  48. Rollo,

    Sorry to hear about this brother, I look to my left and your three physical books are sitting on my bookshelf:

    The Rational Male
    The Rational Male – Preventative Medicine
    The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity

    This is your legacy and I have no doubt you will continue to add to it. Over the last 5 years your work has shaped me like no other since coming across it, it’s been a lot of pain and suffering and endless struggle to rewire myself and admit I was an idiot for all of my 20s with respect to women( I was pretty aware in other areas but completely blind with women) , but change I have. Your work has allowed me to change myself for the better and is now having a major impact on my son who is 7 by me setting a masculine example for him. Thank you for this Rollo, you have managed to impact two generations, even my father who was pretty masculine in all areas except women has indirectly benefited from me telling him new concepts, such as DNA testing.

    You are going to have to be ready for the attacks brother, what you write has big implications for western society, at some point the truth tellers are going to come under direct attack from the power holders, right now you are under indirect attack. I wanted to attend 21con because the vast majority of the lineup with guys like you, Donovan, Hunter Drew, Carl, Ryan are solid guys and was a regular listener to RMG until recently, I didn’t go because something just doesn’t line up with AJ, the values of Strength, Discipline, Courage, Passion , Persistence, Integrity are not negotiable for a solid guy in the end, without those as a male you are doomed from the start and can build nothing long term.

  49. Rollo. Sorry to hear about this. I need you to keep fighting the fight for men everywhere. A group is a group,but Rollo, you literally saved my life. I can not navigate this fucked up world without your sage advice.

  50. Just think about the revenge.

    Finish your next book and have it turn into another best seller while those others fade Into irrelevancy.

    That’ll do it.

  51. All groups naturally go through Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

    I will not comment on the events as I am not in the know. HOWEVER, I will say that you have opened my eyes and I will always be grateful for what you have taught me. Keep up the great work!

  52. Meh. I could never connect with the other’s message like I can with RT. I think that you are better off professionally. As for me, I’m going to stick with what plucked me from the darkness. Thanks again RT!

  53. Rollo, you and your work appeared when I needed it the most in my life and made a huge impact. I can easily say that you have saved my life and changed the course of my life. I met you at 2018 21con and you took the genuine time to listen to me and talk to me. I felt truly blessed. You are a good man. I followed RMG just because of you ( and Rich Cooper) . I read all your books at least 3 times each. I think the mankind should be blessed to have someone like you in our times. We will stand by you. You are the Godfather!

  54. This all seems like a circular firing squad. Don’t know, don’t care who’s at fault, but we have enough to worry about with our actual enemies without building walls between their allies.

  55. Hey Rollo,
    I’ve always been a fan since our days at Sosuave. I’m sure there’s a lot of hurt being excluded from something you helped build.

    I won’t be surprised if you had a slight deep fear that something like this would happen. That’s the big risk of doing collaborations in a “democracy” tainted with people with possible ulterior motives. They can turn on you and freeze you out.

    What details of the misinformation against you can you share with us? I still feel you should continue with your YouTube channel. Those of us loyal to you and share your point of view will continue to tune in.

    On a personal level please unblock me from your Twitter. My user name starts with r- – – – – -45@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  56. @ Rollo
    This should also serve as a wake up call for you since you are good at anticipating trends.
    You need to start finding ways to safeguard all the content you’ve put out. Think of getting your own hosting server ( not one you lease) but one built for you, create your own social media version of YouTube. If you need income to support the upkeep of the server then think of providing hosting services to other red pill guys to pay for the maintenance of your hosting service, download and archive all your digital work.

    You’ve predicted a red pill ban. Now is the time to strategize to counter that time to come. You need to write and protect your legacy. You’ve given us enough articles, books and videos. Take a break to prepare for what’s to come. Once that is done then continue putting out new article.

    1. Yes, Rollo. What he Said. Start your podcast. I’ll glad to pay a monthly subscription. It is what Tom Leykis does. That is why he has is own URL or website. You should do the same.

  57. Ok, I’ll say it, Anthony is a fucking jackass, first Rich Cooper, now this. I’ve met AJ personally, and he is an insecure POS that is grandstanding on the coattails of his betters. To stop the RMG because he didn’t get his way is childish and petty. Time to have a true red pill convention, without the hustle. If Christ had a MLM side hustle, yeah, I would think less of the message. Get the pretenders/posers the fuck out. Plus, why the fuck in Orlando and not Vegas? This convention screams Vegas.

  58. You still have a lot of fans, and lately RMG has jumped the shark with Donovan, Steve, and MLD. I like Rion and that’s it. You were the only reason a lot of us tuned into RMG in the first place, so it’s their loss, not yours. The smear campaign they did is exactly the same shit that the women they complain about would pull and they’re acting like teenage girls. Good riddance. I’ll just listen to you and Pat

  59. ‘A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.’
    Mark, 6:4, KJV

    @ Rollo
    I first came across Rational Male after being rinsed and divorced by my ex-wife some five years ago, and sought the sage advice of seasoned forum posters after my last LTR went belly-up.

    Without your wisdom and perspicacity, many newly-unplugged men like me would be lying in a ditch right now…

    No-one likes a prophet, because they tell uncomfortable truths. But without them, we can never learn from our experience — however painful that might be (and mine have been pretty damn painful over the past five years or so).

    You are a life-saver.


  60. Rollo, the individual, is banned, but not The Rational Male and the ideas behind it, what a tool. Who was that great philosopher that said “you didn’t build it.”

  61. Sucks, but Rollo will improve his brand and maybe a post about what Rollo learned will come out of this.

    Business partnerships are like a marriage–no sex and you still might get screwed if it falls apart.

    I hope Rollo will find another convention–Denver or Dallas works for me. Both are fun towns. Chi-town would be awesome, but expensive. Maybe we’d run into Bad Bad Leroy Brown.

  62. I don’t understand what happened. But i hope to continue at least your youtube videos. You don’t know literally how many lives you have saved

  63. Guys, I had considered just laying off this post for a while, but I didn’t want anyone buying a registration thinking I was going to be speaking.

  64. A lot of drama swirls around the 21 Convention guys. Most of it added nothing to your message. This is an odd parting of ways, but your 4th book coming out is something I’ve been really looking forward to.

    No idea what the drama was, but your work speaks for itself. Thanks for your efforts Rollo.

  65. This is the equivalent of Don King dropping Mike Tyson in his prime. I don’t much care what the reason is, but all I can say is that a red pill event that doesn’t allow Rollo Tomassi is an inherently dysfunctional thing. Best I could hope for is that Rollo forms a RMG style show with Rich, Donovan, Carl, Rian, Pat, MLD, and and Hunter Drew. Allow who ever else you want to allow to come onto the show but either way 21 Studios is not what the red pill needs. With Rich and Rollo out of it we have already lost too much value. My two cents.

  66. I knew this was going to happen, the whole convention and how it was run smelled like a money making scheme and now you can’t even get a refund….wow

    Also what is this personal beef between Rollo and the C21 president? You bang his girl or something lol

  67. The article linked by Fred above is scary in relation to TRP, but in particular to the rational male. The difference between a sociopath devastation of a musical genre and that of the cold hard truth of intergender dynamics being provided to men of the matrix is going to have far-reaching effects on the kids of the future than I would want to live with. If a punk rock sociopath comes through, loots and pillages, ultimately there is limited collateral damage in the future dance halls. The collateral damage that a sociopath could inflict to the red pill message, a message that needs to get to every man and his sons is just surreal, it is sickening.

    from the posted link “Serious subcultures are usually eternalistic: the New Thing is a source of meaning that gives everything in life purpose. Eternalistic naïveté makes subcultures much easier to exploit.”

    The issue stems from the fundamental difference in that TRP doesn’t just give everything in life purpose, it saves the lives of those blinded by the matrix’s lies, in that it doesn’t give purpose, it saves life for purpose.


  68. Looks like somebody was consumed with competitive jealousy. That sounds efffed up. Donovan is straight shooter also.

  69. No big change for me. Rollo, you are the ONLY person in the manosphere I pay ANY attention to. I EAGERLY await Red Pill 101 and the Pat Campbell Friday segment EVERY WEEK…whereas the RMG is made up of a bunch of blowhards for the most part and doesn’t even move the needle for me. I can’t even sit through it. I actually don’t even care about the details or the reasons behind this sudden change. I will continue to follow YOU and read YOUR blog and listen to YOU speak. Thanks for all you do!

  70. The 21Con version of the Redpill was fast approaching sociopathic level messaging, not sure even himself Rollo noticed it with certain characters. Not Rollo himself, but certain others.

    Character still does count among men, I just had to cut someone from my own family over blatant character issues as I knew it would eventually blow up in my face if I didn’t, if it hasn’t already and I don’t know about it. If they are running around lying it’s only a matter of time before it blows up in ones face.

    A lot of the justification on the sociopathic type messaging is that women do it, or if you don’t do it others will but that misses the point. If you don’t have any honor/integrity in one area you most likely won’t have it in another. It’s a very slippery slope. Character is still needed if you wish to form solid foundations, women or no women.

    Character Counts!

  71. So im guessing Hunter Drew is out also ? No Rollo, Richard and Hunter now ? Only reasons worth going to 21c.

    Not surprised by the behaviour of the small cock midget, Anthony sociopath Johnson.

  72. Rollo, your response to this nonsense was very kind and measured given the circumstances.

    You’ve literally saved the lives of tens of thousands of men, if not more.

    You have friends all over the world. Your reach and impact are global.

    Like many others, I found your writing when at that moment when I needed it most. When the student is ready, the teacher shall arrive.

    Thank you, Rollo, for all that you’ve done, and will do, for men the world over.

    We’ve got your back, brother.

  73. Half those guys were purple pill anyway, I never understood why you associated with them.

    The Red Pill is never going to work like that. It’s always going to be clandestine, anonymous, and based on merit. You can’t force it into the open. As soon as you start muddying the waters with “big” personalities and enough money is involved you’re gonna end up with half assed “Red Pill” personalities who dilute the message.

    I could never stand Donovan Sharpe, he barely scraped the Rookie Red Pill level and you gave him the time of day like an equal. I’m glad this has happened actually, you’re better than that – let them go on to become a Purple Pill organisation: there will never be a red pill one. Too few men fully “get it” and this is probably by evolutionary design.

  74. The Red Pill brand does not sell anymore in light of Black Pill statistics. The 21 Convention is just the continuation of PUA and gynocentrism by others means i.e. the Red Pill. As much of an adaptable grifter Roosh is at least he has remained independent.

  75. Seems that Anthony is having a relapse of his Blue Pill or Purple Pill tendencies or he did not want the convention to go on the red pill route at all but only played up and used Rollo and other speakers help to further sell his brand. Would be better if it was the former, because that is still curable, but if it is the latter then it means the problem was never cured in the first place.

  76. Judging by the comments I am not alone in my opinion that this will be for the best Rollo. I consistently found the input from other speakers associated with the 21C to be far below the standard that both you and Rich Cooper provided. I say with absolute confidence that your content was instrumental in saving my life and I know it has greatly helped many of my close friends who have purchased and read your books also.

    It is good to hear that your show with Pat Campbell is continuing, I have no doubt your future endeavours will be even more successful as a result of this. Remember law #2 and I look forward to continuing to support your important and valuable work.

  77. Lawyers drafted 21Con\s announcement.

    Socrates wrote “The matter while private was serious enough to warrant the divestment.”

    Normal people don’t write like that. This as written by a lawyer.

    This is serious stuff. i.e. a smear campaign supported by lawyers.

    You need to lawyer up, Rollo.

    Public statements from a corporation as to your misconduct are actionable.

    Your good name is being tarnished.

    There is also the matter of refunds: it is possible that men won’t get a refund if it is alleged that the disinvited speaker was guilty of misconduct rather that victim of force majeure.

    1. I have no signed contractual obligation to the 21 Convention. Never have, and not one of the speakers ever have.

  78. I’ve been out of the Manosphere twitter drama for a while now. I still check out yours from time to time, and I didn’t see this coming.

    What possible reason would they have? All I can say is an animal that bites the hand that feeds it has to learn to find it’s own food. What a sad turn of events, just keep it classy Rollo and move on.

  79. I am gobsmacked and saddened by this news. Even though I couldn’t afford to travel to the 21 Conventions, I watched many of the past lectures online and I loved the concept of the best masculine minds getting together to explore and expand our knowledge of what it means to be a man.

    That said, speaking as father to a son at the beginning of his adulthood, I was always more comfortable with him reading/listening to The Rational Male than most Red Pill material online. Although I still think ‘Red Pill/Blue Pill’ is a great metaphor for False Truth versus Reality, there is such a lack of clarity (plus no end of disagreement) about what Red Pill actually constitutes, it’s fast losing its usefulness as a term—especially when there is so much effort made to co-opt or rubbish the brand.

    For me, what makes Rollo stand out is the sheer quality of his work and that quality I associate with Rational Male, not ‘Red Pill’. Indeed, being forced to break away from ‘Red Pill’ as a brand may well be a blessing in disguise.

    1. @ex-cartoonist. I agree man. I avoided red-pill for a long time because all I read was, as I like to call it, ‘The bitches and hos’ mentality. All women are hypergamous so they must all be bitches and hos. Throw in some right wing politics for added shock value and viola ‘red-pill’. Which is a total lack of understanding.

      It wasn’t until I happened across TRM, which was a revelation, that I then understood what the red-pill was about. Rollo and the men in this community are totally on messege.

  80. Rollo and Richard Copper is out but let’s see if they will be as eager to stop using Rational Male’s or Richard Cooper’s terminology as well. We’ll see the “real men” right there.

    Just noticed that all criticising comments on Antony’s statement posted on Youtube has been removed so I expect the future quality of Antony’s products will likely continue in this unmanly fashion.

    Time to separate the winners from the losers. A person able to provide a solid high value and respectful advice should not associate with disrespecting clowns. The ball is in Rollo’s court.

    If Rollo, Richard Copper, Dr Shawn T Smith, Carl, Donovan, Tate and Hunter were to start own show, 6 months from now no one will remember words like 21Con, Anthony or RMG.

  81. With Roosh’s forum in flux and r/TRP constantly enduring the Sword of Damacles as wielded by the sundry emotionally disregulated losers of Reddit, perhaps it’s wise to start a new point of congregation like SoSuave was for you. TRP.red somewhat already serves this purpose, so you could always help that long too.

  82. @Rollo: “I appreciate your support more than you realize”

    However slow and painful progress may seem, however many men are lost along the way, you’re no Cassandra. People are listening.

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