Women’s Existential Fear

One of the primary perspectives of the Red Pill as a praxeology in understanding intersexual dynamics is evolutionary psychology. Even the ‘Classic Era‘ pickup artists referenced evo-psych, often without realizing it, in explaining various aspects of Game. Mystery Method itself was fundamentally rooted in the understanding of women’s (and men’s) evolutionary ‘circuitry’ as a basis for developing modern Game techniques. These were the first forays into women’s evolved mental firmware as a means to understanding the mating game we experience today – and how to use it to our best advantage as men.

However, that was really just the starting point. The Red Pill is much more dynamic than Game applications. As I’ve developed in other essays (and talks), the fundamentals of how the sexes relate with one another follow our biological realities, but also the environmental and social realities of our ancestral past. We’re still using the same circuitry in this era that our ancestors did in the past, only the context has changed. Today I want to explore the influences the legacy of this ancestry places on men and women, and also attempt to answer some questions as to why men and women fear certain aspects of the other’s evolved nature.

In my last article I made a distinction between our ancestral, localized, sexual marketplace versus the globalized SMP we find ourselves in today. This is a good starting point. In our hunter-gatherer beginnings our potential mates either came from within our tribal groups, or, when our tribe managed to overwhelm another tribe, we took war brides to breed with. This is what defined our localized SMP in the past. In fact I’d argue that a deficit in ‘marriageable’ females from within a local tribe was actually a prime motivator for going to war with an outside tribe. This is an important distinction because a lot of those same motivational dynamics are reflected today’s global SMP, and how modern intersexual dynamics have evolved.

A Need for Control

A lot of the need for social control we see coming from women and feminism today is part of an ancestral, evolved desire on the part of women to seek security in a chaotic world. Ever since the advent of unilaterally female-controlled contraception, the Sexual Revolution, and the rise of the Gynocracy, an unprecedented power over the birthing process of the human race has been transferred to only one of the two sexes necessary to perpetuate our species.

“Abortion is Eugenics” (or dysgenics) is a saying I’ve been seeing on Twitter recently. Since the Sexual Revolution we’ve not just ’empowered’ women, but men have systematically ceded any claim to our own paternity while at the same time presumed that women should, by default, be trusted with knowing what’s best for the human birthing process and raising new generations. But it’s not just abortion that is eugenics, it’s also Hypergamy and the dozens of other aspects of intersexual dynamics that western societies just presumes women should know best how to proceed with. We took the women of the Baby Boom generation at their collective word that they’d be more merciful rulers than men if we just gave them the option to be sexual with us. We foolishly believed women would police the worst aspects of their own sexual strategy after we willingly ceded power in exchange for sexual access.

Last month a reader sent me a link to a story about how Ireland had just ceded more of its own authority over their country’s reproductive fate to women by legalizing abortion. The very Catholic island of Celts has made Hypergamy its ruling motive after many years of feminist pressure. Irish women celebrated the decision to allow them to kill their unwanted children. In fact many Catholic countries all over South America are in various stages of legalizing abortion. But the sentiment about abortion in this decade is no longer one of it being a necessary evil as it was in the time of Roe vs. Wade. Today it’s cause for overt celebration among women and men alike.

Before I get run up the flagpole by critics here, my opposition to abortion does not (primarily) stem from moral reasons, it stems from objectively following the power dynamics involved and the latent purpose for abortion. Abortion is eugenics; it is the ceding of any claim to influencing paternity that men may have had for the past 100,000 years of human evolution.

So, why will women fight tooth and nail for the ‘right’ to free and safe abortion over the course of multiple generations? Why is the right to end her (and the father’s) child’s life in utero such an imperative for women?

Ask women and the feminist boilerplate answer is always “My body, my choice!“, but why is it so important to cut men entirely out of the reproductive process? What is the motivation for legally disenfranchising men from even 1% of a say in a child that is at least half his genetic legacy? This is also one of the greatest of offenses to women; that a man might have some control over women’s bodies. “Hands off my uterus!” that too is another rallying cry, but why is it such an abhorrent thought that men might have some influence in who gets born and who doesn’t?

Existential Fears & The Hypergamous Filter

There are certain fears that human beings are born with. Our evolved mental firmware is highly attuned to our own survival. That may seem simple, but we’re born with certain instinctual reservations about our environments. Snakes, spider, animals with sharp pointy natural weapons are critters we don’t have to be taught to stay away from. That fear, that caution, is part of our onboard system when we leave the womb. The same is generally true of heights and tight confined places. We also have a very defined natural instinct for revulsion. There’s actually an entire area of evo-psych study devoted to the human revulsion response. Part of our innate firmware makes us disgusted by feces, dead carcasses and putrefaction. If it’s unsanitary and might make us sick or diseased ourselves we’re repelled by it – unless we’re conditioned not to be.

The above are some pretty basic existential fears most people have. We have evolved inbuilt firmware that does its best to keep us alive, but there are other, more complex fears and accompanying revulsions that look out for our wellbeing too. The one I want to focus on here is what the Red Pill refers to as the Hypergamous Filter. That’s kind of a loose way of saying women have innate revulsions and distrusts of men who would otherwise like nothing better than the experience of having sex with them.

From our ancestral past right up until the Sexual Revolution in the mid-1960s a woman having sex was fraught with dangerous consequences. For about 100,000 years evolution wrote a breeding subroutine into the hindbrains of every human female – always doubt a man’s quality.

The Hypergamous Filter has many ways of determining quality. Last week I mentioned that women universally use a man’s height as a physical qualification for arousal/attraction. That’s one obvious criteria; check the height box, move on. I have mentioned in other essays that Hypergamy is always based on doubt – doubt that a man is the best she can do – but also the doubt as to whether that guy will stick around and stay committed to parental investment.

This Hypergamous doubt is an existential fear for women.

“What if he’s faking it?”
“What if he really isn’t who he claims to be?”
“Will he stick around after sex?”
“What if I get pregnant with his child?”

These questions, these doubts, do not stem from a woman’s Rational Interpretive Process, they are deeply rooted in her Instinctual Process.

These questions are asked beneath a woman’s cognition, and as such they comprise part of an unconscious Hypergamous filtering process that is linked to both the revulsion instinct and genuine sexual desire. This is a risk aversion instinct that has very real, life-threatening, implications to it. This is a self-preservation skepticism on the limbic level and it is the primary existential fear a woman has. And women will do anything to alleviate it. Women will do anything to ensure they have failsafes against the life-threatening consequences of having that Hypergamous filter deceived.

Why is there a ceaseless effort to criminalize PUAs approaching women on the street? Because it implies a deception of a Beta male impersonating an Alpha male for the purposes of sex. This is a crime against the Existential Fear.

The Existential Fear in women is that their innate Hypergamous Filter, their Feminine Intuition, might be fooled, and by being fooled she may either die or have her reproductive potential compromised for her lifetime by bearing and raising the child of man who is a suboptimal Hypergamous choice for her – a man who exerted his will over her Hypergamous choosing filters.

In our ancestral past, pregnancy, and/or parental investment, could be a death sentence if a woman’s Hypergamous Filter wasn’t supremely sensitive and obsessively refined. The Hypergamous Filter also evolved as a contingency against men’s biological imperative – unlimited access to unlimited sexuality.

That’s not to say pair bonding wasn’t a feature of our ancestral past, it was also a foundational aspect of mating, but it is to say that a man’s investment cost was much lower than a woman’s when it came to reproduction. That’s simple biology defining a sexual strategy for men. Pair bonding would usually last as long as it took for that child to reach survival autonomy (4-7 years). And that’s not accounting for men’s proclivity to seek extra-pair mating opportunities while pair bonded. I’ll explore this in the next essay.

Fast Times in the 21st Century

Now lets fast forward the Existential Fear and the Hypergamous Filter up to the last 60 years or so. One of the most socially destabilizing inventions of the 20th century was affording women the option to invest herself, or not, in the choices she made about her own sexuality. Unilaterally female-controlled birth control was effectively the greatest Hypergamous failsafe ever invented. It released women from the responsibility of a bad Hypergamous decision. But what it didn’t do is erase that filtering process from women’s psyches. We take it for granted, but HBC (hormonal birth control) unfettered Hypergamy for the first time in human history. And as a result men ceded more and more of their paternal interests in the human reproductive process over to women in exchange for the promise of pregnancy-free sexual access. Ostensibly, unlimited access to unlimited sexuality. Needless to say this also exacerbated women’s sexual strategy to tactically filter out unwanted males and emphasize sex with chosen males.

But the greatest sexual bargain of the 20th-21st century catastrophically backfired on men because, for all the boons of HBC, it couldn’t rewrite 100,000 years of evolved Hypergamy. And, if anything, it exacerbated women’s desire for failsafe’s against the Existential Fear of having her Hypergamous Filter fooled by deceptive men.

The social and political power men ceded to women in the wake of the Sexual Revolution has been used for one unitary purpose by women – to ensure against the Existential Fear. Why is abortion now something to be celebrated rather than mournfully accepted as necessary evil of this century? Because it alleviates the Existential Fear of bearing and raising the product of a bad Hypergamous choice.

Why did no fault divorce morph into the misandrous divorce industry we have today? It alleviates the Existential Fear. A one-sided divorce industry ensures security, support and resources that would’ve otherwise been her undoing in times before the pill. Why are the stigmas of single motherhood that existed just 60 years ago now replaced with rewarding women for their choice to become single mothers? It alleviates the Existential Fear.

When women were afforded unprecedented power and influence their first order of business was directed at changing laws to alleviate the Existential Fear. Virtually every social change, every political change, every egoistic “you go gurl” self-entitlement since the Sexual Revolution that women have initiated has had one latent purpose – alleviating the Existential Fear.

And finally, why is it that Red Pill awareness, practicing Game, a united Manosphere, and yes, even MGTOW, are perceived as an existential threat to the Feminine Imperative?

Because it all threatens to upset the security that women believe they’re entitled to in creating failsafes for women’s Existential Fear. Exposing the machinations of the Blue Pill and teaching men to unplug from a system that makes them a utility in a female-correct social order is an intolerable threat to women’s security from the Existential Fear, but it is also a new challenge the power base that security is built upon.

This is part one of a blog series.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Gentlemen, blog update: I will be experimenting with the comment system plug-ins this week. please let me know what you like and what you don’t.

    Also, I will be launching a new program on my YouTube channel where I’ll be discussing the weekly post and taking input and comments from readers about the weekly topic.

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    That is all citizens.

  2. Everytime I see some meme, blog entry, or article talking about Superman and Lois Lane (or some other woman that dreams about being his “gal”), I think of Larry Niven’s short paper (not really a story – more of a monograph) that is entitled “Superman and Lois Lane, Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”

    Interesting stuff … but having read that years ago, I can only say, “Curse you Mr Niven for having the temerity to present the actual facts of what life would be like for SM and LL – and the rest of the world – should he actually exist!”

    Go read it if you haven’t already – it’s great for a chuckle.

  3. I think your analysis is missing abortion across history and is incomplete in its outlook.

    The 20th century was not the first time abortion existed: Australian aboriginals would abort and abandon children at birth depending on survival conditions; Indigeous people of Argentina would kill a third child at birth so as to be able to carry two children only – a third child would be an unnecessary burden; and up to 10% of newspaper advertisements in 19th century US newspapers related to abortion.

  4. “…please let me know what you like and what you don’t.

    Just a brief pause, to go take a drink of water after a good fuck of my wife and seeing the new post. The new post is brilliant. Really, good stuff. I don’t have time to read the links to Instinct, Emotion and Reason or The Instinctual Process which seem seminal to the whole post. Tomorrow is a new day. But Geez, good stuff.

    I’d like to make a request here for new guys to The Rational Male and Rollo Tomassi to comment and participate in comments. The comments section is becoming too feminine with feminine crab bucket mentality and male infighting. Not that there is anything wrong with males fighting in a male space for meritocratic status.

    I’ve never moved so much as when I’ve gotten masculine sharp pointy stick criticism. Mostly because I’ve never really fucked up or gotten zeroed out. I’m not a big fan of having to take a fall in order to pick myself up in order to move forward with talent. But there is something to be told about being told. Other’s hero’s journey may vary. Some have fucked up mightily. Others, not so much. But here we are, moving forward.

    And Rollo, could you burden yourself to comment here occasionally? You got a lot of irons in the fire, but it wouldn’t hurt to put a comment/hammer down on us regular commenters. A pointed stick with masculine criticism. Do it.

    In other words, put the tip of the spear to some of the regular or irregular commenters. Positive or negative. It’s your ship. Steer it clear in a Red Pill direction. It’s fine as is. It could be better if you change it.

    In other words, make sure it (the comment section) measures up to your standards in a Red Pill fashion.

    What do you think of the comments board, Rollo?

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  5. The biggest irony of all is that the feminine imperative has actually made society more volatile and less secure for them all now that relationship breakdowns are a question of when and not if.

  6. Rule of thumb; Never have an abortion with your wife.

    If she spread her legs, let her raise those eggs.

  7. Powerful post.

    Cuckoldry is the primal existential fear of man. The state of accepting cuckoldry as a man is full surrender to woman’s hypergamy.

  8. Women’s Existential Fear is a corner stone of Red Pill understanding. Some may read this as an inevitable path to being cucked.

    But each of these Red Pill pillars is simply a truth to be aware of. This same Existential Fear forms the basis for the PUA Boyfriend Destroyer and a way of always being on-guard for signs of her starting to lose interest making it time for you to stop, drop and roll away.

  9. @Rollo: this is a strong post, candidate for the best of 2019. Looking forward to the rest of this series.

  10. I must say, Rollo’s posts have been very helpful in seeing my marriage in a new light.

    When I started reading TRM in 2016, I started arguing more with my wife, caring less what she felt, actively ignoring her requests and nusiance phone calls/texts while I was out with my buddies. It felt like a power struggle, my control over the family’s direction vs her control over me. I started spending more time with my buddies, coming home later than usual (especially after work) I would spend time walking around town, having a smoke, checking out other girl, I stopped holding her hand in public, started looking passing women in the eye, started noticing my silly limiting behaviours/self-talk when dealing with women, my mom, my sisters, I stopped giving my broke siblings money and worked on my own debt, continued fucking my wife’s brains out.

    I started dealing with the resentment I had from being a Nice Guy, started setting boundaries, started speaking my mind (some call it thinking out loud) instead of filtering my thoughts, started some exercise in the morning, stopped worrying about what people (especially family, close friends, neighbours) thought of me and my actions, started flirting more and more with females around me (young and old) when I wanted to, stopped automatically accepting women’s ridiculous requests and demands when out in public, started being more candid with men/young guys/boy toddlers out in public.

    It’s a process.

  11. Abortion is being pushed by the elites. The pro-life movement is primarily pushed by women. I was heavily involved in the pro-life movement for years. I spoke with women who got abortions. Many women who get abortions are driven by their boyfriend’s threat to leave them if they carry the baby to term. Some women are coerced to get abortions by their parents. And many do it for selfish reasons as well.

  12. @Rollo, best post I’ve read from you since the beginning. And that picture is perfect.

    I echo SJF’s post about commenting. New dudes say hi. Regulars ease up on the ego battles.

  13. Asd

    Question: is abortion driven by the ” elites “, or by individual women ( and men in some cases ) making individual choices?

    It’s getting to be intellectually lazy to keep blaming stuff on ” the mystical elites “. Too much personal and moral biases involved. Why hasn’t roe been overturned yet? 300+ million people in the u.s., ROe still stands. Why is that? Is the entire nation elite? That defies the definition.

    I.agree with previous comment about the historical take on abortion, and I agree with Rollo’s take on the OP. Either life is to be protected, or it’s not. Morals appear too subjective to be a reliable measuring stick.

    There is no ” elite ” just like there is no ” the man “.

    It’s people lebowski. People will.cry and.protest over abortion while advocating death penalties. Imo, those people should kick rocks and.stfu.

  14. “…women who get abortions are driven by their boyfriend’s threat to leave them if they carry the baby to term. Some women are coerced to get abortions by their parents. And many do it for selfish reasons as well.”

    That’s redundant. Women will say anything to hold the consequence of their actions far far away from them, including blaming the boyfriend for murder and simultaneously claiming he’s got her in a mental, physical, financial et. al lockdown. Hell, PMS is now a legit defense.

    “Selfish reasons as well” listed 3rd minimizes women’s freewill and plays exactly into their game. No woman is coerced to have an abortion. That choice is hers and hers alone.

    I’d agree the culture promotes bad behavior and elective abortion is just one of many. It gets a pass as the culture, aka everyone one of us in aggregate, doesn’t care enough to forbid it.

    And as Rollo wrote, this isn’t about churchy morals per se.

    It is imperative for women to have all the power and zero responsibility for this equalist canard to function.

    Women will say absolutely anything if allowed to.

  15. This post is on the money and really helped me understand the “just be yourself” advice.

    I always thought it was useless but now I understand that it’s really useful in this other way. Mostly a code for “just be you unattractive beta self so you don’t make her hypergamous filtering harder”

  16. @SJF

    “It’s fine as is. It could be better if you change it.”

    Like how, specifically? Top down micromanagement isn’t your style usually. Why now?

    What crab bucket feminine behaviors and AMOGing need policing by big bro Rollo?

    When did you start taking the high road?

    Anyways what does Rollo have to add that isn’t dealt with by regular commenters?

    Rollo is generous with his time and talent. He isn’t some all-knowing deity.

  17. One subtle distinction: HBC (hormonal birth control) likely does relieve the existential fear to some degree, as its effect is to simulate pregnancy and shift behaviors toward the beta bucks seeking strategies and away from the search for alpha seed. The die having already been cast, a pregnant woman no longer worries ‘Is this the best?’ She is ready to accept the best that is at hand, be it alpha or beta.

    A former lover’s sister spent most of her fertile life on the pill, and was (apparently) happily married to the most beta guy you have ever met save pajama boy. In fact he might have been pajama boy. Recently she developed blood clots in the leg and had to go off of the pill. Hubby lasted some number of months, (12ish) then was unceremoniously divorced. (In case you are sad, beta hubby grew a pair and proceeded to romp through a long series of hot divorcees, while miss hypergamy unleashed complains endlessly on FB that there are no good men.)

  18. “Virtually every social change, every political change, every egoistic “you go gurl” self-entitlement since the Sexual Revolution that women have initiated has had one latent purpose – alleviating the Existential Fear.”

    The ultimate effect of said social changes is the exact opposite of the goal of said social changes. As the dynamic evolves, we see more clearly than ever now that these social changes actually ensure the manifestation of exactly what women fear most. The greatest fear any woman has in this context is the fear that NO males in her tribe are acceptable choices, that in fact the entire male population of her tribe is too weak, too squeamish, too chicken shit to just survive, much less thrive.

    We now live in an era primarily populated by “men” who are so impotent, they worry most about and pontificate these “concerns” rather than taking initiative. Most males today are spending the majority of their energy and a significant amount. of their time masturbating themselves sexually and mentally than ever before. We now live in a world saturated with wankers who waste their lives spinning up this pseudo intellectual bullshit that they sell to each other and throw sissy fits over.

  19. “Like how, specifically? Top down micromanagement isn’t your style usually. Why now?

    What crab bucket feminine behaviors and AMOGing need policing by big bro Rollo?

    When did you start taking the high road?

    Anyways what does Rollo have to add that isn’t dealt with by regular commenters?”

    Edgy judgement.

    I like being judged and judging others. For clarity.

    I guess I was thinking about commenting on comments to keep them real red pill. Rollo’s red pill judgement and clarity.

    I mean, I had trouble early on not being red pill enough, blind spots and ego investments. I learned and changed a lot for the better in the great debates of 2016 here. Even if there was too much back and forth, back and forth debate. (Oh, wait, now I remember Rollo said something about RSD, YaReally and PUA and it made Yareally and Scray take their balls and go home.)

    I know there is plenty of room for debate about differently oriented guys. Same as on Red Man Group, lots of differences of opinion with core red pill beliefs.

    (or maybe it’s my Achilles heel of other validation kicking in, IDK….)

  20. Eh

    Sfj is my bro, and I lurv him mostly, but he’s in an odd place kinda. All the umc is making him say strange solipsistic things. He’s self protecting by cocooning himself physically and mentally.

    Actually that’s not a bad strategy at all, but it won’t build strength. What will you have/be without comfort? That ” let them eat cake ” stuff can go sideways and bite you in the ass eventually.

    Men need to always be aware that bad and awful shit can befall anyone, and it’s not about how much dough you have or what country club you belong to. What will you do then!

    Nothing usually happens though, and guys can remain delusional until the last breath. But it’s something I think men should at least contemplate from time to time.

  21. “Why hasn’t roe been overturned yet? 300+ million people in the u.s., ROe still stands.”

    300+ million people have never voted on it. 9 did. They were not elected. We do not live in a democracy. Of the general population my guestimation is that a plurality support it but a majority do not. Whether a general referendum would overturn it I think would depend very much on how exactly the proposition was worded, but there is no Federal mechanism for a general referendum. Although on a different subject of law, I think that California’s Proposition 8 is informative. Passed by the state electorate who had a mechanism for referendum, struck down by a Federal appointed panel.

    “Is the entire nation elite?”

    You are well aware of the genesis of gun control, poll tax and marriage licenses. You must be aware of the genesis of Planned Parenthood.

    Note that I haven’t taken a position, just addressed your questions, because they were there.

  22. Blax

    “Men need to always be aware that bad and awful shit can befall anyone…”


    I’m very acutely aware of that. I voiced it yesterday to a buddy in the form of: “I’m very aware of how many things can happen to each of us men at any time and I’m very surprised at how often the worst doesn’t happen.” It’s not angst fear. It’s rejoicing at life. I’m not the slightest bit bored. I think life is beautiful. (and I’m not deluded).

    I’m very mindful and careful. True, I’m more safe than not. But in a disciplined, not suppressive way. I do get outside my comfort zone in real life. I do lean out to my edge. In my Red Pill Reconstruction, my parenthood, social circle, etc. Also my wildlife habitat farm adventures. I really stuck my neck out there. 12 1/2 years of real adventure and peak experiences. Huge projects and risk taking….

    I’ve had bad things happen to me. I just don’t remember them all. I jettisoned the thoughts.

    Oh, and my latest Glycohemoglobin was 6.3 (and I’d die without insulin).

  23. Hello gents.


    Please post a note to let us know when you’ve made plugin changes. Help us know when to look closely and kick the tires. Really looking forward to improvements in the commenting tools.

    “Abortion is eugenics; it is the ceding of any claim to influencing paternity that men may have had for the past 100,000 years of human evolution.”

    There is a lot of hand wringing over abortion and hoes. Reminds me of what Blxiumus has been telling us for a quite a while. Vetting your mates is critical. If you’re going to stick your dick in her and are not snipped you better be prepared for the consequences of potential trouble in paradise.

    Isn’t it fair to say these shifts in “power” of the sexes also created a gigantic wake up call to improve our Game?

    It’s not hard to wonder how many women through the centuries had schlubb husbands. Rather than generating desire sex in their wife, the cultural and political structure was used to “enforce” and exacerbated shitty game. I’m not saying the past structure was all bad, but it surely didn’t require men to have to be on top of their game as much.

  24. @ Blax, SJF, ASD

    This is choice and a good example of loss of MPoO, loss of faith in what you can actually see with scales off yer eyes.

    ASD intimates bottom-up pitch fork and torch treatment to the Davos elites. They collude against us.

    SJF calls for top-down moderation from manosphere elites. They collaborate with us.

    Both ASD and SJF, both I’d call good friends, speak from a position of frustration and fear of what they have in their own laps, their realization that we are limited by our own existence and that is too much to bear, so someone, something, somewhere is either our nemesis or savior, take your pick, don’t matter really, either fits a feeling ATM.

    What can be done, with what one has at hand, right now, and I literally mean RIGHT NOW, is more relavent than who asshole did what, when in the past or who genius philosopher warrior king could lead into a illumined future.

    I’d talk about living in the now but that’s been done to death.

  25. “Anyways what does Rollo have to add that isn’t dealt with by regular commenters?”

    For sure on a regular basis the comments veer off topic after a while. If the frequency of a new a Rollo post is more than a week its common that all sorts of unrelated shit is delved into. Frankly, the crowd here doesn’t always police itself very well. Most online forums usually need some sort of moderation. The assumption here is that grown men ought to be able to handle this shit by themselves. It is better now than 2016 when whiffs of estrogen harpy keyboard wars stunk up the place. Nobody is asking for Rollo to be put on a pedestal. It is his brand. If he wants it to be hands off he can, and most often does. Often it appears like TRM is the space for the foundational posts, but other channels are where Rollo spends more time.

    Perhaps Rollo gets more value out of those other spaces. Or maybe he sees more growth to reach more men by working higher profile virtual venues. One cannot deny the power of YouTube and its reach.
    Or maybe he is bored as fuck with how the commenting sometimes de-volves into bitchfests.

  26. Kfg

    Yes, what I know about the genesis of planned parenthood places me in direct and vehement opposition. Forever.

    Some things/ideas shouldn’t be commercialized and offered up to the public as ” perfectly legal” and backed up with supreme court rubber stamp. Less gov’t/laws seems appropriate for a.democracy. The world’s mightiest democracy shouldn’t have the largest prison population.

    I agree though, this isn’t really a democracy.

    But I’m not drinking the ” elites ” kool aid. It’s more correctly opportunists from varying ideologies manipulating ” the system ” for ” reasons “.

  27. ” . . . that’s been done to death.”

    As a young newspaper essayist in San Francisco, Mark Twain went to his editor to tender his resignation. When asked why he said, “I’ve said everything I have to say and it hasn’t done any good anyway.”

    His editor replied, “Yes, you have to keep saying it until they get it,” and rejected the resignation.

  28. “But I’m not drinking the ” elites ” kool aid. It’s more correctly opportunists from varying ideologies manipulating ” the system ” for ” reasons “.”

    ” . . . opportunists from varying ideologies manipulating ” the system ” for ” reasons “.””

    And if those opportunists have an elitist mindset and the power to project it onto the world for “reasons”, they are “the elite.” Go to a population or climate control conference and see if your skin doesn’t start to crawl after a few hours.

    “Elite” does not imply monolith. I note that the supposed Pure Democracy(tm) of Athens was nothing of the kind. The majority of the population didn’t have citizenship and not all of the citizenship had voting rights. They were elite, yet had divergent and often opposing politics. Hence why they voted in the first place.

    Yet they tended to all agree that the slaves should remain in slavery anyway. Funny how that worked.

  29. Blax and kfg -can you share with us who don’t know what you’re talking about re the genesis of Planned Parenthood? I’m assuming you’re talking about more than what I get when I google PP’s origins?

    FWIW my personal opinion is that abortion should be legal but it should be a genuine last resort and a damn sight harder to get for purely elective reasons (and that men should have more of a say or at a minimum the right to walk away)

  30. Planned Parenthood came out of the WASP eugenicist movement. It was not its founders who were supposed to avail themselves of birth control and abortion, but “undesirables.” Chief among the undesirables were Africans, but the Irish and Chinese were right up there as well. Then of course there were the physically malformed and “mentally infirm,” who, oddly enough, were mostly determined to come from the Africans, Irish and Chinese. Funny how that works.

  31. “FWIW my personal opinion is that abortion should be legal but it should be a genuine last resort and a damn sight harder to get for purely elective reasons (and that men should have more of a say or at a minimum the right to walk away)

    This was in Rollo’s Twitter feed a while ago (I don’t know if it is valid):


  32. Rollo, Impressive post. The truth may be ugly but it’s still the truth. I am still digesting my Red Pill and it’s painful but as I spend six days a week in the gym to become the best version of myself, I am comforted that I finally have opened my eyes to the TRUTH…

  33. Kfg beat me to it.

    Eugenics indeed. ( I had a huge post re: Irish and Italian history in the u.s., And how they weren’t originally seen as ” white ” and in some ways defective criminals and animals, but it got lost after I hit post comment and I wasn’t about to retype all of that, so I just let it go ).

    Funny( not ha ha funny) how the original intent of systemic abortion has been rebranded as some kind of ” right “. That’s having unintended consequences that are extremely detrimental to society, moralistic arguments aside.

    Culum, use the Google machine to look up Sanger eugenics. Looking up planned parenthood will mostly get you sunshine and rainbows and rights.

  34. Fight for the right of abortion even up until right before birth. But I don’t ever hear of abortion being considered if a woman gets pregnant by a rich and famous man.

  35. The only way modern men are going to have a choice in stopping the abortion of their kid (hopefully…) is they offer to carry the transplanted embryo themselves in an artificial womb or have a surrogate do it. If she can give up her embryo and rights/responsibilities to it would she?

  36. Pinelero

    There’s another way to quash having your offspring aborted : get your woman under fucking control.

    Admittedly that’s vague and lacking in specifics. Mea culpa.

    For many years I’ve struggled to mentally grasp how a man could be with/marry a woman and wind up with her unilaterally aborting the child. Guys need to be much more selective and knowledgeable, and this means that you might not get to pass your genes along. The pussy chase is not remotely the same as the wife/spouse chase. Differing mechanics.

    Control your woman = having her control herself. Dating is perfect training for men with some red pill understanding. Resist thinking with your dick and hormonal cocktail. Most chicks one engages are in no way worthy of being injected with your sperm in the first place. I’m not with the ” eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap ” line of reasoning. Vet them. Cool your jets and vet them. Understand who she is outside of the bedroom and hawt monkey sex.

  37. “There’s another way to quash having your offspring aborted”

    Screen for women that actually want to have a child.

    I went to see my mother a couple months ago, and now that she can tell I’m red pilled on women (she treats me very differently then when I was growing up with her now. Like giving me money just for visiting her lol) she don’t gotta bullshit me, cause she know I know whats up (she don’t know that it’s all thanks to Rollo and Roissy tho).

    My mother was 25 when she had me. Back then, she told me her peers considered her ‘old’ and close to, ‘too late’ to have a child (she was also raised by christian parents. And taught to be submissive to a man. She also told me that the first 21 years for a child are crucial. They teach you principles for life and then you don’t really change all that much from then on. Your much more malleable before that. That’s why she’s hesitant to send my step sister to go live in a dorm because per peers will fuck her up).

    Anyway, my father impregnated her (my father was always a jealous tryhard beta. She told me she never loved him, and only married him because he seemed ‘responsible’) and when he found out, he wanted me aborted and was gonna give her the money to do it. She cried and told me, that if my father had given her the money, she’d take it and leave him, and use the money to pay for her own apartment and raise me on her own. But my father said, he wasn’t giving her the money, unless they went to the abortion clinic together.

    But obviously that never happened, and these are the parents I was born to lol.

  38. The next phase?
    Rape by fraud legislation to close the loophole(s):

    “A person who knowingly or intentionally has sex with another person, or knowingly or intentionally causes another person to perform or submit to other sexual conduct when the person knows or reasonably should have known that the other person believed that the person is the other person’s spouse or significant other, commits rape.”

  39. Dating is perfect training for men with some red pill understanding.

    Kudos. Changing sides and claiming victory. Wise tactics.

    However…training a woman to control her emotions is never 100%…you will have to take a hand from time to time….

    a woman is to emotions what a junkie is to crack

  40. “The world’s mightiest democracy shouldn’t have the largest prison population.”

    Technically the U.S. is a republic, not a democracy. On a state and local level your mileage may vary with democracy.

    While on a federal level the U.S. is a republic, there is a lot of “democracy” around. Democracies can be messy. In some ways it’s easy to see how a chaotic democracy could have all sorts of wack-a-doo things going on. Not so sure there is a direct link between democracy per se, and a lot of the population incarcerated. One might think that a fascist state would tend to have a very large prison population. Of course the U.S. has a lot of fascist tendencies…but that is really veering off-topic.

  41. 😁 Roused

    Yeah, fascist tend to incarcerate an masse.
    … They also declare journalist and news outlets as ” enemies “.😒

    True, this country is more of a Republican, but damn, people keep calling it a democracy and yapping about our Democratic values ( in b4 ” democrats vs Democratic)

  42. Asd

    No, you don’t try to train any woman that’s grown and not your daughter to control her emotions. You train her to control her actions .

    She can be pissed, but she can’t key my car, slash the tires, call the cops, burn my clothing…. See?

    Most of the training is done by example and action. If she’s too stupid or brainwashed by feminism to ” get it “, that counts as 2 strikes. If she’s trying to acclimate, she has to show and prove and progress.

    Her emotions work in your favor to a great extent. It’s your job to decipher them and understand what’s driving them at the core. Do this, and you will amaze her and stand apart among any other makes she’s ever known.

    Which garners even more voluntary compliance.

    This is.Why I’m against whirlwind engagements and shit like that. Slow the fuck down and figure out who this woman is and what motivates her and her potential actions ( or lack of actions).

    Seeing her as a prize is a mistake that could hold devastating consequences.

    Her emotions and expression of them are keys to understanding who she is. But you gotta know what you’re seeing. Lots of guys don’t want to do this. That’s find by me, but that’s like parachuting without a reserve chute, or driving in the Indianapolis 500 without safety harnesses and a fire suit.

  43. ” . . . in b4 ” democrats vs Democratic”

    It’s Democrats vs democratic. Sorry ’bout that, but the “in b4” made me do it.

  44. 10 years of reading in the manosphere now and one can say that rollo’s work is the axle hub from which the spokes keep the wheel running true. I’ve seen many blogs on many aspects of a mans interaction with women.. some are radical some are conservative. But just as a wheel has many spokes we need them all. I’ve seen many fall by the wayside and new come up. Rollo’s work is the pivot point which I think we will see the day an effort will be made to destroy his work.. I really think it’s in every man’s best interests to preserve this and apprentice men to take up the work. This is my first comment ever on any site but like so many others, thanks rollo for giving me back my sanity. Man invented the wheel now it’s time for man to reinvent the wheel or die trying. Yes I think it’s time to go in survival mode.

  45. The world’s mightiest democracy shouldn’t have the largest prison population.”


  46. Her emotions work in your favor to a great extent. It’s your job to decipher them and understand what’s driving them at the core. Do this, and you will amaze her and stand apart among any other makes she’s ever known.

    Yup. Another confirmation. You’re on a roll. 🙂

  47. Yeah, fascist tend to incarcerate an masse.

    Those damn fascist Soviets and their gulags. Also, we need diversion programs for rapists and murderers and drug pushers.

    You know, it’s funny. Singapore doesn’t have much of a drug problem.

  48. Divergence program??

    Okay, question for ya, mr. ” rapists and drug pusher ” ( not at all equivalent ).

    Who should get more prison time, a drug pusher or petty thief, or a guy that stole a hundred million from a pension fund, wiping out thousands and thousands of people’s retirement?

    ” crime ” isn’t just the visceral, scary stuff that makes you lock your door and look over your shoulder. Crime is crime, if justice isn’t blind, there is no justice.

    ( 😂😂😂😂 I realize I’m wasting my time…so I’ll move along )


    Hey man, long time no see…er…read.

    Large and ever expanding prison population is a sign that something is very wrong.

    Either there are too many laws, making everyone ( or not everyone) subject to violations and/or felonies, or the laws are anathema to human nature and circumstances….redundant kinda.

    Fascist tend towards paranoia, and will lock up any perceived threat to the maintenance of power and control, and also use jailing to stoke the ” us against them ” narratives. ” why, I’m trying to protect you all from the criminal horses that wish to see you dead “.

    Why would the shining example of ” democracy ” have the highest prison population?

    If one says ” because we have a lot of criminals “, then again the question is ” why “?.

    The fastest-growing part of ” infrastructure ” are prisons. Building more all the time. More prisons than schools or hospitals.

    I don’t know about you, but that makes me think ( and research. And warn.).

    Something is amiss.

    Industry just be fed.

    … Or Fed.

  49. Btw, Singapore isn’t a ” democracy “, and is 30+% Buddhist. Are that to your equation and have some delicious ice cream 🍦.

  50. “Dispatch from the culture war:

    When will this madness end? You could suggest replacing ancient Greek and Latin with Sanskrit and Swahili for instance, but I’m sure they’d come up with some objection to those languages too. These SJW’s real objection to studying Greek and Latin is not because they are tools of the white elite, its because they are hard subjects. Learning another language is very hard, and these SJWs would much rather be doing easy stuff like cataloging the race, gender and sexual orientation of past scholars.

  51. This article made me think hard about my shitty childhood. My father is a beta. My mother has a strong distaste for him, and has eluded that getting married to him was her worst mistake in life. My sister in law found my mothers diary when she was helping clean one day, and told myself and my brother that my mother wrote inside how she felt my father betrayed her by making her think he was a better man than he was. But being from a generation where you marry for life, she has stuck with him until their elderly years. I was born with a natural alpha personality, but regardless in many ways my mother was a bitch and very unjustly harsh and impatient with me growing up. I felt like my mother treated me like a stray cat that got dumped on her that she didn’t want, but didn’t have the heart to kick off the porch, so she resigned herself to taking care of it. I can’t help but wonder if somehow she feels that being the offspring of what she considers an inferior man, that I didn’t deserve the same far less conditional love I’ve seen so many of my friends mothers show towards them.

  52. Amazing post. Powerfully explains the abortion enigma. Question as the devil’s advocate: If women were under the authority of their fathers and needed his permission to wed for most of recorded history, how could women evolve this mental firmware?

    Keep up the good work!

  53. “Sanskrit and Swahili for instance, but I’m sure they’d come up with some objection to those languages too.”

    Sanskrit is the native language of the Aryan invaders of the subcontinent, who set themselves up as the ruling Brahmin class and relegated the darker skinned indigenous peoples to “untouchables.”

    Swahili is nobody’s native language. It is a creole whose invention was necessitated by the invasion of Arab slave traders into Africa.

  54. Blax, I was recently cited for a newly invented crime–traveling in a vehicle with an “open” container of alcohol. It was sangria in a thermos and I didn’t know that it was a crime. I wasn’t warned–the penalty could have been six months in lockup. This was “preventive” law. Supposed to reduce drunk driving. I wasn’t even drinking from the container.

    There is way too much “preventive” law on the books. And why should crimes against cops receive harsher penalties than crimes against ordinary citizens? It turns cops into a privileged class.

    As regards drugs–one of the reasons that China fought wars against the Europeans back in the 19th century was because the Europeans were trying to force opium into China against the wishes of the rulers. And, of course, we hear of daily murders in Mexico by the cartels. And the cartels buy influence in the U.S. and spread corruption, as if we don’t have enough corruption already without them. And we have the increase of deaths due to overdose, which is a plague. I’m all for criminalizing the more addictive drugs at the level of the distributor.

    I agree that we have too many laws. But the federal bureaucracy needs something to do to justify their existence, so they pass new laws and force the states to pass laws like the law against traveling with an open container. Criminalizing making jokes about bombs is another example of a stupid law. So are all the gun control laws out there.

    They also declare journalist and news outlets as ” enemies “

    …and lock them up or execute them. We should grab our pitchforks and torches and free the urinalists that Trump has locked up. Joseph Goebbels was a journalist, too, and the bastions of democracy would have locked him up given the chance.

  55. Either life is to be protected, or it’s not.

    “Protecting life” is a stupid argument. Enforcing the laws against capital murder is the intelligent way to go. Creating a special case of allowing people to kill a baby is simply discrimination against babies.

    I have a beef with the pro-life community because they accept the position that abortion isn’t capital murder. Of course, rarely abortion might be necessary to save a woman’s life; that is simply self-defense.

  56. A huge abundance of resources that flow to women leads them to try and obtain unlimited security, as Pasha Glubb made clear in his monograph Fate of Empires.

    There are hints in history of a plant that grew in North Africa which served as both a contraceptive and an abortofacient in ancient Rome. If it existed it went extinct sometime in the late Empire. The Med then was a “Roman lake” and Rome itself was extremely rich in resources drawn from all over the Empire – reports from the late Empire look rather like our world in terms of feminine empowerment, bachelors, etc.

    Thanks to high density energy sources, electricity to transmit / store energy, and small machines to use it the world has a superabundance of resources, and as one would expect women’s unlimited desire for security in various forms simply rises in step with the supply of resources. So long as enough Betas exist to keep industrial civilization going, this situation will continue (See Venezuela among other countries for what happens when the middle class Betas are strip-mined for the benefit of the 1/10th of 1%).

    This is one of Rollo’s very important essays, because it describes the situation in accurate detail. As always, it is up to each man to take the information and make of it what he will. Neither fear nor despair is an appropriate response, either.

  57. @KFG Well they could use those arguments against those languages, although they’d be more likely to invoke “cultural appropriation”. But what we see taking place in this Classics department ties in with what Anonymous Reader is saying about women seeking ultimate security. In this case the security of feminist women and their male allies to spend all day gossiping on social media, writing on pop culture and pontificating on intersectional feminism, and pretend this is useful academic work. And anyone who got in under the old meritocracy of hard work, talent and intellectual rigor will be evicted because they make these lazy freeloaders look bad.

  58. Kfg

    History, actual world history, is a man’s greatest tool for understanding life and fellow human inhabitants on the planet. Anything that serves to obfuscate it does mankind a disservice.

    Lol, I can’t tell you how many skirmishes I’d gotten into for trying to explain that Swahili was not technically an African language..


    Too many laws in the books. It’s part of the development of a potent police state because everybody’s breaking some law, meaning most people are potential criminals.

    At work we have an ” internet usage policy ” that in actuality makes it possible to fire 75% of our employees for violations, but it’s only applied selectively. I’m never a fan of selective policies or enforcement. If people are coming to work and checking weather.com , I’ll ” hide ” that as much as.possible.( Or block it…Which is stupid because I spend hours managing the software).

    Lol, when I was 18 I was questioned by a cop about an ” open container “. A friend had left half a 40 ounce in the floor behind my front seat ( and I’d planned on finishing it when I got home😁).. Cop told me ” I can ticket and tow you for that open container “. I asked ” even if it’s in the backseat and I’m not drinking it? ” and he smiled and said ” it doesn’t matter “. But I’d gone through police checkpoint with a loaded .38 on the front seat and no officer batted an eye ( this was in Virginia…in Jersey I’d have been executed in the spot ).

    I.don’t know that it’s possible to do preventative enforcement without wandering towards being harassing. I’ve been stopped a thousand times because I fit ” the description ” of ” black male “. You can’t get more vague than that, but cops have the right to stop and question you, and lock you up if you become indignant in any way after stop # 101.

    The best anyone can do is understand your rights, know a lawyer, and understand the laws in your state – and if they want you, they will still get you. They maintain the advantage. Lol, the last non speeding ticket I got was for having one of those” little tree ” air fresheners hanging from my rear view mirror. Cop said it obstructed my vision. This after I refused his request to search my vehicle..

    Know your rights.

    The Clash.

  59. ” . . . they’d be more likely to invoke “cultural appropriation”.”

    It is cultural appropriation if you do it yourself out of an appreciation for the culture. It’s is checking your privilege if they force you to do it whether you want to or not.

    You may be told to “educate yourself,” but find all means of doing so blocked as some type of “ism.”

    In the Cultural Revolution nothing is what it says on the tin. Everything is a double bind. You will confess, without understanding what you are confessing, because you are simply a priori guilty.

  60. Interesting pdf page. Warrants further investigation re: mindset and perspectives.

    But the author is incorrect about Arabs somehow being the first ( implied) to accurately measure the circumference of the earth.

    But admittedly, not everyone could accurately read hieroglyphics for a thousand years, not even with the ” Rosetta stone “.

  61. At work we have an ” internet usage policy ” that in actuality makes it possible to fire 75% of our employees for violations, but it’s only applied selectively

    …and that’s a violation of corporate law…if some lawyer got ahold of you on the witness stand the corp could be fined and a class action lawsuit could be started…

    Without extra laws, lawmakers got nothing to do and graft is more difficult to extract. I’m a fan of separation between corporations and state. Corps don’t get to write laws and give them to the lawmakers. No campaign contributions and no lobbying. That would be a helpful law.

    Corporations help form capital, which is a good thing.

  62. I’ll ignore the outdated/inaccurate ” corporations form capital ” notion.

    I guess one could/should get a lawyer to fight against being singled out for termination due to policy violation. Good luck with that and I hope the lawyer works pro bono. Many of our policies are dictated and governed by the SEC. It will come.down to the court/judge/jury one happens to get, and it shouldn’t be that way. I see a part of my job as protecting the company from itself. Be in compliance without being storm trooper-ish.

    The nature of the business of my company means that they get sued all the time.

    They’re undefeated.

  63. ” . . . the author is incorrect about Arabs somehow being the first ( implied) to accurately measure the circumference of the earth.”

    The first true measurement of the Earth (as opposed to making some sort of guestimation) was performed more than a thousand years before that cited in the pdf. The method is still valid today. We would get a more accurate result today only because we can measure large distances with greater precision. The baseline of circa 500 miles was measured by assigning a slave to pace it off. It was done in north Africa, but the person was a Hellene, not an Arab.

    The person implied by the pdf was Muslim and is known by a Muslim name, but was not Arab. He was Persian. If there’s something a Persian hates more than a Jew, it’s an Arab.

    Babylonia was a rival to the Greeks in astronomical science and developed the Heliocentric model of the universe independently, but they were neither neither Muslim nor Arab.

  64. Kinda offtopic, but I had to realise that I should educate myself a little bit history-wise. Can you guys recommend some objective books on world history? What do you read? I’m in Europe, so I’m less interested in the American-specific books, but the could be useful too.

  65. Goddamn!!!

    Boy oh boy do I appreciate kfg being here.😁

    You too AR. Now I just have to read Fate Of Empires.

    …. Maybe there’s an audio book version😂

  66. Lol, Blax, people who invest in corporations cannot be sued for corporate liabilities. They only risk their investment. That helps with capital formation because you need investors for capital formation and investors are more likely to risk capital if there’s a corporate veil. There are some exceptions to the protection of the corporate veil and they generally involve fraud.

  67. The Story of Mankind, by Hendrik Van Loon. Winner of the first Newbury Award in 1922.


    I also recommend his Geography, which has a historic orientation to it based on his philosophy that geography is only meaningful in a human context. It was published in 1932, so it is, unfortunately, not yet in the public domain, but copies are readily available and inexpensive in reader (as opposed to collectable) quality:


    Don’t be put off by the fact that they are nominally children’s books. They are well written, by a respected historian (whose specialty was the history of the Netherlands) and will start you off with a good baseline for further reading.

  68. Hey KFG I’ve noticed several indicators that a “Femme” category may be developing from emails and race listings……….

  69. Someone should bring back the ‘The Newlywed Game’ TV show and put a red pill panelist on it.

  70. @ HF

    “Can you guys recommend some objective books on world history? ”

    While reading, keep in mind knowledge isn’t wisdom.

    Take ScribblerG as an example.

  71. @kfg: thanks. I use an ebook reader and I know the popular sources, I did find both books. They will be the next items on my reading list.

    @Eh: Don’t worry, my main object in my life at the moment is to act. I used to be too passive, just letting myself drift with the current. That is changing.

    But reading was and still is my favourite pastime, so I might as well educate myself with it too.

  72. @ constrainedfocus –

    “The next phase?
    Rape by fraud legislation to close the loophole(s):

    “A person who knowingly or intentionally has sex with another person, or knowingly or intentionally causes another person to perform or submit to other sexual conduct when the person knows or reasonably should have known that the other person believed that the person is the other person’s spouse or significant other, commits rape.”


    We stand at the edge of a cliff overlooking an abyss devoid of not only male sexuality but all human sexuality. The operative of the current reigning imperative is hyper sexual repression the likes of which have maybe never been conceived before. The only way hypergamy can possibly achieve its ultimate one sided goal is to first totally control human sexuality and maintain exclusive monopolistic power over it. For that to occur, the only possible way hypergamy can acquire that total domination, is to first completely repress human sexuality and then redefine the operatives of human sexuality to fit hypergamys objectives exclusive of any male imperative.

    This will likely never occur because it seems highly impossible (unless enough deranged idiots are allowed to wield enough power). Maybe elect enough from the imbecilic ilk of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (just one example).

    Hypergamy is half operative upon male “dominance”. Without dominate males, the female is without hope for something she (openly admitted or not) desires. The dominate male is her mark. He is her goal whether she seeks to gain control of him via her sexual charms and kindness or by use of “feminism”, regardless, her imperative includes taming the dominate male, enjoying the fruits of his leadership and obtaining his seed.

    All members of each sex subconsciously know that eternal domination by one sex = eternal damnation of the sex being dominated. Total domination can only occur after complete repression. Complete repression = extinction.

  73. @Centuries:

    “KFG I’ve noticed several indicators that a “Femme” category may be developing . . .”

    Could you elucidate a bit?

  74. Re: Good History Books (through the RedPill Lens)

    “The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding Ideas that Have Shaped Our World View” by Richard Tarnas. The Humanities are in decline due to Marxism and identity politics. It is politically incorrect to state: “The West is the Best,” but you should understand the WHY of that statement. 99.9% of what you value comes from the Western Mind (men, mostly).
    “Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson” by self-described feminist Camille Paglia. This was Ms. Paglia dissertation at Yale with a great forward by Howard Bloom (a man with nuggets of RedPill wisdom). She describes monotheism, art and civilization as products of the male brain (not as a result of tyranny). She is a heretical feminist: “Sexual freedom, sexual liberation. A modern delusion. We are hierarchical animals. Sweep one hierarchy away, and another will take its place, perhaps less palatable than the first.” And, take THIS: “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.”
    “Civilization and Its Discontents” by Sigmund Freud. Originally published in 1930, it seeks to answer several questions fundamental to human society and its organization: What influences led to the creation of civilization? Why and how did it come to be? What determines civilization’s trajectory? The RedPill lesson: sexual limits (monogamy) build civilization; sexual freedoms destroy it.
    “Sex and Culture” by J.D. Unwin. Unwin studied 80 primitive tribes and 6 known civilizations through 5,000 years of history and claimed there was a positive correlation between the cultural achievement of a people and the sexual restraint they observe. Aldous Huxley described Sex and Culture as “a work of the highest importance.” According to Unwin, after a nation becomes prosperous it becomes increasingly liberal with regard to sexual morality and as a result loses its cohesion, its impetus and its purpose. The effect, says the author, is irrevocable.

    For Our Status As Dissidents:

    “Understanding Power: The Indispensible Chomsky.” Noam Chomsky reminds us that intellect and dissent go together, and that the vital challenge of our times is to maintain “an independent mind.” That’s not easy in an age of manufactured consent, but it is possible, as Chomsky so well reminds us—by continuing to speak, as consistently and as agilely as ever, about the lies of our times.

    Our Future

    “1984” by George Orwell. Once you understand the “Western Mind” (see point 1, above), you can understand the HOW and WHY of modern totalitarianism (See Nietzsche and his comment about the “Death of God”). By abandoning God, we begin using man-made values. A new religion is created, Antichristianity: the religion of Nietzsche the Mangod. For that reason, identity politics and Marxism are best understood as religions with high-priests in the gender and feminism departments of universities. Those belief systems necessarily corrode transcendent values and objective reality. And, by elevating the feminine imperative above the masculine (as stated by Ms. Paglia in number 2, above), it also leads to the decline of art and civilization.

    The few Christian ethics that remain in our institutions (e.g. rule of law) and norms (e.g. charity) prevent the chaotic death. They are being replaced piece-by-piece (see, “marriage” definitions). But, not only can those value systems not replace a “God-shaped” hole, they lead to existential despair, nihilism, and ultimately self-annihilation.

    According to Dostoevsky, there is hope of immortality: if the Godman penetrates our hearts and minds, he can transform them in love. How? In the sacrificial act. And this awesome act of live love is the essence of immortality: “without this assurance [of the Godman’s love], the ties between man and life dissolve, between man and earth; they become thinner, they rot, they burst, and the loss of belief in a higher purpose in life — although this only manifests itself in an unconscious yearning — pull, as an inevitable consequence, suicide after itself.”

  75. “clinic is for women, Trans, femme (WTF) individuals who are brand new to road racing”
    seen a couple other different but roughly similar events or such posted – these are the first I’ve seen, but considering the current societal path forward, I’m making the assumption that this will go further but maybe not. For instance upon your inquiry I did a quick search and found this

  76. According the G.B. Shaw there is hope of immortality. How? By expanding biological lifespan indefinitely. See Back to Methuselah. Ignore the Lamarkian foundation of the suite. It may be in and of itself nonsense, but the development of technologies since Shaw’s time actually make the fundamental premise stand.

  77. Pro tip : avoid myopic concentration in order to gain a more accurate picture of history as a whole. If you only pay attention to western history and thought, you will have a woefully incomplete knowledge base.

    The West is noted for ” western civilization “. That wasn’t the first by any realistic stretch of the imagination. Let go of your internal ego driven biases Luke. Feel the force.😂😂

    Just sayin.

  78. @Blax: If you read carefully, I did write world history. The discussion about XI. century Japan here did open up my eyes to things I had no clue about. We did learn european and greco-roman history in details in high school, although I want to revise that too since realising that high school books are not necessarily objective…

  79. @Centuries:

    Ah. I see. That’s actually an older term for feminine presenting gay man.

    You see, you’ve got your masculine presenting gay men, your feminine presenting gay men, your female presenting straight men (transvestites), your female self identifying men, who may present as either feminine or masculine, your . . .

    The use of the prefix “trans” for two different “genders” raises problems that requires further dicking around (as it were) with the language.

    And God help you if you mistake one for the other, or fail to inclusively exclude them. Hence the 4,539 (and counting) genders. You must also cite them in the correct order (which changes) of the oppression stack.

    So, anyway, what that is saying is that fairies are welcome, but Jack Donovan (a manly androphile) and Eddie Izzard (an “executive” transvestite, i.e. straight man in a dress and makeup) should stay the fuck out.

  80. “I used to be too passive, just letting myself drift with the current. That is changing.”

    @ HF

    How so? We’d all enjoy your success story.

  81. Pasha Glubb was an Arabist who provided military training to countries such as Jordan, thus he worked largely from Arab sources. The Arabs have for a long time been in the habit of appropriating concepts from other peoples, and pretending they invented them. Good thing no other group of humans does that, eh?

    Be all that as it may, he did look at either original sources or secondary sources in his monograph. There the old man stood, in 1974, saying to the UK and other Western nations (paraphrasing)

    Look! Look at all these great, huge empires of the past! Assyria! The Arab Caliphate of North Africa! The most powerful nations of their time! What happened to them? How can we avoid happening to us?

    Or something like that. The details that stuck with me were the late Calpihate when women were becoming teachers and even judges from Morocco to Baghdad, when men often layabouts strumming on something a lot like a guitar, and then the Mongols showed up in Mesopotamia…which event in the 13th century is still somehow “all to blame” for entire nations of retards failing right now, in the current year. Cousin marriage? Why, what could possibly be a bad idea about that?

    The Caliphate was in many was a parasite: living off of slave labor. Black slaves brought in from south of the Sahara, from the east coast of Africa, white slaves from the entire Med coastline, the Balkans, parts of what is now Russia – plus the huge bonus of being the middlemen between Asia and Europe. The level of resources wasn’t up to ancient Roman standards but it was pretty good, and what happened? The girls naturally wanted their piece of the riches, and there’s always some White Knight willing to give it to them, and of course the girls will always use extra resources to benefit themselves, their children and their girlfriends. Not necessarily in that order.

    Solipsism, ingroup preference, hypergamy – features, not bugs, but dangerous given a no-limit credit line.

    Glubb’s monograph is limited because he was more soldier than scholar. But the key issues in it are muy importante, and happen to buttress this essay by Rollo quite well.

    “This is not new. Humans have seen something like this before. How did it turn out then?” is something to ponder.

  82. “Good thing no other group of humans does that, eh?”

    I hear tell that the English are trying to claim that they captured the Enigma machine, but I’ve seen the Hollywood movie, so they can’t fool me.

  83. “The first true measurement of the Earth (as opposed to making some sort of guestimation) was performed more than a thousand years before that cited in the pdf. The method is still valid today. We would get a more accurate result today only because we can measure large distances with greater precision. The baseline of circa 500 miles was measured by assigning a slave to pace it off. It was done in north Africa, but the person was a Hellene, not an Arab.”


    Some estimates about the age of the Giza pyramids and the math used in the construction don’t require much imagination to consider very ancient civilizations had technology far superior than the mainstream purports. The golden ratio for example, is found in the measurements of the Great Pyramid.

  84. kfg

    I hear tell that the English are trying to claim that they captured the Enigma machine, but I’ve seen the Hollywood movie, so they can’t fool me.

    Well, I’ve seen U-505 in the Chicago museum complete with a display explaining code machines so that settles it. US Navy for the win…

  85. “The golden ratio for example, is found in the measurements of the Great Pyramid.”

    The slope of the sides is the angle of repose and the bases are all evenly divisible by pi. It isn’t hard though to show how this could happen with no deep knowledge of either. I could set a two year old to measuring precise x*pi distances, with x limited only by how high the two year old could count integers.

    I’m more impressed at the possibility that the Egyptians had proven that Africa is a continent by circumnavigating it by sea some decades before Aristotle had put forward the correct proofs that the Earth was spherical.

    And I’m more interested in what the geologists have to say about the Sphinx than the pyramids.

  86. ” . . .I’ve seen U-505 in the Chicago museum . . .”

    I’ve seen Chicago, and ran away screaming in horror.

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