Instinct, Emotion and Reason

Before I dig in here today I want to give credit where it’s due. I was inspired to consider what I’m about to go into here by a quick-hit Tweet from Illimitable Man. I didn’t bookmark it so I apologize for not linking it here today, but the general gist of it was about the mental processes humans go through when we’re presented with environmental stimuli that demands interpretation and a behavioral response. I considered this process quite a bit while I was studying behavioral psychology – Instinct, Emotion and Reason (or rationality if you prefer) – and I’m almost embarrassed that I haven’t covered this in terms of a Red Pill perspective in over 600 essays now.

The idea is fairly simple; when we are prompted by environmental (and sometimes internal) stimuli human beings process this information using three psychological mechanisms – our primal instincts, our emotional interpretations and our rational (reason) facilities. I’m not sure these processes get their proper due in Red Pill theory today.  I’ve detailed all of these processes individually for years on this blog, but generally they were outlined in the context of whatever topic I was focusing on. In this essay I’m going to elaborate on these aspects individually. Later, as part of this series, I’ll explore how they act in concert for our overall cognitive process, and then how they influence intersexual and intersocial dynamics. I think this is a useful exercise because a lot of foundational Red Pill ideas stem from these processes as well as the social conventions and interpretive priorities the Feminine Imperative relies on today.

For sake of clarity I am going to use a few behavioral psych terms like stimuli in this essay. This isn’t to throw $10 words at you, it’s just easier to elaborate on these processes with abstract terms. For example, when I use stimuli I mean any physical, environmental or cognitive prompt that our conscious or unconscious mind demands an interpretation, processing of and response to. That can be a wide variety of things so, stimuli serves as a general term.

Lastly, the following here is my interpretation of these processes. While a lot of this will align pretty well with established theories, this is my take on them and not some official, settled science of facts. If you think I’m full of shit please tell me why, this is still a work in progress for me.


Instinct seems like the easiest of these processes to understand, but it’s really the cognitive aspect that’s most misunderstood, marginalized and often demonized. The reason for this is because our instincts reside in our subconscious (hindbrain) processing of stimuli. When I refer to men or women’s evolved mental firmware in my essays it’s our instinctual process that I’m referring to. These are the unlearned, inborn aspects of our human nature that influence the other processes and remain largely in our subconscious. Our instinctual processing is a direct result of our evolution. It evolved as a vitally necessary aspect of our cognitive processing in that it aided in our ability to survive in, and adapt to, a chaotic, primal environment when food was scarce, predators and rivals wanted us dead, and reproductive opportunities and raising a child to a survivable age were at a premium.

There are a lot of examples of our instinct level processing and each instinctual response triggers more complex processing up the cognitive chain through emotion and reason. If we were presented with a dangerous stimuli (a sabertooth tiger) our instinctual process triggers a fight or flight response physically in our bodies (adrenaline release). Needless to say this was an evolved adaptation that served our species well and was passed along genetically as part of our mental firmware. I’m going to use some simplistic examples here but, if you really want to dig into our preloaded mental firmware and how we developed it I would suggest looking into the earlier works of Dr. Steven Pinker and The Red Queen by Matt Ridley (I’ll post links in the comments).

Another example is human beings’ innate fear (reservations at least) of snakes and spiders – poisonous animals that looked easy to kill, but could kill humans without warning. That’s an example of relatively beneficial firmware, but the reason instinct gets a bad rep is due to the instincts that once were beneficial to us individually, but are less beneficial to us socially. Greed and gluttony were very practical, instinctually motivated behaviors that stemmed from a need to survive in a time when resources were scarce. Today greed is (mostly) seen as anti-social and a compulsion to overeat in a time when food is abundant is why we presently have an obesity epidemic.

Those are easily understood examples, but where things get more complex is in how our instinctual process influences the other processes (emotion and reason). Instinct gets demonized because in our ‘enlightened‘ era we like to believe that instinct is more trouble than it is beneficial. Most of that is due to a belief that our other processes are superior to (or at least should supersede) our instincts. Most of what we call sin or immoral behavior is motivated by the instinctual process. In fact, the only time our instinctual awareness and reactions are really credited with anything positive is when it gets us out of some life threatening situation or it leads to some prosocial outcome. For instance, the male instinct to protect women by putting ourselves between them and danger; that’s an instinct and resultant behavior (seemingly altruistic male self-sacrifice) that gets a lot of praise in our feminine-primary social order. However, for the most part, we tend to judge ‘baser instincts’ as a net negative.

The truth about the instinctual process is that none of our other processes function at full efficiency without it. Today, as a result of our feminine-primary acculturation, we want to relegate instinct’s influence to something “we’ve evolved beyond”. The popular consensus is we’ve raised ourselves above base instincts by either acknowledging the importance of the emotional process or that rationality and the self-control based on it immunizes us from its influence. Not only are these belief foolish and hubristic, they’re provably untrue. When it comes to concepts like the ‘selfish gene‘ and the physical differences in the evolved instinctual processes of men and women, it becomes necessary for a social order based on blank-slate equalism to demonize and marginalize the influence of, and behaviors attributed to, instinct.

The survival benefits and behaviors that make up the instinctual process were so necessary that they had to become part of our unconscious species firmware. Because the instinctual process is part of our animalistic hindbrain mental subroutines it’s something we have little or no direct control over until its effect is brought (often forced) into our conscious awareness. As such, and because we prefer to think of ourselves as emotional and rational beings, we tend to think of the influence of instinct as something we either have or need to have mastery over, and to a large extent this mastery makes sense. The truth is that instinct is an aspect of ourselves that needs to be controlled as well as embraced depending on circumstances.


From an evolutionary perspective, the emotional process of interpreting stimuli is a mechanism of how our brains and biochemistry interact to affect our moods, demeanor and ’emotionality’ in response to both instinctual cues and the raw information of stimuli itself. Furthermore, the emotional process can also be influenced and/or modified by the rational process. I’m trying to be concise here, but our emotional response to information/stimuli is very much an evolved dynamic with latent purposes and practical functionalities. I’m making this distinction here because for millennia we’ve raised the effects of emotion to a mythical, metaphysical, importance.

While emotion often has immediate effects on us, emotion also has long term effect with regard to the stimuli it processes. There are dozens of definitions of emotions and there’s no way I’m going to lay them all out for you here. However, popular psychology asserts that there are as many as ten and as few as six base emotions:

  • Anger.
  • Disgust.
  • Fear.
  • Happiness.
  • Sadness.
  • Surprise.

Sometimes Contempt is added to this list. If these seem overly simplistic they are, again, abstracts to build more complex emotions on (some paleo-researchers insist there are only four base emotions across our evolved ethno-histories). For our purposes these base emotions will serve to show the connections between the instinctual process which prompts them and the rational process that modifies and sometimes informs them.

Each of these emotional responses is prompted by how our senses, brain and then instinctual process interprets a stimuli. Again, using our sabertooth tiger example, the instinctual process determines imminent danger and triggers a synaptic and hormonal response to that danger. As a result of that instinctual process an emotional process and response is triggered – likely fear (flight in most cases), but sometimes anger (fight).

Another example: you see an arousing woman (stimuli) at a party who is displaying behavioral cues and environmental indicators of interest (IOIs). Your instinctual process determines a high potential for a reproductive opportunity. From there the emotional process kicks in: hormones and dopamine (and not a small testosterone spike) that your instinctual process triggered flushes your system and serves as the basis for your emotional process to form an emotional response to the same stimuli. If it all passes the smell test that response (hopefully) will be happiness (and a little surprise mixed in).

There is a visceral biochemical interrelation between emotion and the stimuli/instinct relation that prompts the reaction. Adrenaline is one easy example, another is oxytocin or the “love hormone”. This is a bit of a mischaracterization of the hormone. Oxytocin induces feelings of trust and comfort and is thought to be a significant factor in human’s forming pair bonds and parental investments. There’s a lot more to oxytocin’s implications to our evolution than that, but for now lets look at how our biology influences the emotional process.

We proceed from stimuli to an instinctual response. If there is nothing mitigating that response (such as a rationally learned buffer to mitigate it) the next step in the chain is a biological reaction to that instinct – such as dumping adrenaline into our bloodstream or a post-orgasm flush of oxytocin after sex. From there the emotional process picks up the interpretation of this information as prompted by the cocktail of chemicals moving through our bloodstream and affecting our mental and physical interpretation of that stimuli. That biochemical factor prompts one, or a combination, of the base emotions listed above.

From there more complex emotions (feelings) and combinations thereof begin to form an emotional interpretation and response. This emotional response can be anything from a fast, reflexive one to a more nuanced and contemplative one. Furthermore, this emotional interpretation and response can also be modified by our rational mental process as well as our gendered capacity to process emotions. One thing to bear in mind about our emotional process is that it can imprint its interpretations into our ‘hard memory’ – sometimes so significantly that the memory of that stimuli can re-trigger that physical and emotional response.

Gender-modified interpretation of our emotion process is an important aspect to consider in Red Pill praxeology and one I’ll be elaborating on in the next part of this series. Until recently the accepted ‘science‘ about our emotional process has been based on a blank-slate equalist approach to emotion. In fact we still suffer from the outdated presumptions of academia that both men and women process emotion in the same manner, and, in theory, ought to be expected to have an equal capacity to interpret, respond and express emotion. In light of new technology and new research in a variety of interrelated disciplines we know this is old presumption is patently untrue. Men and women have different mental hardware and are born with different mental firmware. Both sexes interpret and process emotion in gender-specific manners.

I’ll be getting into the personal and social implications that the legacy of this (deliberate) misunderstanding presents in the next essay. For now it’s important to consider that human beings have an innate predisposition to elevate the emotional process above instinct and reason. Likely this is due the to the survival dependency we had on our feelings in our evolutionary past. In a time when we lacked the greater rational facilities and information we’ve developed in our more recent past, depending on and learning from emotion, and the latent purposes it serves, was a species-beneficial system. We depended on our emotions to guide our behaviors (long and short term) for us more in our prehistory when we lacked the more developed rational process we take for granted now. Emotions served latent evolutionary purposes for us in our prehistory and today are still overly emphasized – often to metaphysical attributes – as superior to reason. More on this soon.


The final piece of our interpretive process is reason, or rationality (I’ll use these interchangeably). Ironically, for all of the social preconceptions that our emotions have made us “more evolved” above instinct, it is our rational process that has evolved us above both instinct and emotion. From and evolutionary standpoint our rational process is a relatively recent development; pushing us past the limitations of instinct and emotion. The definition of rationality is the quality of being based on or in accordance with reason or logic. It is the quality of being able to think sensibly or logically and being endowed with the capacity to reason.

Biologically it’s postulated that our larger brains allowed us to develop a capacity for reason, but that doesn’t mean other animals lack the same facility, it’s just that the rational process is less developed (some would say less environmentally necessary) in those animals by order of degree. Dogs, for example, rely primarily on the instinctual process and the mental (vestigial) firmware they’re born with to solve most of their existential/environmental problems. That doesn’t mean that they lack the ability to learn and form novel (adaptive) behaviors using a rudimentary form of logic. Animals can be taught things, but their capacity to form novel ideas and behaviors is limited to their cognitive abilities. Humans, being the apex species on the planet, had the leisure to take the time necessary to evolve a capacity for logic and as such the rational process developed in us.

Of all our interpretive processes reason is the one that takes the longest to function. Our rational process forms our interpretation of stimuli based on information dissociated from the interpretations of instinct and emotion. Reason requires (accurate) knowledge derived from learning and experience, but there is also an improvisational element to the process.

Before I get too far in the weeds here I need to make a distinction; what I’m outlining is the rational mental process we employ to interpret and interact with stimuli, not rationality, the concept of reason or rationalism. That’s important because it’s all too easy to get lost in philosophical implications of reason when we look at the process of how we come to it.

As mentioned above, the rational process modifies the instinctual and emotional processes. Example, in high school, in drivers ed class, we’re taught to turn into a skid rather than turn with the skid. When we’re driving and we find ourselves in a skid our instinctive impulse is to slam on the the breaks and/or, worse still, to turn with the skid. Our self-preservation instincts tells us to do this, but all it does is make a precarious situation worse. However, when we’re taught, and we practice, not hitting the brakes and not turning into the skid, we make this our default reaction and we avoid disaster. This is the rational process interpreting a stimuli and forming a novel behavior that modifies the interpretation of the instinctual process.

The limitation of the rational process is in its necessity to take time to interpret information and develop a new apparatus. Where instinct and emotion are intimately linked with our biological hardware and psychological firmware, the rational process is dissociated from them in the same immediacy. Instinct and emotion are processes that evolved from a survival-need for fast interpretation and reaction. The rational process requires time, repetition and the right biological structures to be effective. Human beings are remarkably fast learners (even with complex challenges), but the learning that the rational process leads to is slow in comparison to instinct and emotion – which are essentially preloaded firmware in humans.

The rational process deals with the nuts and bolts of what we can understand of our reality. From there it can modify the other processes or it can serve to interpret stimuli on its own.

In the next part of this series I’ll be exploring how these cognitive processes interact and cooperate and conflict with each other. I will also consider the gendered advantages and disadvantages these processes represent to our individual experiences as men and women and the influence they play in intersexual and intersocial dynamics.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Deep and interesting a real page turner.

    The implications of trying to evolve to fast beyond instinct with social convention,causing low T and lack of initiative in todays male youth?

    The behaviors that are being demonized stem from male instinct,when the female follows instinct she is lauded or excused as just being a girl, even to the point of her acting out traditional male instinctive action?

    In the real world reason trumps both instinct and emotion, in the Fem Prime SO emotion trumps all in spades? Hence an upside down dominance hierarchy?

    Note that dogs even with a strong ability for reason will misbehave if the dopamine rush is stronger.

  2. Rollo, who is your audience when you write these articles? I always read your stuff but I don’t always agree with it. I think I need more material so I’m going to stop here with my critique. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and hoping your laying the foundation for better work in the future. Please do more research with more credible sources. I won’t post anymore till I see your completed sections on each of these 3 topics(Instinct, Emotion, and Reason).

    Looking forward to your updates…

  3. Boulder: Note that dogs even with a strong ability for reason will misbehave if the dopamine rush is stronger.

    Rollo: @boulder, I’m glad you made that connection. It’s a big part of the next essay.

    What is going on here and what needs to happen for a man with his feet on the ground is integration. To integrate a guy on a low, medium or high scale of having his sexual and inter-sexual (let alone interpersonal needs) be met. He is best met at integrating his instinct, emotions, and reason.

    (Don’t get me started with Myers-Briggs preferences which are just a preference (good or bad, strong or weak) in which to operated, based on personality functions Carl Jung described. Heh, Rollo doesn’t like the girls, Myers and Briggs making shit up. So what. They derived shit from Carl Jungs Personality Functions. They derived how a personality has preferences. In Red Pill and Game, preferences are a thing to go with, or overcome. To ride a wave. There is a lot that can be done with that in order to Know Thyself, express Strengths, Eliminate Weaknesses and have more agency. That goes beyond what Naturals can see. Because it has to do with whether you learned early–as a Natural– or had to catch up and learn as a learned man on your instincts, emotion and reason–i.e., no one told you so, early )

    That is the whole fucking point of The Rational Male (which is funny that Rollo said that immediately: why the fuck didn’t he address it over 600 essays before now.)

    There is lots of advice on how to proceed in Game. But unless you address the Red Pill issues of motivation (e.g. motive and opportunity), instinct (which is in non-parlance of 50,000 years ago, not just “‘fraid of spiders and tigers”, but in real world cognitive, no threat of getting pounced on, really Red Pill or Blue Pill. I.E, being non Blue Pill whether having agency or not.)

    And then Rationality is just being, having wisdom, being wise in the ways of the world. In terms of Red Pill it is awareness based on having lots and lots and lots of reference experiences.

    Shit, If you go back an look at Donovan Sharpe’s reference experience in thinking out how he operated in first in instinct, figured in reason, and then figured lots of shit out over time as he had reference experiences: Hey The Way of a Man being Better at Being a Man.

    Go figure. Go figure. Any one can figure this stuff if he has the guidance that shit like the preceding 600 essays advise on. This essay is a Flow State one. It will flow on. Good foundation for a series Rollo. Thanks.

  4. Great topic @Rollo.

    @Ruby, good video with Sapolsky talking about how three brain layers (reptilian, limbic, neo cortex) interact with and affect each other.

    The brain is a servant of the body (nb. same with logic and rationality) and it’s great to look at it as such from the Red Pill perspective. If we think of emotions as ‘body changes/actions’ (e.g. muscle tension or release of hormones) and then feelings as ‘brain portraits/states’ of what is happening, then it’s clear that what men feel needs to be different to what women feel (overall, beyond basic components like fear or anger).

    How much needs to happen in a female body to keep her FI machinery on track? The body dictates all that… and states of body = states of mind. Emotions are their reality and solipsism is the only way in the storm of hormones, too much is happening inside to look outside.

    Einstein was right: “woman’s creative center is not her brain”. It’s her uterus.

    Having said that… don’t be misled that men can/should ignore emotions/feelings. It’s not about avoiding them, it’s about finding alignment between reptilian, limbic and neo cortex layers. Because the whole rationality and logic are limited by their context and content (and these are neurobiological in nature). You feel that something makes sense or that it matters, not just parse 0s and 1s. Know thyself.

  5. That old cliche “the heart wants what it wants…” is a rationalisation or having poor instincts and acting on them…

    @Rugby please fuck off…your endless videos and random posts offer zero value. Start your own blog.

  6. @Rollo and @IRL:
    although it can pay to be the master of your instincts and emotions, arguably a great degree of happiness depends on aligning with then. Know thyself indeed.

    This ties back into the “sin” interpretation of several “instincts” (demonized them, really).

    So we can evaluate things like overeating, which I think we generally agree really is not conducive to happiness, but on the other hand neither is abstinence conducive to happiness (arguably even if it is “voluntary”, due to some beliefs, religious or otherwise).

  7. I wish you’ll underscore the disparity between rationality and rationalization. Meaning — for people/genders who have the evolutinoarily newer brain systems not yet much evolved, reason is only rationalization; it is not a driving force; it is a device that produces post-fact “realities” fitting the ego’s need to believe itself driven by reason (thus fulfilling that other fundamental need of the ego: to not know the soul/ID, or emotions and instincts, that really drive the person’s behaviour).

    Most times for most people (unequally through genders) speech is only an illusory coat laid on nature-driven actions — and no, their conscious part does not realize it and believes the false rationalization without trouble, even when contradictory ones are needed by the minute.
    (See “why it is pointless to argue with women”.)

  8. @ItalyMich

    Then there’s “shame” an attempt to control emotions and instincts through the imposition of some sort of rational filter: you’re attraction to younger hotter women and acting on that defies social convention….you are bad….

  9. @SJF

    “And then Rationality is just being, having wisdom, being wise in the ways of the world. In terms of Red Pill it is awareness based on having lots and lots and lots of reference experiences.”

    “One thing to bear in mind about our emotional process is that it can imprint its interpretations into our ‘hard memory’ – sometimes so significantly that the memory of that stimuli can re-trigger that physical and emotional response.

    Gender-modified interpretation of our emotion process….”

  10. Great post, Rollo! And I love the picture. I sat here 10 minutes just looking at it before even starting to read the essay.

    Have you ever read anything on The Fourth Way? This fits in so perfectly with its teachings on man being a “three-brained” organism. The moving center corresponds with Instinct, the emotional center obviously Emotion and the intellectual center is Reason.

    The Fourth Way, or the “Way of the Sly Man” teaches that a person should not overuse any one particular center but learn to balance all three through sincere observation of oneself.

    Interestingly enough, The Fourth Way teaches that there are three forces in the world, the positive, the negative, and the neutralizing. The masculine has a positive or active polarity and the feminine has a negative or passive polarity. And I like to think of the “Red Pill” as being the third force. So you start out with Positive Masculinity, put it into contention with the Feminine, and apply the catalyst of the “Red Pill” to it and you end up with equilibrium.

  11. Great precis, and needed for those here not familiar with the basics of human being’s mental/neuro makeup.

    Sure, the Left has created a faux meta-narrative about our society by exploiting memes. They claim it’s rational but in fact, it’s no such thing. They are merely tribal impulses. and largely result the fear women innately feel in any uncertain environment. They’ve created a new Victorian style era of moral outrage and forced male supplication to the inane ideas of the Left. And hey, since women hold so many keys to male happiness, they can blackmail us into submission. They can leave us, take our children, withhold sex, etc. Daughters, sisters and mothers can cut you out of their lives, shame you, treat you poorly within the family. They have so many ways of using their power to hurt us where we are really vulnerable. It’s pretty sick when you get right down to it.

    The real lie is that women are suited for the male world of work and hard core competition for resources and status. As they ape men to the best of their ability, they pervert themselves and turn into something that neither they nor men appreciate or want to be.

    Even worse? Most of the elite on the Left actually live conservatively, having children inside of marriage, staying married, staying home to care for infant children for years etc. It’s such a pose that is disconnected from reality, it’s astonishing. Truly.

  12. I think that the term “instinct” serves the same function as the term “magic.” It’s a box where we put stuff that we don’t understand.

  13. They have so many ways of using their power to hurt us where we are really vulnerable.

    …when we are kids…but kids have an amazing ability to recover from injury…adults should be able to deal with psychological abuse…anything else is just buffering and whining

    The real lie is that women are suited for the male world of work and hard core competition for resources and status.

    Surely, that’s a lie, but it’s also a testosterone-suppressing lie that men have to mold themselves into manginas in order to fit into society.

    Women who try to act like men become 2nd rate women and 3rd rate men. Men who try to act like women become 2nd rate men and 3rd rate women. It’s this couplet of lies that push men and women to behave unnaturally.

  14. Let me offer another insight. As individuals, human’s will usually be wrong a lot in our thinking and “reasoning”. What the Classical Liberal social order did was create a open, civic space where ideas could be challenged and refined via real freedom of expression. Collectively, we become “less wrong” over time due to others correcting the errors in reasoning we make – you may recognize this process, it’s how our scientific communities used to operate before they were corrupted by the Left too…

    If you are interested in more depth on cognition and rationality, check out this site Bunch of great resources there. They used to have a site called but it seems to be gone. In any event, the implications of our knowledge and human progress being based on this kind of collective error correction are immense.

    First, it relies on an open civic space where free inquiry and rationality are actually valued. Today’s western society has already been corrupted from that state via Leftist counter-narratives that have overrun every major institution of our society. Today all of our mainstream public discourse has been reduce to rhetoric, not dialectic.

    You see, the Left is in a fascist mode right now. The essence of fascism is a centralization of power with a unified cabal of elite intellectuals, businesses and companies acting together to control society. It’s exactly the fascism we saw in Italy in the 20s and 30s. Fyi, the founder of Fascism was a socialist, and it’s an overtly left wing ideology, promoted by Progressives and having many former socialists in its ranks.

    So, we can’t have a public discourse that is productive anymore in the mainstream. It’s based on memes and power, not finding and perfecting “truth”.

    Truths is always contingent on better reasoning and evidence. But today, the Left is focused on power. They use memes to frame narratives and dominate us with them. What they miss is that they’ve kicked the legs out of the engine of progress that got us here. It’s much more advanced in many Euro countries. Look at Sweden or other Euro countries, they don’t spawn new companies and major innovations. Most of their GDPs come from old line companies, or natural resources owned by the state. Their innovation engines have broken down.

    It’s even scarier with China’s emergence and dominance in certain industries. They have gotten beyond just leveraging all the U.S. and West handed over to them, they now have innovation and real industry operating at scale, bolstered by national/state support for dominating key industries.

    Our elites are so stupid that they failed to recognize the value of dominating an industrial world. They thought we could give 60,000+ factories away since 2000, and just have it all made in China, or Vietnam or wherever now – and that wouldn’t have an impact. Why? Cuz mems about “gobalism” and “multiculturalism” the Left created. And it’s even worse than you think because these terms have a very deep epistemological basis in Leftist scholarship. They are intentionally designed to destroy the West’s ideas about our own culture and national identity.

    As Vox Day likes to point out, don’t do dialectic (rational argument) with an opponent who’s doing rhetoric. And that’s what dominates our society today, rhetoric. Sadly, most rightwingers still engage in dialectic, that’s why they spend most of their time clutching their pearls instead of coming up with a gameplan that actually has a chance of working…

  15. ” . . . we can evaluate things like overeating, which I think we generally agree really is not conducive to happiness, but on the other hand neither is abstinence conducive to happiness (arguably even if it is “voluntary”, due to some beliefs, religious or otherwise).”

    If the string is tuned too tight, it will snap. If it is tuned too loose, it will not sound.

  16. @theasdgamer Keep up those higher thoughts. Hot Girls you say? I’ll think deeply about your comments. Honestly, they mean a lot to me…

  17. Hey Rollo,

    Interesting article. I just want to point out that stimuli is the plural form of stimulus. There are a few times in the article that you use it as if it were singular noun.

  18. and sry for the typos, ran out of time to edit…have a kickass day everyone. and live the “Platinum Rule” – do whatever the fuck you want.

  19. Einstein was right: “woman’s creative center is not her brain”. It’s her uterus.

    During our magical secret meetings, we often refer to our genitalia as the “other mouth” from the south.

  20. “Today greed is (mostly) seen as anti-social and a compulsion to overeat in a time when food is abundant is why we presently have an obesity epidemic.”

    Western culture is bipolar by design re: greed, obesity and other “sin”. Sin is commoditized coming and going. The food programming is everywhere, then if you overindulge, the weight loss programming is there too. If you’re the adventurous type try bariatrics. Government billboard advertising promotes food donation for the for doe eyed children. The next billboard discourages childhood obesity.

    Need money, ez cash is right around the corner. Bankruptcy? We have a system to help you there too.

    Sex, greed, gluttony and all that jazz is just a means weilded against your better reason and emotions (note not so much your instincts as those are tough nuts) keeping us distracted away reifying our freedom.

    This isn’t about liberating women. This is about enslaving all mankind.

    Don’t l say I didn’t warn you.

  21. Cuz mems about “gobalism” and “multiculturalism” the Left created.

    But that’s not the reason, merely the propaganda. The reason is to implement neo-anticolonialism. It’s about deliberately weakening the West, including the U.S. and Europe.

  22. “Raniere, trying to shift the blame to Mack, said DOS was a private “sorority” and he had zero role in it.”

    lol. if you want to play guru, you’re playing with emotions. that’s all well and good in the hot wet sticky moment, but…

    then, your girls aren’t in the moment anymore. instead, they’re in a lawyer’s office, having all kinds of rational sounding statutory legalese pumped into their heads. and their instinct kicks in to shirk responsibility at all cost, so emotion is the weakest in the end, when you gotta settle the tab. great for getting the juices flowing though

    “FBI agents seized $520,000 in cash from NXIVM President Nancy Salzman’s home when they raided it March 27- two days after Raniere’s arrest.

    [Frank Report detailed months ago – before the FBI investigation started – that cash was stored at her house – money smuggled from Mexico. Kristin Keeffe alleged in a court filing back in 2015 that as much as $2 million was stored there at any given time.]

    FBI found cash in bags, envelopes and shoe boxes. One shoe box had $390,000.”

    lol. nancy might know where a few bodies are. keith don’t. shoeboxes? lol

    “FBI agents also seized computers, data-storage devices, cameras, mobile phones, BlackBerrys, and small amounts of Mexican and Russian currency [60,000 rubles {$971 US dollars] from Salzman’s house.”

    oops. i hope they wiped it, you know, like with a cloth

    “Evidence also was seized from the FBI raid at 8 Hale Dr., the townhouse used by Keith Raniere as his ‘sex lair.’”



    if you’re playing with girls’ emotions, own the entire process/cycle

    if you have to hold girls down to brand them, you’re doing it wrong and you’re not even street level pimp, let alone guru. the sheepettes should come to you, already self-branded as a gesture of understanding that the most important thing is to anticipate the needs and desires of the guru so his energy can flow unobstructed into her field, or whatever the fuck the line is

    don’t play with emotion unless you understand how it works in relation to instinct and reason

    don’t have a location called a “sex lair”. i think girls would rather lick sweaty balls in a shit stained porta potty than accompany the average guy to his “sex lair”

  23. I won’t pretend that I understand biology and psychology. In my non-PC college my physics teachers used to openly mock psychologist and the biologist that tried to call their disciplines “science”, so I never really took any classes in those areas.

    One question I have had from reading TRM for awhile is how can our genders have separate instincts? How are these instincts transmitted to the next generation through the chemicals that make up our origin of life (i.e egg and sperm)? Our initial conception is that of an asexual mass of flesh that is transformed by hormones into a man or woman.


    Plutchik an incel?

    Where is the spline for lust, attraction, towards “instinct” of arousal?

    Emotion is the only truth to women. What they feel is real. In the moment.

    wala –

    That old cliche “the heart wants what it wants…” is a rationalisation or having poor instincts and acting on them…

    hehe. This is a favorite line of mine, especially when explaining the “but you’re married” thing… and it works great because women GET IT. They do what they want based on how they feel…

    No judgment and Bob’s your uncle… you are nearly there.

    Now doing hwat you want based on… how you feel? what you think? what you think you feel?

    where have we heard that?

    Oh yeah

    Scribblerg have a kickass day everyone. and live the “Platinum Rule” – do whatever the fuck you want.

    There it is… The Platinum Rule [Do whatever YOU want to do, whenever YOU want to do it] is a shorthand method for becoming Alpha. Interesting that soooo many women act more alpha than men by this measure AND they are equally BP if not more so.

    Interesting intersection…

  25. Wala

    Then there’s “shame” an attempt to control emotions and instincts through the imposition of some sort of rational filter: you’re attraction to younger hotter women and acting on that defies social convention….you are bad….

    And you will do the shaming?

    How about a guy named Shamed?

    He blindfolded and bound a woman to exercise equipment, spanked her, and tried to kiss her without her consent.

    Those are among the scandalous allegations against Gov. Eric Greitens of Missouri that were released in a legislative report on Wednesday that has put the first-term Republican governor’s political future in deep trouble.

    The damning report details several instances in which the woman, who was Mr. Greitens’s hairdresser, said he spanked, slapped or grabbed her, and called her names during sexual encounters.

    The woman went to his house in March 2015 at his request, the report said. He bound her to exercise equipment with tape and began kissing her around her stomach, the woman testified, according to the 24-page report. After she began crying and told him to stop, Mr. Greitens helped her undo the tape, and then hugged her and tried to console her.

    But then he took out his penis, the report said, and the woman told the investigative committee that although she was not scared, she felt that the only way she could leave his home was if she performed oral sex.

    “It felt like consent, but, no, I didn’t want to do it,” the woman is quoted as saying in the report. “Coerced, maybe. I felt as though that would allow me to leave.”

    It “felt like consent”… in the moment, but on second thought, after my husband caught me… well….

    The committee said in its report that it believed the woman was credible.

    “It’s extremely disturbing and disgusting behavior,” said Representative Shamed Dogan, a Republican.

    There it is… Shamed by Shamed Dogan, for what sounds like some Saturday Night Sex…

    What does “Mr.” Shamed Dogan look like?

    Oh… well then what does his “Saturday Night” sex look like maybe?

    Ahh… I found the sex spline on Plutchnik’s chart… it’s the purple one, pointing to Beta Sex.

  26. Wala – “And you will do the shaming?”

    Type WHO would do the shaming… Damn Scray, he was assigned all my proofreading work…

  27. “I won’t pretend that I understand biology and psychology.”

    same here. the idea that women basically inherit the nervous system of their mother, whereas men don’t because of the changes that take place becoming male is pretty wild

    so they got the mitochondria and the nevrous system going all the way back to big momma

    once you reach the level of fucking where you see her go animal, you see bio awalt

    that moment fucks with a lot of guys i think. it don’t matter how much you think she’s into you. in that moment, she will fuck ANYTHING. the code fully expressed

    psychology isn’t science like some egghead math speaking beta prof sees it, but it sure is something

    i know which class i’d rather be gaming girls in. no contest

  28. @Sentient

    “Where is the spline for lust, attraction, towards “instinct” of arousal?”

    Lust does not properly belong to the emotions. It belongs to the sexual center which is a part of instinct.

  29. “Shamed by Shamed Dogan”

    i love this world

    “what does his “Saturday Night” sex look like maybe?”

    no. no. please no.

    i’m starting to think that everybody complaining about everybody else is really just secretly deep down fucking pissed that they aren’t fucking hot chicks. could it really be that simple?

    if this guy was emptying into his pieces of choice, we wouldn’t be hearing a peep

    all problems caused, and ultimately poorly solved, by betas? are we really trapped in a problem reaction solution downward spiral?

    beta = believing reason applies to women the same way it applies to the systematic world men build and maintain for women

    that world operates on predictable rules that can be modeled with equations

    women’s behavior is very predictable and makes perfect sense, but not if you look at it through the beta lens of “build and maintain”

  30. “I found the sex spline on Plutchnik’s chart… it’s the purple one, pointing to Beta Sex.”

    purple = anger + disgust = contempt = beta

    green = trust + fear = submission = alpha

    and as a supplement, i would go for awe over love

    admiration + terror + amazement = alpha

  31. Pinelero
    One question I have had from reading TRM for awhile is how can our genders have separate instincts?

    Genders? The two sexes have a different distribution of instincts / reaction, due to different brain structures and different brain wiring induced by T vs. E.

    How are these instincts transmitted to the next generation through the chemicals that make up our origin of life (i.e egg and sperm)?

    Genes. Youve heard of them?

    The blank slate is junk thought.

  32. Fleezer

    all problems caused, and ultimately poorly solved, by betas?

    I think you are on to something…

    In a transcript of the very tape he’d later release to KMOV, the man begins to rant about how Greitens’ actions with his wife don’t match his public image. He’s just gotten confirmation of the sexual interaction he’s long suspected, and he’s livid. “This motherfucker is running for governor,” he says at one point. “… He comes off as this motherfucking manly hero and it’s all about resilience and honor and all that.”

    “I knew you would obsess,” the woman tells her ex in the transcript he’s given the media of her confession. “You’re obsessed.”

    Later, the man warns, “I could destroy his career in half an hour.”

    “If you do that, then I would hate you,” she says.


  33. @Sentient

    great chart post. this class is better than just about any a guy could pay for anywhere

    interesting that “interest” is basically opposite from the wet pussy zone

    you never want to hear a girl respond to something you’ve said with, “that’s interesting”. dry pussy zone

    maybe IOIs are to be totally ignored because they reside closer to aggression and that’s what she’s doing when she’s putting out ioi’s is making a move and it’s way better to seduce her according to your plan, which has almost nothing to do with iois or her intent

    maybe better to go the opposite direction, the amazement – surprise – distraction route when trying to hook. this is supported by many “performace” game method FRs

    maybe dancing monkey game can take on a new meaning if applied to achieve the goal of skating on the edge between awe and disapproval for the snl, and then steering it towards submission by sprinkling in some ecstasy and joy which could result in long term bang status

    thanks again for the chart

  34. Rollo
    When I refer to men or women’s evolved mental firmware in my essays it’s our instinctual process that I’m referring to. These are the unlearned, inborn aspects of our human nature that influence the other processes and remain largely in our subconscious.

    This is a great article, it will take time to process, I can’t do justice to any reply in a short time. All that said, there’s some comments to add.

    The amygdala, anterior cingular cortex, hindbrain, etc. are all wired up to recognize patterns very quickly, therefore these are not rational processes. The pattern recognizer that sees a patch of orange and signals “Lion!” is not rational, and may be prone to false triggers – but that kept some human alive back up the family tree.

    Instincts such as the diving reflex are similar. Again, none of this is rational, there is no time to consciously think through “is that a lion or a patch of something else”? when presented with a something-in-the-thornbush.

    In another venue the fight vs. flight response was kicked around and “freeze” was added. It’s really “fight or freeze or flight”. This can be seen in any number of situations, where some mass killer lines people up and shoots them one by one, with nobody doing anything. Best guess? Back on the veldt some humans froze into immobility and a predator skipped them for lunch.

    Neuralplasticity is clearly a major factor as well. Otherwise we could never overcome fears. But the easy-setting is “don’t bother to overcome the reaction, just avoid whatever causes it”. That’s ok maybe for hunter-gatherer-on-the-plains but fails miserably in western civilization, if for no other reason that is can be all but impossible to avoid the stimulus (using the word as Rollo does).

    In the social setting patterns get carved into behavior without thinking. The shy, introverted young man who approaches a girl only to get blown out now has a bit higher threshold to overcome for the next approach. If he gets blown out with a nuclear rejection, and he doesn’t know how to deal wtih that, now he has a low level fear reaction to approaching women, maybe even to just being in the same room … incel in the making right there, maybe bitter MGTOW. Because overreacting to a nuclear rejection heavily programs the response in the future.

    In a less drastic sense, plenty of beta men have surely experienced the “fight – freeze – flight” response, especially in an LTR or marriage. She shit tests, he fails, she amps it up and at some point crosses a line putting him the classic no-win situation: he can’t fight her, he’s convinced himself that he can’t leave her (children are great hostages for this) so he freezes up to the point of being unable to speak. He can rationalize this as “keeping the peace” or “being a Nice Guy” or any of many other ways, but it is short term “peace” that will cause longer term misery.

    We can think of those neural pathways as rivulets or even ditches carved by water into a hillside (this imagery is straight from Biology of Desire), every time the same experience is repeated the paths get carved deeper. It will take energy to smooth over the edges of those ditches and reroute to different outcomes, and that energy will have to show up right at the time the man in question is in a very emotional state such as “argument with contemptuous wife”.

    It takes work. To be Sentient about it, a man must Do The Work, desensitizing the reaction to the stimulus of “contemptuous, yelling wife” and building a new reaction. For some men this is easy, for others not so easy, others just can’t seem to get a grip on the consistentcy required.

    Boxcar hasn’t commented here for a while, but he had some really interesting things to say from the point of view of T. Since he was medically low T, but then treated, he could articulate some of the differences that popped into view.

    Fight or freeze or flight => anger or numbness or fear. Low – T men are known to react emotionally more like women (duh!), so where we are with lowering T levels across the industrialized world is…what? Perhaps this is part of the hyper-emotionality we see in the Special Snowflakes who are teh triggered by anything and everything?

    A rational man can rationalize himself right into an overthought corner – ask how I know. Overcoming programmed responses takes more than rational thinking. It means deliberately doing the opposite of what his current innate responses demand.

    Go back to Rollo’s “driving a car” example: feminized men who have been trained that “tend and befriend” is the “correct” way to react to a fizzing or angry woman will have to consciously and deliberately do the exact opposite, because “bratty little sister” or “agree & amplify” is short term going to increase the fizzing anger – it is very much like steering into the skid.

    All of this at the individual level, where Rollo works hard. But it applies at the group and social level as well, just look at “feminism” as a huge shit test that’s heading into guard-dog-spinup territory, for example.

    This series is going to be very interesting reading.

  35. I think that the term “instinct” serves the same function as the term “magic.” It’s a box where we put stuff that we don’t understand.

    On magic… instinct, emotion and reason… Game. Game as language, the female language of seduction

    Down through the ages the power and wonder of practitioners
    of magic have been recorded in song and story. The presence of
    wizards, witches, sorcerers, shamen, and gurus has always been
    intriguing and awe inspiring to the average person. These people of
    power, wrapped in a cloak of secrecy, presented a striking contradiction
    to the common ways of dealing with the world. The spells
    and incantations they wove were feared beyond belief and, at the
    same time, sought constantly for the help they could provide.
    Whenever these people of power publicly performed their wonders,
    they would both shatter the concepts of reality of that time
    and place and present themselves as having something that was
    beyond learning. In modern time, the mantle of the wizard is most
    often placed upon those dynamic practitioners of psychotherapy
    who exceed the skill of other therapists by leaps and bounds, and
    whose work is so amazing to watch that it moves us with powerful
    emotions, disbelief, and utter confusion. Just as with all wizards of
    the ages of the earth whose knowledge was treasured and passed
    down from sage to sage — losing and adding pieces but retaining a
    basic structure — so, too, does the magic of these therapeutic
    wizards also have structure.

  36. ” . . . how can our genders have separate instincts?”

    The sexes can, indeed must, have different instincts because they live in two related, but differing, environments.

    One sex impregnates, the other gets impregnated and therefore must gestate and nurse. Two entirely different life histories inherent in that simple fact of biology, requiring two different approaches to that life.

    There’s nothing weird about this at all. It’s the prediction. It happens all the time. Male bird has the instinct to build a nest, female bird has the instinct to check it out and see if it suits her. Male birds who decide they aren’t going to conform to gender stereotypes and go looking for a female nest builder are shit out of luck, die childless and will probably just decide to end it all by flying into a plate glass window.

    As not infrequently is the end of analogous human males as well.

  37. Just to clear a few things up here, this essay was the necessary basis for understanding the interplay between these aspects of our cognition. If these processes sound a bit like Freud’s Id, Ego and Superego, it was intentional, but I think they deserve to be reconsidered in the light of the advances we’ve made and info we have in the sciences Freud (and Jung) had never dreamed of when he was forming his ideas.

  38. Rollo, thanks for that clarifying remark. Freudianism did a lot of damage in the 2nd half of the 20th century, Jungianism not so much but still “problematic” as the kids say. Please let’s stay away from those failed schools of thought, if nothing else neuroplasticity tends to falsify some of it. Not to mention the fact that “mind” at the instinctual / innate level may well be distributed not just in the brain but into other body organs.

    Only Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy has held up in the years since WW 2.0, and if you squint hard his work looks a lot like a form of stoicism…

  39. kfg to Pinolero

    The sexes can, indeed must, have different instincts because they live in two related, but differing, environments.

    Let me push this to the elemental human level:

    Men from tribe A raid the vilage of tribe B.

    The men of tribe B are the entities that stand at the edge of the village and fight the men of A.

    The women of tribe B are the entities that at the end of the day are on the ground screaming “Don’t kill me! I can make babies!” to the winners, whoever they are.

    Everything flows from this. Upper body strength, verbal ability, spatial visualization, “tend and befriend” as a reaction to threat…everything.

  40. This series of essays strikes me as the core of Red Pill.

    I’ve tried to share with my buddies, in small tidbits, Red Pill things that I’ve digested and that line up with my personal experience. I’m still surprised at how much push back I get. It really speaks to the feminine-primary conditioning most of us have received. It also speaks to how ineffective it may be to share conclusions I’ve drawn (with much help from RM) without sharing the ideas that support these conclusions.

    If I can take away a more basic explanation of the differences in our cognition, maybe that’ll be enough to help convince buddies I’m not just mouthing off “chauvinistic” ideas because I’m trying to be funny, because I’m an asshole, or because I’m trying to appear more experienced and AMOG them. I’m just trying to share a view that I think more closely lines up with our reality, and can help them.

    Maybe rather than try to interpret why she does what she does for them, maybe it would be better just to explain a little about the differences in our cognition and motivations, and leave it at that. Then if they want to know why that matters, that gives me a better opening.

  41. “Men from tribe A raid the village of Tribe B” indeed is a TL:DR summary of the Mongol invasion of the west. The victorious Mongols did not kill the women of the various Tribe B villages, they were kept as spoils to generate Les Sprogs and Sproglettes. Even when the Mongols, true to their nasty habit/custom, would slaughter the existing children along with the defeated men in Tribe B just because. Nevertheless the women got to live to make more. And learned to forget their prior lives, husbands, families, so that they could fulfill their genetic legacy regardless. War Brides indeed. Hey maybe someone should say something about this.

    Our sensei and other writer-types have carried this women-ingrained survival instinct forward and applied it to today’s frontal sociology and politics: the ability to compartmentalize one’s past life to enjoy the new EPL SIW one.

  42. “It really speaks to the feminine-primary conditioning most of us have received.”

    the kind of conditioning that would make this kind of shit possible:

    “Won’t tribute w/out “getting something in return”? How about -The sense of self-worth you get -The pleasure knowing your $ is in far better hands -The feeling of elation when you press send -The pleasure She will receive See; it doesn’t have to be about you & your dick”


    theory: a woman will lose her shit if she is denied her prostitution experience

    it is deep in her roots to fuck as an emotionless transaction

    they fuck for all kinds of reasons

    almost like the pussy is the only way they can really communicate. we can tease out small differences on their fuck spectrums, but nothing compared to the nuance they experience

    that’s why they can “kinda” consent. or “kinda but not really cheat” or “make love” and to us it could, depending on how fucking tanked/horny we are, look pretty much the same

    it’s awesome

  43. Status confirmed

    “maybe it would be better just to explain a little about the differences in our cognition and motivations”

    See “magic” upthread.

  44. “feminized men who have been trained that “tend and befriend” is the “correct” way to react to a fizzing or angry woman will have to consciously and deliberately do the exact opposite”


    “tend and befriend”

    sounds like the beta seduction playbook

    i am consistently amazed just how much time guys are willing to invest in this method that shows zero return, initially, ongoing or ever. there is no pot of juicy gold at the end of that rainbow

    instinct: does our instinct deal with delayed gratification? very very long delayed gratification?

    emotion: do guys get the rewards of good moods, drained balls and cleared minds from that delay? or the promise of that “almost there, maybe” orbiter reassurance from her?

    reason: can guys really rationalize the idea of their true “the one”? really?

    guys using “tend and befriend” are acting against their natural instincts, punishing themselves emotionally and behaving ironically with regards to the facts. maybe they were neglected or abused as infants. lots of terrible mothers out there. lots.

    i had someone pretty fucking close to me confess to a “tend and befriend” approach. years of his best years wasted fucking pining away for “her”, all the while never even catching sight of a live vag, let alone blasting away in one. not one.

    the shit is so bad, I couldn’t even utter the R in Rollo, or say anything at all. i love this guy and i’m watching him wither.

    i know for a fact he would defend this unicorn, her honor and his undying love for her and to speak any ills at all would mean i go on a shitlist i don’t want to be on

    so i bite my tongue. and he goes back to doing whatever it is he’s doing not knowing that i’d wing for him and we would destroy nightlife row

    a shame

  45. red pilled legit shrinks hook up with red pill coaches like Rollo

    insurance billing is the income stream puas can only dream of

    red pill can’t get it directly, but if a legit shrink drops hints about private red pill coaching during therapy and then gets a referral percentage, that could open the stream, in a way, to the red pill coaches

    it’s not a pep rally weekend pitch. not a time share presentation. a joint effort between legit mental health professionals and red pilled “dating” coaches because sex life is a real concern for people because it effects health and mental health and all kinds of shit so it’s no different than supplemental physical therapy or prescription drugs or anything else a professional would advise to help progress

  46. @Sentient

    Love how in this story The Gov is appealing to Reason and Emotion pointing out his achievements and then reframing it as a witch hunt.

    The whole thing smacks of a set up…

    As for WHO does the shaming it is usually a beta, white knight or omega incel who projects his own failure onto someone more successful. Looking at those photos of the Gov I’d vote for him …on instinct alone. He looks like he has his shit together.

  47. Fleez

    guys using “tend and befriend” are acting against their natural instincts, punishing themselves emotionally and behaving ironically with regards to the facts. maybe they were neglected or abused as infants. lots of terrible mothers out there. lots.

    See “magic” upthread… or this


    Looking at those photos of the Gov I’d vote for him …on instinct alone. He looks like he has his shit together.

    He is following the Trump Method… Instinct. Instinct informs you that a guy who is laying attractive chicks has something going on… It’s leadership on display, at a primal level. This is why the latest Trump Ho’s “scandal” is going no where. Guys are impressed [even though they may be jelly]… chicks… well preselection anyone? It’s funny they are spreading the means for further gains, thinking they are winning. Sad!

  48. ” New York state crime wave to be stopped real soon.

    This is no laughing matter. I got a yard to seed and top and patch, and I can’t do it with snow cover.

    It was 67 degrees at my house today, but still no sunshine. I think I saw the sun for a few hours last week.

    85 in Puerto Rico today. My house has electricity and the town is back to normal. Round trip tickets to Aguadilla less than 300 bucks. One more 28 degree night in fucking April, and it’s road/air trip time.

  49. Some folks I know with relatives in Puerto Rico say they still don’t have their electricity back.

  50. @Sentient

    The other part of this equation is “Authenticity”—vs “Incongruency”

    Is he who he claims to be? Ok, let’s give him some benefit of the doubt?

    Did he mislead us into thinking he was someone else? SHAME!!!!!

  51. “It was 67 degrees at my house today”

    Barely cracked 50 here, but at least that’s warm enough that it’s pissing down and not snowing like it was a couple days ago.

    ” . . . sunshine . . .”

    I’ve heard tell of that stuff, but I think it’s just a myth.

    I’ve seen colder winters and snowier winters, but this one takes the cake for coming in early with the coldest weather of the year, the snow never letting up and instead of a spring flood we had two winter floods that had to be fought in below freezing weather and show storms.

    It’s been a real grinder and I’m not sure I’m going to make it through yet.

  52. @AR

    Fight,Flight,Freeze and you can add Faint,or shutdown. Shutdown is a reaction to trauma, our ancestors when mauled by a Griz, or other large predator would pass out and survive.

  53. @Rugby What part of fuck off do you not understand?

    We’ve tried to be patient. You just keep trolling and posting large videos with no respect for the thread or commentary.

    You just keep spamming and spamming and it’s turning away commenters and lowering the value of this blog as a discussion forum.

    Can someone please moderate his posts so we can get some decent commentary. I can’t follow the thread with his YouTube feed cut and pasted here.

  54. @Rugby. Stop posting. Stop trolling. Start your own blog. Please just go away.

    Can we please moderate this guy?

  55. @Rugby. You’re off topic. You’re posting randomly without context or care for anyone else here.

    It used to be a mild annoyance now it’s a major distraction.

    Please stop posting. Please go away. Get off your keyboard and get help. No one cares what you post here but it’s getting in the way of following and maintaining discussions which then deteriorate into random posts rather than coherent discussion.

    Can we please moderate his comments and posts!!!!

  56. @Wala man – yeah, it’s a bit frustrating especially on mobile, but he’s trying (there was an actual text post about what he was up to that day or something a couple of weeks ago – no links), and this is an important avenue of communication for him.

    Rugby man – can you post something for us that’s only text? Like maybe one line explaining why you post so many videos? Or even what you have planned for the weekend..basically anything that’s not a link and is from you.

  57. PS – I saw the post with the bitly links just now. Rugby – that solves the problem of videos breaking the flow on the comments page, yes, but we’d all appreciate it if you posted your own content more and if you post links you explain what they are and why they are relevant to this discussion (instead of just posting them with no context)

  58. @Culum don’t enable him. We’re not here as a playground. There are a lot of guys who are serious about he blog and rely on it for inspiration. No other blog would give a troll like this the latitude he’s been given.

    YaReally was threatened with moderation for his constant posting of RSD videos and he respected that. Rugby needs to be moderated until he learns the expectations of participating in forums like this. I’ve had enough of this.

    I read interesting posts by sentient and then can’t find the references because of Rugby’s YouTube feel clogging up the feed…Sacing Private Ryan clips. Wtf. “It’s important”…yah to him. That’s the definition of a troll.

    We can’t have a constant troll shitting all over it for his own therapy.

    Rugby go away. Start your own blog. Interact with real people.

    In the nicest possible way…please just fuck off.

  59. The thing that would help rugby most right now… to help him get off the internet……so like banning him is one way to do that

  60. Sentient- how do I find the magic upthread? (My blog navigation skills are novice, at best.)


  61. Rugby’s worn out his welcome by being noncontributory and alienating others into indifference or worse, loatheful contempt.

    Passive aggressive too.

    But mostly his videos are analgous to FB updates…what he’s flitting to and from in his mind.

    I’m used to the fucked up, jumping page loading now.


  62. EhIntellect
    I don’t see myself as passive aggressive. Will put more context in when i share what I’m noticing as to be contributing. When have i alienated other’s.

    words find just words… will use bitly for links to not mess up your feed. Sometimes i find thing’s i think could help someone.

    Culum Struan
    Words on page it is.

  63. Sentient- I gotcha, I found your post. That’s some reading- I’ll get to it and thank you.

  64. “Sometimes i find thing’s i think could help someone.”

    You’ve become TRM’s own direct mail marketer, huh?

    No, ruby11. This isn’t about you selflessly, altruisticly donating your precious time to other hurting lurking souls.

    It’s about using your mouse as a lurch at external validation.

    You don’t internalize anything from TRM obviously. People ’round here expect a little more good faith from you.

    Tolerating your pool of masochism isn’t fortitude and again we’ve moved on loooong ago from excusing your thumb sucking of childhood hurt.

    Why not just post a joke of the day? You’d get the same or more validation from that.

    Speaking of…

    What’s the truest form of rejection?

    Masturbating and your hand falls asleep.

  65. Two things. First, the story of the sexual encounter with that governor strikes me as off somehow for a dominant guy. I’ve gone very rough with women while fucking them, but if they aren’t having mind-blowing orgasms you are doing it wrong and they will object. I’ve miscalibrated sometimes and it really blows shit up. You also need to do this with a truly submissive woman, and you can tell when a woman is submitting to you.

    Like you don’t just have them over and tie them up and see how it goes. While I’d never recommend Fleezer’s ongoing assaults and physical abuse of women, what he’s right about is that when a woman submits, it ain’t hard to tell. She signals it. This woman did not submit to the governor, instead he aped dominance. And got what you get when you don’t have true submission.

    You also have to ensure the end of a sexual encounter is handled properly too. Game teaches you to “buy them an egg mcmuffin the next morning” and give them some comfort too. You don’t have to be an abuser of women to use them like the little sluts they all most certainly are. You do have know what the fuck you are doing though.

    You see, she had buyer’s regret. She didn’t get the fantasy she wanted, so she’s fucking him. If instead this was one of the most intense sexual experiences she’d ever had, and say had a 5 minute multiple orgasm in which her pussy spasmed and locked onto his cock for those 5 minutes, well then I bet he never hears a peep out of her (ask me how I know this, lol).

    I’ve also found women who have PTSD from real childhood abuse may be actually triggered a bit by physical dominance. You have to be really careful while being intense with them. Put more simply: This isn’t for amateurs, and while the gov is a former Navy SEAL and seemingly stud alpha in many ways, he’s not good at this shit. A lesson for the rest of you guys out there. Don’t just tie some bitch up and hope she likes it, that’s just stupid.

  66. EhIntellect
    First off
    No not a mail marketer

    People ’round here expect a little more good faith from you.

    Or more so.

    Being a lot better than i am.

    (What’s the truest form of rejection?
    Masturbating and your hand falls asleep.)

    Lots change in that been hitting the gym and starting my own Business beyond research.

    It’s good to have this brought up at me so thank you.

    How does this read as a solution?

    – Don’t spam (IE don’t ASK every day) Wont post video links just bitly in case you may find it interesting.
    – Be respectful (Other’s views and experiences)
    – Make friends (if you are local, feel free to build friendships)
    – Be helpful (comment and feedback if you can offer value)
    – Contribute (participate in the discussion and share experiences where possible)
    Words not the links

    Looking into doing some Emdr so everything sounds reads and looks resembles a more coherent story.

  67. Scribbs

    Good reminders.

    The backstory is a bit more complex on Fifty Shades of Greitens though. Affair was old, her husband caught her, had her confess while secretely taping, then leaked that during the Govs campaign, hoping to shiv his election. Enter mass media scrutinity amd politiks. Absent that I think.. She cuts hair and blows alphas quietly.

  68. Second, instinct isn’t magic. It’s just another neurological impulse that happens in very knowable ways biologically, neurologically and even behaviorally.

    Example. I was out rockclimbing with my sister, bro in law and daughter. Bro was on the top rope climbing and I’m on belay. Bro has a little mishap and knocks some rocks loose which come down on us. Now this isn’t a big deal usually. Counterintuitively, you get very close to the wall because the debris will always bounce out away from the wall as it falls down. But that’s not perfect. So when this happens, my “instinct” is to protect myself, and I flatten against the wall in a millisecond, but then I notice sis and daughter huddling and sis looking at me terrified, so my next move to to cover them with my body so the rocks hit me instead of them.

    The second move was not instinctive, it was a thought. The first move was almost instant and took no thought. Self-preservation is an instinct, protecting others takes cognition…

  69. @Sentient – Ah, thanks. Makes more sense now. So she was loving it but now that it’s public, she has to shame it, of course. Another point for guys wanting to physically dominant like this? It’s their “dirty secret”. They might tell a GF who’s also a slut, but in general they never want their depraved, cock-craving little slut natures to be known publicly. I get girls to “be the slut they always wanted to be” with me, lol. I tell them that. The woman with the 5 min clenching orgasm, well I literally told her what a filthy whore she was for letting me fuck her bareback, while I was fucking her, lol. I think if I’m remembering right, that this was when she had her first orgasm of our encounter. She couldn’t believe what I was saying but was made so hot by it. Later she told me that no man had ever said that to her or treated her that way. She got so worked up while we were talking about it later as we were in my car that she began begging me to fuck her while we drove, and was like climbing on my lap and trying to get my dick out.

    Calibration is everything guys.

  70. “Either you succumb to evil, or you conquer it, but you have to deal with it.”
    Adult matured male in the the face of the mirror. Meet with this guys farther at a writing meetup.
    The courage it takes to confront that dosn’t compare to where i am in my life. Getting out of that and moving forward with a family and accepting it is what moving on in life is all about.
    But their is someone like Jeremy who confronts this and transform all of it into something good and decent

  71. I vote that Rugby be banned until further notice.

    Your pathetic attempt to rationalise your inappropriate spamming by saying it might help someone is the kind of virtue signalling the Red Pill demoslishes.

    You offer nothing and take: space, attention, screen time.

    You steal other material from YouTube and repost.

    You ignore our various attempts to reason with you and the offer something that works for you without considering the reason why so many of us here want you gone.

    Rugby get help. Get off the Internet. Meet real people. Please fuck off…

  72. Scribbs

    Not just shame it… Now she is a victim… lol And digging for some gold… He ruined her life… lolzlolzlolz… She didn’t have anything to do with a multi month sexual affair…

    Does that sound like a fun first date to you? This is not consent. Consent is given freely. Consent isn’t given out of fear or force.

    She didn’t give consent to Eric Greitens. She didn’t give consent to her ex-husband who shared the ordeal with the media and forced her into the position of testifying.

    What happened to this woman is wrong. Period. Just because she met up with Greitens again does not negate the criminal nature of his actions.

    File it under “forcible compulsion” — the legal term for forcing a person to comply with a sexual offense.

    In Missouri forcible compulsion applies only to fear of death, serious physical injury or kidnapping. It includes the use of date rape drugs. But forcible compulsion should also cover revenge porn being used as a weapon of control.

    The woman may have gone back to him out of fear of that porn being released. She may have been in denial. Perhaps she didn’t want to believe what happened.

    There are a lot of reasons victims go back. Violence often escalates when victims try to leave. The woman says Greitens slapped her when he found out she had slept with her estranged husband. “You’re mine,” he told her. He allegedly slapped and shoved her to the ground the last time she saw him.

    Experts say it takes domestic violence victims about seven times to successfully leave their abusers.

    Remember Elizabeth Smart? The Utah teen was kidnapped in 2002 and then raped and assaulted for the next nine months. She had opportunities to leave. Why did she stay?

  73. Gamma of the Year Award

    “He put real effort into this,” Sheena Greitens writes in the letter, detailing the ex-husband’s alleged stalking conducted prior to revelations about Gov. Greitens’ extramarital affair and the allegations of sexual misconduct that followed.

    “When I didn’t respond to his anonymous emails, he sent me a letter,” Sheena Greitens said. “When a letter to me didn’t produce the desired response, he contacted my parents. When letters didn’t satisfy him, he made his accusations public on Twitter. And finally, when targeting our family on social media didn’t fulfill his agenda, he secretly recorded his wife admitting to the affair and began shopping the audio tape to news outlets.”

    Guys… just. Don’t…. Let it go… let it go…

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