The 21 Convention

If you’ve been following my Twitter (and why aren’t you?) or you had a chance to listen to the 3 hour interview I did with Christian McQueen you’ll know that my only in-person appearance this year will be at the 10th anniversary of the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida on September 28 through October 1st.

I feel it’s kind of incumbent upon me to give my readers a little background on my involvement with this convention. When I did the Man In Demand conference in 2015 I got to work with Christian McQueen in a very limited capacity as far as planning things went, but I agreed to do my first in-person talk because I knew he understood what my purpose as a writer is. Before I’d agreed to do that appearance I’d already met with Goldmund so when I was told he was confirmed for the weekend too that made up my mind for me. That experience, meeting my readers face to face was something I’ll never forget and I wanted to do at least one appearance every year since then if I could. We had talked about making MID an annual event in Vegas, but logistics made 2016 just too difficult.

In the summer of 2016 I had the 21 Convention organizer Anthony Johnson approach me about speaking at the 9th 21 Convention, but again, work prevented me from going. If I’m honest I wasn’t terribly impressed with the lineup of speakers after I’d seen some of the talk videos from the prior convention. A lot of what I saw was typical Purple Pill life-coach motivational speaking and I wasn’t feeling it. Anthony assured me that wasn’t the case, but I still got that vibe. As most of my readers know, I’m very conscious of who I tacitly endorse by mentioning or even casually co-brand The Rational Male with. My first thought is always about being real and objective with my readership. Sometimes that objectivity (as best I can adhere to it) gets ugly, but I’d rather be honest than sugar coat Red Pill awareness.

Since that first introduction (courtesy of Tanner Guzy) Anthony and I developed a friendship and he convinced me to agree to this year’s conference. In that time he went through a real Red Pill unplugging himself. You can see why here, but suffice to say Anthony has embraced a more objective Red Pill awareness, and many of his prior speakers saw this change in him. My concern then was about putting my name next to purple pill dating coaches, but after many conversations, and more than a few of my referrals, we managed to get a very solid Red Pill lineup of speakers for this convention. As such, I’ve agreed to do two TED style talks over the 4-day event and I’m comfortable putting my name on it.

Not only will this be my first and only speaking engagement this year, but it will mark my first truly public appearance in terms of my putting my face on YouTube and going at least semi-public. Needless to say this makes me one of the featured speakers of the conference.

The following are 19 of the 24 confirmed speakers/talks that will be at the 21 Convention this year:

  1. Anthony Johnson
  2. Socrates
  3. Rollo Tomassi – Hypergamy (speech 1)
  4. Rollo Tomassi – Positive Masculinity (speech 2)
  5. Drew Baye
  6. Tanner Guzzy
  7. Christian McQueen
  8. Goldmund Unleashed
  9. Brent Smith
  10. Zan Perrion
  11. Ed Latimore
  12. Richard Nikoley
  13. Richard Cooper
  14. All speaker Q&A panel (on Sunday)
  15. The Private Man Memory (memorial panel for Andrew)
  16. Stonepimpletilists
  17. Eric Von Sydow (Hypnotica)
  18. Jim Flanagan (fitness)
  19. Ross Jefferies

There’ll be more confirmed soon, but as you can see Tanner, Goldmund, Christian and myself will be present, thus bringing the Man In Demand team back together again. After my interview with him and Mark Baxter getting Ed Latimore on the schedule was my personal favorite. Richard Cooper was also my personal suggestion after my doing an upcoming interview with him. And I should also add that Stonepimpletilists is the admin and man behind the Married Red Pill sub on Reddit. You can have a look at the other speakers bios and blogs, but I think my readers will agree that this is a Red Pill summit of sorts.

And now for the nuts & bolts. Dates are Thursday September 28th – Sunday October 1st 2017, ~9am – ~7pm daily, with night events on Friday and Saturday.

The full price ticket for the 4-day event is $1499. And early bird registration is $799 until April 30th at 11:59pm EST and will raise to $999 on May 1. Then the price will increase from there as the event gets closer.

With each ticket you’ll get full access to the event, +1 year digital access to 21 University to watch all the videos (including my two) from this event early and ad-free. You’ll also have access to a giant dinner on Friday night, plus access to a private party on Saturday night where you’ll have one-on-one access to pick my brain personally.

At this point, for security reasons I cannot divulge the location of this event, but suffice to say it will be at a 4 star resort hotel in Orlando, Florida (my home for 8.5 years actually) with a truly amazing convention site. If you haven’t planned a vacation yet this year, this will be something worth considering. Once you’re confirmed for the event you’ll be given the site location. As you might guess in our current social climate Anthony wants to ensure a safe and high quality gathering. This event is about men getting together, not a publicity stunt.


My hope here is that making myself more available this year will inspire men to reimagine what their lives can be in a Red Pill context. My second talk, Positive Masculinity, will be primarily focused on how men might use their Red Pill awareness, in both an intersexual and interpersonal capacity, to recreate themselves on an individual basis and replacing their Blue Pill idealisms with objective, real-world goals based on a new Red Pill understanding.

As all of my long-time readers know, I don’t do prescriptions. I am not a mindset-is-all motivational speaker nor do I profess to have some Secret formula for how men can universally live better lives. In fact, I’m very much averse to the profiteers who’ sell men exactly this. I’m not in the business of making better men – I am in the business of men making themselves better men through nuts and bolts, objective, Red Pill awareness. I believe this can be practical and applicable to men’s lives via Game, but also through a concentrated effort of individual men making the best use of this objective awareness in remaking themselves as their personal circumstance dictate.

My talks, my writing, are about how things work – about connecting dots. The Red Pill, the true intersexual definition of it, is a praxeology, but how you choose to apply it is going to be unique to men by their own circumstances; age, status, position in life, personal history, ideology, convictions, race and acculturation all play a part in how a man can individually use what the Red Pill reveals to his best benefit. The Red Pill is not one-size-fits-all, but it’s my hope with both the upcoming third book and this talk that I might be able to give men some actionable ideas on how they might best put the awareness to use in their lives. So, try to think of the Positive Masculinity talk as more of a workshop, more interactive, in how we’ll proceed together.

You will not get sugar-coated Purple Pill step-by-step pablum meant to soften the blows that offend women and feminized men about Red Pill awareness. What I present is raw and disagreeable at times. For men still on the fence or still clinging to comforting myths that their Blue Pill conditioning has taught them, this objectivity will sting at times. In fact, it’s my hope that men will disagree with it in order to work through the truths for themselves.

All that said, I can only say that I hope you’ll join me and the rest of the truly great panel we have lined up so far. I’m really looking forward to interacting face to face with my readers once. If you’re debating with yourself on the price, remember it’s a 4-day event with Red Pill writers, bloggers and personalities, many of whom (myself included) don’t do this sort of thing for a living, flying in from all over the country to interact with you personally. There’s also the social activities to consider as well. I’ll be making myself personally available at all of these get togethers.

If this sounds like a great opportunity for you (possibly a vacation in Florida too) please click this banner link here for tickets. I ask that you click this particular link as it links back to The Rational Male and lets Anthony know my readers are interested.

Needless to say this is going to be kind of a big step for me in going at least semi-public. I’d like reader feedback about all this in the comments on this thread if you’d be so kind. Concerns? Questions? Let me know what you think and also if you can make it out to this. I’ll be updating this post as we have more speakers and events confirmed.


Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

89 comments on “The 21 Convention

  1. @ Rollo,

    I just wanted to let you know that your writings have had a significant impact on the Swedish debate.

    We discuss and debate everything that you write!

    In general, you are an almost perfect combination of reason and humility.

    But I also have to inform you that it is very hard to read your posts. Now, you can take this any way you like. If you want us Scandinavians to bugger off, then please go on as before. In my case, I worked for many years in the UK and I can read your posts. But it is really hard!

  2. @EuroSwede
    I’m not Rollo, but what is it that makes his postings difficult for Swedes to read? I thought English was a second language in your country?

  3. @AR – I’m guessing that it’s difficult to read because of the truths it exposes. Sweden’s current SJW mentality is at direct odds of many of the RP truths. It can be difficult to realize that the things we place part of our identity onto are lies and social conditioning. It certainly was for me.

    Do I win the prize, EuroSwede?

  4. @ Rollo

    Man I’m torn. A huge part of me would like for you to remain as anonymous as possible, but another part of me wants your message(s) to reach even more men in need. I’m sure you’ve already weighed all of this, and you will be a part of a larger panel ( still growing ).

    My guts say that this could be the beginning of something fantastic. And if it could become an annual thing, all the better.

    But, the FI is Cunning and Pervasive. On the other hand, something will have to spark men to unite and fight. More importantly, men need the message more than ever. At some point, shit’s gotta start to be addressed.

    So I cosign and give you massive kudos.

  5. I am assuming it is hard for the Swedes to read Rollo’s writing because even if one is fluent in English (like most Swedes), the complexity of the vocabulary and depth of concepts explored in each post mean you really need to concentrate to get the most out of it, and that’s hard enough for native English speakers, much less second language English speakers – that’s why EuroSwede says he can manage because he used to live in the UK.

    Rollo – I echo what Blax said. It’s great in terms of spreading the message that you’re going semi public. I assume you’ve thought it through and decided the risk (to your business etc) of TRM getting linked with your professional profile and potential backlash etc is worth the tradeoff.

  6. You were very scathing of the 21 Convention, Krauser.
    From memory you called it The Chode Convention.
    What brought about this change of position?


    1. First off I rarely use the word ‘Chode’ for anything, and I’ve only ever had praise for Krauser. Feel free to search my archives for any of that.

      However, as I mentioned in this article I originally turned down Anthony’s first invitation because I was wary of co-branding with what I thought was a very Purple Pill event. Most of what I was seeing was just marginally more ‘Red Pill’ than the Good Man Project, most of it being along the lines of Mark Manson or Evan Mark Katz.

      I expressed this to Anthony and he agreed. I was surprised by this at first, but if you watch the video link (also included in this article) of his experience with his insanely BPD wife and how she was easily able to fool both him and his ‘best’ speakers he made what I’d call a hard Red Pill turn.

      For about 8 months after this he and I have been in correspondence about his situation, the conference, and also about how the more Purple Pill coach regulars were cancelling on him now because of his Red Pill awakening. I should also mention that he and I were both friends of the late Private Man and this too kind of put us on the same wavelength.

      It was at this point I agreed to do the convention and I made some suggestions for him to hit up some of the other guys I did the MID conferences with. I knew Christian was wanting to do another conference, so I thought why not get all of us in Orlando this time? Then I did the Mark Baxter interview with Ed Latimore and I suggested him to Anthony. Eventually we started collecting a good group of guys I wouldn’t mind sharing a platform with. I should also mention we’re still waiting on confirmation from at least two other guys I’d consider heavy hitters. And I can also tell you Anthony reached out to Mark Baxter, Illimitable Man and Dalrock for this too.

  7. I assume it is hard for Swedes to read Rollo because of a culture steeped in third wave Feminism. And the rabbit hole goes real deep, which makes it tough.

    Rollo’s writing is recursive (tillbakasyftande) and must be read as such (relating to or involving the repeated application of a rule, definition, or procedure to successive results).

  8. Rollo
    I expressed this to Anthony and he agreed. I was surprised by this at first, but if you watch the video link (also included in this article)

    Where video? Which article?

  9. @Rollo
    Thanks for everything that you do man!Great promotion!

    I am a 57yoOMG and I like watching and reading up on the new social trends,especialy the evo psych. Buut I don’t feel that I could get much out of attending the 21Conv.I don’t need viagra to keep from pissing on my shoes yet,I do need ibuprofen with my coffee to get moving.
    Is there some way I could donate to a Scholarship fund to send one of your more promising commenters to the gathering?

  10. Reading Kraser’s article that kfg linked to, and then looking at part of Socrates presentation is a good reference point to what Purple Pill is. On the one hand, he’s only been in the androsphere for 6 years according to his “about” page at his site. Still, if he ever spent any time interacting with $usan Wal$h either on her site or elsewhere, he’d realize that naming a site “manningupsmart” is “problematic” as the Z’s say.

    Let 10,000 red pill sites bloom. Purple, not so much. Can’t tell how much of a lamb’s den the 21 conference is, but I’m sure Rollo will be handing out pairs of The Glasses to the crowd. That’s a good thing all by itself.

  11. Back in the CMcQ interview thread I humbly suggested the following approach for being a public figure spokescreature for TRM while keeping one’s career in How To Get A Head In Advertising. Shorter version:

    (1) Do the speeches as The Great and Powerful Rollo, while (2) having a separate professional presence as the ad-man and liquor brander, where he uses his real Meat-World name of Aaron WashingUpLiquid or whatever.

    Put another way, the first persona is the evo-psych behavioral science commentator known as Rollo, who does not speak of liquor distribution or graphic design. The second persona, for professional events, appears only as his true self Aaron WashingUpLiquid and does not speak of the Red Pill or TRM.

    Maybe the way to tell one from the other is he can wear a different hat.

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think this can work and there are precedents. I.e., Tom Lehrer, who never took a pseudonym, had dual careers as comedic songster and Ivy League math professor. Or the mystery writer “Ellery Queen” who was actually a collection of authors who did other work under their own names, totally separate spheres. Granted, I’m not putting my ass out there, so it’s easy for me to say “here’s my good idea you do it and tell me if it works”.

    SJW’s and trolls can try to no-platform and boycott Rollo, but professionally speaking he has nothing to do with Aaron WashingUpLiquid, who only promotes new blends and brands. Anyone trying to tie Rollo’s doubleplus-ungood heresies to ad-man Aaron WashingUpLiquid will just get a blank stare from the industrial customer base. He’s a consultant and promoter, not the face of the brand. I mean, who is the most publicly known spirits spokesman today? The Most Interesting Man In The World?

  12. It sounds like an information-chocked event. I can easily imagine tables full of comic books or Star Wars stormtroopers masks, but I have trouble picturing “intellectual” conventions. Would you see piles of pamphlets on sale for $5.99? A goldfish bowl full of USB drives containing digital books? Guess the number of drives and get the whole bowl?


    Congratulations on your public unveiling, Rollo. And although you say you don’t give advice to readers, there would be no harm in you doing so. Heartiste does, and he seems to thrive with it. Why not you?

  13. Rollo,

    A yeah ago I knew what the Red Pill was, but due to a number of internal issues I had not actually taken it. My 9-year marriage was struggling, and we had just had our 4th child. I had not heard of the 21 Convention let alone The Rational Male. In the last year, my wife broke up with me then divorced me over the winter, which started me down a path of self-discovery, personal development and healing that that eventually led me back to the Red Pill and The Rational Male.

    I have read both the books, and now keep up with the blog. While I had been introduced to the ideas previously, the concepts in your books and how you shared them were mind-bendingly transformative to me. I also recently stumbled onto the 21 Convention YouTube Channel and have been veraciously consuming their content. I had considered attending the 21 Convention, but pulling up the blog today and seeing their logo at the top of the page and that this was the public appearance you had hinted at…

    let’s just say…


    p.s. April 2016 me doesn’t exist any more

  14. @stuffinbox

    You can purchase the ticket via Rollo’s link. During check out put your username stuffinbox in the “additional information” section.

    From there I can get with Rollo about granting it to one of his readers, maybe via twitter or a later blog post of some sort.

    Nick Cloud – the green shirt guy in the video – actually did this for someone last year for the Miami 21 Convention.

    With all that said, I would still encourage you to attend the event personally. We usually get a few guys in their 40s/50s as attendees, never mind speakers. We even had a father and son come to the 2012 Australia event, early 20s/early 50s respectively. Even a purple pill excursion was like an oasis for him and his son in blue bill uber fem correct Australia… he was profusely thankful something like 21C even existed for his son.

    What you’ll get out of the event isn’t the speeches per say, it will be meeting so many younger men on the right path. Hope for the future, in the flesh.

    – ADJ

  15. @kfg

    What Rollo said here reflects the reality of 21C very well.

    “This event is about men getting together, not a publicity stunt.”

    Last year, Tanner Guzy and Socrates were joking among other speakers that the speeches were “just an excuse to meet up”.

    Ironically, this isn’t far from the origin of the event, which was intended to be a meet up, not a conference. Speakers were only added later by request.

    The speeches these days are famous, and many more will be filmed this year with Rollo et al that will also go viral and reach millions in total, and in possibly on an individual video basis.

    Based on @stuffinbox’s comment, this is likely to be where he finds the bulk of his personal value in attending. In literally meeting everyone involved over the course of 4 days.

  16. @Anthony Dream Johnson:

    Thoreau observed that colleges charge for the least valuable aspect of attendance, the course work, and leave the most valuable, associating with the people of the college, free of charge.

    My joke was aimed at Orlando, not your event.

  17. “The speeches these days are famous, and many more will be filmed this year . . .”

    P.S Thank you for the videos of McGuff, Baye and Steele. They have saved me some hours of talking and typing.

  18. Lol. Anthony dream Johnson.

    I’m glad he’s cool with the red pill now.

    He’d have to be, or Rollo would have torn him a new asshole by now.

    I remember when he was telling everyone how he and his secret call-girl ex were “the example”.


    This BETTER be about men getting together…….

    And discussing what the truth really amounts to in a feminine primary world.

  19. So, I’m trying to find an instance in my comment archives as to where I’d ever been ‘scathing’ about the 21 Conference. I wont even deign to address the Krauser comment since anyone who’s ever read me knows I’ve always had the highest respect for the guy and we’ve been friends since the start.

    However I did find this great comment about the 21 Convention from YaReally:

    While I think these convention things are dangerous for doxxing etc, they can produce a lot of valuable information. The 21 Convention does a similar thing:

    They bring in guys well-versed in everything, not just pickup, half of the speakers don’t even study pickup but they’re really good at like, finances, or business, or philosophy/mindsets, or exercise/nutrition etc. and give speeches to the young dudes who are at the prime age to take that info in and apply it to their lives and the vids are posted all over YouTube so lots of guys stumble across them.

    If you’re looking to do more speaking engagements you might want to contact the 21 Convention and see about speaking there, I don’t think anyone is teaching those young dudes about Hypergamy and that’s an audience that would benefit a lot from learning this stuff. I was huge into pickup for years and had never had someone break down Hypergamy (or heard the word) till your blog, it’s not a concept we go into depth on in the PUA community (we instead focus on telling guys to be/stay high-value, VS breaking down the actual mechanics of Hypergamy and why it exists and how it manifests with relatable examples)

    It’s also run pretty pro looking and would be good exposure for your books and getting guys to pick up copies and round out their pickup knowledge with the “why” behind the “how”…that’s how I’d pitch your talk lol

  20. @Fred, I’d never pretend to think that I’m anti-fragile. No one is. By order of degree everyone is dependent on something or someone for their wellbeing. That said, I’m in as good a position enough to not worry about my face being show on a couple of youtube videos. My concern now is less about job and revenue, and more about the safety of my immediate family.

    My daughter recently had my book come up as a topic of discussion in one of her university classes. So it’s things like that which gives me pause.

  21. I saw this post through my referrals to the blog. I look forward to hearing Rollo’s talk (or at least hearing feedback about it if the talk itself remains behind a paywall). I’m not sure which comment of mine is being discussed. Did someone pretend to be me in an earlier comment here? I looked through and didn’t see any.

    If not, I assumed it’s in something I wrote back in 2015 about 21 Convention, so I’ll comment on that. I assume it could be one of these two things:

    1. “21 Convention is a Chump Convention”. That’s how it looked in 2011 when Anthony was pitching it to the audience in a break from Andy & Yad’s Daygame Blueprint in 2011 and when I checked out the speakers online. Back then it was clear Anthony was a fake-it-till-you-make-it type who had absolutely no business advising men for free much less for eye-watering ticket prices. My memory is hazy but I think this was when he’d admitted to only banging three women his whole life (I’ll backtrack on this if someone has better source, I just vaguely remember reading about it then) and was having a really gay public spat with total fraud Vince Kelvin. When I had another look at the 21 Convention in 2015 it was still Blue Pill and still struck me as worthless info carrying a high price tag.

    Rollo says Anthony has since been red-pilled and I trust Rollo’s judgement generally. I also admit people grow and develop over time. I certainly remember I was even more of a twat in 2011 than I am now. So, maybe it’s no longer a Chump Convention. I still consider the price tag absolutely outrageous but so long as they deliver the promised content, that’s entirely up to the customers to determine if it’s value for money.

    2. An off-hand comment about Socrates being pompous like a “Blue Pill Rollo”. That’s just one of my rhetorical flourishes. In this case I was just gently mocking Rollo’s flowery writing style rather than his ideas. I had and still have great respect for Rollo and give him credit for much of my own intellectual development in Game. I did and do still consider his writing style a tough slog that somewhat obscures the high quality thoughts they convey. I don’t consider myself immune from criticism of my own stylistic failings.

    Ok, I think that’s at. Wishing Rollo all the best in the talk. Based on the list of speakers, I think it’ll be the best talk. Rollo is known for his missionary work taking the Red Pill to wider audience and this will be a good chance to move Blue/Purple pill guys.

  22. @Krauser: “Did someone pretend to be me in an earlier comment here?”

    No. Someone accused Rollo of being you:

    Barbie Ken
    April 26, 2017 at 4:59 am

    You were very scathing of the 21 Convention, Krauser.
    From memory you called it The Chode Convention.
    What brought about this change of position?

    In reference to Rollo announcing that he would be appearing as a speaker.

  23. Definitely interested in coming but the ticket price may be too steep for me, if singe day passes were available I would come down for the weekend to see your presentation. I’m up north in Canada so it would be flight + hotel added on top.

    Would have been fun to meet some of the guys on this board and go sarging one of the nights lol.

  24. Good to see some RP OGs: Brent, Zan, von Sydow.

    But Ross Jeffries? Really?
    Wondered what the hell he has been up to since the whole NLP fad shit the bed and MM crushed SS in terms of being the seminal airtight reference manual for intersexual dynamics and practical application.

    His bio leads with “Master Copywriter.” My experience says this usually means he is now primarily doing DM ad writing, where persuasion is key … most likely freelance from home … most likely to pay the bills.

    It then goes to “Transformational healing…”

  25. It is real easy to overthink the threat of 4chan/SJW/Swarthmore Women’s Collective hack squad hordes and bots coming after collateral targets like family members. True, no one is anti-fragile, and I know if I were doxxed it would be inconvenient to say the least and maybe even professionally injurious for a time. It can seem very scary to someone who has never been on the wrong end of a troll fest. (I was once – brief but intense – so I do know. Guess what, I’m still standing). I do not expect a super-doxx to happen. Still I have planned for it, to the point where if it occurs, I am ready to adopt everything I have done and said online, on the witness stand if need be, without apology. And my family will be ready. Here’s how I’ve sussed it out.

    Don’t sweat this stuff too much; it can lead to self-paralysis and paranoia like the overbearing helicopter parents who fear child-snatching clowns behind every bush. Similarly, the fear of the SJW hordes can hobble you as surely as any actual swarm attack might. You’re more vulnerable if someone close is in the public sector or an out-front position where pressure can be applied to a boss who worries about your family member’s association with you somehow affecting their economics or reputation (that pressure was successfully applied to Athol Kay’s public-employee wife after the first MMSL book dropped). That said, some, like Private Man or Krauser or Matt Forney, doxx themselves and keep going.

    Take your cues from those who know and have been there. What is public is public, and can be discovered by anyone anyhow. You can take steps to minimize your truly personal web presence without being a recluse. Keep personal screeds off of Fakebook or Twatter or Snapperchat. Take the precautions you know you should take to avoid data hacks and password theft. Keep your most precious shit out of the cloud. Have a backup archive of your key stuff saved via “sneaker-net” which cannot be erased from outside but can be restored.

    More fundamentally, as Vox advises, use the Howard Stern rule: when challenged never apologize. Double down. Ride it out. Do not try to explain or placate, that is their invite to keep coming at you from so many angles you can’t keep up and your whole waking life is engaging trolls and their bots in a Mean Girls scream-fest. Meant to make you think thousands are chasing you, when it’s just a couple pimply dweebs in the Amherst Poli-Sci grad student lounge. Family getting strange scary tweets? Don’t respond or engage. If it’s getting weird delete your social media accounts, they’re fungible. Start new ones if you must. If there’s anything truly scary, grab screenshots and save, or if you can, hire a service, so that any legit threat can at least be searchable.

    But most likely? Nothing happens. People who make “die in a fire” threats online don’t have the guts to ensure you did die in a fire, if they did you’d never see it coming.
    (See the awful comments accompanying any celebrity video upload or fan-post. None of them have even gotten their hair mussed).

    Now if you’ve built up a body of work that stands on its own over the years under a respected author persona? I would think if they haven’t brought you down on their first tries, the longer you go on, the harder that gets. Someone has to take the trouble to do the linkage before any mischief can happen, and they may well not bother.

    Also don’t forget, your author persona gives your family plausible deniability. Bebe can say to some glee-bag Pajama Boy: I’m not responsible for Dad’s author persona. He is him, I’m me, hear me roar, don’t bug me or I’ll report you to the Dean for unwanted-communication assault. Under the “Dear Colleague” protocol I’m an oppressed girl being harrassed in this patriarchal college construct and you’re a cisheterosexist Elliott Rodger misogynist clone who can’t stop ogling me and no I won’t date you now go away before you get expelled. #YesAllMen!

    (By the by, if it’s not too intrusive to ask: which class of hers mentioned your book?)

    Gavin DeBecker’s book “The Gift of Fear” is still a good reference. His whole career is protecting celebrities from loonies and stalkers, and he tells some truly scary stories of having to spirit away some famous client on an hour’s notice because some John Hinckley wanna-be snuck past the security and is hiding in the kitchen. But the meat of the book is reassuring you that you can prepare and be ready to cope and survive.

  26. Hello Rollo, I’ve read your books and read your blog (and others in the manosphere) regularly. For awhile I was a regular commenter, especially on Dalrok’s blog. I’m now an expatriate. I’m a USA citizen, but I haven’t been back in two years. But I might be inspired to sign up for the conference if there is some I could get an hour or two to chat with you. You have a clarity of life that I need to find. I feel that I’m close but I am missing something.

    1. @greenlander, all I can say is that if you do make the trip I will make myself available to all my readers as much as I can. I wouldn’t rule out an hour’s chat as a possibility.

  27. @greenlander

    “I feel that I’m close but I am missing something.”

    What prevents you from discussing yourself and re-engaging here on this blog?

    Why do you feel close? What are you missing?

    I took a look back at some of the comments on Dalrock back in 2011 when The Private Man and Badger were in on the discussion. (Supply and Demand in the Marriage Market March 29, 2011 by Dalrock)

    You could get some work done here to fill in the blanks.

    It seems that a theme you might have is: How as a man in his early forties to marry and have children with a young worthy woman in her late twenties? And live by an old set of books.

    This situation has been discussed much here and there are no real solutions to “That Problem”. It is a real conundrum. It might be unobtainable. What are you going to do about that? You do understand that Rollo is in the Awareness Business and not in the Prescription Business, right? What can you do better to write your own prescription? Are you trying to get something that is unobtainable? How does that make you feel?

    1. I’m not saying it’s impossible for me to give you an hour or more, I just don’t know how I’ll budget my time once I get there. I’d certainly chat with you at any of the social events.

  28. @palmasailor

    If we sold every ticket at full price, and we sold out, that might be the case with profit. As it stands, the tickets are currently about 50% off. Frankly, physical events of this scale are difficult to profit directly from, without making it a pitch fest, of which there is about zero at our events.

    More speakers, more attendees, and more event days = more expenses.

    21 Studios thrives off of videos that perform well over long periods of time. Evergreen, long form, high quality content.

    As for the speakers… Rollo more or less hand picked 5 speakers on that list, excluding himself, and excluding Tanner who was already alumni.

    If you trust Rollo’s judgement in related areas, you should trust him to recommend the best of the best for fellow speakers. I understand you don’t care about them now. That will change after meeting them.

    – ADJ

  29. @fact comment

    Even if we made the ticket price $0, you will still (most likely) need to cover airfare, hotel, uber, food, and take time off work. Just to attend the event, and fly domestically, you’re *already* looking at close to or over $1k.

    Unless you live in Orlando.

    On the other hand, we have attendees who fly in from Europe and Australia to attend. Flights north of $1k, plus everything else. Not all of them are rich. Some fight tooth and nail to find a way and make it happen.

    It costs money to attend, period.

    As others have said, this is a high quality event. Speakers like Rollo deserve the best I can get them in filming, lighting, audio, stage, venue, equipment, and crew. We run a tight ship. That’s part of why speakers and attendees keep coming back. It kicks ass and the event itself is taken seriously, not filmed with an iPhone in someone’s basement.

    We have zero institutional or outside support of any kind. This event is 100% attendee funded. Make it or break it for 10 years, each and every event. The only backup I have at my disposal is to pull money from other areas of the company.

    Everyone at the event has skin in the game.

    – ADJ

    1. It’s also a once a year thing (I believe) so when you compare the cost with one of RSD’s big summits ($2K to $3k) or even their hot seat gigs ($800) it’s easy to see that this convention is more about the content and less about the pitch.

  30. Just your average worn out adrenaline junkie [self diagnosed] extremist,looking for a venue with both comedy and the blues,billiards and horseshoes,dancing and smoking?

  31. @palmasailor

    My comment was an if/then statement, working on the assumption that you are a regular or at least semi-regular reader of TRM.

    Trust whoever you want. I trusted Rollo to recommend some kick ass red pill speakers. After speaking with and researching those men, I concluded he was spot on. I believe the attendees who meet them will come to the same exact conclusion.

    Attend/don’t attend, your choice.

  32. @Rollo

    I’ve spoken with ex RSD instructors. Direct from the horses mouth, the purpose of RSD summits is to sell bootcamps/workshops. Period.

    $1,000+ ticket to upsell you a $3,000 bootcamp. Plus product upsells.

    4 digit event ticket to be upsold more workshops… and dudes pay it in droves.

  33. It may not be easy mixing red pill with game-pua in a paid venue.Here is my take,I have built up some bussineses from the bottom,it has always been a gamble.I have always offered value for money and enthusiasm has always been a prerequisite for success.
    You guys at 21 know more than me what it takes to pull this off,you are enthused about it,and I feel that you will succeed,YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO HAVE that is the price.I can afford it I am in.

    Now maybe you could all stay in the same room,and eat canned chilli and salteens,rent a school bus and drive around picking up speakers then let them hitchhike home..
    This would increase profits and if everyone is too tired,malnourished and distracted to stay focused on the purpose well just give them some meth to help stay focused LOL or not.

  34. @palmasailor

    You’re criticizing me… saying you should trust in Rollo’s recommendations… to Rollo.

    I’ve worked ~20,000+ hours on my company over the course of 10.5 years. I’m 28. In what universe is that light weight?

    Hey, I could have picked Bi-Curious Lube Oil as a moniker, but I figured it was already taken.

  35. @krauserpua

    You can check out to watch over 1,000 of our videos for free (with ads). That includes talks from London based speakers you seem to know, including Tom Torero, Andy Yosha, Yad, Jon Matrix, etc – all of which are alumni 21C speakers.

    Actually we pulled Tom’s recently at Andy’s request, but might put it back up. They had one hell of a falling out apparently.

    “Back then it was clear Anthony was a fake-it-till-you-make-it type who had absolutely no business advising men for free much less for eye-watering ticket prices.”

    I’m an event architect/conference organizer. This part of your comment is ridiculous. You make it sound as if I was giving game talks at the Daygame Blueprint. To the contrary I connected them with my film crew, who filmed the entire event, on ultra short notice, at a kick ass price (aka the only one Andy could afford). It saved Andy’s ass and the entire event.

    I’m really good at what I actually do, and this was a stunning of example of helping a new friend out at the last second. It benefited my company as well, and we were both happy to work together in this respect.

    Tickets – at the last minute – to the The 21 Convention 2011 of London England were about $450 usd. That was a 4 day event.

    “My memory is hazy but I think this was when he’d admitted to only banging three women his whole life (I’ll backtrack on this if someone has better source, I just vaguely remember reading about it then) and was having a really gay public spat with total fraud Vince Kelvin.”

    I’m not even going to address this first part.

    Vince Kelvin lost his shit at the 2011 London convention. So I removed him from the 2011 Orlando convention. He went ballistic and we haven’t spoken since. Almost everyone who has ever worked with him has had the exact same experience. It was a mistake to ever have him at the event.

    “When I had another look at the 21 Convention in 2015 it was still Blue Pill and still struck me as worthless info carrying a high price tag.”

    You seem to have a ruthlessly tunnel visioned view of The 21 Convention. I have no idea why this is. The event has had an openly comprehensive bent to it since 2009. A panoramic focus. I took a lot of shit for this from the PUA community when I did it, as I am about to take a shit storm for inviting a small platoon of Red Pill speakers.

    A 5 minute glance at the youtube channel or website would reveal this.

    I recommend reading the comment Rollo posted from YaReally, who apparently is super focused on pickup, and STILL completely both grasped and encapsulated in writing the thrust of what the event really is.

    “I also admit people grow and develop over time. I certainly remember I was even more of a twat in 2011 than I am now.”

    I have no idea why no one recommended you to me as a speaker in 2011 at the London 21 Convention, and again in 2012 at the London convention. I was asking around but never heard of you until digging in to Rollo’s work. If someone had, I would have reached out to have you as a speaker. Likewise if you had contacted me to speak, I would have likely accepted. Polarizing, hard hitting ideas are right up my alley, and you would have been able to bring those in spades to the event.

    The fact that your ideas were so different would have been particularly intriguing.

    “I still consider the price tag absolutely outrageous but so long as they deliver the promised content, that’s entirely up to the customers to determine if it’s value for money.”

    First, if you can out compete me by creating a bigger, better mousetrap for cheaper, and repeat that process 13 times in a row, please go right ahead.

    Building 3-4 day long live events is hard fucking work, and without making it a pitch fest, you have to fund through actual ticket sales. The tickets cost what they do because the reflect a fraction of the value guys get out of it.

    Every single attendee who has ever attended confirms this. We’ve never had anyone ask for a refund in 10 years. Ever.

    That includes 2 MRAs who found the 2011 London convention through an interview on The Spearhead, and accepted my challenge to attend, with the offer of a full refund if they didn’t like it.

    Both stayed for the full event and did not ask for a refund. Which didn’t surprise me, which is why I offered it. Call them blue or purple pill MRAs all day long – they came in with the specific intent to get their money back, and walked out happy to part with their money.

    I do what I do because it needs to be done and no one else is willing or positioned to do it. This has lead me directly to building a red pill summit inside our 10 year anniversary, that now has the most bad ass speaking lineup we’ve ever had.

    How many guys will attend this year, hear a talk from someone like Rollo, and save themselves $80k on divorce rape, and 18 years of child support?

    This will actually play out in real life for the guys who attend and hear Rollo for the first time. And the same holds true for the hundreds of thousands who will see his 21C talks.

    How many guys will not end up depressed and suicidal because they got to have coffee for 10 minutes with Goldmund or Ed Latimore in the hotel lobby?

    Guys will come to this event looking for answers, and to meet these speakers face to face.

    Come on out to the event Krauser. That’s an open invitation. And if you’re interested in speaking at this event or future events we can discuss that as well. This event is kinda packed though… I have a lot of pending invites out awaiting response.

  36. @BillSander

    Glad you’re enjoying the channel man! And look forward to meeting you at the event.


    McGuff Baye and Steele are some of my favorites. Baye will definitely be at the event this year. McGuff and Steele maybe 2018. Glad to hear the videos have been helpful.

  37. Is there such an event occuring in Europe sometime in the future ? Im tempted but would have to fly in Europe, making the flight costs significantly extra.

  38. @Rudd

    We’ve had 3 events in Europe. Stockholm (2010), London (2011), London (2012).

    I am interested in bringing the event back to Europe, in 2018 or 2019.

    With that said, if you make it to this event, you won’t be the only guy from Europe.

    – Anthony

  39. ” . . . as Europeans as we probably wont be wearing baseball caps.”

    Ok come now, they’re very sensible . . . if you’re playing right field.

    And as for fashion, the casquette isn’t much of an improvement.

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