Alpha Agents of Righteous Karma


Reader Keyser Soze had an interesting comment last week that I thought would be a good jump off point for today’s topic:

@Siirtyrion: You said, “Many scientists still go by this notion because it explains the frequent tradeoffs in mating and gives us a more complete picture for sexual selection as a whole. I understand that I uphold physicality as king, but understand that hypergamy isn’t completely about a short-term mating strategy, regardless of what some people may think. Women may be able to fund their our lives currently but rest assure, they still seek out Beta Bucks in other forms aside from monetary or material gain (i.e they still seek out physiological and emotional comfort from less than ideal males).”

Question for all:

Reading this, I had a thought. We often talk about women hitting the wall at 35ish and their sudden willingness to be me more reasonable with their expectations in a mate as they realize their SMV has decreased. I wonder if the above quote also plays into this. By the time women hit 35ish, historically (without modern methods of assisted conception) they are past their childbearing years. I wonder if their mating strategy changes at this age not only because of diminished SMV, but also because they are no longer looking for prime genetic material for reproduction as much as they are looking for “physiological and emotional comfort”. Perhaps this was implied all along, but I never thought about it this way before.

I hate to think this is going to come off as sympathy for the aging spinsters who had their cake in their youth and now, late in life, are looking to make honest amends for their past decisions, but it probably will.

A few months ago I broke-down Robin Korth’s aging sexual denial and in response we got a glimpse into the rationalization engine (a.k.a. the Hamster) at work in feminine solipsism:

My intent here isn’t to pick on Korth personally or really any woman in the post-Wall demographic in particular, but this self-insight is an excellent illustration of the feminine solipsism I often refer to on this blog. Furthermore, this sense of ego-blamelessness is then combined with the easy rationales and social conventions ready-made by the Feminine Imperative to affirm her self-importance.

Deti comments:

Robin Korth should be reposing in the love of her husband of the past 35 years, give or take. She should be doting on children and grandchildren as the esteemed matriarch of her family.

Instead, Ms. Korth is still out there acting as if she’s 25 years old. She’s still trying to navigate the sexual and dating minefields. In the end she’s trying to show everyone (but really herself) that she’s still “got it”; that she can still arouse a man sexually. It is all really about self aggrandizement. It is all about self- validation and affirmation. In the end, it’s all about Robin Korth. It’s pathetic and sad, really.

And no, Ms. Korth, your life is not the result of what you think about yourself. You are what you do. You are NOT what you think, read, or write. You are not what you were or what you’d like to be.

You are what you do. Period. Full stop.

And from The Difficulty of Gaming Women by Age Brackets by (the old) Roissy:

36 to 38 year olds

She is at peace with her spinsterhood and her failure in the dating market. She will acquiesce easily and gratefully to sex with very little game, as long as you don’t look like a grandpa. Her expectations are so low, it will be a challenge to disappoint her.

If you are prone to guilt, you might feel it when you inevitably dump a woman in this age range. Don’t. Remind yourself that her past is littered with her insouciant dumping of many beta men before you. You are merely an alpha agent of righteous karma.

Granted, Robin is well past the 38 year old mark by over 20 years, however even at 59 the description is still remarkably apt in light of Deti’s overview, however, the real lesson here is for men.

There comes (or should come) a certain empowerment for men after a point of maturation in life where he grows into an understanding of how the Game is played by women. As I’ve noted in the past month, this game, the former secret of women’s dualistic sexual strategy, is becoming more and more of an open secret amongst a feminine-primary culture becoming increasingly more assured of its primacy. If anything this plan for women’s optimizing hypergamy is just this side of proudly flaunting it to men.

As I pick my way through exactly this ‘plan’ in writing the next book, I’ve actually become less surprised by so many examples I find of this willingness with which women will overtly share their strategy for assuring short-term Alpha sexual desires during their SMV peak, and then consolidation on the security a Beta provider represents as their SMV decays beginning at around 30 years of age.

My purpose in writing this next volume of The Rational Male is to make men aware of just this life-schedule and sexual strategy, but even with my own efforts and the glaring willingness with which women will now confirm it, a larger whole of men simply don’t mature into this overall understanding.

For all the education the Red Pill represents for men, the larger blue pill whole simply don’t want to accept the ugly reality of women’s sexual strategy even when women openly confirm this for them – or when they do it’s too late for anything but pensive self-reproach and then signing the alimony/child support check anyway.

As this understanding becomes more widespread some social change will have to follow. Men will either become so pathetic as to ‘normalize’ it for themselves, and personally identify with what amounts to their open (proactive or reactive) cuckolding under women’s grossly overt championing of their Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks sexual strategy – or Men will come to the realization (hopefully sooner than later) that the fantasy of monogamous bliss based on a notion of intergender compromise and the ‘give & take’ (but mostly give) they were sold on was never in the best interests of feminine-primacy.

The Feminine Imperative was (and is) only ever concerned with men’s imperatives or male-specific priorities insofar as they align with the superseding, primary imperatives of women. Thus, as open hypergamy becomes more common and the truth of this duplicity and imbalance (really disinterest) of mutual sexual imperatives becomes more evident, men will again (as with Game) evolve methods and mentalities to consolidate on their own imperatives or simply live in denial of it all.

The Long Game

For almost 6 months I’ve had this post from Cail Corishev bookmarked. It’s an excellent driver for exactly this point: prior to the digital age men tended not to play a long game when it came to socio-sexual strategies. The short game is all that matters in the moment, and all that stimulates, but until the advent of digital forums where men could figuratively compare notes, most men were simply unable, and perhaps too distracted to ask the obvious questions about women’s hypergamy and how it plays out over the course of 10-30 years and the roles women expect men to play during those stages of their lives in order to accommodate their strategy.

In Cail’s piece he describes a woman he knew at age 30 and how attractive she was, and his consideration of starting a relationship with her. After a failing interest and 10 years of no contact, she reinitiated with Cail:

But while we were chatting, I saw some of her recent pictures, and whoa!  She’s gone from a 7-8 to maybe a 5, and that would be adjusted for age.  She hasn’t gotten fat, but that’s about the only positive note.  She looks so rough that I found myself wondering what I was thinking ten years ago, but I looked back at some old pictures, and she really was pretty at 30 — not a model or anything, but enough to turn heads.  Now she looks like she’s lived 20 hard years in 10.  She works nights at a pretty demanding job and has had some serious health problems, so I guess it’s no surprise, but it was really striking: ten years ago I ached for this girl, and now I wouldn’t look twice at her if I passed her in the grocery store.

That got me thinking about Rollo’s chart.  My own SMV, as far as I can tell, hasn’t changed much from mid-30s to mid-40s, just as his chart would predict.  I’m about the same weight, same build, maybe a little less hair, but I’d lost quite a bit of it already back then.  I’m not much better-off financially, but at least not worse, and I have more of a sense of direction in my life.  I’m certainly more confident, especially with women, and more established in my communities.  So some pluses and some minuses, holding steady at about the same level.  The amount of interest I get from women seems to support that.

She, on the other hand, going from 30 to 40, has gone from fertile to not likely.  She’s also a grandmother now, so instead of looking to start a new family, she’s focused (and rightly so) on helping her kids with theirs.  (If single moms don’t have much spare attention to give a husband, imagine the single mom of a single mom.)  An additional ten years of dating and relationships under her belt certainly doesn’t add to her appeal.  On top of those reasons, add the drastic decline in her looks, and now I not only don’t want to marry her, but as we chat I’m mostly thinking, “How soon can I politely say goodnight so I can get to sleep already?”  Harsh, but true.  Just as Rollo’s chart predicts, her SMV has been on a steady decline since we met — maybe more of a free-fall in her case — and now mine is well above hers.

I had a similar post to this I published back in December of 2011 – Protracted SMV:

It’s a simple matter to tell a guy he’s dodged a bullet in the cosmic scheme of things, but it’s altogether different to provably show him how he’s dodging it. For all the evils of facebook at least it gives him [men] an ability to see the forest for the trees, but the feminine can’t even afford him that. You must stay dumb, you must stay plugged-in for the feminine to maintain primacy. For all the benefits of a globally connected world, the feminine imperative expects you to accept a feminine-centric normalization of it.

What the Feminine Imperative fears is men becoming what Roissy terms Alpha Agents of Righteous Karma. Due to a lifetime of feminine conditioning, men tend to underestimate the leverage their SMV has in the context of women’s biological imperatives.

Pity for Reneé

I have a similar story to Cail’s. When I was a senior in high school I had a ‘friend‘ named Reneé, she was a gorgeous auburn-red head with a fantastic 17-18 year old body. We were good ‘friends‘ in the sense that it was clear I wasn’t ever going to see her naked and she had all of the personality trappings of a girl who knew she was attractive (she did modeling after high school), but also had the beginnings of a very self-important ego-invested feminist mind set.

I never really stayed in touch with her after graduation since by then I had moved on to women who enthusiastically reciprocated my interests and I moved along in life. It wasn’t until 2009 that I got on FaceBook and began having old friends look me up – Reneé was among the first. Very similar to the woman in Cail’s story we started to catch up with what the other had been doing through their 20s, 30s and now 40s.

As it turned out she was still fairly attractive for having had one daughter and never marrying the father, or any other guy for that matter. Most of the predictable single mommy issues and false-empowerment memes were bandied about by her, but the short version is here she was at 41 and her daughter was a year away from leaving for college. She was between jobs, but the one she had and the one she hoped to get were mediocre low to mid-management type, subsistence level employment.

She was and still is single 5 years later. The predictable questions about what my wife was like and how long we’ve been married came up, how we met, and where I’ve travelled in my work, etc. and I can honestly say I felt bad for her just recalling all of the life I’ve lived in the interim and basically forgot about her since high school.

She’s 46 now, and loves FaceBook as much as any aging spinster, but I really don’t want to call her that. In between the many pictures of her 4 cats (no lie) she occasionally posts some lament about how lonely she is now that her daughter has gone away to school and she comes home to an empty apartment these days. She makes not-so-subtle pleas to her FB community friends to set her up with ‘a great guy’ and all the dutiful Betas come out of the woodwork to tell her how pretty she (still) is and to keep her chin up and the right guy will “come along” – not so unlike the advice she gave me and at least half a dozen other guys I knew back in the day.

Reneé still clings to all of the feminist memes and mantras (reposts all the most popular), and complains of not being able to find a “great guy” anymore. This is of course infantile men’s faults for not manning up to her fem-correct standards, or else it’s a complaint about the ‘creepy’ men who really just want to bang her when she out with friends.

Unhappy Feminists

I hadn’t really ever considered using Reneé as a blog post subject until I read this article in Psychology Today:

According to a new survey released this month, your odds of winning the cash would increase if you skipped any 40-something, single female professionals and focused on the middle-aged male managers with one child at home and a wife who works part-time. In its Office Pulse survey, Captivate Network, a media solutions company, says its uncovered “profiles of the happiest and unhappiest workers.” And here it is:

  • Male
  • 39 years old
  • Married
  • Household income between $150,000 and $200,000
  • In a senior management position
  • 1 young child at home
  • A wife who works part-time

And the unhappiest profile?:

  • Female
  • 42 years old
  • Unmarried (and no children)
  • Household income under $100,000
  • In a professional position (doctor, lawyer, etc.)

Minus the professional status, essentially Reneé fits the profile for the most unhappy person in the western world today. Now, return back to Robin Korth’s comment, her life is the result of what she thinks of herself. What does this say about the decision making both she and Reneé have made in their lives?

I can’t say I have any sympathy for the likes of Korth, but for Reneé I do feel a pang of pity (in spite of Roissy’s advice for women of this age). For all of the accusations of red pill “misogyny” I genuinely do like women, and I’m not rooting for them to smash into the Wall. However I can see why my observations make this seem so – hard truths are often warnings that we don’t like to heed.

I often wonder if women of this profile aren’t as much victims of an ideological conditioning as Betatized men are over the course of their lives. Much of what’s resulted in Reneé’s life are the consequences of having (and still subscribing to) a mindset that’s based on equalist individualism, and she’s now beginning to reap what she’s sown – knowingly or not.

I don’t know the father of her daughter, but my red pill instincts (and knowing how hot she used to be) tell me the guy was likely a pump and dump Alpha bad boy. Reneé never struck me as the type to ‘settle’ on a Beta provider because she was too headstrong and independent® for that – she was certainly hot enough to attract the Alphas and independent enough to never consider a Beta for a relationship.


So my observation is this; while granting that women’s decisions are their own, and they should in all ways be accountable for the consequences that follow from them, how much of those decisions are based on a conditioning that promotes an idealized ideology of feminine, equalist independence?

For the same reason I can’t entirely fault a man with an internalized blue pill mindset over his conditioning, shouldn’t we also consider that women are likewise mislead by a similar influence? Are we (again) giving women too much credit for being rational independent agents under different circumstance?

For men’s part, it’s hardly avoidable that we become Alpha Agents of Righteous Karma by default for women in this cohort. Perhaps not as Alpha as we’re perceived, but as our SMV ascends in our 30s and (sometimes) through our 40s, it’s almost unavoidable that, even with a baseline of ambition, we’re seen as more desirable long term prospects.

In all honesty, were I to find myself single tomorrow, Reneé or women like her would never make my ‘to date’ list. Women love to complain that mature men really aren’t, and all they want is a young girl to fuck and coo for them. I would argue that men in my demo (at least should) have the depth of experience to know what the Feminine Imperative (and its social arm feminism) has bred and conditioned into women, and we honestly don’t want the hassle of dealing with it.

There is precious little reward for a man, and no appreciation, for having a big enough heart to save a woman from the consequences of her past decisions. That’s not meant as a callous punishment, just simple pragmatism.

As I stated in The Threat,

Nothing is more threatening yet simultaneously attractive to a woman than a man who is aware of his own value to women.

When you’ve spent your whole life attempting to ‘have it all’ on your own, perhaps men can’t help but be an agent of Karma when that ‘all’ includes a man’s participation.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

283 comments on “Alpha Agents of Righteous Karma

  1. re: making better. It’s easy enough to define “making better” as “making behave better”. And I demand the stipulation that by “behave better” we must mean “treat the men in their lives better” at the very least.

    Now, I further insist on the empirical fact that the worse I treat women, the better they treat me, and vice versa. I’ve never noted *any* divergence from this trend. I’m now thoroughly disgusted with this effect of men’s badness on women, and with myself for enjoying it temporarily.

    So, from these facts, what do you conclude about men making women better?

  2. @jf12
    As usual, you fail to see the big picture here. Attractive qualities in another mate (regardless of’ lousy pickings’) still have a greater chance of reproductive success simply because they have a greater ability to attract mates.

    Attractive masculine secondary characteristics are not only signs of good genes (due to immune-competence during development in spite of its inherent challenges) but these traits were also so successful in our nature’s past, that women heavily select for men with these characteristics near and during ovulation (when she’s more likely to get pregnant). Compound this with the fact that women also orgasm more with symmetrical males (symmetry is indicative of good genes) and you’ll begin to understand that these masculine and symmetrical traits matter a great deal.

    It’s interesting to note that when progesterone levels increase in a woman’s body (when she’s preparing for a potential pregnancy) a woman will tend to prefer androgynous male faces since they hint at a more caring, supportive and trustworthy individual. In other words, she got her Alpha Fucks seed and now that she’s inseminated, her preference relies more on fulfilling the Beta Bucks side of her pluralistic strategy.

    As for your little snarky comment:

    I’ll try to avoid the Great Wall Of Text by linking to a prior comment.

    I suppose it does take some level of I.Q to read “Great Wall of Text” but that doesn’t matter anyway. Given that you’re the typical case of a person who can’t see the forest for the trees.

  3. Kate…

    “If participating in orchestrating events where women drink and watch strippers is normal, please tell me the last time you did it.”

    I’m not sure if you are referring to only specifically women drinking and watching other people strip or stripping themselves. However the best answer to your question is the last time I visited a strip bar (this is the only form of “participating in orchestrating events”) was about 1992, probably late spring. The women were enjoying themselves and the men, some women were intoxicated and or high. The men were not forcing them to do it. Some women were married, one to a police officer, another to a firefighter, some had kids. No one was hurting anyone.

    I know numerous women who have visited male strip bars (if this is what you are referring to) for girls night out, bachelorette parties, etc. Most women I know (who admit it) are sexually curious and stimulated by movies such as “Magic Mike”, “Urban Cowboy”, “Staying Alive”, “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone”, etc, etc, etc. The movie “Fifty Shades of Gray” premiers Valentine’s Day 2015. The trailer has received 30,706,475 hits on You Tube as of this writing…that’s over thirty million and the trailer only posted since July 14 this year. You only need to type “fift” not even complete the word “fifty” and a plethora of posts pops up about it on google. No one is hurting anyone here either.

    My point is that there is nothing wrong with all this. Sex and our various expressions of it are normal and have been a part of our existence beginning with recorded history (at least).

    However we only hurt ourselves when we expect ourselves and /or others or attempt to force and manipulate ourselves and /or others to perform undesired roles. We can enjoy each other but attempts to live unrealistically or possess or imprison each other for selfish gratification only leads to misery. We are each separate and free, otherwise how could we truly cooperate and enjoy each other?

    When we expect ourselves or anyone else to fit any particular role or live up to some culturally defined personality character set, we are setting ourselves (and others) up for disappointment.

    Maybe I’ve misunderstood you. If not, I hope this helps.

  4. Glen…

    Go ahead and get angry over this before you read it……

    “Women (in the U.S.), on average, have the same understanding of the basics of economics as adolescent boys” This is also true for men. Economics is not as complicated as some “experts” pretend and confuse it and most men also don’t understand it. Often “education” amounts to a lot of bullshit heaped on bullshit.

    “Supply doesn’t create demand – supply meets demand”. Supply damn well DOES create demand. We have a saying in the home construction industry and it is mostly true, “Built it and they will come”. Everything worthwhile ever invented (supplied) created demand. The invention and supply of the iPad damn well created a demand for it. This is an old chicken and egg argument settled long ago in the field of economics. Supply creates demand and demand creates supply.

    Mating is “courtship” where the genders negotiate resolution from their relative positions not “battleship” where they murder each others characters from behind armor plating.

  5. Kate…

    You addressed to Rollo with, “You’re poisoning the well and then selling the antidote.”

    Rollo didn’t poison the well. the well was “poisoned” with men’s frustration, disillusionment, angst, hope and fear long before Rollo. Rollo only provides some objective reflection of what men see when they peer into the well. He is not responsible for the reactions here. His writings are intended to and can help some men “grow up”, understand themselves & the world better, and live more fulfilling lives for themselves and others around them especially women around them. The only fresh water is new insight.

  6. Glenn: “@ Liz – Oh yeah, you insipid dingbat, “disrespect” means lack of respect. If you lack respect for men dancing in g-strings in public, prancing around luridly, you “disrespect” them. You should try actually looking a word up before you deign to correct someone’s use of a word. .
    It’s also a typically cunty female move to try and play semantic games to evade taking responsibility for what you so clearly meant by what you said. Doesn’t fly here through. Grow up and act like an adult instead of an 8 year old girl.”

    Definition of respect:
    To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem. So respect is essentially admiration…or very close.
    Perhaps you are conflating respect with courtesy. I’m always courteous with people, unless and until they give me reason not to be.

  7. Adding for clarity: “It’s also a typically cunty female move to try and play semantic games to evade taking responsibility for what you so clearly meant by what you said.”

    I don’t know what semantic games you are referring to. What I said is precisely what I meant.

  8. ew: “these traits were also so successful in our nature’s past” that every man is now attractive. Right?

    I’ve come to know, and hate, the fact that the men who tended to reproduce most in “our nature’s past” were the most violent and abusive and bad towards women.

  9. ‘@Rollo: You’re buttering your bread on both sides. You don’t care about making women better human beings? Then what you’re also saying is that you don’t care about men having a better choice of woman. You’re poisoning the well and then selling the antidote. And no amount of deflection is going to change that. How about offering the men what they really want: fresh water.”

    Aren’t you a woman? What could you possibly know what I want? I want women to work construction. I want women to be forced to give their name up to the draft to be able to vote, like men have to give. I want women to work in the mines. I want women to join the army, much, much more than women actually do. i want women to be treated like human beings instead of being treated like Princess Peach whereas every guy is a Mario. I want design babies to be affordable to every man. I want women to stop having all of the power in reproduction i.e, men are given the means and the technology to make do without a woman in order to reproduce.

    What I want is true equality, grandma.

    Women can’t become better human beings. Women have always been looked down by men for a reason – they can’t be trusted. Its just that 21th century men erroneously believe women are like them. Terrible mistake.

  10. Women’s irrational contempt of men, most especially unattractive men, is the cause of most relationship problems, and the vast majority of divorces. Any long-term wife invariably disrespects her loving husband. Women disrespect a good man *much* more than any brutal bad thug. It’s never the good man’s fault, ever, at all, in any way.

  11. ^ Women only see Brad Pitts as men. To them, every other guy is a work drone. Women treat men like we’re hammers and nails: utility tools for when they want or need something. You think they give $ to the sucker who stops his car in the middle of nowhere to give assistance to women? I’ve seen men waste hundreds of euros on average-looking women and the guys weren’t even bad-looking, its just that vagina is a very expensive commodity and only the best-looking men get it for free.

    Although with the amount of time men spend inside a gym, teeth-whitening, expensive clothes, good cologne, perfume etc I’d say that sex for free is only given to the very top of the litter.

    Women also see a decent man as someone with ulterior motives. Believe me, I’ve seen men offer their assistance to women or children and they are either looked as pedophiles or as if they are trying to hit on the women. Nowadays I reserve only my kindness to old men and to old women.

    I still remember when I had a broken leg and I sat in one of those bus seats reserved for old people/pregnat/invalid. I sat there because the bus was empty but it began to get filled up. I saw that a handful of old people would be boarding the bus so I got up and stood up.

    Meanwhile, most of the reserved seats were being used by perfectly normal early 20s women. They stared at me as if I was a freak for giving up my spot to people who needed it, but hey. Vagina is the holy grail and it will see them go through life without breaking a sweat, they won’t even need to pretend to be nice to be treated like human beings.

    The problem for them is that the generation addicted to women is dying out 20 years or so from now, or at least they’ll be so broke from being divorced-raped by ”GOOD WOMEN” LOL that they won’t have enough money left to be another woman’s mark. Young men have seen their entire lives how women are. They also have prostitutes(I’m talking about legalized prostitutes in Europe, not wives) porn and video games at will.

    If the governments think people aren’t having enough babies then wait a few decades and they’ll be wondering why men aren’t dating LOL.

  12. jf12,

    Its kinda hilarious to read her posts, ain’t it? Yes, women do marry men who aren’t strongly masculine-looking, and they also marry men who aren’t rich.

    Thing is, women marry the men who want to marry them. Women don’t marry the men they want. The men they want can sleep with much younger women and that’s what they do. And an extra paycheck even if its not much is still pretty good enough for most women. Women can also divorce their sucker a few years into their marriage and collect 18 years of child-support and alimony. Not that bad.

    ”I’ve come to know, and hate, the fact that the men who tended to reproduce most in “our nature’s past” were the most violent and abusive and bad towards women.”

    For the majority of human existence women would mate with the prime physical specimens, the best of hunters, then they’d have the entire village raise the kids. There was no paternity. The Alphas slept with the women and the betas got nothing of it. The majority of the men who ever lived didn’t reproduce. Most women gave birth.

    Hammurabi I created the industry of marriage to counter-attack the unleashed female hypergamy. Women would all hover around the richest men and the rest of the men didn’t have any women. Bit impossible to keep civilization going when most men see a handful get all of the women, lol.

    So you see, most of the women in human history hated their husbands but because they depended on beta men for food and protection they’d put out once or twice per month.

    Now women have more money than men, have more education than men, and have a ton of white knights to protect them. I see plenty of college-educated women married to handsome slackers. They plan on having kids with these drug-dealers/pool boys/forever pizza-hut guy.

    The beta male is no longer necessary and we’re going off the grid.

  13. The brilliance of the culture wars is that you must engage in the racket to play, when the inferior is institutionalised as the superior there is no option but to pay the Pied Piper to play.

    Hyperagamy is real, big deal so is the predilection for fats and sugars but when there is nothing to eat but fat and sugar what else is a man to do.

    Do the culture warriors hate the manosphere? Heck no, it’s simply the antithesis, game, pump n dumps, MGTOW, delayed family formation and hedonism is music to their ears.

    There are only two options, to play or not to play and the moral man is in a bind. Individual men can’t affect change, so his choices are either to gracefully bow out, get burned or play the game.

    At the moment most men are choosing to get burned but the culture warriors will ratchet up the costs until even that option becomes unfeasible.

    Women are simply experiencing now what men have been going through for the last two decades.

  14. “In my opinion, it might bring your website a
    little bit more interesting.”

    Why in the world would anyone want that?

  15. @ George – You nicely demonstrate a feature of averages. Just because you are a man, that doesn’t mean you don’t misunderstand economics. Your comment about the construction industry merely shows that you are ignorant of economics.

    Let me slow it down for you like I did for Kate. Question: Has any builder ever built a housing development and not been able to sell the houses? If so, how could that happen, given your certainty that supply creates demand? And why do builders research where to build at all then? I mean, if you can just build it and voila, they sell no matter what, well then, gee, why analyze demographics and comps etc? Are you getting the point yet, Georgey? Builders develop homes in areas where people already want to buy homes.

    I am sympathetic to how some people in the housing industry might see the world though. After decades of govt priming the pump for home buying, bubble economics must seem like the norm.

    But let’s get back to the topic of female understanding of economics. They were not tested for esoteric economic knowledge, they were tested for answers to basic questions like these.

    1. What is money? Answer: A means of exchange, a store of value and a unit of account.

    2. How do free markets work? Answer: Prices, property and profit provide information and incentives for individuals to voluntarily exchange privately owned goods and services with each other as each individual seeks to achieve their goals.

    I’ve asked these questions to many women with business degrees, which of course entail taking intro micro, macro and money & banking courses as an undergrad, with no better results. I never once got the correct answer or anything close to it from a woman. More then a few men struggle as well. But here’s the thing. The men usually are just framing it incorrectly, or maybe don’t see prices as “information” or fail to see the whole thing as a system, but when I break it down for them, they instantly get it. As well they also are usually talking about some of the things I mentioned.

    But the women? If they venture an answer at all, when asked about free markets, they will often begin by asserting government’s necessary role in intervening in free markets. When commenting about money, they’ll say “It’s an idea” or “It isn’t real” – true enough but not really a definition. And when I give them the answers, they often argue with me. Mostly, their views are highly biased and politicized and they don’t even realize it.

    My 25 year old female friend has ludicrous ideas about economics. She thinks it’s unfair that anyone makes over 500,000 dollars and that the rest should be taken away and given to poor people. When I pointed out that the govt is not empowered to do that in our country, she just looked at me dumbly. When I went on to point how much money I paid in income taxes when I lived in New York and made that kind of money, about 50%of income when it’s all said and done and asked her if she thought that wasn’t enough, she withered. I asked her to imagine paying 283,000 in taxes in one year as I once did. I finished up by telling her “Only poor people think that way.” She’s also incredibly unrealistic and irresponsible with money. Hmmm, could there be a connection? But in many other respects I enjoy her magical thinking, and hey, I’m actually mentoring her a bit and helping her develop discipline and organization, so it’s not like I’m not trying to do something good for her. But still, many women have absolutely silly ideas or no idea at all about how the economic world functions. This is why they vote for the likes of Obama in droves, btw.

    In fact, the entire Progressive/Marxist conquest of western political systems would not have occurred were it not for women’s support of collectivist, statist ideas. It’s not male workers, executives and small business owners who are electing avowed Marxists to POTUS twice. For those who object to this characterization, just confirm for yourself that Obama taught Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to ACORN groups. These rules were an instrument of class warfare – and innately Marxist. As well, Obama made himself known publicly in relation to the idea of Critical Race Theory and Derek Bell, for whom he agitated while at Harvard. He later insisted as a condition of his taking an associate professor slot at the University of Chicago that he teach Critical Race Theory. It of course inherits from Critical Theory, the brain child of the cultural marxists like Lukacs and Gramsci et al.

    This is a digression, but what the fuck, it’s Sunday morning and I’m on my third cup of coffee and I don’t have to leave to volunteer at the community kitchen for another half hour so here goes. In fact, the kickoff to second wave feminism was initiated very consciously by an established communist agit prop peddler, Bette Friedan. Bette wrote for a communist, labor newspaper for 10 years before writing “The Feminist Mystique”. She is widely credited for initiating second wave feminism and it was this book that my little sister handed me in 2001 when I told her I wanted to learn more about the feminism she came out of grad school gushing about.

    Bette Friedan was also never the stay at home housewife she portrayed in the book. She had paid help full time to assist in raising the kids while she focused always on her Marxist political activism. Fyi, she also beat her husband. And of course, since Engels 1870 something essay on the family, feminism of the sort she promoted was seen as crucial to liberating society by the left. Most people don’t know this stuff, and like to dismiss it as paranoid or conspiracy theory, but of course it’s nothing of the sort. You can find the well known marxists of the 20th century announcing these sorts of intentions.

    In a way, the “Strong, Independent Woman™” brand is a creation of the collectivist/statist mindset. She’s not really independent in that she’s most likely to go into a field that is largely paid for by direct govt funding or govt subsidy. These “caring” field jobs in govt and health care and counseling and teaching and the administration of these sprawling institutions are where many women actually end up working. And these jobs have exploded in recent years. From 2000 to 2013, employment in these fields went up from around 23 million to 31 million – and our workforce today is about 110 million, so that’s a big chunk. And these are fields dominated by women. Many of these jobs are unionized to some degree or the other as well, or at least operate under the protection of collective bargaining agreements. Many feel “protected” by big Daddy govt and simply will vote their interests no matter how destructive the ideas of those they vote for actually are.

    It’s interesting that women are flooding middle management as well, the denizen of the corporate conformist. I sell to these folks all the time and it’s wild to watch how they are changing the culture. Game is helping me tremendously in this regard. Women are indirect, “the medium is the message”, they are easily manipulable via emotions and respond the personal touch very readily. You also have a great chance to dominate them but it has to be more subtle than when one is dating. Still, they are women and deep down inside, all women want to be led and protected and really, want to worship an alpha male. This is one of the things I “get” now, post-Red Pill. Virtually all women are waiting for an alpha man to come along who gets them revved up and is socially dominant. But the bar is set high these days, as Siirtyrion has described due to runaway selection.

    Some PUA talked about how “thirsty men” are the problem. I think women are thirsty too…Remember this when doing business with them. There are a lot of alpha bitches in corporate America too, but even they, deep down inside, are thirsty too…

  16. I respect female strippers just as much as any other women. But I don’t grant any women pedestal status anymore so it’s not that I’ve increased my respect for strippers, but rather that I realize women are all “strippers” – it’s just that some are better at it and more honest about it than others.


    The wailings of a deceased brain.


  17. In real life, Rollo is the best in the world at what he does. It’s taken a lifetime of work intentionally improving his talent and skills in his specific expertise. That’s why the brands seek him.

    To explain in too much detail would reveal his identity.

    That’s not going to happen.

    Asking Rollo to consider his own role in things is as absurd as asking Ashton Smith to consider his own role in things.

    The most watched movies in the U S usually have movie trailers with one of a few voices.

    The top voice in that realm is Ashton Smith.

    His voice is his art, and he’s the most sought after movie trailer voice in the U S because his voice acting has empathy that shows an understanding of each individual that hears it. With few spoken words, the message gets through. As it is with the work that Rollo does, Ashton Smith has done the work to be the best at his talent and skills.

    Ashton Smith gets the message across in 33 words in 29 seconds:

    Some of the movie trailers he voices are for R-rated. Others, of course are for G, PG, PG-13, NC-17, unrated and so on.

    Ashton Smith, like Rollo, is an outstanding Dad… likeable with a great sense of humor – super intelligent, talented, creative, writes wisdom… and he’s too humble. He’s not one to seek the spotlight.

    A movie is a brand just like products in the businesses Rollo works with are brands.

    Ashton Smith is the Voice Actor with the voice most people in the U S are familiar with, yet they do not know his name. Like Rollo, he’s an Artist. His art is effective at reaching directly into the heart so that a person has a chance to experience what the brand is like before making a commitment to consuming it.

    Should Ashton Smith consider ‘his own role in things’ because his voice has inspired people to watch films that weren’t rated G or PG?


    Ultimately, it’s the one that goes to the movies that makes the choice to see – or not to see – the movie.

    It’s the same with brands in other categories.

    “the choices we make,
    the paths we take…”

  18. The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. I will not be out-worked, period. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories.

    But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple, right?
    You’re not going to out-work me. It’s such a simple, basic concept. The guy who is willing to hustle the most is going to be the guy that just gets that loose ball.

    The majority of people who aren’t getting the places they want or aren’t achieving the things that they want in this business is strictly based on hustle. It’s strictly based on being out-worked; it’s strictly based on missing crucial opportunities. I say all the time if you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.

    ~Will Smith

  19. The professional learns to recognize envy-driven criticism and to take it for what it is: the supreme compliment. The critic hates most that which he would have done himself if he had had the guts.

    ― Steven Pressfield, The War of Art…

  20. “Should Ashton Smith consider ‘his own role in things’ . . .? No.”

    Partrick McGoohan turned down the offer to play Bond because he believed you are wrong.

  21. @kfg, In 1977 Patrick McGoohan said, “we’re run by television”

    He continued acting professionally for another 25 years (until 2002).

    The consumer, not the artist, decides whether the consumer consumes.

    Character counts.

  22. @deti

    Feminists, a la Sheryl Sandberg and “Lean In”, have gone public with AFBB because they can. They know what they’re doing and are conscious of it. They feel free to be open about it because the FI is now enshrined in law, customs, practices, culture, and judiciary. AFBB is now “normative”.

    Women speak openly about it is because they honestly believe it’s not hurting or injuring anyone – or at least it doesn’t hurt anyone who doesn’t deserve it. And to her way of thinking, nobody’s getting hurt because everyone else is doing it. And if someone does get hurt, well, then he fucked up and he deserved it.

    While I am very late to the party on this topic – deti, I must correct you here:

    Women are speaking openly about it because the “visible men” (20%) are not visibly being hurt by it, nor do they visibly seem to be angry about it, nor do they visibly seem to care about it. Of course, those visible men are the ones that women flock to – so of course they’re not getting hurt by it, they are getting some.

    Women care not about the “invisible men” (80%) who are hurt by it. Similarly the visible men don’t care about the invisible men. For both sexes: they cannot relate because they are getting some, they’ve always gotten some, they cannot understand what it is like to be someone who is not getting some or who has never gotten some.

    We should always remember the 80/20 rule (for women getting sex vs feminists) and the 20/80 rule (for men getting sex vs invisible men).

    Which brings up an interesting thought: The Tipping Point.

    According to scientists once an idea hits 10% it has achieved the spreading-point to where it becomes mainstream. Therefore, if you assume via the 80/20 rule that 20% of women are effectively invisible to men – and they get real pissed about it – then they are comfortably over the tipping point and have always been.

    As communication became widespread, the spread of these beliefs happened faster and easier. So with better communication it became possible for angry and bitter women to spread their ideas more widely via the female communication channel. Being herdlike, there was fertile ground for this meme to spread and take root.

    So inevitably, with the rise of technology and leisure has come the rise of feminism as hate directed towards men. Having a base of 20% of the population in this plight made its spread equally inevitable. In a sense, we men created this situation by simply trying to improve our (and our wives) lives. It was inevitable. (God I sound like a bad rendition of Agent Smith from The Matrix.)

    Now that 80% of invisible men are starting to talk across the internet – the best communication channel that we have managed to build to date – the male Tipping Point might be starting to gain traction. No longer are we filtered (censored) through the female communication channel (aka ignored as being whiny male bitches).

    It will be interesting to see how this battle of memes will turn out over time. Swings and roundabouts, checks and balances, social change and degradation…

  23. Livefearless, I’m not sure acting is a very good analogy here. Actors often do choose their parts to fit their personal belief systems and agendas, especially after they are famous and influential enough to choose what they. They’re often pretty candid about it, and proud of that influence, too…though on the flip side, they sometimes also try to obfuscate responsibility if and when the project negatively impacts their career (example Billy “it was just a paycheck” Zane following Wolves in Iraq…or perhaps that was Gary Busey).

    At any rate, people go to Reno and Vegas to watch shows and I don’t see anything wrong with this form of entertainment…naked showgirls (and, I guess, now that we have a bunch of Single, empowered, Old Slatterns naked showguys too). I think that type of industry gives one a really really good vantage point for watching human interaction. In Vegas veritas, and all that.

    1. @Liz, maybe I wasn’t clear, these shows are traveling events not just confined to the state of Nevavda. They go where there’s a demand, and demand is everywhere. That’s why this particular outfit is so popular, they come to the women, and these women make plans with their girlfriends months (sometimes a year) in advance.

      This is just one of several who’ve figured out the delivery formula. You can see this gig in Washington, Texas, Ohio, NYC,etc.

  24. @ Liz – How perfect that you cite that drunken, hateful, imperialist, warmongering racist, Winston Churchill. Sounds like a great role model for you. Tell me though, why do you call post-wall women who want to watch hot, naked men prance around “Old Slatterns”? Are you some Christian type of Puritanical ninny who doesn’t understand how out of step those “values” are with the reality of human civilization and sexuality? Fyi, that is slut and age shaming, nicely done.

    Tell us, do you not like watching hot men prance around for you, teasing you and getting you all revved up? Have you ever tried it? What turns you on? Should we shame that too? Me? I don’t care, I’m glad these women are having a good time. Like I said, just don’t expect me to fuck them and I’m all set. Why do you have a stake at all in the behavior of these women? Why do you care?

    I bet, deep down inside, that you are a dirty slattern too (all women are with the right man) and that you are ashamed of it. But like I said, I’m very glad more women are getting in touch with their inner perverts – you should try it.

  25. You’ve mentioned that you were capable of making a half a million dollars in one year, Glenn. If that is indeed a legitimate claim, I must assume you are some sort of idiot savant.

  26. re: Single Old Slatterns. Although I’ve never gone to any kind of strip show, I know many more women attend the usual shows featuring female strippers rather than male strippers. The vast majority of male strippers earn their money from gay shows, including of course Magic Mike himself.

    I believe, and Rollo may have actual numbers, that the annual women attendance at male stripper shows is at most three orders of magnitude less than men attendance at female stripper shows.

  27. I’ve attended female strip shows, never male ones. A lot of male dancers are gay. I see nothing manly in stipping down and gyrating suggestively…I like the male form, and would prefer to see it in private, or at least more dignified circumstances (naked and sitting like, ‘the Thinker’ would be far better than dancing around for a bunch of Single Old Slatterns). And I don’t think women who squeel at men undulating for them in a g string have any self respect whatsoever.

    I hate chest waxing too….what is up with that? Even men who look like Werewolves, they’re so dark and hirsuit, wax their chest hair in media now. The overall effect is like someone chopped off one person’s head and put it on another person’s body.

    Of course, if women were really into this sort of thing there’s be as much male porn for women as female porn for men. And Mr Grey would do a lot of table dancing.

    Of course, I never said (for those as challenged as Glenn appears to be) that strippers aren’t entitled to respect. My actual statement was: “I do not believe (said action) inspires respect from the onlookers”.
    Which means, already stated in plain, precise English, that said action would not INSPIRE respect. So the onlooker would have no more respect for the person due to said action. That doesn’t mean they would lose respect they had, only that they would not have MORE respect than whatever they were feeling before.

    Of course, this was all resolved back when Rollo elaborated and I said, “fair point”. Mabye there is some limbic response I hadn’t thought of..he might be right. I just don’t envision John Wayne gaining respect by removing his clothes and dancing naked for a bunch of shreaking women.

    This argument with Glenn is the stupidest conversation, by far, I can remember since I was about five and that one (if I recall correctly) was about boogers and scabs.

  28. We posted at the same time, Rollo.
    I’m sure there is a large demand, in lots of places…that’s why it’s profitable, afterall. Not my type of thing, though

  29. @Johnycomelately

    “There are only two options, to play or not to play and the moral man is in a bind. Individual men can’t affect change, so his choices are either to gracefully bow out, get burned or play the game.”

    The question is – what is a/moral here?

    Is it “moral” to provide, protect, to live more for others than for yourself? To sacrifice your very life, dreams, self, for the well being of others – be it your woman, children, or other people?

    Of course, we, men are conditioned that way by society, starting with our very mum, it moral? Has woman bigger value than man? Of course, from evolutional point of view – eggs are more expensive than sperm, but .. is it moral? No, this is not moral…this is our blindness and stupidity!!!

    We can use women for what they can offer us for our whole life, without sacrifying too much. We can ENJOY women and live by our own terms! I myself, am doing it for years.

    Even if a man is not “game aware”, attractive, or…succesfull as I am…he can do it. There is still the possibility, for each and every man with a half decent income, to use hot escorts for his sexual needs. So – where the fuck this scarcity mentality comes from? Why is it so, that majority of men, prefer providing and fucking ugly, arrogant land whales to live for themselves and actually enjoying life? Do they even enjoy providing for, living with and fucking the same, ugly, aging cunt for 20 years in a row? Internet porn is heaven compared to this fate!

    When we withdraw this stupid, unconditional, provisioning and attention en masse, it won´t take long and women will come on their knees begging for it! They need men MORE, much more, than vice versa! Notwithstanding all his negativity, Von Hardw., is right in this aspect. Dutifull, sexually straved men are still living more for others than for themselves. It is not moral…it is STUPID! Stop it. Now!

    Are we, men, strong enough to have the interaction with women under our terms? Are we able to think with our big heads and MANAGE women? Are we even able to manage ourselves? How is it possible, that stupid, obese, or BPD women still have their pick, while decent, good men have only their hand for company? WHO, for the god sake, is FUCKING all those BPD, ugly, cunts?????

    Not women, gentlemen, WE are the reason of our own misery. And – when we see it form this perspective, it is moral and it is just. STUPID, weak men are suffering! They should be…nobody´s fault but theirs!

  30. I am pushing 40. I had my pick but I have never in my very life fucked ugly, stupid, arrogant or obese woman. As a young man I wondered…who would fuck these beasts? Poor little cunts..I pitied them.

    Than I saw it by my own eyes. I was shocked to say the least. My friends, intelligent, handsome, well educated and good men FUCKED them. They lived with them..they married them!!! They even had children with them.

    After years I met many of my friends in my law-office. I was shocked again! These ugly cunts divorced and ass – raped them! As I saw it, they should have been happy to find someone who is able to touch them. But they certainly weren´t.

    I know that majority of us, men, is not able to resist attractive, young or nice, kind woman. I myself enjoy them. But, at least, stop fucking all those ugly, obese, BPD, damaged, beasts!! It is .. disgusting!

  31. @Liz, that’s why I mentioned Ashton Smith. As it is with me, his credits aren’t listed on He’s someone with that has ‘values’ and he’s a great Dad. So the analogy fits because he’s not as you say, a ‘Gary Busey’ – I know Gary, and the publicity magic works for him … Ashton Smith and Rollo are artists that are the most sought after in the U S in what they do. They’ve earned the freedom from having to play roles when not doing their art. You’re correct, this is different from famous actors that are household names that have to be in character when not at work.

    My point is simple. Writing with clarity and brevity is not one of my strengths… Rollo has amazing talent as an artist in music, design, writing and a few more I will refrain from listing. Like Ashton Smith, he’s a famous working artist that intentionally doesn’t have his name in lights. That’s humility. He’s also a great family man with integrity.

    The envious dissention is hilarious since Rollo could have said he’s a painter of beautiful art that depicts happy family moments… Like Lladro on canvas. He could have said he makes six figures doing that instead. But he’s been completely honest about his work, and that’s been used as a ‘moral’ argument despite the ‘water into wine’ story that a lot of people know.

    Rollo doesn’t choose what consumers do.

    I respect him for the deals he’s turned down that would’ve required him to be in character (like an actor) 24/7.

    What he’s doing is using part of what he’s earned through honest means to make ‘famous’ these concepts and to continue to learn and improve on them through meaningful discussions.

    Ultimately, the way I see it, there is some reason that my Grandparents had this beautiful marriage for almost 70 years until she passed away. They were the ultimate team with a lot of children. They lost two of them to cancer, yet they continued in love.

    Rollo is a married man. He has a child. He’s figured out much of what my Grandparents must’ve known, and he’s spending time (a currency) and money to constantly learn and improve on these concepts – he’s open to changing them when something is truly wrong.

    For those that want lifetime love, he’s giving the ultimate gift.

    This work he’s doing, the way I see it, is a major sacrifice.

    Further, it’s a risk. Anonymity is crucial in what he’s doing, and I would appreciate it if you’re reading, learning, appreciative but not commenting… Start doing so.

    Lifetime love isn’t for every person, but for the person that hopes for it, RM is the ultimate gift that Rollo is funding out of his earnings.

  32. @ Liz. I couldn’t agree more – this is like trying to have a reasoned and fact based conversation with a spoiled, 8 year old girl who’s chewing on her boogers. I only engaged you so you would demonstrate more of what Rollo discusses here, and you’ve done so perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for more, so thanks.

  33. Livefearless, I’m not very familiar with Rollo’s work, but familiar enough to agree that he’s a sharp guy with a lot of insight.

  34. @Glenn: Let me slow it down for you like I did for Kate. Question: Has any builder ever built a housing development and not been able to sell the houses? If so, how could that happen, given your certainty that supply creates demand?

    Not to get too esoteric, but supply does create demand. It’s called Say’s Law and is the basis for supply side economics versus Keynesian Demand side economics.

    Say wrote in the 1700’s: “It is production which opens a demand for products…Thus the mere circumstance of the creation of one product immediately opens a vent for other products.” Overproduction—the creation of goods and services without an equal flow of demand for those goods and services—is impossible. Impossible because the price drops and drops until demand is created. Keep in mind that Say’s Law is a macroeconomic principle. There are plenty of product launches that fail on the micro level.

    The iPad is an example that George provided; Glenn could have referenced the Newton. Perhaps the automobile industry illustrates Say’s law more effectively. There was no rampant demand for a horseless buggy until Ford invented mass production and put the automobile within the disposable income reach of the masses. Supply first then demand.

  35. re: moral. gregg asks “Is it “moral” to provide, protect, to live more for others than for yourself? To sacrifice your very life, dreams, self, for the well being of others – be it your woman, children, or other people?”

    Yes, that self-sacrifice is a good definition of what it means to be moral. Not that it helps the man, in this life. Paul makes that abundantly clear in
    1 Cor 15:19 If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.

    The literal translation of “we are of all men most miserable” is that it’s a terrible idea to be a good man if you want to be happy in this life. Further, if you want to be moral you HAVE to be beta, i.e. serving others. There is absolutely no “balance”, no middle ground here: you CANNOT be alpha, i.e. be served by others especially women, and expect to go to heaven.

  36. ”Of course, if women were really into this sort of thing there’s be as much male porn for women as female porn for men. And Mr Grey would do a lot of table dancing.”

    Nearly half of the heterosexual mainstream porn is consumed by women. Women top the consumption of romantic literature which has the male characters be all tall, handsome, rich and Byronic. Look at the twilight phenomenon. Millions of mothers screaming for #Team Edward. Women younger than 25 only care about a man’s appearance, women older than 25 are in wallet-seeking mode and marry men they aren’t attracted to while at the same time maintaining Alpha bux with Alpha men.

    The rest of your post.. is delicious hamstering. Why are you even on a red pill forum? Aren’t you able to get attention in real life so you come here, or you were kicked from Susan Walsh blog or something? You could also show some respect and not insult Glenn or any other poster. We don’t exactly like you but we put up with you.,

  37. ”“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
    -Winston Churchill”

    I had the feeling you were old, but damn grandma! You kinda expect young men to pick up their pitchforks and march against feminism, don’t ya? Let me guess, you have granddaughters and you don’t want to see them becoming pump and dumps of Alpha men, right? nah, you are only worried because the pool of eligible beta suckers is dwindling due to the economy and because young men have more resources available to them regarding female nature, far more than any other men in history.

    As for good men.. LOL. Why would any guy want to be a good guy? Good guys are used by women, cheated on, taken advantaged of, have their money and future income rendered and used up by women. Not by skanks. Not by women who have good-looks. By all women.

    I don’t care about the family life. Most of the men I’ve met in my life were either terribly unhappy in their marriages or had the wive hand them a no-fault divorce and I’ve witnessed too many times how women react near Alpha men to actually believe women have the ability or the desire to bond with men who aren’t the tribal leader.

    That said.. i think its rather hilarious how women cannot manipulate their environment and instead rely on men for anything. Observe a young man refuse to do his societal duty as the woman’s provider, of anything. The woman won’t know how to react LOL!

  38. @ Atticus – It’s just one dickhead after another here, wow, how completely tiresome. I had stopped participating in most internet fora for these exact reasons, but let myself get sucked in again. My last post on this thread.

    For those of you following along at home, Says’ ideas about supply creating demand were rejected by Keynes in his General Theory and during the neo-classicist’s debates in the midcentury by most free market economists. But still, obscurantists and other half-smart motherfuckers shoot their mouths off. Any of you who want to play semantic games and learn distinctions with no difference, do some googling and waste a couple of hours of your life to figure out what meaningless horseshit Atticus is spewing – or don’t. As with so much absurd social “science”, this line of reasoning fodder for people who like to mentally masturbate. Kind of like Rape Culture Theory.

    Atticus, do you realize that both tablet sales and smart phone sales actually cannibalized PC sales? Gosh, how did that happen if building an iPad automagically creates demand for it? Also, by providing a lower price point and functionality not available elsewhere, they pulled in buyers who might not have bought a PC in the first place at the price point of PCs – but those people still had “demand” for compute devices. They also took sales away from the Kindle and other ebook readers. Humans make economic calculations how to best meet their needs and buyers will respond to needs based on the availability of products, so to that extent, supply can effect how demand behaves. It’s actually kind of complicated, as any complex system with autonomous agents is, but none of that means supply “creates demand”. I mean, if you don’t want to buy a blimp, does my building one make you buy it? Perhaps if you were in the market for slow transportation to begin with you’d consider it.But until then, the blimp manufacturer is shit out of luck.

    What’s even more idiotic about this line of reasoning is that it flies in the face of reality. What I do for a living, Atticus, is help startup enterprise tech companies penetrate new markets with new products. And 90% or more of such companies that are started fail in the first 24 months. Of those that remain, another 90% or more won’t last 5 years. Gosh, if creating demand was as easy as just building a product, why would that be? It’s true outside of technology too.

    So long. There are some great commenters here but the fuckwits ruin it. Shame on me for jumping in the pool again, I know better. Lesson learned.

  39. Gregg- “Even if a man is not “game aware”, attractive, or…succesfull as I am…he can do it. There is still the possibility, for each and every man with a half decent income, to use hot escorts for his sexual needs.”

    Didn’t you get the memo? Only the worst sort of Omega losers pay money for sex. There seems to be a bit of debate whether paying for sex is lower than MGTOW secular monasticism, but both are deeply frowned upon because the only measure of a real man is how many hot babes he fucks without handing over cash.

  40. @Cr
    Looks like Ariana did find her badboy. With none other than rapper, Big Sean:

    All men pay for sex in some way but direct payment for sex negotiates desire. Now, what if I were to tell you that ugly men and average men both negotiate desire through other means? This is where game comes in. As some commentators have noticed, game is transactional and I could see how it is negotiated desire in some ways. While the room to have a woman’s desire through game could become organic, I believe that it is forced. As a practitioner of the arts, I can’t help but notice this after some time in the field.

    Most men, specifically puas, will not admit to this because the male hamster is just as robust as the female hamster. That’s why, at least in my opinion, if a man wants to pay for sex; let him. Chances are, he was eventually going to negotiate it anyhow.

  41. “You could also show some respect and not insult Glenn or any other poster.”

    Stab at ironic self-deprecating sarcasm?

    Don’t worry, in the future I won’t comment, I’ll just read the articles. If I wanted to converse with people who stoop immediately to insults and then completely lose their shit (good grief, Glenn) when called on it, I’d pick Jezebel.

  42. @ Glenn – It’s just one dickhead after another here, wow, how completely tiresome…What I do for a living, Atticus, is help startup enterprise tech companies penetrate new markets with new products. And 90% or more of such companies that are started fail in the first 24 months. Of those that remain, another 90% or more won’t last 5 years. …So long. There are some great commenters here but the fuckwits ruin it.

    Ouch. You seem bitter. Things must be tough with your startups at

  43. Glen…

    Thanks for your response and thoughts.

    “Money is a medium of exchange”

    This is only a very superficial and commonly “parroted” definition of money. Monkey see monkey do; parrot hear, parrot repeat, pop culture idiom. This definition only defines money in superficial terms from a purely reactionary perspective. It does not address the genesis of money, why money was invented in the first place and what it really is. Money is not merely a medium of exchange (It is also not “the root of all evil”.)

    Money was invented to facilitate freedom for individuals to specialize and cooperate. I trust others will provide food, they trust I will provide shelter. We each focus and improve our standard of living vastly for everyone through the use of money. Money itself has a price which increases the money supply. Money is the accepted value of your and my physical and intellectual effort and the rental value of money itself. Money has facilitated such great wealth, that we are free to focus on many endeavors considered luxuries or never dreamt of in the past. Without money, we would be bartering (a bushel of potatoes for some dead rabbits or whatever). We would not have the freedom to specialize and cooperate to the extent we do.

    Real economics is far more dynamic (but not complicated) on a fundamental level than you seem to understand, and so are personal relationships (don’t know if you understand them or not).

    As I stated before “supply creates demand and demand creates supply”.

    However, I am not going any further with this here, this forum is not about economics.

  44. Glen,

    I cannot refrain from explaining more about economics.

    you stated “Let me slow it down for you like I did for Kate. Question: Has any builder ever built a housing development and not been able to sell the houses? If so, how could that happen, given your certainty that supply creates demand? And why do builders research where to build at all then? I mean, if you can just build it and voila, they sell no matter what, well then, gee, why analyze demographics and comps etc? Are you getting the point yet, Georgey? Builders develop homes in areas where people already want to buy homes.”

    Glen, I’ve worked in the home building industry for over 30 years with a B.S. in the field.

    Experience has taught me what I’ve attempted to share with you.


    A very successful builder I worked with for 16 years began building new town homes in a slum in Houston in the mid 90s. There was no demand for new housing in the area. Everyone thought we were idiots until 18 months later when sales were through the roof. Our initiative created a wave of new development in the area that lasted for over 8 years. We actually initially created the market. Property values (for land only) escalated from $2.00 per square foot to $25.00 per square foot. We had a history of purchasing failed developments “losers” and turning them into gold mines.

    We were not waiting for someone to offer to pay us to build. We literally created these “markets”. We defined and literally created “the frame”.

    Success follows positive mindedness, creativeness and risk (I know there is a difference between risk and recklessness). Success is not for the faint of heart, the lazy, or bitter whiners.

    Failure follows negative attitude, expecting hand outs, excuses, complaining, bad mouthing others and blaming others.

    We make your lives literally whether we realize and accept this or not. We have no choice. This is the way life is. If We want our life to be a series of disgusting excuses, blaming and badmouthing others that’s our creation, our prerogative.

  45. Glen..

    “What I do for a living, Atticus, is help startup enterprise tech companies penetrate new markets with new products. And 90% or more of such companies that are started fail in the first 24 months. Of those that remain, another 90% or more won’t last 5 years. …”

    I wonder why….

    Please explain why…

    Who would have guessed?….

  46. Glen,

    If you don’t know why you have all the correct answers to everything and why soooo many other people are sooo wrong, I know why……..


  47. @Badpainter

    “because the only measure of a real man is how many hot babes he fucks without handing over cash.”


    THIS is precisely the reason of our own misery. Who said that? Roissy? Our mum? Society? Or is it our own definition? We are defined by .. ehm..pussy? We expect to become MEN that way?

    As a young man, I used to be attractive. I fucked many beuatiful chicks. Were I “real man”? NOPE, I was stupid, idiotic in my parents appartment, not knowing a shit about life, people or myself. Little animal.

    If we measure our manliness by how many women are attracted to us..we are doomed. This is a direct and quickest path to slavery and misery. Real MAN has his own rules and his own meaning and value. He cannot be defined by women. One of the measures of real man is – that he is not dependent on women, he does not slave fo them, he manages them.

    Only intelligent or experienced men are able to enjoy escorts..usually men that already had their pick and know the nature of women. Be it clinton, rooney, scheen, many of top NHL, NBA players, or other womanizers, who frequently use hot escorts – these men know the nature of woman. They can neither be elevated nor put down by any woman, or sex wit her. The difference between them and loosers is that they ENJOY escorts as well as they enjoy women. Lossers feel shame when they have to go to escort, ´cos they attach menaing to sex with beautifull woman. They obsess over that.

    Inexperienced, weak boys attach a meaninhg to sex with beautifull woman, other than you both enjoying the interraction. They stiil have this dependence, romantic idiocy, they still measure their value by how many chicks find them attractive.

    Anyway, the question is answered. Where this scarcity mentality comes from??? DIRECTLY from the stupid, romantic, idiotic soul of a man. Case of us as MEN closed.

  48. Top notch ^ Women put out in exchange of resources or in exchange of having a good-looking man they can brag to their girlfriends about. Women don’t select men based on love, as it doesn’t exist.

  49. @ George, I’m sorry I can’t help myself.

    So, it was revealed a while ago that you are a vicious old man who hasn’t had a strange piece of ass in what – 40 years? And that you spout errant nonsense about being “alpha” nonstop. You were decimated in that thread and fell silent – did you forget that? I clearly established that you are a “web alpha”. living in history, not reality, and are full of an inchoate, feral rage which you simply can’t control.

    Now you are revealing what a complete buffoon you are with respect to economics. A little hint for your, Georgie. Economics is not whatever you say it is, rather, it’s a field of intellectual inquiry with many knowns already established, and what’s clear is that you don’t know the first fucking thing about any of them. Your supposed practical wisdom and experience have no bearing on these ideas, and only serves to reveal the hash of nonsense which passes for thinking in your dimwitted skull.

    As for you questioning why so many hi-tech startups fail, you again just reveal your vicious ignorance, fuckwit. Most businesses fail eventually. Even the hugest do so regularly. Look back 25 and then 50 years at the DJIA roster of companies. Many big names are gone. The average restaurant and independent retail store is out of business in 5 years. Failure is more common than success for all entrepreneurs. What, you didn’t know that? Me – I’ve been involved in starting 14 fucking companies, you shouldn’t lecture people who are smarter and more experienced than you Georgie – it’s a big mistake. Building houses and swinging a hammer doesn’t teach you shit about economics. Go back to manual labor, it seems best suited for your subpar intellect and brutish nature.

    Funniest? You citing real estate development, lol. Entrepreneurial failures in real estate are incredibly high and every day of the week you can go find bankruptcy filings with firesale prices from developers apparently as stupid as you are. Fyi, if you made a living off of real estate, you are simply a parasite mooching off of govt bubble economic policies that have insanely inflated real estate prices for decades in the U.S.. You have been subsidized and cossetted and given an advantage not available to most Americans. As a result, the entire industry is full of morons like you who think they are geniuses because asset prices went up due to nothing they did. Economically sentient people laugh when shitheads like you open your mouth, Georgie. What you don’t know that people laugh at you all the time? Now you do.

    Go back to abusing your wife – I mean, you did tell us she said you are abusive, right? Tell us, Georgie, do you hit your wife? You can be honest here – do you just smack her when she gets out of line? Or just when you are really angry?

    I’ve got your number.

  50. Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thankyou. Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. by Euripides. ekddafdfedka

  51. Kate struck a nerve. It’s impossible to cling to some form of religiosity, even if you simply term it ‘non-religious Christianity’, and live in ‘that world’. She’s right, you can’t have it both ways. Glenn and Rollo have gotten awfully defensive here. I’m late to the conversation, but the women (Liz + Kate) make valid assertions. That being said, what Deti and Rollo have articulated here is brilliant – a deeper level of the truth of hypergamy explicated.

  52. I have to admit, seeing my ex, now 40, all fat, bloated face, huge arse. Childless, husbandless. It gives me a warm cuddly feeling. I’ve seen several of my former girlfriends become this. It’s enjoyable.

  53. As always, good stuff here. This site and ROK have provided much wisdom for myself and hopefully for many younger guys who are “up and coming”. Learn it and live it, guys.

  54. When I married my wife, she was 120 lb twenty eight year old smoke show that wouldn’t have given me the time of day in her younger heyday. I’ve been married 16 years. About twelve years ago, after our first child, my wife blew up. Beta blue pill me tried subtle hints; gently talking about it; leading by example; even stronger conversations; and just plain old screaming matches that her weight gain was disrespectful and killing our sex life. Nothing worked. I was a member of a fat spouse website where we all whined about our porky significant others. One member referenced Athol Kay’s site and this led me down the rabbit hole into the manosphere in 2011. From there, I learned game and saw how it worked on the wife, but it did not resolve the weight issue. I worked on lifting weights, game and improving myself and gave her an ultimatum. I guess she didn’t take me seriously. Now, that I’m on my way out, she is working furiously on losing weight and trying to convince me to stay. But its way too late to try to work things out. I’m having a blast with the ladies and her forty something year old ass will face the brutality of the sexual marketplace at her ripe old spinstery age. This is my story. I am an Alpha Agent of Righteous Karma. Its not an easy job, but someone has to do it.

  55. Every now and then. I start feeling a tinge of pity for the hundreds of Renees I know.

    But then, the heartless bastard in me comes to the surface just in time to save the day. It’s a save, like Willy Mays snatching a home run from the center field wall.

  56. “I often wonder if women of this profile aren’t as much victims of an ideological conditioning as Betatized men are over the course of their lives. Much of what’s resulted in Reneé’s life are the consequences of having (and still subscribing to) a mindset that’s based on equalist individualism, and she’s now beginning to reap what she’s sown – knowingly or not.”

    My tears may never dry.

    But in all seriousness, women are intuitive in a way men aren’t. Women are fully aware of the consequences of their actions. They’re too careful (calculating) in their thinking, not to be. But for them, there’s always a fall guy waiting in the wings.
    Renee’s ‘great guy’ is a six figure executive, early 50’s or older, who likes to take her out and pamper her. He’ll ‘appreciate’ her strong, independent spirit and allow her to dictate the pace of the relationship. He won’t be into having sex until he’s convinced her of his intentions.

    Rollo, I can imagine, if you were single, Renee might’ve suggested catching up, over a drink or two. Given time and availability you would’ve met in a neutral state, convenient to you both. Reminisced over old times. The conversation would eventually turn to your current ventures and plans for the future. Once she heard this, you’d stand a great chance of becoming that ‘great guy’.
    What would cement this, is the fact she knows you. Or at least the person you were. She also knows, you liked her (as did everyone back then). This, she’d use as leverage.
    I don’t doubt she would miss the opportunity to compliment you on your success. She’s find other subtle way of massaging your ego, too.
    But it wouldn’t be until you were under the covers, post coitus that Renee would confess she always had a thing for you.

    It’s with this hook, she’d reel you in. This would have you confused. Doubting your own recollections of the past. As with all women she would’ve been intentionally vague back then. Leaving anything she said or didn’t say open to interpretation. You’d start playing guessing games with your younger self.
    And it’s your younger self who would want her.
    And her words would be direct appeals to him. Not the self assured, knowledgeable man you are today.

    Women knows the right lies to tell and when to tell them.

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