Alpha Agents of Righteous Karma


Reader Keyser Soze had an interesting comment last week that I thought would be a good jump off point for today’s topic:

@Siirtyrion: You said, “Many scientists still go by this notion because it explains the frequent tradeoffs in mating and gives us a more complete picture for sexual selection as a whole. I understand that I uphold physicality as king, but understand that hypergamy isn’t completely about a short-term mating strategy, regardless of what some people may think. Women may be able to fund their our lives currently but rest assure, they still seek out Beta Bucks in other forms aside from monetary or material gain (i.e they still seek out physiological and emotional comfort from less than ideal males).”

Question for all:

Reading this, I had a thought. We often talk about women hitting the wall at 35ish and their sudden willingness to be me more reasonable with their expectations in a mate as they realize their SMV has decreased. I wonder if the above quote also plays into this. By the time women hit 35ish, historically (without modern methods of assisted conception) they are past their childbearing years. I wonder if their mating strategy changes at this age not only because of diminished SMV, but also because they are no longer looking for prime genetic material for reproduction as much as they are looking for “physiological and emotional comfort”. Perhaps this was implied all along, but I never thought about it this way before.

I hate to think this is going to come off as sympathy for the aging spinsters who had their cake in their youth and now, late in life, are looking to make honest amends for their past decisions, but it probably will.

A few months ago I broke-down Robin Korth’s aging sexual denial and in response we got a glimpse into the rationalization engine (a.k.a. the Hamster) at work in feminine solipsism:

My intent here isn’t to pick on Korth personally or really any woman in the post-Wall demographic in particular, but this self-insight is an excellent illustration of the feminine solipsism I often refer to on this blog. Furthermore, this sense of ego-blamelessness is then combined with the easy rationales and social conventions ready-made by the Feminine Imperative to affirm her self-importance.

Deti comments:

Robin Korth should be reposing in the love of her husband of the past 35 years, give or take. She should be doting on children and grandchildren as the esteemed matriarch of her family.

Instead, Ms. Korth is still out there acting as if she’s 25 years old. She’s still trying to navigate the sexual and dating minefields. In the end she’s trying to show everyone (but really herself) that she’s still “got it”; that she can still arouse a man sexually. It is all really about self aggrandizement. It is all about self- validation and affirmation. In the end, it’s all about Robin Korth. It’s pathetic and sad, really.

And no, Ms. Korth, your life is not the result of what you think about yourself. You are what you do. You are NOT what you think, read, or write. You are not what you were or what you’d like to be.

You are what you do. Period. Full stop.

And from The Difficulty of Gaming Women by Age Brackets by (the old) Roissy:

36 to 38 year olds

She is at peace with her spinsterhood and her failure in the dating market. She will acquiesce easily and gratefully to sex with very little game, as long as you don’t look like a grandpa. Her expectations are so low, it will be a challenge to disappoint her.

If you are prone to guilt, you might feel it when you inevitably dump a woman in this age range. Don’t. Remind yourself that her past is littered with her insouciant dumping of many beta men before you. You are merely an alpha agent of righteous karma.

Granted, Robin is well past the 38 year old mark by over 20 years, however even at 59 the description is still remarkably apt in light of Deti’s overview, however, the real lesson here is for men.

There comes (or should come) a certain empowerment for men after a point of maturation in life where he grows into an understanding of how the Game is played by women. As I’ve noted in the past month, this game, the former secret of women’s dualistic sexual strategy, is becoming more and more of an open secret amongst a feminine-primary culture becoming increasingly more assured of its primacy. If anything this plan for women’s optimizing hypergamy is just this side of proudly flaunting it to men.

As I pick my way through exactly this ‘plan’ in writing the next book, I’ve actually become less surprised by so many examples I find of this willingness with which women will overtly share their strategy for assuring short-term Alpha sexual desires during their SMV peak, and then consolidation on the security a Beta provider represents as their SMV decays beginning at around 30 years of age.

My purpose in writing this next volume of The Rational Male is to make men aware of just this life-schedule and sexual strategy, but even with my own efforts and the glaring willingness with which women will now confirm it, a larger whole of men simply don’t mature into this overall understanding.

For all the education the Red Pill represents for men, the larger blue pill whole simply don’t want to accept the ugly reality of women’s sexual strategy even when women openly confirm this for them – or when they do it’s too late for anything but pensive self-reproach and then signing the alimony/child support check anyway.

As this understanding becomes more widespread some social change will have to follow. Men will either become so pathetic as to ‘normalize’ it for themselves, and personally identify with what amounts to their open (proactive or reactive) cuckolding under women’s grossly overt championing of their Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks sexual strategy – or Men will come to the realization (hopefully sooner than later) that the fantasy of monogamous bliss based on a notion of intergender compromise and the ‘give & take’ (but mostly give) they were sold on was never in the best interests of feminine-primacy.

The Feminine Imperative was (and is) only ever concerned with men’s imperatives or male-specific priorities insofar as they align with the superseding, primary imperatives of women. Thus, as open hypergamy becomes more common and the truth of this duplicity and imbalance (really disinterest) of mutual sexual imperatives becomes more evident, men will again (as with Game) evolve methods and mentalities to consolidate on their own imperatives or simply live in denial of it all.

The Long Game

For almost 6 months I’ve had this post from Cail Corishev bookmarked. It’s an excellent driver for exactly this point: prior to the digital age men tended not to play a long game when it came to socio-sexual strategies. The short game is all that matters in the moment, and all that stimulates, but until the advent of digital forums where men could figuratively compare notes, most men were simply unable, and perhaps too distracted to ask the obvious questions about women’s hypergamy and how it plays out over the course of 10-30 years and the roles women expect men to play during those stages of their lives in order to accommodate their strategy.

In Cail’s piece he describes a woman he knew at age 30 and how attractive she was, and his consideration of starting a relationship with her. After a failing interest and 10 years of no contact, she reinitiated with Cail:

But while we were chatting, I saw some of her recent pictures, and whoa!  She’s gone from a 7-8 to maybe a 5, and that would be adjusted for age.  She hasn’t gotten fat, but that’s about the only positive note.  She looks so rough that I found myself wondering what I was thinking ten years ago, but I looked back at some old pictures, and she really was pretty at 30 — not a model or anything, but enough to turn heads.  Now she looks like she’s lived 20 hard years in 10.  She works nights at a pretty demanding job and has had some serious health problems, so I guess it’s no surprise, but it was really striking: ten years ago I ached for this girl, and now I wouldn’t look twice at her if I passed her in the grocery store.

That got me thinking about Rollo’s chart.  My own SMV, as far as I can tell, hasn’t changed much from mid-30s to mid-40s, just as his chart would predict.  I’m about the same weight, same build, maybe a little less hair, but I’d lost quite a bit of it already back then.  I’m not much better-off financially, but at least not worse, and I have more of a sense of direction in my life.  I’m certainly more confident, especially with women, and more established in my communities.  So some pluses and some minuses, holding steady at about the same level.  The amount of interest I get from women seems to support that.

She, on the other hand, going from 30 to 40, has gone from fertile to not likely.  She’s also a grandmother now, so instead of looking to start a new family, she’s focused (and rightly so) on helping her kids with theirs.  (If single moms don’t have much spare attention to give a husband, imagine the single mom of a single mom.)  An additional ten years of dating and relationships under her belt certainly doesn’t add to her appeal.  On top of those reasons, add the drastic decline in her looks, and now I not only don’t want to marry her, but as we chat I’m mostly thinking, “How soon can I politely say goodnight so I can get to sleep already?”  Harsh, but true.  Just as Rollo’s chart predicts, her SMV has been on a steady decline since we met — maybe more of a free-fall in her case — and now mine is well above hers.

I had a similar post to this I published back in December of 2011 – Protracted SMV:

It’s a simple matter to tell a guy he’s dodged a bullet in the cosmic scheme of things, but it’s altogether different to provably show him how he’s dodging it. For all the evils of facebook at least it gives him [men] an ability to see the forest for the trees, but the feminine can’t even afford him that. You must stay dumb, you must stay plugged-in for the feminine to maintain primacy. For all the benefits of a globally connected world, the feminine imperative expects you to accept a feminine-centric normalization of it.

What the Feminine Imperative fears is men becoming what Roissy terms Alpha Agents of Righteous Karma. Due to a lifetime of feminine conditioning, men tend to underestimate the leverage their SMV has in the context of women’s biological imperatives.

Pity for Reneé

I have a similar story to Cail’s. When I was a senior in high school I had a ‘friend‘ named Reneé, she was a gorgeous auburn-red head with a fantastic 17-18 year old body. We were good ‘friends‘ in the sense that it was clear I wasn’t ever going to see her naked and she had all of the personality trappings of a girl who knew she was attractive (she did modeling after high school), but also had the beginnings of a very self-important ego-invested feminist mind set.

I never really stayed in touch with her after graduation since by then I had moved on to women who enthusiastically reciprocated my interests and I moved along in life. It wasn’t until 2009 that I got on FaceBook and began having old friends look me up – Reneé was among the first. Very similar to the woman in Cail’s story we started to catch up with what the other had been doing through their 20s, 30s and now 40s.

As it turned out she was still fairly attractive for having had one daughter and never marrying the father, or any other guy for that matter. Most of the predictable single mommy issues and false-empowerment memes were bandied about by her, but the short version is here she was at 41 and her daughter was a year away from leaving for college. She was between jobs, but the one she had and the one she hoped to get were mediocre low to mid-management type, subsistence level employment.

She was and still is single 5 years later. The predictable questions about what my wife was like and how long we’ve been married came up, how we met, and where I’ve travelled in my work, etc. and I can honestly say I felt bad for her just recalling all of the life I’ve lived in the interim and basically forgot about her since high school.

She’s 46 now, and loves FaceBook as much as any aging spinster, but I really don’t want to call her that. In between the many pictures of her 4 cats (no lie) she occasionally posts some lament about how lonely she is now that her daughter has gone away to school and she comes home to an empty apartment these days. She makes not-so-subtle pleas to her FB community friends to set her up with ‘a great guy’ and all the dutiful Betas come out of the woodwork to tell her how pretty she (still) is and to keep her chin up and the right guy will “come along” – not so unlike the advice she gave me and at least half a dozen other guys I knew back in the day.

Reneé still clings to all of the feminist memes and mantras (reposts all the most popular), and complains of not being able to find a “great guy” anymore. This is of course infantile men’s faults for not manning up to her fem-correct standards, or else it’s a complaint about the ‘creepy’ men who really just want to bang her when she out with friends.

Unhappy Feminists

I hadn’t really ever considered using Reneé as a blog post subject until I read this article in Psychology Today:

According to a new survey released this month, your odds of winning the cash would increase if you skipped any 40-something, single female professionals and focused on the middle-aged male managers with one child at home and a wife who works part-time. In its Office Pulse survey, Captivate Network, a media solutions company, says its uncovered “profiles of the happiest and unhappiest workers.” And here it is:

  • Male
  • 39 years old
  • Married
  • Household income between $150,000 and $200,000
  • In a senior management position
  • 1 young child at home
  • A wife who works part-time

And the unhappiest profile?:

  • Female
  • 42 years old
  • Unmarried (and no children)
  • Household income under $100,000
  • In a professional position (doctor, lawyer, etc.)

Minus the professional status, essentially Reneé fits the profile for the most unhappy person in the western world today. Now, return back to Robin Korth’s comment, her life is the result of what she thinks of herself. What does this say about the decision making both she and Reneé have made in their lives?

I can’t say I have any sympathy for the likes of Korth, but for Reneé I do feel a pang of pity (in spite of Roissy’s advice for women of this age). For all of the accusations of red pill “misogyny” I genuinely do like women, and I’m not rooting for them to smash into the Wall. However I can see why my observations make this seem so – hard truths are often warnings that we don’t like to heed.

I often wonder if women of this profile aren’t as much victims of an ideological conditioning as Betatized men are over the course of their lives. Much of what’s resulted in Reneé’s life are the consequences of having (and still subscribing to) a mindset that’s based on equalist individualism, and she’s now beginning to reap what she’s sown – knowingly or not.

I don’t know the father of her daughter, but my red pill instincts (and knowing how hot she used to be) tell me the guy was likely a pump and dump Alpha bad boy. Reneé never struck me as the type to ‘settle’ on a Beta provider because she was too headstrong and independent® for that – she was certainly hot enough to attract the Alphas and independent enough to never consider a Beta for a relationship.


So my observation is this; while granting that women’s decisions are their own, and they should in all ways be accountable for the consequences that follow from them, how much of those decisions are based on a conditioning that promotes an idealized ideology of feminine, equalist independence?

For the same reason I can’t entirely fault a man with an internalized blue pill mindset over his conditioning, shouldn’t we also consider that women are likewise mislead by a similar influence? Are we (again) giving women too much credit for being rational independent agents under different circumstance?

For men’s part, it’s hardly avoidable that we become Alpha Agents of Righteous Karma by default for women in this cohort. Perhaps not as Alpha as we’re perceived, but as our SMV ascends in our 30s and (sometimes) through our 40s, it’s almost unavoidable that, even with a baseline of ambition, we’re seen as more desirable long term prospects.

In all honesty, were I to find myself single tomorrow, Reneé or women like her would never make my ‘to date’ list. Women love to complain that mature men really aren’t, and all they want is a young girl to fuck and coo for them. I would argue that men in my demo (at least should) have the depth of experience to know what the Feminine Imperative (and its social arm feminism) has bred and conditioned into women, and we honestly don’t want the hassle of dealing with it.

There is precious little reward for a man, and no appreciation, for having a big enough heart to save a woman from the consequences of her past decisions. That’s not meant as a callous punishment, just simple pragmatism.

As I stated in The Threat,

Nothing is more threatening yet simultaneously attractive to a woman than a man who is aware of his own value to women.

When you’ve spent your whole life attempting to ‘have it all’ on your own, perhaps men can’t help but be an agent of Karma when that ‘all’ includes a man’s participation.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

283 comments on “Alpha Agents of Righteous Karma

  1. @ Stingray,
    No darling being bad works. Girls will get lubed up about not wearing a helmet on my bike, my tattoos and general lawlessness like being a Southern Nationalist, bar fights, bootlegging and pushing weight but not a one has seen my military awards etc and said lets fuck, or even lets get coffee.

    Axe murders get more fan male then firemen who save kids in a burning building

  2. Ton,

    None of those things are inherently “bad”. They go against conventional wisdom, and SJW ‘rules’ but they aren’t bad.

    I agree with Deti with this. It’s masculinity that draws women and today, thugs tend to display masculinity more overtly than Good Men.

  3. Aslo, if that fireman got as much publicity as the ax murderer, I think the fan mail would be at least as high.

    I won’t deny that women flock toward the murderous criminal. That has always been and will always be true, but to say that the majority of women do this, I disagree with.

  4. I like to “shit test” my wife with….

    Me, “Do you really love me, am I ‘the one’ for you and do you still believe in our wedding vows?”

    Her answer (predictably), “Yes!”

    Me, “Would you have married me if I were a paraplegic?”

    Her, “Why are you asking that?’

    Me, “because I want to know if you really love me, if you were honest about your love for me and our wedding vows.”

    She never answers the question.

    Her, “Would you have married me If I were a paraplegic?”

    Me, “Of course Dear!”


  5. Men – in general, are more pathetic sex. Their slavish nature, their romantic – aka STUPID soul, their illusions. They are built as expendables, they think and live that way. It is encoded in their DNA!

    They NEED women much more than vice versa. Small, pretty small group of men can enjoy life and live for themselves. The rest..nothing but pussy addicts.

    They have to sacrifice for their stupid, ugly bitch, just to have…meaning, to have the will to live!!!

    Your 30 and something woman CAN catch her slave, provided she really wants. She already HAS many slaves at her disposal. But she has requirements, almost nobody is acceptable. This is the reason of why she is alone.

    In contrast, your young and moderately attractive beta is alone, you guess why? No woman, including land whales, wants to fuck him. And he will sell his mother for sex with average, unattractive cunt.

    Understand the difference!?

    Men are built to be loosers, to be expendable sex. You have this program in your fucking veins. You can fool yourself by the “loneliness” of older women. This “older”, poor and average woman has still more sexual proposals than your above average and young, well educated beta!!

    Want to win in SMV? Master your nature of a slave. Only then you can fight with women in even battle! Otherwise you are nothing but a prey.

  6. Ton,

    Nice to see you here!

    Ton and Stingray,

    What are your thoughts about the distinction between:

    1) those who are courageous, predictable in an ethical / principled way (would such “overt masculinity in which the man defines good and bad” be perceived as “nice”?), but also adventurous (possibly perceived as reckless, depending on the risk aversion of the observer), and

    2) those who are simply violent (and possibly weak and cowardly), unpredictable in an immoral / amoral way (perceived as exciting, masculine?), and possibly somewhat irrational.

    It sometimes seems that women cannot distinguish between [1] and [2] very well, with [1] sometimes becoming almost invisible to them.

  7. Rollo, not only are the tweets idiotic, but also show how unimaginative wimminz are. Basically the same lines, almost word for word from about 75% of them!


  8. And then there’s this.

    “Why is it that I need to feel grateful to a man for being a decent human being? For caring about a child that isn’t his biological son? What type of person wouldn’t watch this beautiful little boy grow up before their eyes and feel some love and affection? That’s not luck, it’s basic human instinct. Of course we love and protect the innocent.”

    This woman finds an older never-before-married beta provider that treats her son as his own and she’s upset that everyone reminds her how grateful she should feel! As Rollo said above in Alpha Agents of Righteous Karma:

    “There is precious little reward for a man, and no appreciation, for having a big enough heart to save a woman from the consequences of her past decisions. That’s not meant as a callous punishment, just simple pragmatism.”

    It truly is stunning how this woman feels entitled; almost like she’s doing him a favor but letting this guy raise her “beautiful little boy”. How hard would it be for her to smile and say, “Yes, I am very lucky”. She doesn’t, she says:

    “I love my husband. And he never expects gratitude or a pat on the back for being a father. He doesn’t understand people who would behave any differently. It’s one of the many reasons why my husband can often seem to be too good to be true. Honestly, the guy is saint-like. But I really resent the assumption from others that my son and I should feel lucky, like we should have expected something less. We might not have been everyone’s ideal of a perfect family, but my son and I have always been an amazing catch. We’ve always been worthy of love and affection without any reservations.”

    Being new to the Teachings of Tomassi, I’m not sure what I would have thought pre-Rollo; now I can only feel disgust.

    Also Rollo, thanks a lot for ruining Country Music for me.

  9. Well, there’s a good enough example for me of why divorced women shouldn’t try to marry single men. From an ethical standpoint, it isn’t “fair.” From a practical standpoint, he is going to resent it at some point in the future, and the woman is better off looking out for herself now that trying to undo failure later when she’s even older.

    Men, like women, show us who they are by their choices. If they were truly interested in being married and having families, they would have done it. It might not have panned out, but they would have made the attempt. There are men who can be just as fussy about their requirements for women as people complain feminists are and end up missing the boat completely. If the men don’t truly value family- or if these instincts don’t kick in till later- they are not a good match for a woman who has already started a family, not to mention he might miss out on the opportunity to have his own children.

  10. “The Alpha traits women find the most attractive, and the most sexually arousing, have nothing to do with patience and everything to do with impulsivity.”

    And apparent impulsivity doesn’t have to be ill-considered, and can occur within established (mental) boundaries.

    Once, when I was much younger, I was walking down the street when I noticed a tall, slim young woman with long red hair (a true ginger) and blue eyes, so I had to investigate further (I love how they look, plus they are all a little crazy), even though she was surrounded by a gaggle of cockblockers.

    I walked right up to her, took her face in my hands, said “I just have to fuck you”, put her over my shoulder (this is one of my favorite means of control), turned and walked less than ten steps into the restaurant for which they and others there were probably on a waiting list.

    (Once her friends got over their initial shock, what could they actually say: “OMG, he just … took her … and is going to do unseemly things to her … in the middle of a crowded Michelin starred restaurant”?)

    As I blew past the maitre d’, I said “She will be okay, I’m a doctor”, carried her to a small empty table in the larger dining room, pulled out her chair and said “sit”.

    When I turned, I saw what appeared to be the restaurant manager and two security guards / very large waiters barreling toward me.

    Before he could open his mouth, I started thanking him profusely for how his amazing staff had helped to avert a medical emergency. I told the people at the surrounding tables how fortunate we all were to have such a passionate leader in charge, for it was only because of his superior guidance that we were all able to enjoy a unique culinary experience with such extraordinary customer service, and then led them in giving the manager a round of applause.

    I gave him a big tip to give to the maitre d’ “for his compassion and quick thinking”, and then sat down. What could he, now a hero, do, other than be gracious? He waved to his adoring customers, smiled at me and rolled his eyes, and then told our waitress that our meal would be on the house.

    After she regained her composure, redhead asked “Who ARE you?” Of course, my answer had to be “I probably shouldn’t tell you before we play strip poker, but my name is Bond, James Bond”.

    Notice that there was never even an implied threat to her. I would never have done anything like this on an ordinary street (where there wouldn’t be immediate resolution). Her shock / danger / tingle changed to “exciting but safe, for now” in less than five seconds, about as long as it took her to process what was going on.

    And the worst that could have happened would have been for us to have been thrown out of the restaurant (at which time I would have taken her to my original destination, a place of pizza, Nature’s most perfect food).

    Since I don’t drink (sorry Rollo), all that I ever did was “day game” (caveman style), although I didn’t think of it in those terms, at that time. When I read the intricate field reports and various forms of “text game” at CH and other places, I am relieved that I have been with Redhead (a different one) for quite some time.

  11. @Atticus,


    I think what most men uniquely deceive themselves of is that they will ultimately be appreciated by women for their sacrifices. Learn this now, you wont.

    You can’t be because women fundamentally lack the ability to fully realize, much less appreciate the sacrifices a man makes to facilitate her reality. Even the most enlightened, appreciative woman you know still operates in a feminne-centric reality.

    Men making the personal sacrifices necessary to honor, respect and love her are commonplace. You’re supposed to do those things. You sacrificed your ambitions and potential to provide her with a better life? You were supposed to. You resisted temptation and didn’t cheat on your wife with the hot secretary who was DTF and ready to go? You were supposed to. Your responsibilities to maintaining a marriage, a home, your family, etc. are common – they’re expected. They are only appreciated in their absence.

    This is the totality of the feminine-centric reality. Men only exist to facilitate the feminine reality, and any man who disputes this (or even analyzes its aspects) is therefore not a ‘man’. It just IS. Even the most self-serving, maverick among men is still beholden to the feminine imperative in that he’s only defined as a rebel because he doesn’t comply with the common practices of ‘men’ in a female defined reality. And ironically it’s just this maverick who is appreciated by the feminine above those men who would comply with it (or even promote it) as a matter of course.

    This is precisely what you’re reading at mommyish – she literally has no concept of appreciation for a man she’s essentially cuckolded.

    “Why is it that I need to feel grateful to a man for being a decent human being? For caring about a child that isn’t his biological son? What type of person wouldn’t watch this beautiful little boy grow up before their eyes and feel some love and affection? That’s not luck, it’s basic human instinct. Of course we love and protect the innocent.”

    Translation: “I am entitled to a man who excuses my open hypergamy and who embraces my cuckoldry of him without expecting so much as token gratitude. His silence makes him special.”

  12. “The boys who do best at school (thereby demonstrating their susceptibility to external messaging) are the most beta, while the ones who do worst at school (and thus demonstrate their lack of susceptibility to external messaging) are the most alpha.” [jeremy, September 15th, 2014 at 2:39 pm]

    I do not disagree with this, in the context that I assume jeremy is using, which is that school isn’t primarily about education.

    However, “the boys who do best at school … are the most beta” is not necessarily true for boys who are attempting to adapt to the current structure called “school”, in order to further their education.

    And this idea is neither applicable nor even meaningful with respect to boys who are independently pursuing their education, in whichever way they have found to work for them (regardless of what they are studying), a pursuit that some call “school” or “schooling”.

    Trying to become more educated, in and of itself, is neither alpha nor beta.

  13. “There is precious little reward for a man, and no appreciation, for having a big enough heart to save a woman from the consequences of her past decisions. That’s not meant as a callous punishment, just simple pragmatism.”

    Thanks man! Now I can dump that old bitch without remorse

  14. there’s yet another karma classic today

    “At 40, when it came to dating and mating, I was exhausted, confused and convinced my Jerry Maguire simply did not exist. … I began to spoil myself rotten. I took myself out on wonderful dates. I bought myself lovely gifts. I even wrote myself a love letter. I made it my number one priority to love and adore myself to pieces. … And in a matter of weeks, the strangest thing happened to me. No, I did not fall in love with the man of my dreams. I fell madly in love with me. As a result, I no longer needed a partner …”

    this is from a “Heartbreak Recovery Specialist”, whatever that is

  15. “What type of person wouldn’t watch this beautiful little boy grow up before their eyes and feel some love and affection? That’s not luck, it’s basic human instinct. Of course we love and protect the innocent.”

    So…. she and her bastard kid are automatically self entitled to the care and provisions of a mans hard work other than the biological father? Validation of her entitlement is self evident and unquestionable? Another example of children used as hostages.

    To hell with the other bastards little brat. I want my own child.

    1. Sounds like an evolutionary jackpot for the biological father. Alpha moves on to fertilize more females while Beta is convinced of his humanity by internalizing his rightful role as cuckold and nurturer of the Alpha’s child by the mother and a feminine-centric social order.

  16. Rollo, a further example of this I witnessed last night when dropping my kids off to their 47 y/o mother’s (and 30 something live-in Beta Cuckold who has no kids of his own) place after a midweek visit. She’s been with beta/cuckold about 1-2 years but not re married.

    Last Sunday was Fathers Day.

    I noticed on her bookshelf a Fathers Day card. She bought beta/cuckold a Hallmark style card with the DAD scribbled out with pen and replaced with his name – and inside some soppy messages that the kids were obviously forced/obligated to write.

    My 8 y/o son is too young to understand, but my 14 y/o admitted it “was kinda weird”.

    At first I was pissed off but then I realised she didn’t do it to hurt me, but to (as you put so eloquently above) to both reinforce and “convince him of his humanity by internalising his rightful role as cuckold & nurturer of MY kids”.

    Without your teachings and my unplugging, I’m not sure what I would have done or how I would have reacted to this.

  17. bbb: “But it’s work – hard work – keeping things somewhat on an even keel. The shit tests are endless. Example: “What would you rather see, me losing my hands or you losing your balls”. Answer: “You losing your hands, because if I lost my balls, I might as well be dead.” Result: pissed off wife, but no more shit testing for a day or two.”

    Could you each keep one?

    Since you’re going to be in the doghouse either way, you might just ask her if she would keep her mouth. She’d be more pissed, but she’d get over it quicker and probably drop assinine hypotheticals.

  18. I never reply to hypotheticals from women. keep it real.

    “What would you rather see, me losing my hands or you losing your balls?”
    “That was a terrible thing in the news today, wasn’t it?”
    “What thing?”
    pick something

  19. @ Liz

    “Since you’re going to be in the doghouse either way, you might just ask her if she would keep her mouth. She’d be more pissed, but she’d get over it quicker and probably drop assinine hypotheticals.”

    Actually, I’m never, ever in the “dog house”. I feel neither shame nor remorse for what I say. Dogs cringe when scolded, pigs just stare back impassively. I’m proud to be much more like the latter.

    BTW, asking her whether she “would keep her mouth” would be misdirection and escalation, hallmarks of only a feminine mode of arguing.

  20. @rollo Re: 4:16 Appreciation Post

    Newly red pill aware, I am struggling with Anonymous at on so many levels. This broad dodged the Righteous Karma bullet. I get that she probably doesn’t know she did. More than once she says that she was not going to date again, was prepared to go it alone, blah, blah, blah, ba-blah.

    Going from the general to the specific (deductive) is logical; going from the specific to the general (inductive) is dangerous. Rollo states that women cannot appreciate the sacrifices of men (deductive). If Rollo is correct, as Anonymous seems to confirm, what is the point of any long-term male interaction with women?

    Are there any women worth my time? Should I just be a player, have great sex and then move on when the inevitable “Where are we going” is thrown at you? I’ve read so many of these horror stories, most worse than Anonymous, but for some reason this one really has me down.

    George said: What kind of bitch wears their child like a chip on her shoulder? What kind of whore does that!!!????

    I agree and I ask you, are AWLT?

  21. I should note the real news thing needs to have an emotional component, since when women give you hypotheticals they are starving for emotion

  22. “BTW, asking her whether she “would keep her mouth” would be misdirection and escalation, hallmarks of only a feminine mode of arguing.”

    Or perhaps not an argument at all, but a quip.

  23. “Alpha is a state of mind . . .”

    And that state of mind is a bit “out there” on the psychopathy spectrum.
    That is why women can’t tell the difference between eon’s 1 and 2. There really isn’t any.

    The difference is in how the state of mind is directed, and how society views the outcome. The same behaviour is hero or cad depending only on how it affects society. Kill your neighbor, you’re a cad. Kill an invader, you’re a hero.

    Either way you’re a killer.

    Most men cannot kill, even in their own defense. They need special training to make it possible for them, and detraining to get them over it. The man who says, “Right then,” and gits it done and moves on is desirable; so long as he is her killer. He might slap her around a bit, but he’ll simply take out anybody else who threatens her, because she is his. So long as she can “manage” him she comes out way ahead in the deal.

    The Nice Guy fireman might well do something counted as heroic, but he’s anybody’s hero, thus in a way nobody’s hero; he’s not hers. He’s a public service. Environmental window dressing. Just there. She’s simply entitiled to him.

    Whan was the last time you went to a fire or police station, just to effuse thanks and swear undying love?

    Most men these days would have to be near starvation to even kill a rabbit for their own food. What woman would want a man who can’t even kill her a rabbit? Doesn’t even make any sense.

  24. The thing I’ve found compensates for women’s lack of appreciation is how easy they are to lead, if you’re consistent and do it a little bit at a time (29th Strategy of War: Take Small Bites).

    Blue-pill guy thinks women are equal to men in that they will have appreciation and be resistant to being led. Red-pill guy knows the opposite and is powerful.

  25. Buena Vista – “because the edgy, cool dude with the art gallery has nothing better to do with his life than couple up with someone with the emotional maturity of a 12 year-old.”

    This! And as Korth showed, wimminz today do not believe in growing up, just growing old. I listen sometimes to the wimminz friends of my wife when they are here having a hen party, Christ, makes me think I’m back in high school. All these wimminz are over fifty. Fucking sad!

    I never heard my mother and her friends be so juvenile……

  26. “” Jeremy, read the first chapter of any romance novel. Women know exactly what they want. “”

    Yes. But what they rarely know is what they actually NEED.

    There is a massive difference.

  27. Rollo, have you or can you write something along the lines of.

    How you (a man) tell when you are being manipulated?

  28. Women, being emotion addicts, are more attracted to the axe murderer and the long lasting range of emotions he provides them, than the emotion limited hero fireman. Women like jobs that provide their emotion fixes, such as ER nurse or social worker, than truck driver. Or did you think women were nurturing, caring?

  29. It sometimes seems that women cannot distinguish between [1] and [2] very well, with [1] sometimes becoming almost invisible to them.

    No, a lot of women do not distinguish between the two very well at all. With weak fathers or not fathers growing up it’s not a wonder. I think others have done a good job explaining it.

    Rollo said above that patience is not in itself attractive. Here is what women do find attractive, a guy who has the self control to hold himself back when necessary but the ability to get it done when necessary. We can see the effort not to unleash in his eyes, and know that he could, but the fact that he can control it is attractive. The fact that we know that he could let it go and get the job done is more attractive.

  30. because she is his.

    Most women want a man to “own” her whether they will admit it or not. The key is the man has to be alpha enough. She emphatically does not want to be owned by a weak man.

    I’ve talked to a few women who are married to very strong men, and each and everyone of them is proud to say that she is his. This often gets convoluted into “she is a doormat” and “he is a controlling jerk”. Much for the same reason that woman above is blowing smoke up her husbands backside.

  31. The myth is that women want the Good Man.

    No, the myth is that she can find a good man on her terms There are plenty of good men out there who are good on their own terms. His terms very likely do no line up with hers or societies. This is what makes him attractive.

    Women can’t ever find a man to fit their lists because he is an impossibility in that her list contains several elements of control while assuming attraction is inherent. She can’t figure out that she will never find this man because it is in her lack of control that attraction is there.

  32. Rollo, thanks for the link. I’m glad to hear people are still finding this article helpful. Now if we can just get men to see this reality early, instead of having to learn it the hard way around 40 or so.

  33. I often wonder if women of this profile aren’t as much victims of an ideological conditioning as Betatized men are over the course of their lives.

    Maybe more so. For all that society encouraged me to be a pedastalizing beta, I have to admit there were red-pill messages out there all along. I read stories like The Taming of the Shrew and saw movies like The Quiet Man. Not to mention all the 80s teen movies where the hot chick ignores the Nice Guy until he becomes a stud — beats up the bully, wins the ski tournament — and forgets about her, and then she comes running. My parents also told me at least some of the truth. So I can’t say the truth wasn’t out there. The FI may have been shouting louder, but I could have seen it if I’d been more inclined that direction.

    For a typical girl, on the other hand, is anyone telling her that her looks are going to fade fast in her 20s, and that her looks and femininity are her greatest assets? Not that I can see. Every single influence in her life — family, friends, church, school, media — is telling her that she can be hot and fabulous well into her 40s, that she’ll only become more desirable to men as she ages and becomes bossier, and that she owes it to herself to “experience life” before she marries. Without a classical education or some very unusual people in her life, it may be possible for a girl to hit 40 without ever once hearing the truth about her mating options.

    So yeah, I pity them. I don’t feel any obligation to wife them up, but I do pity them. They’re victims in this too, if of a different type. The situation won’t improve until girls are told the truth again, so they (some of them, at least) can start making better choices. Until then, they’re going to continue to delay marriage until they have little to offer, and there will be nothing that most men can do about it.

  34. Another genius piece, thanks Rollo! My two cents? Like Rollo, I actually like women and had already figured out that they were operating at a less rational/conscious level than men seem to understand who feel victimized by all this. But I don’t have a shred of sympathy for them.

    Some commenter above who got divorced at 43 said it perfectly to the single late 30s/early 40s crowd. “I spent the past 20 years caring for others – while you were out partying.” I actually can’t even relate to most of these women at a basic level. I’ve dated my fair share and the narcissism and selfishness is really too much. I also find many of them are tripped up and obsessed by small things in life because they don’t really have the experience of adversity I had. Example: None of them were ever 27 with a stay at home wife, 1 year old child, a sales quota and the direct threat of being fired if I didn’t achieve it. No excuses worked – either I sold enough to keep my job and earn a decent living, or me and my family were out on the street. It does put life in perspective. As well, being a parent teaches one how to be much less selfish. So for the most part, after my divorce in my early 30s, I banged the piss out of them for 3-5 months and moved on realizing I could never make a life with them. And this is when I was bluepilling.

    Today? My Red Pill journey is nothing short of amazing. I’ve spent quite a bit of time digesting and actualizing these ideas in my life (instead of talking about them on social media, lol) and I realized at a certain point that I was not dealing with reality. At 52 (but in the gym as I’ve discussed previously, and already getting gains and more eyefucking and am having amazing sex with a 25 yr old hottie who claims she has sex with me because “we connect on a deep, deep inner perv level” – more on this shortly), I’ve finally gotten a sense of my SMV. I actually have a very boyish face and by taking the grey out subtly and working my body even meagerly, people think i’m in my early 40s. I’m losing hair but not bald. And the way I carry myself, and my other interests/accomplishments (gigging musician doing my own originals, writer, having my own business, living lakeside) I realized that I’ve not aknowledged with my own SMV or been enhancing it to my maximum advantage until this year. Those days are over.

    As I thought about what I’d learned and applied it to my life, the following came to mind.

    I can make my SMV much higher through being fit and attending to my appearance more carefully. Truly. I have a few good years left because I’ve always had a model quality “face” and look young. When I was 30 and getting proofed still it was a pain in the ass but now? Another 15 lbs of weight loss (yes the number is coming down!) – and I can pass for 40. And get lots of female attention.

    So, what should my strategy then be given where women are at? Here’s my take:
    a. I’m never getting married again. I’m finally okay with that. I am making plans to “group” retire with some other friends (one of whom is married) so I don’t end up old and alone. But now that I’ve finally gotten it completely out of my system it feels great.

    b. I’m into short term, sexual connections and casual longer term relationships. I finally just got okay with that. I want variety and very sexual relationships that are erotic and exciting. Still, at my age, when I’m honest with myself, this is what I actually want. Not what I think I “should” want. It’s always been so, but I always felt wrong about it, that it was “bad”. Lol. What a fucking idiot I’ve been.

    c. So, what women are interested in short term partners? Interestingly, it’s the younger women who seem most interested. The ones I meet who are my age who are divorced all just want to find the next man to move in to provide for them emotionally/financially. The ones who have been single th whole time are so fucked up that I can’t stand being around them as their self-absorption and the internalization of “Strong Independent Woman” programming makes them impossible to be an actual man around. They simply fight my natural dominance and assertiveness and masculinity too much for me to enjoy being with them.

    But younger women? First off, the under 30 set of women have a very different sexual morality and appetite than the women I grew up with.. The hot ones know they have huge power and now society tells them they can do whatever they want sexually when they are young. But their problem is that the young guys in their age bracket get goo goo eyed over them for the most part, as they are mostly so Betaized that they can’t even handle being with a young beautiful women and maintain their composure. They often can’t let themselves go with these guys as they know the guy will fall in love and chase and harass and text them 1000 times. Some also seem to have “doing an older guy” on their 20 something bucket list. And an older guy like me is the perfect short term mate. We both know we aren’t getting married or are even really “dating”.

    I’m not sure everyone would make the same choices, but I’ve found this little niche and am playing it for all its worth (I live near a small city that has 4 colleges in it – literally thousands of young women, undergrads, grad students and women working in those institutions). I think there is also a cultural problem with beta men in that they don’t really know how to flirt with women. You see, because I’m now self-concerned and self-motivated, when a pretty young woman gets those sparkly, dancing eyes and smiles and giggles when we are talking, I don’t get all sideways. I know it’s just flirting and I enjoy it for that. These young women (who self select – I do not chase) seem to instinctively get that I’m not going to become their next stalker if they dare play around with me a little bit. But most American guys (go to Spain to see men properly flirt and approach) are so betaized and pussified that they spray their pants when a woman gives them some play – and this really turns young women off.

    I also believe that many young women have rejected much of the feminist crap, seeing how miserable their mom’s generation is and embrace a more complementary view of men and women when I comes to sexuality. Essentially, it seems to me most hot young women are desperately waiting for an Alpha male to get that they just want to play. I do. My routine is developing but it goes something like this. I don’t date, I ‘hang out’ – code word for maybe sex in their lingo. I invite them to my place, cook them a steak on the grill that blows their minds (I was a steak cook in restaurant while in school). I don’t drink but always have some green on hand and have Barefoot Bubbly or something else sweet on hand for them.

    I play some music and generally just let her get comfortable. And then all I do at the right moment is suggest we head to the bedroom or a massage. And then I’m the dirty dog that I’ve always been and they seem to love it. The current partner is literally a sexual svengali. You see, she grew up in the age of porn and isn’t bashful about being “dirty” – but the key is that she doesn’t want anyone to know it. You see, if I was a guy in her day to day social circle. she’d be afraid that I’d tell the other guys in her social circle that she puts on a baby voice and begs me not to gag her with my junk – she likes doing that, came up with it herself, I swear to God. Or the myriad of other wild stuff we do. She knows she can be as unrestrained as she wants to with me and nobody but us will ever know. There is also lots of shame that comes from girls in her clique for being so sexual with a man which she also avoids.

    But she also knows that she can pick and choose as she pleases as I create a 100% safe space. I’ve had a young woman stop in the middle and change her mind and I’m a perfect gentleman (she came back again because I didn’t freak out but rather was caring and understanding – again maturity is so attractive to younger women whereas the Korth’s of the world just take it for granted that they can stop midthrust and think I should be grateful for whatever she does. By creating a space in which she is totally respected, she can be even dirtier as she relaxes. She can also choose to never repeat with me so she can amp it down or up – she has no long term investment with me so she can just do whatever she wants with me with no “relationship” consequences. And some of these young women have wild sides. They also like dominating men sexually, which I am very happy to play along with as long as they agree to me turning the tables at a certain point. This is very different than the experience she’s having with some 26 year old guy who has 3 roommates, is pawing her to death, takes her out for bad pizza, comes in 7 minutes, and then tells all his friends that she let him ass fuck her – when she didn’t.

    I am trying to work in older women too as there are plenty of 40 year olds I find fuckable. But the crazy seems to get in the way, and I think Rollo hit on it quite well. There is something that happens to them once they hit the wall that forces them to step further into the ‘Korth Delusion’ – the solipsism that the entire culture reinforces for them. Otherwise what is left for them? Admitting that they have fucked up their lives permanently? I at least tried and was a good dad and provider for my child. Them? Careers that are nowhere near as satisfying as the radfems promised them. If they are single moms, it’s years of lonely drudgery with a huge burden that wears them down and sucks the life out of them. But still, if they want to play around with me, I’m game. But most of them can’t get out of their own way to actually enjoy themselves.

    Most seem to have blended some short term/long term strategy in their mind that they never really pull the trigger on. Anyone here who doesn’t get what I’m talking about, just go ask a 40 year old single woman what she wants out of life and try to make sense of the hash of nonsense that falls out of her mouth. They are fucked by this age, but like Korth, most retreat further into the make-pretend inner life and a narrative that they tell themselves about being independent and happy and entitled to all the world has to offer. Most are actually so detached from their actual selves and reality that it simply is too much work given my other choices.

    Bottom line? “Play it where it lies”. This is the terrain in which I find myself so I’ve adapted. I still get too other focused after a lifetime of valuing myself via what I can do for/give to others (and younger women don’t hate that I’m generous too. But I now know how to reel that shit in so I’m not to diffused and confused. I’ve created a strategy that optimizes what I want, based on reality that makes me happy for the first time in my life. I only wish that I had learned this all when I was like 14…

    I’m also beginning to appreciate the hip hop mentality more – old school, have become a huge Snoop fan. As crude as it is, it may be the only cultural space where unrestrained male libidinousness and self-centeredness is spoken of openly. “I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one.” Rock and roll has become so betaized, you have to go back to Led Zeppelin to find a band that actually rocks out with their cocks out in the way the hip hop artists do. Okay, I’m rambling. Have a great week guys.

  35. While I’ve been away traveling for work the last couple of weeks, I have been following the last couple of articles and it’s just outstanding stuff, and it never fails to refresh my awareness about how the whole fem-centric imperative is literally sewn into the fabric of our society. Being dosed with positive masculinity makes you see the weave in the fabric, so to speak.

    Case in point; I’m at an army base last weekend for Family Day (my brother is a sergeant major) and one of his men came to over to the beer cooler, and he and my brother (also divorced) started talking about his impending separation / divorce. In the midst of his complaining about her taking the wide screen TV and the coffee table, I stopped him by saying that’s a small price to pay to step forward into a new phase of his life and to eject his former master out of it. All I did was drop a few pearls of red pill wisdom – You Are The Prize, Hypergamy Doesn’t Care, The Myth of the Lonely Old Man – and I swear to you, it was like the man was hearing proof that his guesses were right all along. In about 2 minutes flat, I think I dramatically changed his worldview, and that would never have been possible if I had never stumbled onto this site back in early 2013. When my brother deploys in a month, I’m shipping my well-thumbed copy of Rational Male 1 to him as well; hopefully, he’ll pass along that messaging to his guys as well.

    Now, onto business. There are some stand out comments here, and I’d like to add my own perspective to points raised by some commentators:

    @Anonymous: The answer is really simple. You can tell when a woman is manipulating you when her lips are moving. (It’s an old one, but still works.)

    @Deti: Totally agree there; in my experience, waiting for a women to realize the value of the one they threw away is time wasted. It will never happen. They will only pine for the Alpha that pumped /dumped them, never the dutiful Beta who get them soup and chick flicks when they were sick. Admitting that their much vaunted feminine intuition is defective will never ever happen, least of all to the man they kicked to the curb. Less said, said on that account.

    @BuenaVista: Agreed. I’m thinking that the female circle friends who praised my last ex-girlfriend’s choice in finding me ( a supportive Beta/packhorse/ beast in bed) were also trumpeting her discarding me for the next mule with cries of , “You go girl! Woot Woot!” and such. And that sense of entitlement for Mr. Big will NEVER go away; I’d say that 20+ years of relentless Oprah/Sex and the City / Eat Pray Love /chick lit have raised this entitlement to literally insane levels. I suffer no delusion of dating Heidi Klum and banging her in a cheerleader costume; far from it. I’m entirely realistic about my prospects. But in the women I meet, this notion that “Christian Grey is just around the corner and would you please move because you’re blocking him from seeing me” is getting a bit tiring, to say the least.

    @George; Oh yes, it’s a scam all right. I went back and read Controlling Interests to get a better perspective on this; now that we’ve all gone through the other side of the looking glass , so to speak, we can see the raw mechanics underlying the behaviors. It is all about the provisioning and the “feels” at that age. Your role, should you choose to accept it, is to make up for her past and help her see that she still has it. And if you can pony up the cash and provide her a better life, all the better. So do you really want pay top dollar for weather-beaten goods, or enjoy the youth and beauty that all men are hard-wired to crave?

    Rollo’s right; this is an instance of women telling us that as men, we SHOULD crave that older woman in direct opposition of 100,00 years of socialization and evolution. By controlling the dialogue about what constitutes men’s sexuality, by demonizing what is intrinsically health and grooming only which best serves women, by using shame to misdirect men into become better betas, you become shamed into a slave without even knowing it. And if you remember, the words SHOULD and SHIT and SHAME all come from the same place.

    Best of luck guys, and any word on the release date of RM II, Rollo?

  36. @Stingray

    Rollo said above that patience is not in itself attractive. Here is what women do find attractive, a guy who has the self control to hold himself back when necessary but the ability to get it done when necessary. We can see the effort not to unleash in his eyes, and know that he could, but the fact that he can control it is attractive. The fact that we know that he could let it go and get the job done is more attractive.

    The problem with temperance, humility and self-control is that for the vast majority of women (and men I might add) it’s often indistinguishable from cowardice.

    From Dream Girls and Children with Dynamite:

    Pride is one thing that people get very confused about. It’s a healthy thing to have pride of oneself, to be proud of our accomplishments; it’s a very real source of self-confidence. Humility is an admirable quality, don’t get me wrong, but humility is only genuine when you’re confident of your own abilities. It takes a humble Man to walk away from a fight that he knows he could win, but chooses not to engage in. Generally humility is only self-gratifying, because only rarely will others appreciate it as humility (those familiar with your abilities) and not view it as cowardice, or at best a lack of confidence. Pride often appears arrogant because people of lesser accomplishments become envious, and people of better accomplishments think less of them than you do. It’s very important not to appear too perfect, but it’s equally important not to seem spineless.

    Women crave indignation – if I’m the cooler head prevailing in a heated argument and I defuse the conflict that might come from it, not only do I look like a pussy, but I also defuse that tingle inducing indignation for every woman within earshot of it.

    My temperance isn’t attractive to a woman unless she’s already experienced what I’m capable of by prior example. Even then, that control is never arousing because on a limbic level women confuse that control with Beta timidity.

  37. ”Good women are not unicorns, and certainly not extinct. The professor’s rant notwithstanding, they exist. Discovering them, filtering for them, requires some original thought and an ability to reject current cultural definitions of “good”, while at the same time learning how to interact with them in a constructive manner (which is profoundly counter-cultural, and requires us to abandon greater-beta, femme-centric, drafthorse behavior and pretensions).”

    So what? I have friends who were born and raised in Angola. Angola still has fields filled with land mines. These friends of mine know a few of the old folk who walked over the land without getting their lands blown-up. But.. who the hell would walk over the field-mine if they knew what it was? Women are the field and the mines at the same time. You don’t know what you’re looking at, you don’t know what’s under those handfuls of soil, and even if her landmines have been dormant her entire life, its only a matter of time for those mines to become activated.

    There are very, very few women who aren’t hypergemous/sluts/gold-digger/Alpha fux beta bux and the majority of men are competing for the handful of women who aren’t going to divorce-rape them which makes the chances of the average man finding a woman who is not repugnant-looking, a slut, or a woman looking for the bigger-better deal a pretty low possibility of happening.

    Anyway, by witnessing how women behave near Alpha men, I reckon nearly every woman who is paired-up with average men(which is most of them) are cheating on their partners with Alpha. Only Apex Alpha males like JFk and Schwarzenegger don’t get cheated on.

    The rest of the men? LOL, the children they are raising ain’t theirs, probably.

  38. Honestly, I don’t believe in the existence of good women. A benign tumor will eventually screw you over if you don’t remove it. Women, the women who seem to be good-women are either pretending to be decent folk or are taking their time in order to steal more when they decide to divorce and take that alimony and child-support. I met several religious women who seemed to be all that but turned out to be yet another Alpha-seeker.

  39. @ Prof Hardwig – Got it, you are a MGTOW. Why are you here? Honestly, I’m not being hyperbolic. I’ve examined MGTOW, as I imagine many men here have, and found it a laughably self-destructive philosophy/POV. I don’t know a single MGTOW who doesn’t hate women, isn’t miserable and isn’t controlled by women far more than I am.

    You just don’t get it. At its most basic, Alpha is a mental frame of mind that is self-oriented and self-pleasing. Alpha puts his needs first and last. And if some woman isn’t interested in him or is giving him grief, she isn’t a “landmine” (this analogy reveals how totally fucked your worldview is – women are landmines, I mean, could you be any more of a fucking pussy?), she’s “nexted”. I just eject them from my world and move on to the next. I also see through their games. The young woman I’ve been referencing here put me through a 1.5 hour shit test in my car, which I just ignored and dismissed until the stopped. Women are like children in this regard, dont’ take their BS seriously and they just stop and then wonder why they want to fuck you, lol.

    If a guy is a 5, he can still be self-oriented. He can still evaluate women in terms of what they can do for him versus what he can be/do for them. He can still be about self improvement and accomplishment and he can also deal with women in a ‘game aware’ way. All these choices are open to you instead of framing the sexual marketplace as a minefield. That’s what Rollo is doing here, arming guys like me with the correct mindset and POV to live empowered, challenging and exciting lives. Not encouraging hopelessness and giving up.

    If you looked at me right now you would be shocked that I’ve been nailing this 25 year old nymphomaniac with no gag-reflex. She’s an 8 (she’s recently done some negligee modeling, I shit you not) – I’m a 5.5 right now, maybe a 6 when dressed right and from the right angle. I’m twice her age and my belly slaps into her when I get crazy (working on it, it will be gone by Jan 1 – already down 18 lbs since first of year).

    Tell me. How did I do that? By listening to Stardusk (a woman hating 60 hour a week gamer who lives in South Korea and works in a warehouse) or Barbarossa (who dates and fucks women and has romantic relationships with them – some MGTOW leader he is, lol)? By seeing women as mines and the sexual marketplace as a minefield? Fyi, here’s a little hint for you. I now value myself way too much to be that hopeless.

    If I wanted more of that shit, I’d be on the new MGTOW site or watching Sandman’s daily 10 minutes of hate, lol. Your choice but what I don’t get is why you think anyone here would take your advice as anything more than a path right off a cliff in life? I mean, who would want to be you, Prof? Really? Do you even want to be you? I doubt it – and that’s a big part of the reason you can’t get laid in the first place.

  40. My temperance isn’t attractive to a woman unless she’s already experienced what I’m capable of by prior example.

    Yes. This is true. Which probably explains why MMA, martial arts and body building are all considered such masculine activities (I haven’t figured out the guitar player dynamic yet, but it’s obviously real).

    Even then, that control is never arousing because on a limbic level women confuse that control with Beta timidity.

    No, it wouldn’t be outright arousing. But it can garner respect. I realize that many, many men are more interested in arousing a woman and I also realize that too many women today are almost incapable of respect. It’s taught out of them.

    1. @Stingray

      The reason the bodybuilder, MMA guy and semi-pro rock star are arousing is because their SMV and performance capacity are easily identifiable. A guy with a good physique or with even marginal muscle mass is a visual cue of performance capacity. The guitar guy displays evidence of creative intelligence (and likely social proof if he’s good), but even this is mitigated by his physical bearing (being overweight would imbalance his arousal potential) in his capacity to induce arousal.

      In the past year and a half I’ve promoted 3 “male revue” shows for one of my casino clients. Trust me, the women who attend these strip shows (no nudity) aren’t stimulated with these men’s temperance or self-restraint. Their physicality is all the proof they need to prove their capacity for performance and inspire respect.

  41. @jf12

    re: “it’s evolutionarily better for a female to risk it all on the attractive man”

    This hypothesis has never been proven. In fact, there is empirically at best very very weak and contradictory evidence.

    Well then, where is your evidence? Support it in the best way possible.

    re: evolution and attractiveness. God must have loved unattractive men, because He made 80% of us unattractive …
    It’s not like successive generations of men are evolving into being more attractive. Am I right? Of course.

    I feel compelled to redress this misinformation. You’re not looking at the big picture here.

    Sociobiological models of human sexual strategy predicted that women grab the best provider (SMV) they could attract. Unfortunately for males, the vast majority of low SMV men do not have access to nubile desirable women (peak of SMV). All this is related to mate market value, social and sexual desirability and attractiveness.

    The kicker here is that nowadays, western women are economically independent and they are just following their sexual instincts STRAIGHT into being choosier and increasing their mate standards according to the natural female human biology. This wasn’t always the case. This is the first time in human history where women can be as selective as they can be AND reap the genetic benefits as needed DIRECTLY, without any repercussion. Women currently have every method disposable to them for selecting mates based on attractiveness only. You don’t need to look any further than Tinder.

    Take into consideration what I’ve mentioned before:

    The greatest difficulty for relating male physical attractiveness to female mate preference is that in many, probably most tribal societies– those societies most similar to the social EEA in which our mating preferences evolved – ethnographers repeatedly record that women alone do not choose their husbands. Their parents choose for them to a greater or a lesser degree. We could begin to ask which circumstances lead to parental control and which to bridal autonomy. What we do know now is that the selection of the husband, the long term mate who has primary responsibility for provisioning the children (except in some matrilineal, matrilocal societies, where that responsibility may fall primarily on the woman’s father and brothers) is often made without regard to the woman’s perception of the desirability of her new husband, or at least without primary regard for her opinion.

    Thus, mutual sexual attraction, TRADITIONALLY, has never been a requirement for long-terms relationships. Rather, sexual chemistry was (and in many cultures still is) a frequent TRADE-OFF that women were EXPECTED to make, in securing a long term mate – the reason being, that women are so selective in terms of sexual chemistry, as to render an insoluble scarcity of males to satisfy this requirement under assumptions of a monogamous mating system.

    Without the added pressure from families or for resources (as women can now fund themselves), you’ll begin to see a rise in more beautiful people as humans (most notably women) will begin to naturally select for the most beautiful. I also wrote about this in the last post, you must have not read it or skimmed through it:

    Sexual selection and sexual attraction seem be based on beauty rather than utility, and explains the common observation in nature that it is the most beautiful that survive (J Biosci. 2004).

    I’m going to try to explain this by also using the study above in many reference points.

    There is a dynamic interaction between the mean number of new deleterious mutations per generation (Mg), the mean number of deleterious mutations in the genome of the population (Mp) and percentage zygote survival (Z). Increased Mg leads to increased Mp and a fall in Zs but it takes several generations before a new equilibrium is reached. If sexual attraction is influenced by the number of deleterious mutations in the genome of individuals then Mp is reduced and Zs increased for any given value of Mg. This fall in Y and rise in Z is more marked in polygamous than monogamous mating systems. And deleterious mutations can occur without any observable or measurable effect on function. Thus sexual selection, in this organism, for low levels of deleterious mutations cannot be based on assessment of performance. Instead, it is based on a simple symmetrical surface pattern that is flawlessly reproduced by organisms with no deleterious mutations, but is less than perfect, and therefore less attractive, if genetic systems have been deleted. A complex vital task requires a system with a high level of redundancy that acts so that the loss of one component has no observable effect and therefore cannot be used for sexual selection. The reproduction of a beautiful surface pattern also requires a low error, high redundancy genetic system; however, in this case there is advantage if a single deleterious mutation produces a recognizable change.

    Furthermore, deleterious mutations interact synergistically causing impaired performance in individual systems and this leads to a positive correlation between the total number of deleterious mutations in the genome and impaired performance across the whole spectrum of biological capability. This includes performance in intellectual tasks, sporting ability, the ability to fight disease and preserve health and the development of a symmetrical physical form. Sexual reproduction distributes deleterious mutations unequally amongst zygotes and Z will correlate negatively with zygote mutational load. Rising environmental mutagenesis will lead to a rise in the human genomic mutational load and to decrease Z, although the FULL EFFECT would take SEVERAL generations. So that a marked rise in environmental mutagenesis would lead to species extinction if mate choice were random, i.e., unrelated to the genomic mutational load. The biological imperfections caused by mutations, however, in health, intelligence and physical symmetry are all, to varying degrees, related to sexual attraction. Therefore if mates are chosen in response to sexual attraction the species can be maintained in the presence of high environmental mutagenesis.

    Maybe the polyandric pattern that we see today, which women mate with a minority of males could have the most marked effect in reducing the number of deleterious mutations in the next generation.

    When environmental mutagenesis falls, the number of eligible males would increase and a species would change from a polygamous to a monogamous pattern of mating. Therefore if sexual attraction is a force which counteracts genomic degradation this result would imply that women should not be attracted by good genes, but by a lack of bad genes. Humans should choose mates in a way that maximizes their reproductive success.

    But what exactly is the optimal choice? Most empirical research is based on the assumption that individuals seek a mate of the highest possible quality (in terms of the genes or resources that can provide), and hence show directional preferences for indicators of mate quality. This would imply that attractiveness and quality should be highly correlated. But surprisingly, there’s not a linear relationship between beauty or its components and genetic fitness, and there are not particular greater mate qualities of those who are highly attractive. Empirical research show that whereas unattractive faces can signal poor genetic fitness, on this account, those who avoid mates with extremely unattractive faces would have increased their reproductive success over those who did not. In the extreme case of genetic anomalies, such as Down’s syndrome, it is obvious that unattractive faces signal low health and intelligence. However, faces that are above average in attractiveness are no more ‘‘fit’’ than those in the middle of the attractiveness.

    Specifically, some mathematical models have shown that the preferred male must provide genes that increase the survivorship or mating success of the offspring as compared to the genes provided by less desirable males. And empirical research on lek mating systems, as well as other nonresource-based mating systems, has confirmed the association between mate preference and increased offspring viability, although the fitness effects appear small at only a few percent. Beauty provided valid cues to intelligence and/or health for faces in the lower but not the upper halves of the distributions of these facial qualities.

    Thus, low attractiveness (low averageness, low symmetry, or low sexual dimorphism) signal low fitness, as indexed by intelligence or health. On the other hand, high attractiveness does not signal any higher levels of fitness than does moderate levels of these attribute. Then mate preferences for attractive faces could not have enhanced reproductive success via choice mates in the top half of the beauty distribution. So maybe humans not only correctly utilize these cues when they are valid, but they also overgeneralize, utilizing these cues in the upper half of the distribution, where they are not valid. Therefore beauty preferences appear to have evolved under the influence of both the good genes and the runaway selection mechanisms.

  42. inspire respect.

    I agree with everything you have said, but I don’t think I agree with this. How does their physicality inspire respect? It’s been said time and again, that women respect what men do, not who they are. I agree with this sentiment. Do these men garner their respect because their physicality visually demonstrates discipline and women then unconsciously take this information in?

    1. I’d argue both.

      Their physicality is a cue for performance capacity (confidence) as well as being an easily understandable evidence of discipline (whether factual or not) in comparison to ‘lesser’ men they more commonly experience.

      When you observe a 6′ 3″ bodybuilder with 8% bodyfat and 22″ biceps exhibit self-restraint in a conflict, it visually means more than a guy who’s 5′ 10″ and caries a bit of paunch.

  43. hey guy, this is a great site for some info on civilizations from an individual to collective standpoint, based on EvoPsych and resource availability. I’m really interested to see what your take on this is and how it relates to sexual dynamics.
    You’re a great writer; enjoy the site and your work.

  44. Eon
    Howzit? I read here all the time, just don’t comment much

    1) those who are courageous, predictable in an ethical / principled way …..gets you nowhere with chicks that I can tell.
    2) those who are simply violent (and possibly weak and cowardly), unpredictable in an immoral / amoral way (perceived as exciting, masculine?), and possibly somewhat irrational…… this gets dudes laid like tile. Again I refer to myself.

    Girls get lubed up because I look like I ride with 81 and do some illegal stuff. Afterwards they might like me in dress blues, but not before. At least not often, and I can tell you I pull more ass now, all tatted up and whatnot than before when I was still doing a job that frowned on tatts. I was healthy then and more dangerous than I am now as a semi crippled. While I like Stingray, she is not in the habit of chasing girls (I think….) and doesn’t much understand these things

    Women don’t do reality very well and are not subtle. I recently had a mini bench press contest with a guy on my crew. He’s the body builder type and girls in the gym were reassuring him he’d win. I crushed him by 70 pounds, and had another 40 pounds or so in the tank. They were stunned. The dudes watching us and cheering us on knew better/ weren’t sure of either outcome. At 1st. Even the non gym rats could tell the difference between his all show build and my all g build. Nor is this the 1st time something like this happened to me. One time in the gym, the girls wanted to know if I knew the name of *that guy*, you know the strongest guy in the gym… they thought this bodybuilder dude was stronger than my pal the 900 pound squatter.

    Detraining? Bullshit. No such fucking critter

  45. ”Law 36
    Disdain Things you cannot have: Ignoring them is the best Revenge
    By acknowledging a petty problem you give it existence and credibility. The more attention you pay an enemy, the stronger you make him; and a small mistake is often made worse and more visible when you try to fix it. It is sometimes best to leave things alone. If there is something you want but cannot have, show contempt for it. The less interest you reveal, the more superior you seem.”

    I love that one law. All women are attention whores. Even when you’re on the 7Am train heading for work there are always plenty of women already trying to get free attention from you. If you give attention to them they perceive you as a pervert, if you don’t give it to them they assume you are gay, but deep down they grow scared of men beginning to ignore them.

    When you talk to women like they are human beings they ignore you. Doesn’t matter how long they’ve known you. I noticed how women seemed indignant when I chose to ignore them in favor of talking to men. I remember this woman who didn’t want to be left alone with me on the bus(i’d known her for some time) because I was ”creepy”(not her physical type, not that I ever hit on her) but when I began to avoid her she came up to me to ask what was wrong.

    I once had a woman who was collecting beta orbiters ask me why I didn’t treat her like a princess, like the other guys did. I asked her whether the guy who is banging her treats her right or if he ignores her and only comes up to her when he wants to have sex. Man, did that made her mad. I also had these other two women who would ask me if I thought they were attractive, if they were more attractive than Queen Bee Mary. To piss those two off I told them they better never visit Sweden, unless they want to come back to a much needed facebook-all women ”you are so beautiful!” therapy.

    And others, mostly women I see when I’m out in the city, they’re staring at me, I approach them – they begin to think I’m going to inflect their ego – and I tell them that I have no money. Just to add a little more salt to the wound I tell them that even if I was rich I wouldn’t spend money on them.

    If you can’t have what you want, then disdain it. I shall never have Claudia Schiffer,and the rest of the women aren’t worth the effort and the upkeep necessary to maintain them. Why not make it fun by giving them a dose of whats to come? Alpha fux? Sure. Beta bux? Not anymore, LOL:

    The pool of eligible compliant betas is dwindling by the year. The older men are already paying child-support and alimony and won’t have the money for second round, 25-40 year old men grew up with women all around them and have a deep insight into female nature, and men younger than 25 are addicted to porn and to video games to bother with women.

    But we should give up on the freedom we’ve acquired because poon>All and ending up dead in some silly world war to protect women and children and the land that doesn’t belong to me is the proper thing to do, or protecting a woman when she goes to the nightclub but doesn’t like the guy who is gropping her and you end up stabbed for it.


    I’m number 1. #2 is my family and #3 is my dog. And its not like western civilization is going to last much more anyway LOL

  46. “Sounds like an evolutionary jackpot for the biological father. Alpha moves on to fertilize more females while Beta is convinced of his humanity by internalizing his rightful role as cuckold and nurturer of the Alpha’s child by the mother and a feminine-centric social order.”

    If “evolutionary jackpot” is equivalent to “genetic legacy”, then this is not necessarily true.

    The environment (through epigenetics, for example) can influence genetic expression, and possibly even through future generations.

    There is no guarantee that your child will remain completely your child, mentally or physically, if raised by others.

    And genetics is more complex and subtle than previously believed, for example:

    H. J. Jeffrey, “Chaos game representation of gene structure”, Nucleic Acids Res., Apr 25, 1990, 18(8): 2163–2170. [ncbi.nlm.nih[]gov/pmc/articles/PMC330698/]

    Mark B. Gerstein, et al., “What is a gene, post-ENCODE? History and updated definition”, Genome Res., 2007, 17: 669-681. [genome.cshlp[]org/content/17/6/669.full]

  47. On average(I am vastly simplifying here), the ‘meathead’ demographic will outbreed the niceguy demographic(which is all that counts in evolutionary terms). However, the ‘solution’ (which I will get into) makes it clear that these prevailing dynamics are unsustainable. The resolution is still many generations in the future, but one can take comfort that it will happen (if not in one’s lifetime). These things can’t be rushed.

    Nonetheless, I’ll take the problem listed (rampant selection runaway in female sexual choice) even further:

    Rampant selection by females will always follow too much ecological prosperity (which implies a relaxation of precedent ecological pressures).

    When a population is too prosperous, a strategic morph known as a ‘selfish replicator’ can exploit a favorable evolutionary niche to outbreed all others when that prosperity becomes sufficiently distributed throughout the population.And because selfish morphs incur the least liability (they take far more than they contribute), they are able to out produce (outbreed) all others, gaining an evolutionary advantage. (Does any demographic come to mind?)

    So, over generations, selfish replicators become dominant in a population (this is what is happening in all developed world populations as we speak).

    As selfish replicators become increasingly dominant, populations become less cooperative/efficient, and the male breeding population shrinks dramatically as female sexual choice focuses on an increasingly small pool of ‘choice’ males(relaxed ecological pressures marginalize the paternal investment advantages in offspring success that would otherwise hold female sexual selectivity in check by favoring larger, more inclusive male breeding populations).

    Eventually, this dynamic becomes unsustainable, as the population becomes evolutionarily unstable (indicated in tendencies to sub-replacement fertility – another symptom observed of developed world populations).

    So, any solution will very much entail steep trade-offs, in that males can’t have their cake and eat it too (which is what ‘PUAs’ try to sell)– a prosperous population of deferred ecological pressures(like we currently enjoy), without an expectation that this prosperity will increase the mating latitude of females(dramatically perturbing the breeding population, to the point of near evolutionary instability).

    One will always follow the other, as male consensus on these matters is practically impossible in terms of inter-sexual competition(as opposed to the broad accord females enjoy through an abundant wealth of sexual opportunities, courtesy of their reproductively limiting function).

    Thus, unperturbed female sexual choice can be the most pernicious agency acting upon the stability of density dependent human systems.

    So unfortunately, the problems being discussed here must resolve emergently, and there is nothing anyone (or any group or ‘secret society’) can do to affect a spontaneous solution (which seems to be a common assumption regarding the proposals being submitted) to what is, in fact, an evolutionary problem.

  48. @stingray – I’m convinced that part of the guitar player’s allure for women is social. Guy walks in to a party with a guitar, what happens? Everyone gathers around him, and focuses on him. His (assumed) charisma and social status increase.

  49. @ Prof Hardwig – “When you talk to women like they are human beings they ignore you. ”

    I wonder, do you get that may only be true for you? It’s the exact opposite for me. I start up conversations with women all the time in various places and they usually respond. I’m 5’8″, 20 lbs over weight, 52 and currently a 5. Hmmm, how could that be?

    You see, I’m actually genuinely interested in people – men and women alike. When people converse with me, they get that I’m interested in them and want to hear what they have to say. My communication has no strategy attached to it, nor am i nervous or focused on the outcome.

    Any guy who can’t talk to women they are attracted to likely can’t talk to most strangers. A great way to “practice” is to start conversations with unattractive women or men you don’t know. What you’ll see, Prof, is that you are likely uninterested in what they have to say and who they are. And people can tell this instantly. From me they detect someone who is interested, playful and who has nothing at stake in the interaction. And it makes all the difference.

    I can do this with beautiful young women and 75 year olds and do so all the time. Your beliefs and what you think is “true” are so limiting. I also genuinely like women again. Since they are no longer a source of agony and mystery to me, it’s like I’m finally not pissed at them any longer. I think this comes across too.

    Example. Last night I’m in the grocery store and the checkout clerk is a cute 22ish woman. As I’m unloading my paleo, natural food it occurred to me that she sees all kinds of shopping and food that people buy and I wondered if she notices it. I ask, “As I was unloading my groceries I had this thought that you must see all kinds of people’s eating/shopping habits. Do you actually notice? Do you see…” and she jumps in, as does the cute bagger too as my question is about their world. They begin to tell me stories about all the weird and bad combos of stuff people buy. It’s a fun conversation, I’m laughing as they are. Within 90 seconds, she’s all flirty. Eyes are sparkling and she’s making direct, unbreaking eye contact. I’m super cool, egging her on and listening but not escalating or really doing much at all other than creating a space where she is listened to and appreciated (amazing how well all humans respond to that, women included). Towards the end she actually spreads open her jacket and does a stretch that juts her chest towards me, opening up her neck – the body language equivalent of “do me now”. I don’t make a “move” though. I’m in a hurry, her bagger is there (never make a move on a young woman when others will hear you, fyi, always do so privately/as covertly as possible) and I’m just not in the mood to “work it”. I’m not saying I could have slept with her, as I don’t confuse flirting with fucking, but she was definitely responsive, as was the bagging girl. What did I do? I was just a normal, nice person starting a meaningless conversation and being friendly.

    Women can tell I just “get it” as Rollo says. The world is how it is, whether it’s “fair” or nice for me doesn’t enter into my calculations. I simply deal with it in a way that provides me maximum advantage and advances my goals. Walking around hating women as you do cannot possibly be effective or helping you advance your personal goals and happiness, can it?

    Fyi, I notice you just ignored my earlier comment to you. Lol, I’m not here to play amateur academic or to “study” intersexual relations and write penetrating essays in comment sections to look smart to others. I’m about getting my life to a great place. I only comment here, out of the entire online manosphere and do so in very limited doses, as a way of connecting with likeminded men. I’m not here to win a commenting contest or be the smartest guy on the thread. But I do want to share my experiences, and give voice to my Red Pill journey as most people in my world don’t understand it, so it’s hard to talk about.

    Again, I ask you, what are you here for? What is your Red Pill journey about? Demonizing women and hating them, and justifying your victimhood? I mean, do you really think that women are as consciously devious and evil as your comments make them out to be? And do you get that believing that is probably why some woman doesn’t want to be alone on the bus with you? That you give off this animosity and hate? Just a thought, Prof.

  50. @ Professor:

    “And others, mostly women I see when I’m out in the city, they’re staring at me, I approach them – they begin to think I’m going to inflect their ego – and I tell them that I have no money. Just to add a little more salt to the wound I tell them that even if I was rich I wouldn’t spend money on them.”

    If you actually do this, “creepy” may be an accurate description of your behavior. Also, going out of your way to give shit to random women doesn’t sound very MGTOW. Glenn has some good points above. It may be worthwhile to consider what he is saying.

  51. @kfg

    “Most men these days would have to be near starvation to even kill a rabbit for their own food. What woman would want a man who can’t even kill her a rabbit? Doesn’t even make any sense.”

    I have killed numerous feral hogs, deer, ducks, rabbits, geese, dove, quail, 3 dogs, god knows how many fish, several snakes (rattle snake doesn’t taste as bad as you may think), some turtles, a black buck antelope, frogs, rats, mice,….. Some of the remains hang on my walls. Most men I know have done at least some of the same. We are terrible murderers. We live in Murderville.

    Where do you live? Betaville?

  52. “Where do you live? Betaville?”

    No, but if I ride up to the top of the ridge on a clear day I can see it from there.

    ” . . . rattle snake doesn’t taste as bad as you may think”

    I think it tastes rather like iguana. I rather like iguana. A lot more rattlesnake here than iguana. Iguana don’t like the winter weather on Rattlesnake Mountain. Probably wouldn’t like the summer much either.

  53. “In the past year and a half I’ve promoted 3 “male revue” shows for one of my casino clients. Trust me, the women who attend these strip shows (no nudity) aren’t stimulated with these men’s temperance or self-restraint.”

    Vegas is an artificial environment. The women who go there are a certain type of women in the first place and, add to that, they are on vacation in a theme park of iniquity, which you are selling tickets for. It isn’t called “Sin City” for nothing. So, you sell them into sin, and then you write how horrible they are for buying your product. Looks like you’re part of the problem, buddy.

    1. @Kate,
      Who said anything about Vegas? First off, these shows are in Reno.

      Secondly, they are one off 2 hour events which are planned 6-8 months in advance in order to find a venue to accommodate the sheer volume of women who plan annual GNOs just to go to the show.

      Third, these events are so popular (think Magic Mike) that the host casino will offer special weekend room rates to accommodate the, again, planned overflow.

      Lastly, while there are a few late 20s in the demo, the audience is primarily the 35-50 year old divorced “professional” spinster set of women (kind of like your demo actually). They are far nastier and prone to drinking overpriced flavored martinis, as well as pay the premium admission of $85,rather than the general of $45.

      Please keep making presumptions, it makes you appear more stupid and trolly than normal.

      1. @ Kate – What “problem” is it that you are referring to? Wall/Post-Wall women enjoying looking at hot men who dance and prance and maybe grind a bit for or on them? I see no problem there – just don’t expect me to want to fuck most of them. In fact, i’d rather such old broads get their needs met via commercial means versus expecting guys like me to get it up for them.

        I wonder, have you ever thought about the phenomena of Viagra? I have never taken it, but I have more than a couple of male friends who do so. They do it because they can’t get it up to fuck the old broads that they are stuck with. You see, men are bio programmed to get it up for nubility. I’ll put it more simply, as I have done so for a few 40+ women who I know who shame older men for wanting to fuck 23 year olds.

        ‘You know why younger women are more pleasing to be with? It’s their skin. It’s so soft and smooth, and they also smell great.’ You see, it’s visceral and not something I can or want to switch off. And of course, these same women spend extraordinary effort and amounts of money trying to make their skin smooth and pliant, and to smell good – but heaven fucking forbid you talk about it. Lol. Women’s silliness is legion and now it just amuses me. Not angry anymore at all about it, but still am always surprised when such people want me to take what they say seriously.

        Tell me, can you imagine men telling women to take pills so they can get horny and perform for men? Telling men to do so seems to me to be a “problem”. Horny spinsters getting their jollies in Reno? That looks like a solution to me. I say Rollo is performing a public service!

  54. re: respect. Even if nothing else had ever been said, Stingray’s insistence that the Good Man should be satisfied that he garners respect, reveals that she is a woman. This is how women think: it shouldn’t matter to a man that he doesn’t inspire arousal, because respect for his Manliness is somehow *different* as well as *better*. The truth is that
    1. A woman’s specific respect for a man’s manhoodliness is proportional to her arousal, and it has nothing to do with his Goodness and almost nothing to do with her general respect for him as an upstanding member of society or whatever.
    2. Women refuse to acknowledge their supreme contempt of most men’s much greater sexuality. Women *envy* an unattractive man’s libido, but hate him for it.
    3. Women’s respect for attractive men is in accord with the halo effect.

  55. re: Siirtryion. I’ll try to avoid the Great Wall Of Text by linking to a prior comment. Boiled down, women’s pickers are broken. Again, it has NEVER been shown strongly, NEVER been shown consistently, that *male* secondary sexual charactistics are “honest indicators” of fertilization efficiency. If anything, females tend to prefer sex up attractive but LESS fertile and LESS paternal males.
    “so-called phenotype-linked fertility hypothesis predicts that male secondary sexual traits are reliable indicators of male fertilization efficiency (Sheldon, 1994). Male fertility may be particularly important aspect of mate quality for females, because it largely determines the reproductive success (Peters et al., 2008). Earlier studies testing for the phenotype-linked fertility hypothesis have yielded contradictory results. Some studies in non-human animals have found support for the hypothesis (Kortet et al., 2004; Malo et al., 2005; Locatello et al., 2006; Rogers et al., 2008), whereas others have found either no associations between secondary sexual traits and fertility or negative correlations (Liljedal et al., 1999, 2008; Skinner & Watt, 2007; Rowe et al., 2010; Klaus et al., 2011).”

  56. Hi Rollo,
    I’ve recently become aware of the manosphere and it’s various blogs books etc. And if I get the picture correct on hypergamy it goes something like this:

    Young attractive female cashes in on her high SMV by giving her intimacy to alpha males, following her natural instincts. Since birth control is in her hands, she may or may not get pregnant during these years. Getting pregnant would mean an end to the party so most women will opt for not getting pregnant. Then the SMV decline sets in, She becomes aware of that and starts considering the provider beta males, eventually reels in one of them and gives him a few kids, thus ensuring both her well being in older age as well as the successful growing up of her kids.

    OK. Now my question is, who eventually wins in this scenario? At the end of the day, the whole point of mating is passing on your genes to the next generation. No matter how you look at it, the beta at least managed to pull this off, admittedly at the high price of feeling emascuated and miserable to varying degrees throughout his life. But the alpha doesn’t know if he has offspring somewhere as cuckoo’s in a beta man’s family.

    I realise the female may get pregnant from an alpha during the marriage as well, and this then accounts for the 10 -20 % of people who would not be the children of their supposed fathers. However the advent of readily accessible DNA testing would put a serious dent in this.

    Am I missing something?

  57. Stingray’s insistence that the Good Man should be satisfied that he garners respect, reveals that she is a woman.

    I didn’t say this. I simply said respect can be garnered. Nowhere did I say that men should be satisfied with that.

  58. When you observe a 6′ 3″ bodybuilder with 8% bodyfat and 22″ biceps exhibit self-restraint in a conflict, it visually means more than a guy who’s 5′ 10″ and caries a bit of paunch.</b?

    Agreed. And what you said now makes sense. Thank you.

  59. pavetack,

    Sure. But that can only be part of it. I was struggling to figure out what visually was appealing and arousing about a guitar player and I think Rollo got it. And to add what he said, it also shows mastery. Add all of those things to social proof (not to mention per-selection. Same thing?) and there you go.

  60. A woman’s specific respect for a man’s manhoodliness is proportional to her arousal, and it has nothing to do with his Goodness and almost nothing to do with her general respect for him as an upstanding member of society or whatever.

    I’ve also never argued this. I’ve argued that what is Good should be determined by the man and not by society (which is largely lead by what women find Good). Ton mentioned not wearing a motorcycle helmet, tattoos, lifting, Southern Nationalism. What here is inherently bad? You mentioned murder, adultery, etc. These are no where near the same vein as being “bad”.

    My point is that women will find men who go against societal rules as being attractive. Going against those rules doesn’t necessarily make one bad in the traditional sense that you gave in your comment a couple of days ago.

    And I also conceded that yes, murderers on death row and men like Chris Brown will get women. This is nothing new as these men tend to have Deti’s traits for masculinity in spades.

  61. “Trust me, the women who attend these strip shows (no nudity) aren’t stimulated with these men’s temperance or self-restraint. Their physicality is all the proof they need to prove their capacity for performance and inspire respect.”

    Rollo, I’m sure that male strippers have the right body type to inspire female attention. They’re paid for women to look at them, after all.

    But I cannot agree that dancing around in a g-string inspires respect from the onlookers.

    1. @ Liz – Do you not respect male strippers? Why? I respect female strippers just as much as any other women. But I don’t grant any women pedestal status anymore so it’s not that I’ve increased my respect for strippers, but rather that I realize women are all “strippers” – it’s just that some are better at it and more honest about it than others. If you think that’s hyperbolic, consider how much money and effort women spend on trying to look sexy. What, do you think they are not trying to gain something by doing do? Social status with other women, attraction from men, better jobs, special treatment in many social settings – being a sexually alluring women is like hitting fucking lotto and all you girls are playing the game. And if you’ve given up, it’s only because you know you can’t compete but if you were a 9 you wouldn’t dream of complaining about it because of the power sexy, beautiful women are granted in our society.

      it’s amazing how many women want to enforce puritanical, asinine ideas about sexuality. I say we should give these guys medals for the work they are doing. It’s a service to post-wall women who, if they weren’t at these shows, would be sitting at home watching Sex in the City reruns, plowing through a pint of Ben & Jerry’s while they fantasize about “Mr Big”.

  62. Glen: “@ Liz – Do you not respect male strippers? Why?”

    I don’t have much of any opinion on male strippers outside of the fact that I don’t believe dancing around in a g string inspires respect. Why would it?

  63. “I respect female strippers just as much as any other women. But I don’t grant any women pedestal status anymore so it’s not that I’ve increased my respect for strippers, but rather that I realize women are all “strippers” – it’s just that some are better at it and more honest about it than others.”

    Women aren’t inspiring respect by dancing around in g strings either. Men don’t watch women dancing naked because this inspires respect, and women don’t watch naking men dancing out of the respect it inspires.

    1. Liz, you’re thinking of respect in the light of sitting down in front of your computer and thinking insightfully about what respect ought to imply. If you saw one of these guys in jeans and a t-shirt they’d still be attractive to you and inspire respect, subliminally, if only for the fact that he’d physically outclass 98% of the men likely to be around him at the time. When women see a well built guy there are a plethora of subconscious cues that trigger a ‘respect’ for his potential capacity to perform for them, and out perform other men. A good body implies to women’s limbic awareness: hard work, dedication, and self-discipline (whether true or not is irrelevant to the hindbrain), as well as good breeding stock and the potential for a peak sexual experience.

      If I polled the women at these events and asked them if they “respected” these guys for what they do, every one of them would enthusiastically affirm they did. In the moment, they would affirm that because their hindbrains are making that judgement. Whether they merit respect in a social, ethical or cognitive regard is debatable, but that estimation will still be colored by women’s arousal for them.

      In other words, physical attractiveness covers a lot of character flaws – women will forgive flaws and maintain respect for the hot Alpha far more than the mediocre Beta.

  64. @bbb said “I have been married for 37 years. The manosphere has helped me understand the (variable) behavior of my wife and the other women around me. Keeping fit, upping game, amassing wealth are my mantra. Amused mastery during shit tests and application of soft dread at all times are essential to my (our?) happiness.”

    Exactly. Been married 33 years, and after discovering the manosphere the last year, the bullshit I have endured, and enabled make sense. I have had moments of being alpha, but was a manipulated into being such a White Knight it makes me cringe. When I started to push back, all hell broke loose. I maintained frame, and told her get used to the new me or GTFO. I wasn’t being an asshole, just starting to take better care of myself and trying to improve. My life was about being the mule for everybody around me. No more. Things are better, but the shit tests never end and I actually look forward to them. My responses are much different!

  65. The counterpoint to this article is that the woman who imprints early, carefully, and luckily, with a man with a SMV 1 to 2 points higher than her, and EACH makes it a priority to keep in shape, game each other, and build wealth, both avoid both the impact of the carousel and the wall.

    But “early” means too early in today’s western culture. The feminine imperative directs women to feed their hypergamy until they spoil.

    In Japan the saying was /is, “Nobody wants a Christmas cake after Christmas.”

  66. @RP

    I have been red pill aware for almost a year. Our relationship took a serious dip at first, but eventually recovered and is now far, far more solid than it was. And if/when she dumps me, I’ll hit the ground at full sprint.

    RP, we both hope that other married men will use the knowledge to successfully overhaul their relationships so that they are happier. A happy husband makes for, well, a happy husband.

  67. Glen: “@ Liz – Why would it inspire disrespect? Don’t speak for others, speak for yourself.”
    I didn’t say that dancing in a g string inspires disrespect.
    I said that I don’t believe dancing in a g string inspires respect.

  68. pop singer and actress Ariana Grande wants alpha fucks beta bucks…

    “Nathan, 20, seemed like a great guy and he and Ariana were an adorable couple — the Sam & Cat star has even gushed about his sweet and thoughtful romantic gestures before — but we have to applaud Ariana for being honest with herself. If she wants for a bad boy, then she should go for it. And at just 20, she might as well have fun with a few rough-and-tumble types before settling down.”…”it is time to go back to what she really wants — a bad boy! “I like funny boys, I like a bad boy. I tried the good boy thing for a minute and I was like oh my gosh,”

  69. @bbb

    “RP, we both hope that other married men will use the knowledge to successfully overhaul their relationships so that they are happier. A happy husband makes for, well, a happy husband.”

    Absolutely. Initially I tried to inform a few of my married buds about the Red Pill. They think I am nuts….”a 63 y.o. man talking about the matrix and a red pill.” I try to explain the biology and psychology, give references and web links and they roll their eyes.
    Rollo is SO right…..unplugging someone is dirty work. But you can only lead them to the water….it’s up to them to drink.
    My son is 30 yo, 6’6″ 225lb hard and lean, works out religiously…a real head turner. Medical professional and never married. He had been dumped on repeatedly when he was younger because he was “too Nice.
    He is now red pill aware…

  70. Guys, just to clarify: when I talk of women I’m referring to tall, natural bondes with blue/green eyes and exquisitely beautiful with sharp, angular shapes to their faces. Her ”booty” and breasts are of no importance to me,hair, eyes, teeth, face and weight is what concerns me and sadly the females I consider to be women are too out of my wallet-range. Yes, women other guys would consider attractive notice me and pay me attention, but so what?I feel no attraction to them and they annoy me.

    Women who don’t look like Miss Berlin are responsive to me, they enjoy my fake charm when I feel like trolling them, but the women who adorn the covers of fashion magazines and the women you find strolling in the french Riviera look at me like I’m creepy if I ever start a conversation with them, no matter how much ”game” I might use on them, lol.

    Now, are those non-blonde women attracted to me? I honestly don’t know. They play with their hair and they smile a lot and glance at me, but they don’t throw themselves at me like I’ve seen women do to my tall, blonde friends with perfect faces, so there’s that.

    Anyway I’m not attracted to them so i ts not like it matters.

  71. jf12,

    Don’t pay attention to what women say they want in a man. A ”good” man is the guy who protects her and provisions for her. A good man is the man who died in wars to prevent women from being raped and murdered. I think about it, how many men died to protect the same women who opened their arms to the invading armies and I reflect on it. I respect these soldiers for facing such a gruesome death and going on with it but that part about defending women is retarded as all hell.

    Unless a woman looks like Helen of Troy I couldn’t care less what happens to her. Matter of fact, whenever I see a woman on the early stages of being molested I move as far away from her as possible. I wouldn’t risk breaking a nail for the vast majority of women, let alone risking my life for women who are sub-par. That extends itself to helping women in any type of difficulty. Its not that I ”hate” women its just that I see any effort dedicated to most women as a complete waste.

    Women’s sexual desire is tied to the respect they feel for that particular man. Angelina Jolie respects Brad Pitt. She treats him so well because she’s sexually attracted to him. I have never in my life seen women get out of their way to treat construction works with respect. Unless the guys could be included in a man’s fitness magazine, that is. Women have no respect for men they aren’t attracted to, and in many cases she’ll consider the guy to be a creep.

  72. The truth is, while a women can be ok financially by herself, most women simply hate hate hate working. So, the idea that providers have lost their appeal is false. It just takes about 10 years to realize that their husbands and fathers weren’t having a party at work all this time. But, as you say, provider appeal is not the same as lustful desire.

    Also, Rollo. Do you think that the feminine imperative is simply the way the world is supposed to be. Meaning, that men have always received the shorter end of the deal. Also, part of the denial in blue pill men is that, for those who are religious, usually don’t believe humans are “animals”, and are therefore above such sexual strategies.

    In the past, when women weren’t as focused on “made men”, wasn’t it far easier for men to take advantage of female hypergamy? In other words, they could have not lived up to their potential she was betting on, as most men do not follow the pattern of your graph and become outrageously successful or fit in their 30’s. On average, men probably do have a higher middle age smv, but to achieve the huge disparity will require a major effort on the part of the man, which some people may forget when seeing the smv chart.

    Luckily, when I think about it, it really is a much better deal to be born a male than a female. The odds of being born a 7 or 8 female are very low. From everything I’ve seen regarding the red pill, men really are lucky in that we are the “self-improvement” sex. Sure, some things are unchangeable, but for the most part, we have immense flexibility in determining our SMV based on what we do. Women have very little influence, which really makes me pity girls born with a raw deal. Part of the major problem with the blue pill, is not understanding how greatly a mans improvement affects his chances. There is a catch to being a man though, and that is, you better get going and start doing! And, it’s kind of sad to think we aren’t loved for existing, but only doing. Women are loved for simply existing (pretty much).

  73. ”I said that I don’t believe dancing in a g string inspires respect”

    Actually, it does.The woman who is natural about her sexuality is refreshing. Way too many women pretend to be decent human beings, only to stab their boyfriends and husbands on the back. Women as a general rule pretend to be attracted to good men. They are not. Women are attracted to good-looking men, mass-murderers or not, the men with great looks bang to their heart’s content. I have met many a scoundrel who was always had feminine company and I’ve met many good men who did the right thing and only got a kiss on the cheek for it.

    Men do what works. If being a douchebag is what makes women aroused, most men will do it. I have to confess that, when in college, I’d see young men treat women in a respectful manner and they’d got ridden on for their $ and attention. Meanwhile, the attractive men would show up, insult the women, grab their bottoms and go away with them for sex. I used to laugh so hard whenever I saw a guy disrespect a woman and still, he was rewarded for his looks.

    I make it a point to tell my young cousins that all that matters to women who are younger than 30(to women older than 30 what they want is the wallet) is how good you look when she’s hanging on your arm. Only obese and ugly women have any shade of decency in them and that’s because they can’t act like women who look like Jennifer Lawrence.

    As for the rest, how a woman in a g-string dancing doesn’t inspire respect.. what’s there to respect in women? They are foreign to love, loyalty and dedication. The very daughter of the Emperor Augustus was a slut, his wife was a slut, and most of the women who have the $ to ”’not” need men act like sluts. Look how Jennifer Lopez turned out to be.

    Guys, working on your looks is fine. You’ll get average-looking to cute women to bed you for free, but the real women out there, the women French Kings would deem to bang want more than that. They want money. Work on that.

    Most women will put out if the offer is grand enough for her. Beautiful women will sleep with vastly disgusting man if the man’s wallets are deep enough and if you take a look into the history of western civilization you’ll notice that many if not most of the men with great wealth married much younger, very beautiful women. We can say that these ladies are one-man prostitutes but it still stands, the truth of women sexuality.

    Average to ”attractive” women want good-looking men, hauntingly beautiful women want rich men.

  74. ”The truth is, while a women can be ok financially by herself, most women simply hate hate hate working. So, the idea that providers have lost their appeal is false. It just takes about 10 years to realize that their husbands and fathers weren’t having a party at work all this time. But, as you say, provider appeal is not the same as lustful desire.”

    Haha, my mother was a beauty in her time. She had men throwing themselves at her, very good-looking man, yet she married my father. My father wasn’t a made man, he didn’t have any money when he met her, but my mother(like all women do) was aware of his ambition and will to rise.

    My father is considered a good-looking man even in his 60s but what set him apart from all the other guys was his persistence in working hard, studying and his staunch belief in continuously improving himself. The other guys wanted an easy life. Did my father win over them? not really. They had my mother for free when she was in her prime. My father stuck with her and took care of her. I have no intention in ending up like my father. Even if I managed to land a Jennifer Lawrence I would never marry her or live with her. I would pump and dump her. But sadly I don”t have the necessary looks to be able to do it.

  75. Yea men can at least learn to be attractive enough for beautiful women. Or at least a dude can make a shit load of money and get laid that way. Even if he’s fat or ugly. If a women is overweight or loses her looks somehow by being unhealthy or by aging, not much she can do. Plastic surgery looks like shit. After they lose their looks a bitchy attitude isn’t going to help them. While they have more fun than most men do when in their younger years, they can’t have too much fun or it could fuck up their bodies if they aren’t smart about it.

    Alcohol, drugs, and fucking a lot of dudes doesn’t make them a keeper. While it doesn’t for men either, men can shape up with some work. For women it’s tough damage control. Last hopes are finding a beta who is willing to kiss her ass because he’s been denied pussy for most of his life. It’s not like they are bad men, probably safe bets to provide for them and can fulfill her need for attention. If she still has some funk in her trunk she can still pull an alpha but he will be smart enough to know she’s hit and quit or damaged goods.

    So I guess my question is what the fuck can women do? Ignore their biology? Black dragon says that traditional monogamy is dead after 3 plus years of being together. It’s sounds like open relationships are the new fad and sexuality needs to be embraced more now days but there’s still risk of STDs out there. At least men can wrap it up, MGTOW and focus on career and place less importance on their sexual needs, or can screen hard core about who they let into their lives.

    Women can’t help themselves and have societal need and pressure to have children and get married. I know I might be off on some of this and not all women are like this and no all men realize this outside of red pill manosphere. But I have more sympathy for women from this awareness. I don’t feel completely bad for them because it’s not a bad hand for women. If they have a goal for monogamy with a “great man” as society has taught them it’s unrealistic and a strategy that has major holes to it. Much like most of the strategy men have who are ignorant of game and the manosphere.

  76. If I were going to be a troll, I’d question whether you actually had any hair under that hat.

    The “problem,” Glenn, is that Rollo is part of an industry (doesn’t really matter where) that profits from, in this specific case, women’s drinking and debauchery. Then, here on this blog, he tries to help other men deal with “what women really are” while leaving out the part that he helped them on their way to being “what they really are.” He’s certainly not the only man in the world to not see his own role in things, but it strikes me as kind of funny that his keen powers of perception don’t ever get turned inward to realize it.

    1. @Kate, I’m sorry did you believe it was my responsibility to make women better ‘human beings’?

      You should discuss that with the hens at HUS the next time you’re there popping off about my appearance.

      Still waiting on that shot of you and Mark…

  77. I am in my late 20s and starter to earn some money. For the first time I see with no effort whatsoever that the girls get attracted to me. I can only imagine how it is to grow up even more.

    Even now I get pursuit by single hot mum’s in their 20s who want me to settle down. Which I of course refuse. In my eyes their attempts seem desperate, I can only imagine the desperation increasing more through the years as their SMV decreases further. It’s not that settling down is the enemy but I honestly think that you should settle down at your peak when you choose the person you want with you. If you are into that.

    Whatever the feminism ideals might be, and no matter how hard they try to sell it, a woman in her mid 30s to 40s is definitely not appealing. And noticing how my sexual appetities have remained fixed on the same demographic for over 10 years, I can only imagine that will remain unchanged for a long time and if my father’s words are anything to go by, probably forever.

    It’s an uncomfortable truth for women and I think deep down every woman knows it. I see it in my friends how the panic has started to kick in now in their lives. How comments I used to make about donating sperm so that they don’t die alone with cats have stopped being funny to them. Harsh I guess but true. That’s how the world works..

  78. PVH: ”I said that I don’t believe dancing in a g string inspires respect”

    Actually, it does.The woman who is natural about her sexuality is refreshing.”

    Well, perhaps the Magic Mike performance inspires respect in women more “natural about their sexuality” than I.
    Not my type of thing.

  79. Just to add:

    I’m throwing out a guess that the performers do not dress as janitors or in pajamas complete with remote control and ‘beer hat’. So I suspect the enthusiasm has more to do with the illusion of watching a fit, “soldier” or “doctor” or “fireman” or “policeman” ….and so forth, stripping down for them. Not just “WOW! I’m so overwhelmed with respect because he’s dancing naked(ish)…this is an actual, paying job!”

  80. Ok Kate my love…

    “Rollo is part of an industry (doesn’t really matter where) that profits from, in this specific case, women’s drinking and debauchery. Then, here on this blog, he tries to help other men deal with “what women really are” while leaving out the part that he helped them on their way to being “what they really are.”….

    Really? Really? Really “are”? Do you really think “Rollo” intended to “profit” from all this and “assisted” women he’s known in their debauchery? Or is he simply a man with normal instincts that all normal men have and the women he’s known and knows are just women with normal instincts also.

    We live the best we can with our instincts (and conditioning), just doing the best we can to maximize our comfort and pleasure, all of us both male and female. No one is to blame here for anything. Rollo is a smart guy, curious about himself and others concerning his feelings and experiences. He has given serious thought to why we are the way we are. No one is perfect and completely universal and no person’s analysis of themselves or the social dynamic they live in is perfect or complete. There are different points of view, different perspectives of this that are “correct”. One point of view does not necessary or disprove negate another. They can (and in many cases here) complement one another.


    Thanks again for “Vagintines” Day. My wife and I still laugh our asses off over that one….

    Live is a “dance” and “is ment to be”…can be, should be enjoyed…

  81. Kate my love (and despite what you may think I do mean it)….

    She said, “Don’t worry, baby”, when she left me
    “You were alright on your own before I came along
    And made this happy home”

    “And you can take that damned up guitar
    Pack it up and hit the road
    After all you’re probably better off alone”

    So I grab that old guitar and hit the high way
    It doesn’t take too long to pack
    When an empty seat holds everything you own

    And I’ve found comfort knowing
    Within moments notice I could roll
    After all I’m probably better off alone

    The cold wind blows
    Lightning fills the sky and the thunder rolls
    And her memory surrounds me, carves me like a stone
    Like raindrops on my weatherbeaten soul

    Well, I was just past Arizona when she called me
    The voice, it seemed to change
    As if it aged out or get wisdom long ago

    She said, “Lately I’ve been thinking
    Maybe you could come back home”
    Told her, “Maybe I’m just better off alone”

    And the cold wind blows
    Lightning fills the sky and the thunder rolls
    Her memory surrounds me, carves me like a stone
    Like raindrops on my weatherbeaten soul

    Just like waves upon the cliffs along the ocean
    Time goes by until the water changes
    Rock to beaches made of sand

    And they still have to take the beating
    Just like mother nature planned
    But I just hope that it’s not more than I can stand

    And the cold wind blows
    Lightning fills the sky and the thunder rolls
    Her memory surrounds me, carves me like a stone
    Like raindrops on my weatherbeaten soul
    Just like raindrops on my weatherbeaten soul

  82. @ Kate – Bryan Caplan of GMU studied how people’s understanding of basic economics varies by sex, and the results were astonishing. Women (in the U.S.), on average, have the same understanding of the basics of economics as adolescent boys. And, in fact, their comprehension DECREASES with more education while for men it increases as they get older and receive more education. For fun, I started asking women questions like, “What is money?” “How do free markets work?” and the answers I got back were mostly stunningly stupid, and not a single one could provide a correct answer to either question. It seems you are very much an ‘average’ woman when it comes to understanding basic economics.

    Let me slow it down, so even you can get it. Supply doesn’t create demand – supply meets demand. Rollo is only working with numerous others to meet the latent demand such post-wall women have for this kind of entertainment. If he instead was throwing Turkey basting parties, do you think he could make women pay 85 bucks for the premium seats and book entire weekends out of town for the event? And even then, he’s not angry about it – nor am I. He’s just analyzing it and making the case for why his views explain this behavior. Why does his description of reality get you so angry?

    Could it be that having slammed into the wall yourself this hits too close to home? Could it be that having settled for what can best be described as the mate selection equivalent of ‘table scraps’, you realize how right he is about how a woman in your circumstances really is at the bottom of the SMV barrel and as such, has only bad options left? Did you fuck up your life due to believing the hash of nonsense women subscribe to that Rollo decimates here? Or is this just an act of sisterly solidarity, in that you simply cannot tolerate having men discuss these basic truths about women in our world today?

    In any event, keep demonstrating what Rollo describes. How’s your love life, btw?

  83. @George luv: “Or is he simply a man with normal instincts that all normal men have and the women he’s known and knows are just women with normal instincts also.”

    If participating in orchestrating events where women drink and watch strippers is normal, please tell me the last time you did it.

    @Rollo: You’re buttering your bread on both sides. You don’t care about making women better human beings? Then what you’re also saying is that you don’t care about men having a better choice of woman. You’re poisoning the well and then selling the antidote. And no amount of deflection is going to change that. How about offering the men what they really want: fresh water.

  84. @ Liz – Oh yeah, you insipid dingbat, “disrespect” means lack of respect. If you lack respect for men dancing in g-strings in public, prancing around luridly, you “disrespect” them. You should try actually looking a word up before you deign to correct someone’s use of a word. .

    It’s also a typically cunty female move to try and play semantic games to evade taking responsibility for what you so clearly meant by what you said. Doesn’t fly here through. Grow up and act like an adult instead of an 8 year old girl.

  85. Kate – “You don’t care about making women better human beings?”

    Since when is it any man’s job to make women, or any woman, better “human beings”? Or or hat matter to “care”? Why can’t women make themselves better human beings?

    Oh… That’s right, I forgot. Women have no agency therefore any failings can be laid at the feet of all men. Far be it for men to expect, let alone think capable of women to ever have impulse control, see the possible pitfalls of their choices or accept responsibility or their actions.

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