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Nothing says “I love you” like saturated fat and slutty lingerie.

In the U.S. businesses expect men to spend on average $186 for Valentine’s day – over three times the average a woman spends on a man. Explain to me why women own V-Day? If it’s a “celebration of romantic love” why should it be an annual shit test?

Lets clarify a few things about Vagintines Day since it’s become probably the most irksome manifestation of westernized/commercialized romanticism. V-Day is far and away the most vulgar display of female entitlement. On no occasion – even a woman’s birhtday or her wedding anniversary – is this sense of entitlement more pronounced and our refined commercialization of this entitlement/expectation simply twists the knife in further for men to live up to this with ZERO expectation or entitlment to any reciprocation. He gets ‘lucky‘ if his romantic offerings are sufficient to appease her (social) media fueled expectations of ‘good enough’ to reward him with sex.

And exploit the media does. I can’t get away from it; Every radio station, every TV show, every newspaper and magazine article. Go to askmen.com right now, I guarantee there’s a “how not to fuck up this year’s V-Day for her” article there.

I listened to a talk radio show that I regularly tune into on my commute home on Friday; it was about what not buy this year. “Don’t buy lingerie, she knows it’s really a gift for you” or “Don’t pick up flowers at the gas station, women know they’re cheap”, and “God forbid you pick up some cheap jewlery or stop at one of those roadside urchins selling prepared flower baskets or arrangements – women know you didn’t think about it until you were on the way home.” On my way to work this morning, different show, same list. [Side Note: Never buy a woman lingerie, she will never be happy with it. A woman has to do this on her own to “feel sexy”, make sure it fits her right, and it’s HER IDEA. When you buy it for her it’s contrived and it is overt and overt is often the kiss of death for a try-hard guy.]

Why wouldn’t women have these expectiations? They’re relentlessly marketed to as the primary consumers in western culture. V-Day isn’t a celebration of romantic love, it’s a machine that drives a wedge of expectation and entitlement in between otherwise happy, relatively contented couples.

I’m not down on the idea of a special occasion to celebrate love (I actually proposed to Mrs. Tomassi on V-Day 18 years ago), I am down on the twisted expectations that have been perverted into it that puts a woman on some pedestal of entitlement by commercialized popularization of this feminized ideal. Why isn’t there an official “fuck your boyfriend like a wild animal” holiday or a list of criteria to meet that’ll make his day special? “Show him how appreciative you are of all his dependability and hard work this year – buy some lingerie ON YOUR OWN and pretend that you like him cuming in your mouth on his special day!” If women are so liberated and interested in equality, one would think this would be the first thing to occur to them. We need a special day to make us apprecitae each other?

Gentlemen, beware of falling into the trap of negotiating desire for Valentine’s Day performance. Don’t be lulled into thinking Game is any less necessary on V-Day. In fact, I can’t think of a more direct illustration of how the feminine encourages the transaction of men’s goods and services in exchange for a woman’s sexuality than reserving a ‘special day’ just for it. Remember, you cannot negotiate genuine desire; and with the right art, a bag of Skittles can be a more romantic gesture than all the sonnets, flowers and jewelry your inner romantic soul will ever be appreciated for by her.

Note to PUAs

Valentine’s Day is ripe with opportunity for an enterprising Man with the ability to see it. Go hit the clubs tomorrow night, particularly the ones that cater to a 25-40 y.o. affluent crowd. There’s a million different venues you can hit, all with promotions to help single ladies feel better about not having a date – usually with genderist drink specials to help your approach too. You’ll notice impromptu GNOs (girl’s night out) set up just for this occasion to prove to themselves “they don’t need men to have a good time.” A good PUA couldn’t arrange a better opportunity to hook up in multiple sets.

Don’t go play ‘pity friend’ with any girl on V-Day, don’t be the “you’re such a great friend” consolation date.. Call up your best wing man and sarge on the best night of the year to sarge. Wedding receptions aren’t even as good as V-Day for this.

V-Day in the Matrix

Just in case you weren’t already convinced of the complete totality of media control that the Matrix has, let me offer yet one more Valentine’s Day example:

I was in a grocery store this weekend picking up something to grill and thought it would be a convenient time to pick up a Valentine’s Card for my wife since it’s coming this week. So I meander over to the greeting cards section to sift this years crop of mushy sentiment.  Much to my disgust the only cards available in the “For My Wife” section of the Valentines Cards (and I mean ONLY cards available) come in two types:

A.) The sentimental, “My life was nothing before you and would be nothing without you”, tripe that reduces a man to a simpering, codependent who owes his very existence to the woman who deigned to marry the poor soul.

B.)The “humorous” Valentine that is essentially the greeting card equivalent of Everybody Loves Raymond or Family Guy. These are basically intended to beg for a wife’s forgiveness for all of his uniquely male faults and foibles, that only she can solve by virtue of her infallible feminine wiles. Judging from the ‘humorous’ intent of these cards, no man is capable of feeding himself much less ask for direction or leave a toilet seat down, but on “her special day” this card is meant to prompt an appologetic laugh.

Needless to say I’ll be making my own card this year, but for fuck’s sake, how can we ever get a break from this shit when we’re ankle-bitten at every opportunity? You simply cannot buy a card that doesn’t force a man to be self-depricating.

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  1. I saw a card with Phil Robertson (the duck guy) that said “Tell me when it’s over”. I think I’ll get that one.

  2. Remember Vday in early elementary school? Late 50s each boy (me) had to give each girl in his classroom a valentine, no reciprocity required. Late 70s, each girl (my daughter) was required to accept the valentine from any boy who wanted to give her one. Late 90s each boy (my son) and each girl had to give a valentine to each boy and each girl. From what my high school students tell me, by the late 2000s no boy was allowed to give any valentine to any girl during school.

  3. I’m glad my wife just wants to go out to eat at a nice restaurant. (Which we did early as she had a dental procedure done today). Friday is already just “Friday” for me.

  4. Present-giving is one of my fortes, and I enjoy it, but I’m forgoing giving my wife a Vday present this year, and have told her so. Instead I’m requiring her presence with me at an ecumenical lecture Friday evening on the ee-vils of Vday, from 2 men and two women (snicker) pastors, none of whom I know and none of them are intellectually qualified to lecture me about anything. But I’m requiring this compliance test, even though I don’t care about going myself and will probably sleep through the whole thing. Maybe I’ll surprise her with a nice meal afterwards if she’s a good girl, which I seriously doubt.

  5. This holiday needs to be turned around. How about a card that says…”If you don’t blow me to my satisfaction, I will put viruses on your laptop and refuse to help.”

    I would give the card seriously.

  6. I told my girl that if she was really good to me on Valentine’s Day I would reward her with a pearl necklace.

  7. It is soooo great to *NOT* be in any kind of relationship with a woman this time of year!

    I almost soil myself laughing as I hear radio commercials suggesting that we should “shove diamonds up her ass” this Vaginatines Day..

  8. This holiday needs to be turned around. How about a card that says…”If you don’t blow me to my satisfaction, I will put viruses on your laptop and refuse to help.”

    I would give the card seriously.

    Awesome. Considering I was just a dumb shit and opened a link emailed to me that I shouldn’t have and he made the boo boo go away, I know what I shall be doing this Valentine’s day. 😉

  9. 1st of all, VD is not for people who are already together, it’s for people who are still maneuvering Cupid’s Arrow. “Be My Valentine” morphed into “What Can I Do For My Assigned Valentine That Won’t Get Me Hated Now And Forever”. Any smart guy would start looking for a LTR starting 2/15 with a babe whose BDay falls between 12/25 and 2/14. That way you can get a good 10 months of dating fun without having to pony up for the three main Holidays if you break up by 12/24 if you’re not planning on marrying her.

  10. man i used to do valentines day with girls. the last one was my last ltr. wont do it again. you are right about the self depracating supplicating crap that valentines day is. i got this girl talkin bout “im going to be at home bishes on valentines day come cry and be lonely with me” on fb and i know that shit is directed at me as well as any runners up willing to rush in and save the day in the hopes that they will get a slice of cake. i aint falling for it. let some schlub buy her chocolates.

    know what im doing on friday? moving. i love myself so much i got myself a new place and im gonna celebrate by putting my shit in there.

    i will be hitting her up saturday though.

  11. Survivorman:
    “It is soooo great to *NOT* be in any kind of relationship with a woman this time of year!

    I almost soil myself laughing as I hear radio commercials suggesting that we should “shove diamonds up her ass” this Vaginatines Day.”

    I DO soil myself laughing. Might have to get myself an adult nappy.

  12. In Hong Kong where I live Valentine’s Day becomes a competition among office ladies for who will get the biggest bouquet from their beta-provider boyfriend or anonymous creeper or beta orbiter. The desk that most resembles Stalin’s funeral bier buried under bouquets of flowers is “miss popular”…so the pressure girls put on guys so as not to lose face and the loss of face for the plain Janes is intense.

    THe girl I just started banging was pouting because I made other plans on Friday and instead made plans with her for Wednesday.

    But doing this early really didn’t make a huge difference, it just saved me a huge pile of money on dinner.

    Resisting the girls’ collective sense of entitlement is tough.

    But also tough is the sense of resignation guys here have to feeling compelled to go through with buying over-priced flowers in this silly exercise.

    Has anyone noticed how beta-shlubs try to put pressure on other guys to act the way they do—often by being the martyr “good boyfriend” and putting down the boorish guys who aren’t “gentlemen”?

  13. Excluding blatant gold-diggers, men should only look at how women look in the eyes of their male partners who have barely bought them an item. It is a look of true, organic love. Then compare this with the number of women you know who have jettisoned from excessive spending men. Maybe you were one yourself?

    I’ll be posting something this weekend on my blog to illustrate further how men can get it wrong with tangible and intangible gestures, but for now it’s worth, on the back of this post, to digest the below and in particular the last paragraph:


  14. “Has anyone noticed how beta-shlubs try to put pressure on other guys to act the way they do—often by being the martyr “good boyfriend” and putting down the boorish guys who aren’t “gentlemen”?”

    Very true – by far the most trying part of VDay are the blue-pill guys telling each other to “make sure they do something nice for her”, “show her how special she is” and “treat her right”. I expect nothing less from the fairer sex but I find these brainwahsed white knights to be the most uncomfortable to witness.

    The whole premise of Valentines Day is that a man is lucky to get a woman in the first place and really only deserves her providing he puts her on a pedestal.

    Nice surprises, such as those on valentines day only really have a positive impact on her when she is a) not expecting it and b) it serves to temporarily remove the dread that comes from the maintenance of his frame within the relationship. If she’s the type that throws a hissy fit if he forgets it, it might just be time for him to forget it altogether.

  15. I must be doing something right.

    My main girl is making me a bouquet of bacon roses and is taking me to a concert that night. I told her I’m bringing wine, a blindfold and lube. She’s almost annoying she’s so excited.


  16. “Don’t buy lingerie, she knows it’s really a gift for you”

    LOL. Of course you should buy your wife lingerie. So what if she thinks it’s “really a gift for you”? Isn’t her body supposed to be a gift for you per 1 Corinthians 7:3-5? She should be happy you still want to see her in it.

    1. @SSM, Men buying lingerie for women is high-order negotiated desire. What represents a more genuine desire; a woman who thoughtfully wants to buy lingerie to turn her man on, or a woman for whom a man must buy lingerie that will turn him because it simply doesn’t occur to her to take that initiative?

      You’re correct that she ought to be happy he still wants to see her in it, but the Medium is still the Message and initiative implies priorities.

  17. Re: buying her clothing. Heaven help you if you get her size wrong. Heaven help you if you get her size right.

  18. We can thank all money hungry Hallmarks, Debeers, Vermont dead stuffed bears, etc… for this Vday bullshit. I try to explain the money grab to women but as we all know, they can’t get their heads around things financial when their precious feelings are involved

  19. “Has anyone noticed how beta-shlubs try to put pressure on other guys to act the way they do—often by being the martyr “good boyfriend” and putting down the boorish guys who aren’t “gentlemen”?”

    Heheh,..see if you can make a game out of it tomorrow and make mental notes around your workplace of all the guys falling all over themselves to qualify to their GFs or various women in the office.

    Nothing reveals a Beta like Vagintines Day.

  20. Navigating V-Day when you’ve got a few lady friends can be a bitch.

    I’m inclined to just say “no” to all of it.

  21. Thinking about “V-day,” I opened up The Rational Male book and flipped to the “Myth of the Lonely Old Man” section. Pure gold.

    Tomorrow I’m going to treat myself to a hike. It’s beautiful out here in the winter. I recently finished building my own guitar too, and I might spend a good portion of the day playing it. I also have a lot of repair work to do on some other guitars and I’ll get to that. I also recently built a really nice computer, but I’m using a couple really old parts. I might also treat myself to a nice new monitor and some new speakers.

    I’m also going to try to pat myself on the back for how much I’ve learned, how many skills I’ve developed, and spend some time focusing on all the things in my life that I’m grateful for. My friend’s birthday is also coming up, and since I’m splurging anyway, I bought him a really nice pair of shoes that I hope will help with his knee problems.

    For me, the Red Pill is more about inner peace than anything else; seeing the emptiness in the feminized idea of relationships that we’re spoon-fed from day one. If you want to pursue women, it lets you do so realistically with no idealized expectations. And if you don’t want to pursue women, it reassures you that there’s no party you’re missing out on.

  22. @ BA
    “My main girl is making me a bouquet of bacon roses and is taking me to a concert that night. I told her I’m bringing wine, a blindfold and lube. She’s almost annoying she’s so excited.”

    That is some serious alpha shit. Well done.

  23. Before and during my marriage, I made it clear early on that I most emphatically do not do VD. But the wife went a long with it, realizing that flowers quadruple in price in the run-up to VD and she didn’t like chocolates. The most we might do is hit our local sushi joint, which we probably would have done anyway. I know make it clear around this time of year that I don’t do VD to any woman I’m seeing. It’s for rubes. Though the blindfold and lube idea isn’t bad. I might even through in some Skittles.

    While I’m really not a fan of buying flowers for women, if you do do it, you need it to be unexpected and done so you get the most bang (heh) for your buck. When we were first married, I sent a half-dozen long-stem red roses to my wife while she was having a “salon” day, delivered to the salon. The manicure ladies were still talking about it 15 years later….

  24. LOL As men our total existence is to facilitate women’s needs and wants right? When did we start to believe such vomit?

  25. This is nuts:

    “Note: Never buy a woman lingerie, she will never be happy with it. A woman has to do this on her own to “feel sexy”, make sure it fits her right, and it’s HER IDEA. When you buy it for her it’s contrived and it is overt and overt is often the kiss of death for a try-hard guy.]”

    Women in my home wear what they are commanded to wear. It’s not a decision left to them. In the beginning of a relationship I have to train them on proper apparel, which means taking them to the store and having them model garments for me so that I can show them what works and what doesn’t work, and why. After that, they know what clothing for themselves to buy for me so that I don’t have to go shopping with them.

    Of course, don’t buy lingerie as some sort of peremptory relational “gift,” but also don’t read too far into this post and believe that “a woman has to do this on her own to ‘feel sexy’”, and that you shouldn’t have the last word in what your woman wears in YOUR home. Presumably, she’s in your home for your pleasure, and that includes her underwear.

    Don’t become so angered with the feminine imperative that you forget the purpose of women in your own life.

  26. I will take my lady, RV and ultralight for a weekend of fun in the desert ! She doesn’t know how much fun she is going to have yet !!!

  27. Our V-day is Veteran’s day. We get praise and respect if we become dead and buried protecting them at all costs.

  28. Great article and excellent comments. The message here is timeless: you cannot negotiate desire. Or, as The Beatles once put it: ‘Money can’t buy me love.’
    Still, this never stopped me showering my soon-to-be ex-wife with cards and gifts for 20 years! Funny how she never reciprocated… Ah, well, such is the lot of the beta AFC…

  29. At least the V-day is a clear-cut “romantic” occasion with little room for misinterpretation when it comes to gift-giving.

    This week back in a wellness salon (yes, a new-agey mini-statue on the window ledge) for the 1st time since Xmas when I had bought the two young women there bottles of red wine for the Holidays. A standard gift occasion for me and also a professional present to ensure future good service. I had been on purpose rather aloof there with minimal interaction to minimize personal connection.

    But as with women there is no gift without ulterior motives — as evidenced by the bemused look at the bottles by some orbiterish guy client and the third, rather feminism-ingested, employee there (never served me, so “no soup for you”) — the neutrality of a gift’s purpose matters little.

    The one wellnessing me finally got it said that she does prefer sipping white wine, but that the wine was good enough for a red. Translation: if you want to appease me with gifts, that’s what I’d like the next time. Heh. She was not brusque with it, rather sweet, but the manipulating aspect was still eye-opening. And cute. A chuckling reply of “should have been some white piss, huh? Cannot be helped” returned the balance, but guess if I’m going to buy anything next Xmas. Heh.

  30. I love the subtle but powerful point about initiative exemplified in your comment about lingerie gifts. If she’s not buying sexy lingerie to wear for you, you are pushing it by buying it for her. The very act of buying it for her, taking your time and money to do so is in a way demanding she be sexy, and even a demand is still negotiating as a demand can be refused. @Lingerie seems to miss this aspect of his dominant behavior entirely…

  31. As always, an illuminating post about the mega shit tests that betas take as a matter of course.

    I’ve long felt that V-Day, contrived as it is, provides women with a culture-wide reframe on a huge scale. Woe betide the man who doesn’t spend his paycheck on purchasing pre-sanctioned romantic tropes for his lady. Having found my feet on the Red Pill path last summer, I’m doubtful I’ll ever want to be involved with that escalating arms race of preselected romantic tropes ever again. Rollo’s right; your beta position is that of a supplicant begging for the favor of her intimacy. If you are in a LTR, i hope you celebrate your love as a man should; in his own way, at his time and manner of choosing. Glad I’m single this time of year……..

  32. @Glenn,

    Keep believing that as long as it works for you.

    “and even a demand is still negotiating as a demand can be refused.”

    If you say so, boss, in YOUR house, NOT mine.

    1. @Lingerie, it’s cool that your wife accepts your authority, but would you rather she went and bought something sexy to surprise you because she’s inspired to a genuine desire to please you, or would you rather she wear something you had to go and purchase and she wears out of obligation to do so?

  33. My most caddish friend takes a break from the game from Thanksgiving to V-Day so he can focus on getting his affairs in order and centering himself instead of having to navigate all the potential land mines in that stretch. Calls it Murderer’s Row for Players.

    He also makes it a point to have a downtown hotel suite rented out for Valentine’s Day and the day after haha.

  34. With regard to the lingerie issue, I think you can work it depending on context.

    Lingerie pointed out that he already has command over what his woman wears so I think if you approach it in this manner it could work.

    Problem is, most men aren’t in that position. I’ve made suggestions, but I ultimately don’t care as long as she keeps her hair long and maintains a fit body. I refuse to go along with a boyish haircut, that’s always been a deal breaker for me.

  35. For Valentines I put up some pictures on farcebook, including: bacon flowers, a pic with a dead Cupid with an arrow in his back, and a pic from the movie “The St Valentines Day Massacre”. Also this post:
    In answer to the Valentines Day card I received from my girlfriend this year:

    I’m afraid you were wrong when you wrote that love causes the tide to turn. It is actually the result of the changing positions of the Moon and Sun relative to the Earth, coupled with the effects of Earth rotation and the bathymetry of oceans, seas and estuaries.

    In addition to this, it is not love which makes the stars shine. Instead, a star shines as a result of a thermonuclear fusion in its core releasing energy that traverses the star’s interior and then radiates into outer space.

    Also, it is not love that makes flowers grow. It is, in fact, a complex electron transfer process known as photosynthesis, when chlorophyll reacts to the light created by the sun.

    Finally, kisses, believe it or not, are not rain drops. Rain drops are, as it happens, liquid precipitation. It is the condensation of atmospheric water vapour into drops heavy enough to fall, not kisses.

    To conclude, this relationship is not working. As nice as your rack is, I can not stand to listen to your drivel any longer.
    He. He. He.

  36. @Rollo,
    These are girls that I date, not wife. The entirety of every inter-sexual relationship that I enter is founded upon “her genuine desire to please me.” Else, what’s the fucking point? Her pleasing me is her pleasing her. That’s how inter-sexual dynamics operate. Submission to a worthy man is the apex for women. Why? It proves to their hindbrain that they have in fact “won” the best that they are capable of winning.

    The trick is not falling into her world of value—social ties with friends, co-workers, family, etc. One must tell those personages, in no uncertain terms, what’s up, to their faces. And when you do, the whole clan will rally behind you, despite any bullshit that might be trumpeted by one’s woman. They will know that you are more healthy for her than her bullshit protestations to the contrary. Self-reinforcing loop.

  37. You Can buy a card that does not force you to be self depreciating. I just got one of the cards that was for a daughter to her father on valentines. Its got an awesome cutesy graphic and reads “Your my favorite valentine, and Im so lucky that your mine, cause your so nice and funny too, thats why (Name) I love you. (name) read daddy, I just erased that and put my GFs name.

  38. Take them to the woman’s store and have them try on clothes for you “Do you want me to look fat in this?” …
    Aha! The Light Dawns! I’ve been a mega-woman-maester this whole time, and dint even know it! I’ve even had the acute foreknowledge of not having to go through the experience with multiple girlfriends, so I only have to buy stuff for my wife! What a time- and money-saver. Hee hee! I’m like an evil genius!

  39. The next time I’m in a relationship on V-day I have the perfect day sorted. Break up with him a week before. Call him for a booty call on the 14th (if I feel like it). Serious make up sex on the 15th or so.

    No pressure for either party! He doesn’t have the “OMFG what to plan” problem and I don’t have to put out if I don’t feel like it. Make up sex may be great but obligatory sex is the pits.

  40. This is an utterly, nakedly repulsive holiday.

    You want me to celebrate it? Ok, let’s relabel it Steak & A BJ Day. Now get busy woman.

    And can we all agree to come together as men and firebomb all PR outfits that create “Buy her a diamond…unless you’re a total loser!” commercials. God what a sense of entitlement.

  41. Huh….Red Pill wisdom from the Washington ~Beta ~Post…lozzz

    Don’t listen to Susan Patton, who is trying to sugar-coat it. Here is the REAL, COLD, HARD, UGLY TRUTH, in BLOCK CAPITALS.
    Women, if you are alone on Valentine’s Day, right now, reading this, over your giant bucket of ice cream, it is because you have Failed. You heard me….


  42. I didn’t read all of it, but it looks like some hamsters were not only nuked, but vaporized. (PS Rollo…bought a few copies for my nephew and roomies at OSU.)

  43. Because Skittles. I picked up the “family value” minibags, probably a ripoff at $2.98 per gazillion. Now the question is dole them out, one by one? Or do like Mardi Gras tossing to crowds?

  44. On a completely different note: from your caption of “saturated fat and slutty lingerie” I take it that you consider saturated fat to be bad for you (and that chocolate counts more as a “fat” than it does carbs and artificial chemicals).

    I highly recommend “The Great Cholesterol Con” by Dr Malcolm Kendrick (or “The Obesity Epidemic” by Zoey Harcombe), it might blow your mind just as much as it did mine.

  45. Re: buying her clothing. Heaven help you if you get her size wrong. Heaven help you if you get her size right.

    lol no

    Unless your wife/LTR is like Mariah Kang, buy something a size or two too small on purpose and throw away the receipt.

    And then hold frame.

  46. @BC “I had the sales girl model this for me, and it reminded me of you!”

    The worst laid plans of micely men …

    The wife had not finished getting ready yet when I got home, but we had time to kill. She had made six dozen valentine cupcakes, two of them “special” for us, a few set aside for later, and a few others were consumed betimes. Anyway so she had to wash her hair, in addition to doing her hair, so she started early and was still going. Eventually she emerged, resplendent in her immacutely put-together well-dressed-mature-woman floral garb. I had shaved, spritzed cologne under arms, and put on a dressier jacket and more colorful tie to match, in about three minutes.

    We dropped the cupcakes off for the robotics team, she coming inside for the first time this year, but they all knew her (oh yeah, facebook) and crowded around her and admired how well her Target shoes matched her Vera Bradley purse and everything else. She was clearly the AFOG, putting me back in my place as the top-tier BB provider of the alpha female, again. Sigh. They (the girls/women) were even jealous of how cute and tasty the cupcakes were, graoning and squealing in mental orgasms or something. The short lecture wasn’t actually anti-Vday, just anti-commercialization of romance, and there were less than a couple dozen attendees. I only slept a little, and she did phone things, and when they went to break up into discussions we skipped out. Didn’t do the fancy restaurant, just a cafe and a short stroll. I’m the one with a bad leg, but she has sympathetic pains, or something.

  47. Aftermath. After her third caffeinated beverage, she said “I won’t be able to sleep. This will have me bouncing off the walls.” I said “No matter, because I’ll have you bouncing off the ceiling.” Took her some long seconds to get it.

  48. walawala

    *lol*, I had forgotten that aspect of the hong kong offices.

    my mates and I went to a martial arts practice this year. when I got home, my wife had me three curry dishes cooked. yum!

  49. @BlackPoisonSoul

    You never watch Big Bang Theory?

    I try-hard to avoid these days completely. I was married for over 10 years and would have been much happier to avoid V-Day, The Anniversary, Mothers Day, the only reason I got through Xmas was to focus on the kids. What’s really annoying is trying to get new people to realise that I absolutely will not celebrate my birthday and to respect my damn wishes on the matter and they should just accept it and move on!

    I’ve racked up the last 9 V-days single and loving it!

  50. Maybe I’m different, but I’ve never really noticed the whole “V-Day Sucks Because You Pedestalize Chicks” problem. The girls I’ve always spent V-Day with have always been sweet and appreciative, and genuinely happy to be with me. They always seem to understand that with the extra effort I put forth in the cheesy romantic gestures, they have to put forth the corresponding extra effort in the sexy bedroom gestures. Maybe its because I only date Asian girls. Maybe its because I’m not so damn serious all the time and I actually enjoy life. Who knows?

    I typically only read Heartiste; is the rest of the manosphere really as morose and hyper-analytical as Mr. Tomassi? This is depressing more than anything else….geez…..he makes it seem like a .357 to the right side of the skull while hanging from the gallows with dynamite strapped to the waist is preferable to Valentine’s Day. If V-Day really sucks this much, then the problem is probably YOU and not the woman and her evil greeting-card industry cronies.

  51. For Valentines Day, I like to take out the woman who will always love me for who I really am and unconditionally — my mother. If I’m seeing a woman with any regularity, I will shit test her by not doing anything for her on Valentines Day.

    Valentines’ Day is the Gynocracy’s day of shit test in which the beta provider must openly declare his woman’s SMV to be higher and, therefore, declare he is in her debt.

  52. @ Mr. Coyote

    “They always seem to understand that with the extra effort I put forth in the cheesy romantic gestures, they have to put forth the corresponding extra effort in the sexy bedroom gestures.”

    A woman who really wants you will not expect you to put forth any effort in recognition of her effort in the bedroom. If she really wants you, what she does in the bedroom will be it’s own reward. Read Rollo’s followup article, The Gift, where he lays this out clearly.

  53. Fuck Valentine’s Day! AKA chumps awareness day.

    Seriously, 2/14 is a fuckin’ single designated day for romance. And a nonsensical one made up by card companies to make a buck. Romance is around 24/7/366!

    Men, v-day is whenever the fuck YOU decide it is. I didn’t shop at macy’s for the gifts I sent out, though my dad lost a woman behind that (was only interested in $$$$ anyway)

    Sorry bout the tangent, but I give only my family v-day sh*t. Though I got more love this year from distributing a bag of tootsie pops to some women I work with.

  54. This weekend will be my first RP awakened V-day.
    My SO never liked flowers (killing living entity) or chocolates, so normally it’s just a sappy card that I really 1/2 ass read before buying it. SO never was into showing up the other girls at work either.
    I’ll probably just buy her a bag of “smarties” (i.e USA sugar candy), which she actually doesn’t like, but was one of my first gifts to her. A neg gift.

    Any sagely advice?

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