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It took me much longer than it probably should have, but considering this book has been 12 years in the making I wanted something well designed with all the attention to detail it has due. I’m a perfectionist and an artist which makes for a very difficult combination when producing something I really care about. In my career I have been responsible for the concepts and branding of many successful products and projects, most of which I have no doubt the bulk of my readership would recognize were I to be completely honest. As tempting as it would be to boast about them, in the interests of protecting the integrity of those brands I can never really be specific about them, but for all of the products I’ve ever launched, for all of the promos and marketing I’ve done, for all of the money I’ve made for other (already wealthy) men, nothing has made me so nervous as clicking the ‘publish’ button on Createspace to approve the final draft of The Rational Male.

One thing I learned very early in my career was to never invest too much of myself into a brand or a project that was someone else’s idea. I’ve been instrumental in many collaborative ideas, but this book is the first work that I’ve been solely responsible for. I pray that it will make the impact I hope it will and reach the people who would otherwise never find this blog.

Roosh posted this on twitter this morning:

The manosphere may be divided, but its reach exploded in 2013. In 2014, its ideas will begin to infiltrate mainstream society. Bet on it.

I’m both scared and excited that The Rational Male might be included in this reach into the MSM. I’ve of course repeatedly written about the inherent dangers that red pill ideologies will only be vilified and ridiculed in a public forum controlled by the feminine imperative, but that’s something I’m going to have to come to terms with if red pill thought is to ever be taken seriously. I worry about how the impact of this book will affect my personal life, my career, and probably a lot of other aspects of my life that I haven’t yet considered.

For now the book is available on the Createspace store at this link:

In about a week it will be listed on Amazon and I’ll announce it when it hits.

Late Edit: The Rational Male is now available on Amazon Thanks to the preorders on Createspace the book was expedited to Amazon – and yes you can buy it internationally.

And now Kindle is good to go too:


There will be a Kindle version as well, but I think an e-format kind of defeats the purpose of the physical book. I probably fucked up a few things grammatically, I had an editor and a proofer, but this is a rookie effort. I’d also like to apologize to all the reader who’ve emailed me for advice or consults in the past 6 months. The book has been my primary focus for the last 8 months so I look forward to getting back to the blog again – I haven’t forgotten any of you and I’ll be getting back to you soon.

I’ve never written a book before, but I’ve been writing for almost 14 years now. It’s been a real learning process. Reading material I’ve written and rewritten since 2000 is a little like reading the thoughts of someone else.

What you’ll read are a refinement of the core ideas and concepts I’ve formalized on The Rational Male. I began The Rational Male at the request of my readers on various men’s forums and comments on blogs in the ‘manosphere’ in 2011. After the popularity of the blog exploded inside a year it became apparent that a book form of the basic principles was needed for new readers as I moved past them, and built upon the prior concepts.

For the most part I’ve rewritten and edited for publishing the blog posts of the first year at Rational Male. I’ve left in most of the jingoisms and acronyms that are characteristic of the blog and are commonly used in the manosphere, however I’ve made every attempt to define them as I go along.

Furthermore, many of the concepts I explore in this book came from a question by one of my readers. As with most commenters, their anonymity is assumed in the form their online ‘handle’. The important thing to remember is the concept being discussed and not so much the importance of who is proposing or contradicting a concept.

Before you begin reading

The primary reason I decided to codify the Rational Male into a book came from a reader by the name of Jaquie. Jaquie was an older, married woman, who genuinely took to what I proposed about inter-gender dynamics on Rational Male. Jaquie wasn’t exactly a typical reader for me, but she asked me to help her understand some concepts better so she could help her son who was about to marry a woman whom she knew would be detrimental to his life. Jaquie said,

“I wish you had a book out with all of this stuff in it so I could give it to him. He’s very Beta and whipped, but if I had a book to put in his hands he would read it.”

So it is for the sons of Jaquie’s that I decided to put this book out. And it’s in this spirit that I’ll need to ask you, the reader, to clear your head of a few things before you begin to digest any of it.

The Rational Male literally has millions of readers world-wide, so there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll buy this book to keep on a shelf and loan to friends because you’re already familiar with its concepts. There’s a certain power and legitimacy that the printed word has that a blog or some online article lacks, so if you already are a Rational Male reader be sure you do loan the book out, or encourage the plugged-in to read and discuss it.

If you are picking this book up for the first time, or had it handed to you by a friend or loved one, and have never heard of the Rational Male or the manosphere or have had any exposure to the ideas I put forth here, I’ll humbly ask that you read with an open mind.

That sounds like an easy cop out – open your mind – it kind of sounds like something a religious cult would preface their literature with. We all like to think we already have open minds and we’re all perfectly rational, and perfectly capable of critical thinking.

I ask you to clear your head of the preconceptions you have of gender because what you’re about to read here are very radical concepts; concepts that will challenge your perspective on women, men, how they interact with each other, and how social structures evolve around those relations. You will violently disagree with some of these concepts, and others will give you that “ah ha!” moment of realization. Some of these concepts will grate on the investment your ego has in certain beliefs about how men and women ought to relate with each other, while others will validate exactly the experiences you may have had personally with them. Some are ugly. Some are not complementary of women and some of men, you’ll think I’m a misogynist on first glance because it’s the default response you’ve been taught to react with. For others, you might feel some kind of vindication for getting burned by your ex and realizing what was at play when it happened. I realize it’s a tall order, but strive not to let your personal feelings color what I lay out for you here.

You’ll love me and you’ll hate me. You’ll think “well, not in my case, and here’s why,..” or you’ll think “wow this is some really ground breaking stuff.” I’m not a psychologist, or a PUA, or a men’s rights activist, or a motivational speaker. I’m just a guy who’s connected some dots.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Just bought 2 copies. One for myself and one for my soon to be 18 year old brother.

    Best get this on amazon as soon as possible, shipping times are ridiculously long.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for more than a year now, and I’d have to say that this book would be pivotal in the philosophical underpinnings (which translates to behavioral manifestation) on gender and social dynamics. I hope that it will be available for overseas shipment as I’d prefer a hard copy over an ebook for topics of high interest.

    It has been a challenge trying to get unplugged. To be honest, I was late in discovering the manosphere. I have finished ‘The Game’ and watched the ‘PUA’ and I am very glad that you have brought the principles to the wider application in modern society and at the level of open public discourse. It is much more challenging at the personal level especially since my work involves gender and development issues. It took a lot of reflective learning, objective observations, and most importantly an open mind to even begin to truly recognize the existence of this ‘silenced’ issue.

    Again congratulations and thank you.

  3. Rollo, I just discovered this blog last week and I just purchased your book. Its exciting. I’d like to also get in touch with you.

  4. I bought the physical book to lend out to friends and eventually my son but I’ll be reading the electronic copy when it’s out. I sincerely hope this book becomes the handbook for all males going forward.

  5. Ill be buying a copy. The only thing that troubles me about what you’ve presented on the blog is that I fear you may be over-dramatizing the “feminine imperative” to the point that it seems like a mirror to the ill-defined, all-surrounding “patriarchy.” I think your writing style is very accessible, and your ideas are sound, but that in the rush for simplicity many readers will latch onto the feminine imperative as the wonderful new explanatory device that is suddenly the boogeyman behind all inter-gender ills.

  6. Having written and published a half dozen books and articles myself, there is nothing to fear in the words you have had the courage to write. Strangely it was a woman who said:

    Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.

    Amelia Earhart

  7. Congratulations!

    The shipping times for Australia seem to be 2 months+ on createspace. So hopefully they’ll be shorter on Amazon. I’ll grab a copy when it’s on there.

    Can you shoot out another mailing list email when it’s available?

  8. Rollo,

    My sincerest and deepest congratulations on finishing and publishing the book. I’ll order my copy on Amazon once it is available there so please be sure to let us know.

    Feminism had Betty Friedan and the Feminine Mystique. If and when some day people look back at the infancy of the “masculinist” movement I suspect you and your book will be looked at as a catalyst. Ideas are interesting things….they can spread like a virus. Thomas Paine could probably never anticipated the future course he created with the publication of his Common Sense Pamphlet.

    On a different note, you’ll probably be interested to note that some who “reboot” are just as obsessed with the Sphere as ever as they fade into irrelevancy and indifference serving up the same slop that 100 other copycat restaurants serve.

  9. OT….but I just heard the bassist from Great White Lorne Black passed away…RIP. Rollo, one of these days I’d love to read a post of living through that time in that scene if you can do without giving away anything too revealing.

    One of my favs from that time:…kind of a fitting celebration song for finishing the book

  10. Haven’t bought a hard copy book in about 15 years. This one will be for my boy. By rights I’ll have him slaying tang (and dodging taxes) as soon as he’s old enough but your book will be the surgical scalpel, assuming he can even read from this current cluster fuck the cathedral calls “school”.

  11. Ordered my copy, and I’m looking forward learning from the Rollo Tomassi master work.

    Anyone not ordering within 24 hours is a loser that will continue to complain. It is your responsibility to change in ways that cause others want to follow you because you’re an attractive winner with options. Expedited shipping’s too high for you? Awww, poor baby that spends money paying high rates for cable or satellite TV. You sit in front of it instead of building your body, your businesses that run themselves and the pleasure in living life. You can afford this resource. Drop the junk food for a week and spend it on The Rational Male instead!

    Order Confirmation Number: ——–
    Qty Description Format Price Ext. Price
    1 The Rational Male Book $9.99 $9.99

    Order Total:
    Subtotal: $9.99
    Shipping: $1-.–
    Tax Collected: $-.–
    Total: $2-.–

    Paid by: Credit Card

    This shipment will be sent via Expedited Shipping
    Next step, let’s make it an audiobook.

  12. Props, Rollo! Your book is going to be a solid digestible bridge from Blue to Red Pill as more and more men become disillusioned with the Blue Pill and seek answers, and as more and more of us Red Pill men raise and influence the next generation of men, who will influence the generations after that. If I had a son or mentor relationships with teenage males, I would hook them up with your book over a lot of other Manosphere stuff, even over a lot of actual PUA stuff.

    Your blog is the first place I read about Hypergamy and that clicked in a lot of puzzle pieces for me personally. I think every guy should read your book before he even considers settling down and/or marrying, especially in his 20s.

    Remember that no matter how the MSM reacts to your book, what you’ve written is the truth and resonates with men across the world and their experiences. The people reacting with hostility are simply ignorant and have chosen to embrace the Blue Pill and close their minds off to reality around them. I’ve said before that we’ll never win those people over, and that’s fine, we don’t need to…all we need is for the information to reach as many men as possible because it’ll resonate with the men who need answers. Huffpo can shit all over you, as long as a handful of guys reading it check your book out and start changing their lives.

    Anyway, well done! I hope the rest of the Manosphere helps promote your book so it reaches as many men as possible.

    Also you have an extra “s” in “artists” in “I’m a perfectionist and an artists which makes for a very difficult combination”, which I wouldn’t ordinarily point out except that it’s in that particular sentence (lol) and near the top where a lot of people will probably be reading it in the next few weeks.

  13. Congratulations on the finalization. I know how hard it is to get one of these manuscripts completed alongside the normal working life demands, so like me, I would expect you gained a great amount of pride when the button was clicked.

    My honest view in line of your last post, Roosh’s twitter post and my first hand experience is this:
    Game is being more exposed – by men and women alike – but this is only on a technological perspective. People have more access to blogs of this kind so their eyes will naturally be tempted to look on. But this is a world apart from the actual people who are convinced of the red pill world, female emotional psychology and the reality of women’s choices in life. Women are not going to come out in significant numbers and confess this is the way it works and why men need to act in this manner to counteract their subconscious delivery in the sexual market. If anything, they will go the other way in fear of more men being open to these ideas.

    This brings me appropriately onto men. Yes, a larger male audience is now reading red pill theories and real life views, but only a tiny percentage of them are carry out this mental attitude in the practical process. If I was to take 100% of men who have an idea of game and red pill concepts, I would break it down into this split:
    20% are open to it and act accordingly to adapt.
    40% believe most of the concepts, but fail in changing their pragmatism due to an automated trepidation of disturbing women – and not getting laid or being alone.
    40% refuse to believe it and turn a blind eye to the reality they probably, deep down, know exists.

    So if I am near the mark, 20% of men in western society from the first category mentioned (let’s say a maximum of 5% of men aged 16-50 do read blogs and books of our kind) is not a huge number for sudden mainstream exploitation. I’m sure most men who are proactive in red pill belief have 90% of their male friends who attain perennial beta male mentality. You only need to scrutinize how they behave around women to know this is the case. This is the fundamental reason I think it would take decades, possibly generations, for game to be over exposed.

    Ignore the haters. Those that mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind.

  14. I’m a perfectionist and an artists

    I love irony. And will be getting the book.
    Thanks for all your hard work, Rollo.

  15. Thank you, sir. Consider it ordered as of now. A steal at this price.

    (Now, if only mr. Krauser would take a short break from screwing around with young nymphettes and finish his new book…)

  16. @LiveFearless

    “Anyone not ordering within 24 hours is a loser that will continue to complain.”

    Somehow I don’t think this book is for you, given the fact that the first thing you do here to make your point is to use shaming tactics (i.e.’follow me in my actions or otherwise you’re a loser’).

    Not everyone here lives in the US and hence wants to wait up to several weeks for the book to arrive.

  17. ” never invest too much of myself into a brand or a project that was someone else’s idea” Words to live by. Another post topic, perhaps?

    “Roosh posted this on twitter this morning:

    The manosphere may be divided…”

    Then I say it is time for reconcilliation. Especially in light of this book coming out. Recall this tidbit from history:

    ” Franklin was one of the committee of five which drew up what is known as the ‘Declaration of Independence.’ When about to sign it, Hancock, one of his colleagues, is reported to have said, ‘We must be unanimous; there must be no pulling different ways; we must all hang together.’, ‘Yes,’ replied Franklin, ‘we must hang together, or we will assuredly hang separately.”

    “I worry about how the impact of this book will affect my personal life, my career, and probably a lot of other aspects of my life that I haven’t yet considered.” Others before you have travelled and are travelling this path. Yet another reason for solidarity.

    “Reading material I’ve written and rewritten since 2000 is a little like reading the thoughts of someone else.” I spent some time the other day reading posts and comments from only a year ago and 365 days can seem like an eon of growth and change. I encourage any reader to devote at minimum a year.

    ” As with most commenters, their anonymity is assumed in the form their online ‘handle’. The important thing to remember is the concept being discussed and not so much the importance of who is proposing or contradicting a concept.” So, for those whose real names are their online ‘handle,’ you have published real names?

    Cover looks great and I will be buying my copy later today in order to determine how many more to buy.

  18. The cover is great. It has a very “bible-esque” look to it. Very appropriate considering this blog has been at the forefront (along with Roissy arguably) of modern Manospherian thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if this book becomes the “go-to” resource when introducing other men to these types of concepts so it helps that the cover gives it a very legitimate, authoritative and timeless feel. Great choice.

    Congrats Rollo. I’ll be buying several copies as Xmas presents for my younger brothers. Also, +1 to the audiobook request from a commenter above. I would love to have an audio copy to listen and relisten to once i am finished with the printed version.

  19. Congratulations and thank you Rollo. I ordered through amazon and will have my copy Thursday.

    I hope your book reaches the masses and lands on the NY Times best seller list. Send a free copy to Joe Rogan and Bill Burr, they have weekly podcasts that often discuss male/female issues. I firmly believe it would catch their attention. All men need to read this

  20. Congratulations Rollo! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and can’t wait to get the book. My buddy and I are going to start a local meetup and discuss your book as the basis for it. I’ll report back as to how we are doing. Best of luck to you in the upcoming weeks! (BTW, killer cover. The delicate serifs on the book title really look refined and elegant. I’m a designer as well so you know I geek out. 🙂 )

  21. I’ve been very much looking forward to this book, def getting 1 copy for myself and another for my brothers/dad.

  22. Oh man, The Guardian is going to cack itself in rage.
    Column-fodder for its in-house lady winos for months. They can’t afford not to look … muahahahahhhhaaaaa!!11!!
    Well played sir!

    Am off to find Amazon etc. p/w and all the rest of it toot sweet. Christmas is going to be interesting this year. Laying away my prezzies for the lads already. (They’re away and ought to be too busy mugging up on molecules ‘n’ shit to read extra books right now).

  23. Hey man, have to say, based on experience, you need to have an ebook version of that title for Kindle, or else Amazon will bury your title in search results. EIP if you need a little help.

  24. They’re trucking it in from Abroad/Greater Frogland here, and it’s way cheaper than a pack of cigarettes! About the price of a gallon of gas or couple of pints.
    Good policy, means they can be just “lent” permanently to other guys (you know how it is with book-“lending”), and instantly replaced.

  25. Rollo, I’ve been reading your blog for over one year now and I think this book is just what my close friend needs, but i have a question before I order it for him. Does this book delve into racial/hbd topics? My buddy is mulatto and I would hate to have him reject the “red pill” because he recoils from the racial content. I don’t think you write about hbd/race, but want to check before I send the book to him.

  26. Can’t see why the Amazon listing ain’t on the level, Sin & Kurtz), I sent my browser after the local AMZN site for Blighty, checked the address bar looks kosher, and asked that version of it to look for Rollo. Bish bosh job done.

  27. “Send a free copy to Joe Rogan and Bill Burr, they have weekly podcasts that often discuss male/female issues. I firmly believe it would catch their attention.”

    100% agree.

  28. “Is this a book on self improvement like Athol Kay’s ?”
    Nick one from the shop and find out ..

  29. Update on the Kindle: The book is still in review and should be approved by end of day. The formatting design and layout is not exactly what I wanted (and spent a lot of time doing) but all the relevant material is there. I made it a few bucks cheaper as a result.

    I’ll let you all know when it’s up.

  30. I’ll be buying this book and publicizing it to my twitter followers. I really hope it takes off and causes a stir in the mainstream media. And yes, the Manosphere needs something of a reconciliation because without some coherency amongst us, there will be little respect for Red Pill ideas.

  31. Rogan and Burr both have Twitter feeds. As do Greg Gutfeld, Tom Leykis, etc. Hit ’em all. And anyone else you can, for that matter. Regardless of whether they are “kindred souls” themselves or not, they have 100s of 1,000s of followers, listeners, etc. who need to be made aware. Congrats on the effort and all you do to advance the cause, Rollo.

  32. I did one day shipping, so I’ll post some pictures once mine has arrived on the 2nd. I plan on reading it first, then giving it to my father, whom I’ve been trying to get into the Manosphere way of thought.

    I’d be interested in seeing the statistics on first 24 hour, and first week sales, as people who check this site via RSS come to realize it’s been released.

  33. Just bought it. Some years ago you helped me articulate so much of what I already knew from my own experiences.

    This information and the way you present it has the capability to launch you into fame (or infamy). However never have I thought there was a better time for such a book to come to market.

    The West is starved for tutelage on how to be a man….that does not come from an already sanitized source compromised by the feminine imperative.

    Congratulations. I am sure this will help many, many men.

  34. My difficulty with this book is, how many blue-pill friends will I have to buy a copy for? Headed over to pick up 2 or 3, to start!

  35. There will be a Kindle version as well, but I think an e-format kind of defeats the purpose of the physical book.

    Rollo, your blog has been inspirational. Your content is excellent and your writing is crisp and superb. It’s truly a pleasure to read your blog. I admit to “stalking” your blog and checking it every day even though you only post once a week. I can’t wait to read your book. I already know it will be brilliant.

    I travel perpetually, and everything I own has to fit into 40 kg. Everything. So, I have a “no paper books” rule. I gave away all my paper books except three since I left the United States permanently, and since then I’ve given away those three. They’re just too heavy to constantly lug around from city to city and country to country. My rule is this: all new books must be electronic. Consequently, I’m glad to hear that there will be a Kindle version. Even if I decided your book was a ‘must have,’ there’s no realistic way for me to get a paper book delivered in Russia.

    Don’t kid yourself about “I think an e-format kind of defeats the purpose of the physical book.” Content matters, book covers do not. I’ve read a dozen 1000-plus-page classics on my Kindle, and I don’t think they are any less brilliant just because I read them on an e-ink screen. If Vladimir Nabokov was still alive, he’d endorse your decision to publish on Kindle.

  36. Congrats. Wish something like this had been around when I was a teen. My father provided no guidance before his death when I was fifteen and no one stepped up to watch over me. That means I developed my own views on most things, but regarding women I was adrift besides female input. Good intentioned as that may have been it really messed up an introvert like I am for most of my life. Hopefully some youngsters in a similar situation get steered this direction for answers.

  37. “Update on the Kindle: The book is still in review and should be approved by end of day. The formatting design and layout is not exactly what I wanted (and spent a lot of time doing) but all the relevant material is there. I made it a few bucks cheaper as a result.
    I’ll let you all know when it’s up.”

    Belay my last. Ill be buying the kindle edition tonight.

  38. Rollo, don’t worry about how this might negatively affect your life. probably no where near the way you think.

    like you said, its only natural for the meta-masculine to push back against the meta-feminine whether overtly or covertly.

    and if worse comes to worse, our army is more disciplined and well armed with truth and knowledge. they may have more pawns, but we have more kings and knights. our round table is expanding and our call to defend the heralds of our cause will be put to the test and it will be answered.

    we got your back

  39. Looks like it’s finally time to spend that $15 that’s been sitting in my Amazon mturk account the past 4 years.

  40. Hey rollo if I buy the hardcover do we get a digital edition as well to read on the fly like a pdf or something.


  41. Today we pause and give praise and thanks that this community exists for us at this place in history and at this point in time.

    And today we celebrate the release of this book by this great man, writer, and teacher in our community, Rollo Tomassi.

    This community is a diverse community, multi-ethnic, multi-fath, international. All united with common problems and facing a common foe.

    And we are able to be a part of this community because we stand on the shoulders of giants, those giants whose tireless work, whose contribution, whose creativity, intellectualism, foresight, and tireless powers of observation have compelled this community to be created, to grow, and we stand at the doorway to real change, real social and cultural power.

    I ask you this fundamental question which leads to another fundamental statement.

    What if this community did not exist?

    What if it never existed? What if it collapsed upon itself and devolved into something other than what it is and something other than what it could be? I know what it has meant to me and the impact of it on my life. But what if it went away? What if the change that has been made possible to its past and present participants where not available for those yet to find it? What if it will not there for my son when it is time for him to understand it and to need it?

    And this leads to the other fundamental statement that is its own permuation on a feminist theme:

    I need the manosphere because _______.

    There are a million little answers that would complete that statement. Each of you could ramble for quite some time in listing themes.

    But the biggest answer is that we face a foe that is so large, so pervasive, so entrenched in the halls of power, in government, in the courts, in the poltical system, in the law, in the economic system, in the media, and deeply deeply entrenched, in not only the culture, but in the biology and psychology of human beings.

    It is a foe that doesn’t seek equality but seeks revenge, domination, and seeks to enslave you, limit you, exclude you, exploit you, place chains on you, jail you, and impose a unilateral slavery on you.

    It is a foe that despises you, ridicules you, belittles and has painted an entire culture to smear you, insult you, to take what it wishes from you and deny you any hope of participation in the political processes.

    And I can attest, to speak against this foe, is currently suicide for any man that would dare stand up to it without hiding behind a mask.

    And we have begun to face it, and to win, to hold it at a stalement and to begin to push back against it.

    This community has enabled men to redefine their consciousness of what it means to be a man, to understand women and the imperative of women as it is manifested itself upon our culture, and to redefine the best path of each of us in navigating this time, a time so perilous and so challenging to men.

    And for this community to remain what it is and to become what it could be, unity is imperative.

    We meet today at the crossroads, a point of decision. Shall we expand, be inclusive, find unity and power; or suffer division and impotence?

    I come here to Rational Male for a reason.

    I wish to give thanks to those giants that have made this community what it is and for the effect, personally, that they have had on me. I am too late to the party to have experienced the seminal writers of this community. But the ones I mention, I do so because the tremendous impact that they have had on me personally.

    But I am on Rational Male for one reason,

    Common ground.

    And to lay a challenge that we move to higher ground.

    Common ground.

    Think of Jerusalem, the intersection where many trails met. A small village that became the birthplace for three great religions — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Why was this village so blessed? Because it provided a crossroads where different people met, different cultures, different civilizations could meet and find common ground.

    For me, this site Rational Male, and this writer, Rollo Tomassi, is that Jerusalem within our community.

    Because to me, regardless of the particular differences that exists between the various groups within our community, regardless of the goals, personal, social, and cultural that each may think is the correct path for the future, the information given to all of us by Rollo Tomassi is foundational, seminal, and universal.

    If the manosphere is about nothing else, it is about second chances. It is about discarding a false cultural narative and replacing it with a functional one based on reality, on science, on truth.

    Yes, we are a divided community at this time and I had not small in causing that division. But I say we use this auspicious occasion of the release of this book to find …

    Common ground.

    We are a diverse group: MRA, MGTOW, Gamers, Conservatives all with different interpretations of the philosophy of our community, with different beliefs, with differing values, with differing strategies. We are global, we are not one religion, one color, one nation, nor one language.

    Common ground. That’s the challenge of our community today — radical wing, conservative wing.

    Progress will not come through boundless radicalism nor static conservatism,

    but at the critical mass of mutual survival —

    I repeat, not at boundless radicalism nor static conservatism,

    but at the critical mass of mutual survival.

    It takes two wings to fly. Whether you’re a alpha hawk or a beta dove, you’re just a bird living in the same environment, in the same world.

    And the reality of that world today is that it is controlled by feminism, an ideology that is ever encroaching, even gaining, so whatever ship that any you were on that brought you to this community, we are all in the same boat today.

    Our ships could pass in the night — if we have a false sense of independence — or they could collide and crash. We would lose our passengers.

    We can seek a higher reality and a greater good. Apart, we can drift on the broken pieces of Feminism, satisfy our baser instincts, and exploit the fears and worst instincts for personal gratification.

    At our highest, we can call upon noble instincts and navigate this vessel to safety. The greater good is the common good.

    The good of our community is at stake, it’s commitment to men, and also to women, and the vulnerable, to the many in the world who have not yet heard of us, nor accepted us.

    The stakes are exceedingly high.

    Our choice? Full participation in an inclusive and expansive community, or more abandonment and separatism.

    And so this moment, we should choose not a false sense of independence, not our capacity to survive and endure.

    Today we can choose interdependency, and our capacity to act and unite for the greater good.

    Common ground.

    Easier said than done. Where do you find common ground?

    At the point of challenge.

    There was a reason that brought you here, often mad, angry, abused, doubting yourself, angry at the world.

    And to me, the key feature of this community is that it is transformative, reconstructive, restorative. It gives you a method to explain what happened to you, how to stop it from happening, and a transformation path to provide it’s participants a power and a will to power to make fundamental and profound changes in their lives.

    And we believe that sum of the actions taken by millions and millions of men, learning what they learned in our community will have as great an impact on the culture as the political process.

    Common ground.

    We find common ground in divorce laws that are heinous and punitive to men, laws that incent women to divorce and abuse men, to use men, and a feminine imperative that teaches them that women have a right to do so, a duty to do so.

    We find common ground in a societal structure that encourages the separation of children from their fathers and celebrates women for doing so.

    We find common ground in a misandric culture that belittles and constantly humiliates men.

    We find common ground against a dogma that represses and supresses men, that uses them, abuses them, and then throws them out as so much trash after their use is complete.

    We find common ground in the deluded, arrogant, hyergamistic behavior of women, and cultural dogma that excuses, even rewards that behavior especially when it is at the expense of men.

    We find common ground in a church that instructs men that the proper form of marriage is to lie subservient at the feet of the women or risk punishment.

    Common ground.

    What is leadership if not present help in a time of crisis? And so we meet at the point of challenge.

    And that challenge at this moment is our unity as a community.

    Yes, we are a group of disparate groups. But we must create one big tent of community, a tent for all of our members.

    Common ground.

    The tent of our community is not one canvas woven from

    one thread,

    one color,

    one cloth.

    Each group of our community posssesses only patches, barely enough material to provide a weak intellectual cover for its own philiosphy.

    But with sturdy hands and a strong cord, we can sew them together into one canvas, one giant canvas, a thing of beauty and power and culture that can change the lives of men and women.

    Now, we must build such a canvas.

    Husbands who are and have been abused in marriage by a cultural norm that ridicules you, gives only a punitive alternative for you in divorce, that allows women to behave in any and all mannners of infidelity and abuse, … You’re right!!!

    But your patch is not big enough.

    Fathers that struggle to maintain relationships with children due to a culture that hamstrings them during marriage and after divorce and neither recognizes the right nor contribution of their paternity …. You’re right!!

    But your patch is not big enough.

    Men that notice the misandric nature of our culture and portrayal of men as villians, criminals, rapists ….. You’re right!!!

    But your patch is not big enough.

    Latin American men, Middle Eastern men, European men, Asian men, that sense the ever growing, ever encroaching policies of feminism rammed down the throat of your societies, changes that are detrimental to the way your societies have functioned for years … You’re right!!

    Christian men, Islamic men, Hindu men who see the corruption of scriptural doctrine imposed on religion by feminism …..

    MGTOW men who face such exasperation in modern life that they walk away from modern life and refuse to participate …..

    MRA men that wish to rectify the injustices that are inherenet in the current system ….

    Gamers, who feel that Game is only rational response to modern women …

    Marriage proponents that wish to change the nature of marriage 2.0 and believe that marriage is true nature of men and women, that society and children have the best chance when marriage is the bedrock of a society, that monogamy is even part of the underlying mechanics of our psychology …..

    All of you are right. All of your arguments, stances, beliefs, fears, wants, desires are correct …

    But your individual patches are not big enough.

    Conservatives and radicals, when you fight for what you believe, right wing, left wing, hawk, dove, you are right from your point of view, but your point of view is not enough.

    It is certainly not enough to stand down as great and powerful a foe as we face.

    But don’t despair.

    Pull the patches and sew the pieces together, bound by a common thread.

    When we form a great canvas of unity and common ground, we’ll have the power to bring about the cultural change desired by our community.

    We stand at the end of a long dark night of feminism. We stand tonight united in the commitment to a new direction. We stand united that Feminism must be fought.

    We stand in unity that a new direction, a new phoilosophy, a new way must emerge and that the basis of that new way is not old and tired dogma based on utopian ideals, academic manipulations, blackmail, but rather one that is based on science, on new academic studies, one that is ultimately progressive in its acceptance of things that have been learned through research and through the anecdotal shared evidence of millions and millions of men that have been allowed to come together in the internet …..

    Because this community now exists.

    And what if it didn’t? Who would speak for you? Who would fight for you? Who has your happiness, development, and best interest at heart?

    And I say in the interest of common ground, that we as a community pull together, and use this book, to promote it, to buy it and to distribute it.

    My situation is well known now. And of the comment said most often to the posts on Rational Male, “I wish I would have known this before”, I can say that statement more than any of you. I can attest that the story of my life would have been entirely different.

    I can also say that the unwritten part of my story will be entirely different thanks to the change in consciousness, the new awareness and understanding, the new perceptions, the entirely new paradigm that I now possess that I gained from this community, and most especially Rollo Tomassi.

    And the knowledge that I gained here helped me to defeat anger, defeat insanity, frustration, and most of all, to defeat hopelessness.

    We have it within our power to find common ground, to begin again to act in concert, to act in unity, to be a community united, under one big tent, all in pursuit of a common goal.

    And to make sure this manosphere exists and will continue to exist, to be there for my son, your son, and the millions of sons that follow in our footsteps.

    And to insure that no boy will ever have to live a life as I have lived due to ignorance and acceptance of a cultural narrative that is a baldface fucking lie.

    It is said,

    “New ideas are, at first, the subjects of whispers and jokes, then the stuff of heresy and treason, then topics for valid and rational discussion, then they become accepted truth”.

    Our unity and the continued existence of our community as a viable social and cultural force is necessary to see these great ideas, can and do, follow that path.

  42. Congratulations! I’m in for one kindle version.

    I pray you find success in this and accomplish your aims!

  43. Best news in days! Having it shipped to Sweden. Will tell all of my friends and relatives. Congrats, Rollo!

  44. Rollo,

    Congrats on finally realizing your vision. Your writing is unique and will appeal to all segments of the population. This is something that I will buy for all of my friends and keep a special copy for my boy.

  45. #33 in Spirituality/Personal Transformation on Amazon!

    The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi (Author)

    Congratulations Mr. Tomassi… more than 5,000,000 books on Amazon
    You’re in the top 500 overall

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #464 in Books
    #33 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > Spirituality > Personal Transformation
    #82 in Books > Self-Help
    Here’s what it means, if you’re on the fence about when to buy, if you’re waiting to get your friends to buy… do it NOW.
    Purchase it for another friend NOW, and you can catapult this into the TOP TEN on the lists that even “Aunt Giggles” can’t top (even with all that funding)

  46. I echo the sentiments of those who usually don’t buy physical copies of books…this is an exception. Definitely something I want around the house for a conversation piece.

  47. Bought a hard copy, looking forward to reading it.

    One question about the eBook – will you be offering it in other formats outside of Amazon? I’ve been suspicious of them ever since it came to light they could remotely delete books from Kindles. Call me paranoid but i don’t want people at Amazon dictating what i do and do not read.

  48. Well done. Just submitted an order. Looking forward to this.

    As I’ve said before, a book like this would have been immensely helpful to me when I was a lad, but as it was I had to figure it out on my own, with mostly positive results. However, it took time, and there were quite a few ruined relationships along the way.

    In this way the young chaps of the Manosphere today are very lucky to have teachers like you.

    I sense some kind of revolution is building and is ready to break free.

  49. Bought two copies, wish I knew about your work at the start of the year, wouldn’t have suplicated like a bitch beta ” backslid” hard and lost the only girl ive met worthy of marriage due to the “soulmate” propaganda.

    Rollo, your work, Roisy and shark from “” are doing a great service to the men who’ve been force fed these feminised ideals only to be shat on in every single relationship and left wondering why, “im doing what they say is right” only to be left looking like a worthless sap beta shmuck.

    Suppressing musculinty is what ive done for 28 years as a result of conditioning for feeling like a misogonist. You know from instinct its not misogony but gender dynamics, its nature but feminisms push to make it artificial is in direct corolation with divorce rates and depressed marriages.

    Your books priced too reasonably, two copies for twenty dollars, the shipping was $40, but then again one cant pkace a value on what your work will inpire in the change of mentality. My nephew’s will never go through the frustrations i have and thats at thanks to you and a few others mentioned above.
    Cheers Rollo

  50. Have Amazon Prime, but gladly paid the CreateSpace expedited shipping fee last night. UPS tracking says it’s at West Columbia, SC arriving “To: HOLLYWOOD, CA, US 10/03/2013, By End of Day”

    Also, I just bought the Kindle version. I’ve read 25% so far. It’s better than the blog, with laser-sharp clarity. This is content you can be proud to tell people to buy and to learn from. Yes… that includes people that respect you. Rollo backs everything up with intelligence from his real life and common sense. Every description of the explanations… well, it’s a place you can picture yourself in, surrounded by the people he mentions. Some things are worth repeating. If you think you got it all when you read his posts in the past, you didn’t. This book is so well refined that my mind is absorbing it like the Bradley Cooper montage as Eddie Morra in the movie “Limitless”


    Seriously, this book feels like that.

  51. Hi Rollo,

    There seem to be some minor problems in the editing of the Kindle version, mostly with the headers of the chapters.

    For example
    – the heading for “The Cardinal Rule of Relationships” seems to be completely missing
    – the Imagination text starts with the header “The Desire Dynamic”
    – the title for the Buffer text is “Schedules of Mating”
    – the Alpha chapter has two headers: “Buffers” and “ALPHA”

    I’m reading the book with 4th generation Kindle, but I think the problem isn’t caused by my device.

    Despite these problems, the book is very enjoyable to me. Thanks for writing the book.

    1. VH, thanks for the info. I may have to have CS professionally format it for Kindle. I resaved it in ePub hoping it would fall together better, but its really bugging me. I don’t have a kindle and it reads different on my iPad.

  52. Here’s a marketing idea for you; set up a paypal donations page where donations are used to give away your books for free to people who claim that finances are a purchase deterrent. Or for donations to public libraries.

    I’m sure some people want to give back even more than the $10 for the value received, while at the same time helping to spread the word.

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