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If you ever need a reminder as to how you came to a particular belief or set of beliefs, the best way to consider (or reconsider) that process is to write a book about it. As most of my readers are aware I’m in the process of publishing my first book based on the writing of the past ten years of my involvement in the manosphere. It wasn’t even known as the ‘manosphere’ back then.

For the men (and women) who’ve read my ideas since the inception of the SoSuave forum almost 12 years ago, I expect they’ll find the book kind of remedial – like going back over old classics they’d internalized and take for granted now. If I make a reference to Hypergamy or the Feminine Imperative, for most, there’s a standard level of pre-understanding about the elements associated to each of these and many other concepts. However, a problem of familiarity arises when I, or anyone else familiar with red-pill awareness makes an attempt to educate the unfamiliar. The Red Pill reddit community makes a good effort of this, but after going through 2 revisions of my book it’s become evident to myself and my editor that familiarizing the uninitiated is a major obstacle to reaching the men who’ll benefit most from unplugging (yet another manosphere term).


The majority of the requests I’ve received over the years for a comprehensive book of Rational Male ideology has come from readers expressing the desire for a condensed version in book form which they can give to family and friends (mostly male) in the hopes that they’ll better understand their need for emancipation from their fem-centric mental models. Of course that’s always been my goal from day one, but it presumes that a large part of those reading will be unfamiliar with common terms and concepts I, or familiar readers, will already have a grasp of.

Another issue I often run into is the presumption that readers new to my blog or commenters on other blogs have a familiarity with my work. I often find myself having to link back to articles where I covered a specific topic that a critic or an inquisitive reader might want to take me to task about. For the most part I make a conscious effort not to repeat something I’ve addressed, sometimes years, before, but that’s simply a part of this medium. For convenience I’ve recently added a new page to the top of the blog with all the relevant links I think cover most of my basics from the Year One post.

It’s a difficult enough proposal to unplug men from their blue pill conditioning, but leading them to an understanding of principles they mentally have a resistance or aversion to is a particular challenge. My editor is only peripherally familiar with these principles which is kind of a blessing and a curse. In one sense it requires me to revise old posts and concepts to be more ‘noob friendly’, but it also challenges me to review how those concepts evolved over the years to be what I and other red pillers now consider common foundations. For instance, while I might rigorously debate the Feminine Imperative with those familiar with it on Dalrock’s blog, I had to spend over an hour defining it further with my editor after he’d read my seminal posts about it.


Of these concepts the one I return to the most frequently is that of Game. My editor asks, “Just what is Game?” Throughout the upcoming book, this blog, and virtually every major manosphere writer’s blog there’s a constant presumption that readers will know exactly what Game is when it’s referred to. Game has been lifted up to an almost mythical state; like some panacea for the common guy struggling with achieving women’s attentions and intimacy. It’s gotten to the point where familiarity with Game has become a flippant aside for manosphere bloggers – we have varieties of Game, we have internalized Game, we have ‘natural’ Game, direct Game, Beta Game etc., but defining the term ‘Game’ for someone unfamiliar with the very involved intricacies, behaviors and the underlying psychological principles on which Game is founded is really tough for the uninitiated to wrap their heads around in the beginning.

For the unfamiliar, just the word ‘Game’ seems to infer deception or manipulation. You’re not being real if you’re playing a Game, so from the outset we’re starting off from a disadvantage of perception. This is further compounded when attempting to explain Game concepts to a guy who’s only ever been conditioned to ‘just be himself‘ with women and how women allegedly hate guys “who play games” with them. As bad as that sounds, it’s really in the explanation of how Game is more than the common perception that prompts the discussion for the new reader to have it explained for them.

At its root level Game is a series of behavioral modifications to life skills based on psychological and sociological principles to facilitate intersexual relations between genders.

Early Game

In its humble beginnings, Game was a set of behaviors, learned, adapted and modified with the express purpose of bettering a guy’s prospective sexual ‘success’ with the women he had only limited (if any) access to. Game was defined as a series of behavioral skills and techniques observationally experimented with, and developed by the burgeoning PUA culture of the early 2000’s. While there was a peripheral acknowledgement given to the psychology that made these behavior sets effective, the purpose was more about the result and less about the head-mechanics that made the result possible.

This introduction was many of the current manosphere’s first contact with ‘formalized’ Game. The quality of the Art in pick up artistry was (and still is) really left up to the practitioner’s capacity to understand the basics of behavioral psychology (with regards to women) and refining a deft ability to adapt and react to his target’s changing behavioral cues on a given environment and/or context..

If this were the only extent of Game it would understandably be very short sighted and limited in scope. In the beginning Game had a utility in that it helped a majority of men lacking the social intelligence to approach and develop a real, intimate rapport with women they fundamentally lacked. The problem was that beyond Game’s “in-field” uses it wasn’t really developed past the point of ‘getting the girl’, and left even the most socially adept PUAs unprepared to deal with the real psychology motivating women on a greater whole. It was just this feminine meta-psychology that drove men, unaccustomed to enjoying and then losing the affections of women formerly “out of their league”, to depression and suicide.

Game was a wondrous tool set of skills, but without the insight and foresight to deal with what these tools could build, it was potentially like giving children dynamite.

Evolving Game

From the earliest inception Game was more or less viewed as a solution to a problem. Game has been described as a logical social reaction to the women that the past 60+ years of feminism, social feminization and feminine primacy has created for the men of today. Courtesy of modern connectivity, the internet and collectivized social media, evolving Game or some variation of it was inevitable for men.  Despite the public social stigma and ridicule attached to men attempting to understand the psychologies of women, privately the internet facilitated a global consortium of men comparing experiences, relating observations and testing theories.

The behavioral psychology that led to Game which prompted the desired reactions in women began to take on more import for men. Sure, the now classic Game techniques like being Cocky & Funny, Amused Mastery, Agree & Amplify, Neg Hits, Peacocking, etc. were effective in their own artfully used contexts, but the latent psychology that made those behavior sets work prompted the questions of why they worked.

The psychological aspects of effective (and ineffective) Game began to take on a new importance. Through this broader exploration of the role biological, psychological and sociological factors affected Game sprang new ideas, theories and experimentative models leading to new behavioral sets and the abandonment of less effective ones.

As connectivity grew, so did the knowledge base of the Game community. No longer was Game exclusive to the PUA pioneers; Game was expanding to accommodate the interests and influences of men who’d never heard of the earlier version of Game, or would’ve rejected it outright just years before due to their feminine conditioning. Married men wondered if aspects of Game could reignite the sexual interests of their frigid or overbearing wives. Divorced men embraced the Game ridiculed when married to improve their potential for new sexual interests, but also to relate their experiences and contribute to that Game knowledge base. Men, not just in western culture, but from a globalizing interest began to awaken with each new contribution not only about how women were,  but why women were. Game was making the unknowable woman knowable. The enigmatic feminine mystique began unraveling with each new contribution to the Game knowledge base.

Game was becoming something more. Men could now see the code in the Matrix: we knew the medium was the message, we began to see the  feminine social conventions used to control us, we began to see the overarching reach of the feminine imperative and fem-centrism, and we came to realize the insidious, but naturalistic, influence feminine hypergamy had wrought in both men and women. Game was prompting Men to push back the iron veil of feminine primacy and see what made her tick.

Predictably, fem-centric society sought to cast the rise, and expansion of Game as a modern version of the ridiculous macho archetypes of the 50’s-70’s. The threat of an evolving, more intellectually valid form of Game had to be ridiculed and shamed like anything else masculine, so the association with its infamous PUA forerunners was the obvious choice for the feminine imperative. The feminine standard appeal to the Masculine Catch 22 was the first recourse: any man who desired to learn Game was less than a man for that desire, but also less of a man for not already knowing Game (as approved by the feminine imperative). Any guy actually paying for, or personally invested in, Game was associated with the PUA culture that was characterized as a throw back to the ‘Leisure Suit Larrys’ of the 70’s.

Contemporary Game

For all its marginal efforts to shame Game back into obscurity, the feminine imperative found that the Game movement wasn’t being cowed as easily as it might have been in the mid 1990’s. The Imperative was falling back on the reliable tropes and social conventions that had always pushed the masculine back into compliance. At the apex of fem-centrism in the 90’s these social constructs worked well on an isolated, shamed and ignorant masculine imperative, but with the evolution of the internet, by the late 2000’s Game was snowballing into a threat that required new feminine operative conventions.

Game evolved beyond the behavioral sets, and beyond the psychological and sociological mechanics that underlined women’s psyches and larger socializations. While still encompassing all that prior evolution, Game was becoming aware of the larger social meta-scale of the feminine imperative. Game began to move beyond the questions of why women are the way they are, and into piecing together how the intergender acculturations we experience today are what they are. Game asked how did we come to this?

Game branched into specific areas of interest in its scope to answer these broader questions and solve more expansive problems. While we still have all of the prior iterations of Game, we have expanded into christianized Game, married Game, divorced Game, socialized Game, high school Game, etc.

However, underpinning all of these areas of specialization was still the need to internalize and personalize Game in a Man’s life. Game was the path to male re-empowerment; an empowerment that even women today still feel men should Man-back-Up to. Game required a reinterpretation of masculinity towards something positive, beneficial and competent – something entirely apart from the negative, shameful and ridiculous archetypes 60 years of feminization had convinced women and men of. Call it Alpha, call it Positive Masculinity, but Game necessitates the reimagining of the importance of the masculine imperative. Game needs Men to change their minds about themselves.

Needless to say, even in its most positive of contexts, the male re-empowerment that Game led to was a Threat too great for the feminine imperative to allow. Controlling the intrinsic insecurities that the feminine imperative is founded upon has alway depended on men’s ignorance of their true value, and true necessity to women. Men have to remain necessitous to women in order for their insecurity to be insured against, and the feminine imperatives control to be insured of.

The well of knowledge and awareness that Game represented had to be poisoned. The social conventions the feminine imperative had relied on for decades was no longer effective. The continued expansion of Game into the social, psychological, evolutionary and biological realms was evidence that Game was something those old convention couldn’t contain, so the imperative evolved new tacts while reinventing old ones.

Shaming and ridicule were (and still are) the rudimentary tactics that the less intellectual of the feminine imperative would resort to, but the expansiveness of Game needed something more distorting. Proponents of the feminine imperative began to concede certain universal points that Game had long asserted about feminine nature (and the FI had long rejected) in an effort to co-opt the social momentum Game had taken over a decade to develop.

The Feminine Imperative couldn’t argue with the extensive validity of the tenets of Game, so it sought to reengineer Game from within and modify it to its own purpose. The Feminne Imperative wants just enough male empowerment to return men to an improved (really an older) state of usefulness to its ends, but not so much that true male emancipation from the imperative would threaten its dominance. In co-opting Game and conceding to the truths it finds less threatening the imperative hopes to build better betas – men who believe they are empowered by Game, but are still beholden to the Feminine Imperative.

True emancipation from the imperative threatens its dominance, so Men with the vision to see past this are labeled Dark, Sociopathic and Deviant by the imperative. It wasn’t enough just to infiltrate Game and sanitize it fot its benefit, the Feminine Imperative had to categorize Game for itself – Evil vs. Good Game. The good of course being characterized with whatever aspects benefitted the imperative and the bad being whatever ‘selfishly’ benefited the masculine. The Feminine Imperative doesn’t care about the various branchings of Game – natural, internalized, marriage, etc. – it only concerns itself with what aspects can be distorted to its advantage and what aspects cannot.

This brings us to Game as we know it today. Game is still evolving, and had I the prescience to see where it will go next, I would veture that it will come to a real emancipation with the FI. Not an emancipation from women, but an emancipation from their imperative. Not a ‘men going their own way’ negligence of women in the hope that they’ll come around to behaving as men would like being given no other choice, but a true Game driven emancipation from the control that fem-centrism has maintained for so long.

Make no mistake, the Feminine Imperative needs men to be necessitous of it, and it will always be hostile to the Men attempting to free other men from that necessity. In this respect, any Game, even the co-opted Game the imperative will use itself, is by definition sexist. Anything that may benefit Men, even when it associatively benefits women, is sexist. Freeing men from the Matrix, breaking their conditioning and encouraging them to reimagine themselves and their personalities for their own betterment is sexist.

Encouraging men to be better Men is sexist.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Heartiste briefly sums up game with this phrase: “Learned Charisma”. But as you’ve said, Game has moved way past such a simple idea. When I talk to people about Game and other Red Pill wisdom, I’m usually met with “how do people know all this?” It’s like the Internet can’t be used to share legitimate ideas, only wacky conspiracy theories and videos of cute animals/stupid people doing stupid shit.

    Without the ability to share information behind the scenes (as it were), Game would have gone no where.

  2. Sounds like it’s a pain dealing with an editor who is not very familiar with the concepts. However, I think having such an uninitiated editor will make it a far, far better book although it will result in a far, far more painful writing process.

    I think having some manosphere acolyte as an editor would be the second worst thing you could do in writing your book.

    The worst would be trying to write it without an editor at all. You need someone to crack the whip and catch you when you make hazy grammatical errors like using the word “infer” when the sentence seems to call for the word “imply”. See paragraph 7 of this post as an example.

    Keep grinding away at that book. I’m very much looking forward to reading it.

  3. Dudes, respectfully, you guys are so far off from game and move farther away with every post.

    Completely lost sight of what made game Game, the fun aspect, studying how to run a social group and make it fun and be a boss. The navel gazing, defeatism and conspiracy thinking from interacting with irrelevant fem SRS groups makes sense as part of your worlds, I guess, mainstream america old guys standing outside the club of attractive plugged-in people actually getting it on. Rollo/Heartiste died for a lot of reasons, a big one being his reliance on douchebag/asshole game as his end-all-be-all tactic in his (now rare) game posts. Now for him the evidence fits the narrative. Increasingly with you too, Rollo, this whole stupid feminine imperative thing has gone way too fucking far. Now the evidence must fit the narrative- there’s no longer discussion about human, self-interest imperative as men and women exhibit a lot of the same drives and motivations. The adversarial frame makes the whole thing sound so stupid, small, drudge report commenter looking to apply some tired combative narrative to any story they can. The fact you guys are trying to take this stuff mainstream is monumentally stupid, first of all when is there ever meaningful discussion in the mainstream media, second your political/social philosophy is totally unvetted, and is really quite aimless. Disconnect from the FI? The only reason you guys get traction peddling this stuff to babes is because you come across as the “smart type,” “philosophical type,” not because you’ve found some paleo truth to how men must be to be attractive.

    You were red hot for a while, as there definitely was a lack of content and thought leadership regarding why women react to things the way they do. You’re not going to be able to bring dudes outside your daily/weekly content into the fold. “Unplugging” for real newbie guys is really jut the realization that there’s a whole repeatable mating dance, something that can be practiced and improved. Most guys don’t even know ‘pickup’ exists and is happening all the time. Sure there are a number of epiphanies along the way, but Feminist Imperative is just wayy overshooting your mark. At most it’s just another female psychological tic, not more powerful than others, and certainly not an end in and of itself. And who cares if you see it in the mainstream media- MM isn’t part of the world where game is part of the local culture- fringe places with young people, city burroughs, beach towns, colleges, club towns, party towns, vacation spots. Not recognizing party/hookup/man culture is certainly not MM’s biggest problem. Yes, ‘dating’ (investment required hookup) sucks, which is what you’re relegated to in most boring places or ages, especially sucks if you have weak SMV and have to work for it. Navel gazing about this shit is not a good coping mechanism.

    There are three hot girls in my office, last Thursday got trashed with one of em after work and we made out. Her boyfriend also works in the office, so after back at my place I called another one the girls, 28 yr. old blonde, to come witness nothing bad was happening (she knew we hooked up, it’s a great story.) Girl #1 passes out on the couch, went out with girl #2, closed out another bar, went back to my place hit the bong from bed and spent the night. (When girl #1 came to and saw us in bed together she bolted so fast she left her shoes haha.) Girl #3’s birthday was the next day, we partied at her place with her little russian friends where I danced like an idiot to All the Single Ladies and had everyone laughing, got kicked out by her landlord, closed out another dance club, all went back to my place where she pulled the, “my feet are cold, do you have any socks in your room?” Do you think I ever thought about FI, game tactics, blah blah blah? Fuck no. Be d-baggy, unafraid of bold masculine displays, be the group alpha, don’t be needy, self-amuse, and don’t take shit from anyone. Game 101.

    Game has not evolved. The rules have been the same for millennia, across languages, species, time and space. But you aren’t students of that recently. You all need to learn how to have fun again, build some momentum and emotional energy in your lives so you’re not going into bars and clubs with a cold start night after night which is fucking draining. Y’all are so deep into yourselves “manorollosphere community” that the intellectual masturbation has become a full on prostrate fingerbang. Sorry but not the future of game bro, deal and consider this current ride you are on

  4. Game has evolved from its origin as a how-to guide, to a study of applied evolutionary psychology, to a full-blown sociological inquiry into our narratives of gender.

    My path was similar. I found myself at age 42 with an unstable marriage and a wife in the grip of an emotional affair that I didn’t know how to stop. I looked online (being the only medium that is free enough to discuss these topics) for immediate, practical advice on resolving this crisis. Only one set of sources could accurately describe what I was seeing — a woman I thought I knew acting like a drug addict concerning another man. These sources gained my trust, so I followed their advice, and it began to work.

    Since I study people’s motivations as part of my job, I read all I could about the psychology behind sex. Eggs as expensive. Sperm is cheap. So women are sexually careful, and men less so. I learned how women have two competing drives — genetic superiority, and reliable provisioning during long gestations and infancies. One man gets the fucks, and the other provides the bucks. That’s why women who have economic security tend to divorce when their children become self-sufficient, and then start acting like 20-something party girls again.

    But human psychology is built on myths — narratives that are transmitted through media, all day every day. People’s minds are almost completely constructed out of stories. Once you start questioning the dominant, accepted narratives (on gender or anything else), it becomes immediately obvious just how much propaganda there is. Game is, in that sense, a competing narrative, challenging the existing post-feminist regime.

    It’s not where I expected this line of inquiry to lead, that’s for sure.

  5. “Not an emancipation from women, but an emancipation from their imperative. Not a ‘men going their own way’ negligence of women in the hope that they’ll come around to behaving as men would like being given no other choice, but a true Game driven emancipation from the control that fem-centrism has maintained for so long.”

    Could it be… *gasp*… that game will allow *some* men, the gifted men, the driven men, to progressively become more masculine, developing an uniquely new male ethos and ontology that is more masculine, more powerful, more Yang than males have been “allowed” to be been in several thousand years?

    After all, it’s been said that feminism has freed the alpha males as much or more than it’s freed up the average female. I concur.

    For Charismatic Red Pill men, the few and the proud, the New Masculinist cultivators of male virtue and independence, muscle and intellect, wit and brawn, these New Men will quietly exert a powerful force far beyond our small numbers. We are collectively a diminutive Helio Gracie with Archimede’s extra-long cock-lever, moving the earth.

    I conclude that this masculine rennaissance is exactly what’s happening, because of, not despite, the resistance from the FI, for every powerful man needs a worth adversary and a sexy consort.

    Make no mistake, Charismatic red-pill men will face resistance, but that resistance will be in the intellectual realm of media & the blogosphere, not so much as the LMR that we face in the boudoir. And we will rise to the challenge brought by the FI, because it is one big shit test, and well, that’s just what we do. It’s what we came here to do.

  6. So, Shocker, where’s your website devoted to your successful Game lifestyle? .

    If you were truly as above-it-all as you want people to believe, you would simply spend your time reading other sites and not buy Rollo’s book, rather than spend half an hour writing about why you don’t want to read this site and won’t be buying the book. You’d just DO what your words say you want to do. You wouldn’t write 18 paragraphs explaining how disinterested you are.

    Since you have it all figured out, then please point us to your website where you share posts and photos of this lifestyle of yours, so others can see for themselves how awesome it is, rather than just have to take your word for it. It would be a lot more convincing than lecturing bloggers who are more popular and influential than you about what they should and shouldn’t write about.

  7. Game from what I have gathered could be phrased as TheMatingGame. As outlined in Rollo’s BetaGame……

    “Everyone has a Game in some respect. We don’t live in a vacuum, our ideas about seduction (in whatever form) is influenced and / or learned externally. The validity of that Game may be more or less effective, but at some point a man is going to adapt to a methodology of seduction as per his conditions and environment warrant.”

    I believe, the FI via the feminist movement, has created an environment in which it is more dominate than the MI. The FI is influencing a generation of males, and many of them are coming to terms with the idea that they have been programmed not to succeed in TheMatingGame, evolution.

    I would like to become the stud TheShocker says he is, but my upbringing and influences don’t make it easy, its not in my “nurture”. What I am attempting by exploring this manosphere is to return to “nature”. Sorry TheShocker thinks its not vetted. For myself, the theories matched my reality, not the other way around. But perhaps he can explain it to Judith Grossman, that everything is ok, and we are just navel gazing….

    The FI (feminist movement) is a subset of the idea that to be rationally discriminate is evil. A masculine man is a discriminate one, how much more evil could one be.

  8. @The Shocker April 19th, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Dudes, respectfully, you guys are so far off from game and move farther away with every post.

    This is like when Euler met Richard Feynman and said,

    Respectfully, you are so far off from what physics is and you move farther away with every paper published.

    Except, Euler and Feynman never met, they were separated by centuries.

    What any one of us may call Game has moved beyond the digital phone book. It is now into the realm of social philosophy, and this is a good thing.

  9. The evolution of Game can be paralleled with how our forbears came to understand other species.

    Initially, it was all about hunting. A few men would notice that certain behavioral traits of an animal could be taken advantage of to improve ones success. This would have developed into a deep understanding of the prey’s life-style, needs and predilections. It’s sub-conscious impulses would be well understood.

    Then the focus would move from the what to the why, leading to the development of the natural sciences.

    Understanding the female psyche and formalising into a body of knowledge is inevitable.

  10. @shocker … fagettabouit sound kinda like this beta chump Anthony with 6 ..that’s 6 pages on FB of encouragement to chumps how to serve F with their I.Are you attempting to sabotage the emancipation?? Too many survivors say otherwise , pal

  11. Shocker, you are good with women. We get it. Your e-peen is larger than us. Excuse us lowly nerds while we mentally masturbate pretty please supreme natural alpha sir.

  12. Shocker needs to understand that these blogs mainly exist to instruct people that have it wrong not the minority of guys like himself that have their shit together more or less.

    If I had done things right from the onset, I wouldn’t even need to read about nutrition, bodybuilding, Game, or how to instinctively handle women and how they are massively different than men. Due to the environment that I was raised in, I simply don’t know how the hell I could have done that though.

    I also can understand that people are going to have issue with the FI and shallow it whole. It might not be totally 100 percent correct but in my opinion it’s more right than anything else. Even the theory of gravity (general relativity) has holes in it that can’t explain certain astrological events yet it’s the best we have right now. Still if you jump out of a 10 story window you will die.

  13. It’s been said that the context is decisive.

    If the context in which you are applying game (focused on ones individual and immediate needs/ gratification) is to party, have a good time, get laid – whatever…go for it!

    There are a lot of well known blogs that will reinforce the tactics to do this.

    But what if they way you are looking at game is from a greater context? One of providing more freedom and peace of mind for your fellow man. For a man who just does what he does, and yet doesn’t know why his relationships with women are fucked up. And has no clue how to fix them.

    If that is what you are committed to, it takes a very different conversation to bring about a change in any man’s world view. Let alone every mans world view.

    It takes the development of a new philosophy, a new way of looking at the world.

    And it takes some time to build that world view. And to be able to present it in a way so that most men can not only understand it, but have it be an ongoing context in which they live their life from.

    That is what I think Rollo is up to here.

    Creating a NEW realm of thinking and seeing the world. A realm where men can define their lives for themselves.

  14. Rollo,

    I think that your approach is outstanding, and I am looking forward to buying your book.

    “My editor is only peripherally familiar with these principles which is kind of a blessing and a curse.”

    As a scientist who has had to translate technical reports into something that will be meaningful to people who are both unfamiliar with and fearful of the subject, I can tell you that such an editor is an annoying blessing, at worst.

    In fact, considering the complexity of your topic, even his peripheral familiarity may cause problems. Before you publish your book, my suggestion would be to have people with no knowledge whatsoever read it, and discuss it with you during this process.

    My experience has always been that when I (or even a partially knowledgeable editor) read what I have written, what I think that I have read is actually a combination of what is on the page, and a lot more background and explanatory material that exists only in my head.

    On a different topic, since you have recognized the exceptional value of Mark Minter’s comments, and since he may never get his own blog, have you considered giving him a tab on your site (perhaps calling it Minter’s Corner, or something) where you and he could collect his significant essay-comments?

  15. Solid post. “Encouraging men to be better Men is” a holistic endeavor, for which Rollo provides a great service. Thanks for that.

  16. “For convenience I’ve recently added a new page to the top of the blog with all the relevant links I think cover most of my basics from the Year One post.”

    Excellent! EVERY blog in the MS should also do this, with a prominent orange action link reading something along the lines of: “If you’re new here, PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING.”

    As a responsible denizen of the MS, I would personally abide (and have, in fact done that, where the option was available), and we could all (at least) hope that some large percentage of noobs would, as well. This would allow the community to point noobs to their requisite homework to be undertaken before they comment, thereby increasing the velocity of the conversation.

    I know that WP doesn’t facilitate this as well as one might like… a lacking functionality in their platform… which the MS proprietors might consider pointing out to WP.

  17. @The Shocker: “Rollo/Heartiste died for a lot of reasons, a big one being his reliance on douchebag/asshole game as his end-all-be-all tactic in his (now rare) game posts.”

    YaReally, glad to have you back. Good to see that you are still evolving, though it seems that your RSD video did not embed properly.

    “Sorry but not the future of game bro,”

    We’ll see about that. I’ll put my money on Rollo over you every day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

    At some point, you are going to have to take a hard look in the mirror at the place where RSD has dilivered you. Have you developed extreme social data sets that are potentially useful? I don’t doubt that for a second. Are you happy or content as a man? The answer is obvious in your comments.

    I truly wish you the best, a healthy and prosperous life and spiritual existence; no sarcasm, but my genuine hope for you. And check this out: I just said a prayer for your wellbeing in life. Best wishes, friend.

  18. “Not a ‘men going their own way’ negligence of women in the hope that they’ll come around to behaving as men would like being given no other choice”

    Come on, R, you know that’s BS. You know very well that it’s not done in that hope.

  19. Please Mr Shocker Alpha SIR!!!, could you please stop swinging your e-peen, it is so ginormous that it is blocking out the sun.

    Also, strategy is geography, so I would like to know the landscape I am operating in as intimately as possible, regardless of how relevant it seems to you at the moment.

    If I need it, so good that I know it, if not, even better.

  20. “Not a ‘men going their own way’ negligence of women in the hope that they’ll come around to behaving as men would like being given no other choice”

    If this is your understanding of MGTOW then you’ve been grossly misinformed. MGTOW may just be what PUA/Game is evolving into. Absolute disregard for the FI and all female attention seeking behaviour has it’s rewards. Instead of “tossing negs” to display how little one care’s about what the females thinks, MGTOW’s in all honesty do not care. There is no hope involved as the MGTOW understands the nature of woman and how irreversible this nature is.

  21. ^^^ Kinda like how Hugh Heffner went from Mr. Playboy to laughing stock geezer himbo?

    This should be fun to watch. Even if it is a rerun.

  22. @Tmac

    “MGTOW may just be what PUA/Game is evolving into.”

    PUAs are going to start fapping alone in their cabins and hiring hookers every other week?

  23. @Martian Bachelor

    Hugh the laughing stock is still banging multiple 10’s on the regular. But whatever strokes your ego I guess.

  24. I’m very excited about the book! I left SoSuave for a few years, found this site upon an e-mail from Rollo, read through it, left it and returned. Each time I returned, the language baffled me a bit. Hypergamy wasn’t on the old SoSuave site when I read it.

    I voiced concerns here about the vocabulary, was shouted down by posters, and left again. This time I returned with no complaints and really have always enjoyed this myth-busting blog.

    But what I’ll like about the book is the definitions of the terms. Not all of us have time to wade through various acronyms and definitions. I actually think this will be a strength of the book and it appears Rollo’s editor is doing a great job.

    I hope it reaches to main sets of people: youth (ages junior high through 30 years old), and older AFC’s or married wimps (I know a lot of those guys). This book has a chance to really make some positive changes out there and I appreciate Rollo writing it.

  25. Rollo, here is a thing to look at. I joined to gain access to papers. It is a free alternative to journals behind pay walls that so dominate the internet publishing of academic papers.

    I include a link to a man, Larry Reedy who used the site in his conjunction with a run for political office in Colorado. I think his intended thesis was something on running for political office.

    But he posted his blogs and writings to his profile on and the analytics of the site showed him how people got there to find him. But readers got their from both and from other mechanisms like shared links or google searches.

    I include the link about what he did and how it help him both in his academic pursuits but also the political. And you might consider as something you might join and post links to your writings.

    I think Roissy uses the site to find research. I know I have seen links in his blogs. Evo pysch has quite a lot of writing on the site. It would fit into the frame of those that might need an outlet for publicity that does an “end run” around traditional academic publishing mechanisms.

    But it is what you would expect of a “free” site as opposed to a pay wall site. Many of the posters are those that would need a free site and lack the “oomph” of being from a major institution. I have been trying to chase down articles by Dr Larry Young from Emory about neuroscience and bonding and Emory is a big deal and most of his stuff is behind vault doors.

    But it just might be your cup of tea, so to say.

    I would add something about how far we have come in a short while when it would take an hour to explain the feminine imperative to a lay person and it took a mere few paragraphs to get the point across to us. You can take some great credit at pushing that level of awareness among this community.

  26. I would also like to mark and note “4-20” day.

    And 420 is a perfect example of the power of the feminine imperative. Those things that men like that are not in the benefit of women are usually illegal.

    And 420 is second only to porn on the “Hate” list of women. Some site I checked had polling on views about it with responses being “like very much”,” “like somewhat”, “dislike somewhat”, and “hate it” as the responses. 55% of women responded with “hate it”.

    My belief is that it interferes with the extraction of work and resources from men and therefore women hate it for that reason. A man napping on the couch on a fall Sunday afternoon is the mortal enemy of all women and Home Depot stores everywhere.

    I mentioned something in a comment the other day about my son having a genetic form of juvenile arthritis. The are pages of information about 420 mediating the pain of arthritis and reducing the amount of the pharma medicines for it. Those pharma meds eat your digestive system over time and they are a catch-22. So anything that would reduce the pain without that side effect is a Godsend to people afflicted with it.

    I mentioned that to a woman and she said “But you what? It makes you lazy.”

    I would say happy and mellow actually without the driving need to get up and slay the world. And of course, that would be an enemy to the FI.

    My favorite comment I found on the subject was from a female on

    “Reason – the vast majority of females are uptight, nagging control freaks and don’t like to feel chilled and mellow. I only have 1 female friend smoker who I met off this website, apart from that – its seems to be pretty socially unacceptable for females to toke.” (meaning among other females. I guess they would be “busting the union” and women can’t have that from card carrying members).

    So I wonder if marriage rates in Washington and Colorado plummet even further in the next two years and men figure out that 420 and pack of ZigZags are far far better than a nagging wife.

    So to paraphrase that old old groover saying:

    “It’s easier to get through times of pot without women than it is to get through times of women and no pot”.

    If women would allow the herb to be legalized then they can have the fucking rest of the world.

    Best wishes on seeing an uptick in rolling paper sales.

    Happy 420 day fellows.

  27. [quote] “At its root level Game is a series of behavioral modifications to life skills based on psychological and sociological principles to facilitate intersexual relations between genders.” [/quote]

    I’d like to question this assumption.

    I recently wrote a piece tracing the 800 year old history of Game here:

    The core argument there is that the using of rehearsed and even scripted lines to attract women amounts to a ‘false self’ or persona, which we can contrast with a ‘true self’ as outlined by the famous psychiatrist Donald D. Winnicott (whose short paper on true vs’ false self can be found here: )

    I’d submit that the quote at the top of this post is an attempt to obfuscate the the fact that Game is the development of a persona… a persona that feels very real to those who have long practiced it, but one that is nevertheless at odds with a spontaneous ‘true self’ as outlined in the paper by Winnicott. In that sense the behaviour of Game is indeed a kind of play-acting.

    PS. Read the paper by Winnicott before jumping with a comment.

  28. PS, meant to say I recommend reading the paper by winnicott before commenting… as it will give a better background on the concept of playing games vs being yourself.

  29. P.S. Women hate tokers because it means you are MGTOW. Stoned men don’t crave pussy, god just gave them the ultimate pussy juice for their brain. Women either have to come at them chill, or find the dude with Italian loafers instead. It’s that simple. Most are not chill are Mark so eloquently states, and will scowl that an older person ‘hasn’t grown up yet’ and graduated to getting drunk on wine with the wife and pretending to love reality tv.

  30. Rollo, is your book going to have any information regarding the influence of black culture on the evolution of game?

  31. @Peter Wright

    It’s okay, bro, you can just be your “true self” and jerk off to porn and pay for hookers or wife up some desperate woman. There’s no need to learn how to attract the opposite sex and get your nuts off for free.

  32. Where is Game going? Seeing the world as it is, and seeing reality as it is, as corny and cliched as it sounds, will “save the world,” gents. When I think of sharing the info found here and elsewhere, it for me is in the context of “saving the world one man at a time.”

    Why do we men fight wars and kill each other? Because we want to get laid. It is no more complicated than that, and that is a tragedy. The only hope we have to evolve as a species is a deep rooted understanding of Game. This knowledge has the power to turn the tables on the mandates of our genes, break the chains of that slavery, and begin the next stage of our evolution.

    That is the larger point for me. That is the bigger picture of sites like this one. We have such potential as a species, and our biological drive has taken us this far, but it has been built on a foundation of death and destruction. We didn’t know any better. The knowledge of Game will take us further, on a new path. That is my hope, anyway, because if our goal continues to be pussy, and pussy alone, we are doomed as a species. We now have the ability to wipe each other out over our drive to procreate. That is a cosmic joke.

  33. Mark M:- Over Here the 20th April is only celebrated by some very dubious characters indeed.
    Apparently the anniversary (since 1889) of some little mustachioed fellow with a bit of a chip on his shoulder.
    Wouldn’t go down at all well round this way, making a big hoo ha on that date, might be misinterpreted.
    We prefer summer solstice on 21st June (it’s safe to go out doors, usually, if not actually dry).

    Today is the Queen’s actual birthday in ordinary spacetime by the way (she likes having lots of birthdays, and she’s the Monarch. Even has her own special varieties of cake).
    Light up yo spliff, light up yo chalice,
    We ago smoke it inna Bukk-in-‘am Palace ..

  34. @Adam you’re quite welcome to all the STDs, false rape accusations and psycho bitches you can catch. I’d rather keep my money, my clean record and my sanity.

  35. @Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    STDs: A highly overrated, unnecessary worry; especially if you are a male, and especially if you wear condoms.

    False rape: A rare occurrence, but can be mitigated with certain safety measures.

    Psycho bitches: Rarely run into them, but love it when I do. They are very fun.

    So yeah, have fun denying your biological impulses. More pleasures for me.

  36. Game doesn’t need to evolve. When I first started out as a practicing cad, I was taken back at just how easy it is to manipulate women into bed. Girls that I never thought I had a chance with were now annoying me with their clingy behavior and myriad insecurities. The feminine “mystique” is a blatant fabrication; they really are very simple and devolved creatures. They want what they can’t have and they hate to be taken seriously. Nothing at all mysterious about that.

    This whole feminine imperative thing is really only relevant to guys who are struggling to shed blue pill residue from their souls. A confident and independent man with a little bit of sense really has nothing to fear from women, they just don’t have the means to destroy him like they do your average SWPL beta.

  37. Great piece, Rollo.

    I’ve noticed other PUA objections to the evolution of Game such as Shocker makes along the lines of “hey guys, Game is just about picking up and banging as many women as possible, don’t make it so complicated or you’ll end up thinking and not banging lots of chicks!” I think this stems a bit from the attitude that among PUAs it used to be “our thing” and now it’s moved on and the focus is no longer just PUA. Not to worry fellas, we’re still into banging chicks (even if they are wives), but you’ll learn that life changes as you get older.

    PUA was and largely is a younger man’s Game. Nothing wrong with that at all. Go get ’em guys. But, I, like a lot of men who are interested in the evolution and expansion of Game, came to the Red Pill much later, some of us still single, some still married, and some, like myself, newly divorced. A lot of the PUA tactics, scripts, and routines aren’t going to work for us. A furry hat and eyeliner isn’t going to cut it. But the idea of developing internal Game so that the behaviors necessary to be successful with women don’t need to rely on scripts and routines is very appealing to such men, and at least partly intellectualizing the process and delving into the “Why” is important. And what we’ve seen is that it extends beyond just seducing women to dealing with women in general.

    I think it’s also a natural part of that evolution that the writing is starting to move from blog to book. I expect there should be several over the next 18 months. Even if couched in “dating” terms, there is a huge market out there. And once the advanced Game hits the mainstream, I’m looking forward to the firestorm.

    Rollo, if you want another set of eyes on the manuscript from a more Game-aware perspective, feel free to email me. I’ve over 25 years editorial experience in both commercial and academic book publishing.

  38. I’d be happy to proofread your book for you. I’ve done that for professional publishing companies, as well as having written several myself (on technical subjects unrelated to Game).

    I also second the suggestion made above to find someone who knows NOTHING about your topic and have them read the book and comment on anything they don’t understand. I have done that myself and it is indeed a tremendous amount of work but results in a much better book.

  39. This is for everyone, though younger guys may have to research it a bit. This is intended to be a silly uniting post that crosses multiple lines. I’ll keep it brief. I just listened to greatest hits of both Journey and Hall & Oats. That shit is classic; holds up over time. I personally lean toward more testosterone driven fare like Rage and Metallica, but damn, these are some good albums. Yes, more beta than I prefer, but fun music, nonetheless. Anyway, just sharing some positive vibes with the community. Enjoy… or hate away, as you deem fit.

  40. Things are falling apart in societies. The surface is still intact but under the hood, social dynamics are screwed. In this scenario there is more and more room for masculine behaviour – that’s the spirit which excells in crisis.

    Because, to paraphrase Tyler Durden, this is a spiritual crisis at first, is the reason why it’s a battle over the minds, not physical as of yet.
    The FI, to use this blog’s vocabulary isn’t sustainable indefinitely due to unintended consequences brought forth by its ideology.

    Here’s a nice illustration what missing space does to a mouse population. The behavioral changes remind me of modern life.


    In the beginning was Game. And the game was with the natural alpha, and the Game was alpha. And the natural alphas created the world of pickup, and they saw that it was good.

    And they said, “Let us make men in our own image.” And took they some words and swagger and attitude and nuking shit tests, and formed they men; and breathed into their nostrils the breath of cocky-funny, and they created men.

    And alpha placed men into the world and told them to dress and keep it; and they did.

    And alpha looked upon the men, and said “It is not good for the Men to be alone. I will make him a companion and a helper.” And alpha caused the man to become drunk with wine, and caused him to fall into a deep slumber, and while he was out cold, alpha created women of all shapes and sizes, colors and hair styles. And alpha presented the females to the men, and they said “Whoa, man!” And so this is how women were named, and it is so to this very day.

    And the men and the women were together. And alpha looked upon them and said, be fruitful, bang, and multiply. And they did, with great gusto and enthusiasm.

    And one day the women were walking in the garden, and a serpent with the face of Betty Friedan slithered up to them, and said; “Did alpha really say to you never to eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Feminine Mystique? For he knows that in the day you eat of it, you will become like alpha and men, knowing men and women.”

    And the women did eat, and they found that it was pleasant to the taste. And then they offered some to their men; and the men said “but alpha told us never to eat from the Tree. What is this you have done?” And the women said “The Friedanosaurus offered the fruit to me, and I ate, and it was good.” And the men ate.

    And then alpha saw the men and said “where are you? what have you done?” And the men answered “We were hiding, because you said not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Feminine Mystique, But the women, whom you gave to us, they tasted the fruit, and gave it to us, and we also ate.”

    And alpha said to the men: “Because of this thing you have done, cursed is the ground you will walk on. You will no longer be able to pass shit tests. You will become beta pussyboys. No longer will you be permitted to tend the world; for the women whom I gave you have taken it from you. Your women will become unhaaaaaaappy and will divorce you or marry you nevermore.”

    And to the women alpha said: “From this day on you will be miserably unhappy, for there are none to lead you and tell you no. You will do what is right in your own eyes, and satisfaction you shall never know all the days of your lives.”


    But came then the prophets, and they were named Ross Jeffries, David DeAngelo, Mystery, and Neil Strauss. And they foretold of a saviour. They told of the way to the woman’s heart and mind. And they did many signs and wonders with women in the taverns and the bar bathrooms and the meeting places and the bedrooms of the land.

    And they wrote down the words which the alpha did give them, and it was “The Game”. And “The Game” was read by many men, who marveled at the words that were written, and said “who are these men that even the women spread their legs for them?”


    And the time came for the saviour to come. And he was indeed brought forth, in the City of George and Abraham and Ronaldus Maximus, and alpha decreed that he should be called Roissy. And in the City of George, Roissy began a blog. And men began to hear of the Man Roissy; and they said “Rejoice, for unto us this day has been given in the City of Ronaldus Maximus a guru, who is Roissy the PUA.”

    And so it was that Roissy began his public ministry.

    And Roissy ascended to the top of Mons Veneris, and took he with him his wives and concubines. And he was absent for a time. And when he returned, written with the finger of alpha and inscribed in pixels on the Blog were the Law, given by alpha, the Sixteen Commandments of Poon. And Roissy gave the Law and the Commandments to the men; and he commanded them: “You shall learn these words and the Law and the Commandments which alpha and which I have this day given to you. You shall write them in your minds, and you shall learn them when you rise up and when you lie down; you shall know them when you eat and when you walk by the way; and you shall teach them to your sons and daughters; and you shall keep them in your mind forever.

    “And you shall put these Commandments which I have this day given you into practice. Every day you shall do them, and take care to see that you keep them in spirit and in letter.

    “And if you do these things which I have commanded you; then I will bless you with more sex from your women than you can shake a stick at. But if you do not do these things which I have this day commanded you, then woe be unto you men and your sons and your sons’ sons, even to the third and fourth generation; for I have given to you the Law and the Commandments for you and for your good. If my men will turn from their beta ways and will follow my Law and Commandments, then will alpha come to give advice, and will heal your relationships and marriages.”

    And Roissy went into his wives and concubines, and he knew them, some more than once in a night. And Roissy came, and came, and came again, and he had many sons and daughters. And these are the sons and daughters of Roissy:

    Dalrock of the Metroplex, who brought forth the Doctrine of Serial Monogamy and the Lovestruck Principle, and who sought to bestow marriage and monogamy upon his tribe; and the Dalrock also brought forth many charts and graphs and learned treatises with which to teach his sons and daughters;

    Roosh V of the City of Ronaldus Maximus; (also known as the son whom Roissy loved), whose words and deeds are written in the Chronicles of Bang

    Keoni of Kamehameha, who brought forth Married Game; and Keoni begat his son Athol the Kiwi who then begat MarriedManSexLife

    Rollo Tomassi of the Land of Sunshine, who said “let us reason together” and brought forth The Rational Male

    dannyfrom504, the one who said “If I can slay the poon, anyone can”, and he became a great Teacher and was renowned throughout the land

    Vox the Genius, who wrote of the men, the politics and the Game

    The Badger, who became a scrivener and thinker

    The Private Man, the oldest of Roissy’s sons, promoting Charisma “for men of a certain age”

    Stingray, who wrote of the true condition

    SunshineMary, who taught the women about the Law

    And Roissy had many many more sons and daughters who are counted like grains of sand on the beach and stars in the sky.

    And Roissy’s sons and daughters themselves had many sons and daughters, each of them talking to one another and learning from one another.

    And Roissy gathered his sons and daughters unto him. And Roissy said to them “you will not always have me with you; for soon I will return to alpha. It is good that I will go, because if I do not go, the Manosphere will not come. But when I go, I will send the Manosphere. It will guide you into the facts of male female relationships. It will remind you of all I have taught you. It will comfort you and cause you to waste endless hours in front of a screen learning of men and woman.

    “Remember that the world, and many female bloggers with chips on their shoulders, hated me; and they will also hate you. If you suffer for Game’s sake, remember that I am with you. And remember that neither shit tests, nor breakups, nor flaking, nor snowflaking, nor batshit crazy, can ever keep you from your confident and dominant frames.

    “But you have seen that which I have done, and read the words I have written unto you and given unto you. And I tell you that these and greater things all of you will do, for the sake of male female love, long lasting marriages, and intact families. I tell you that you will write greater and more insightful things than I, and the Game will reach even to the ends of the earth.

    “But this I command you: Go forth and tell all the world of the good news. Go forth and make disciples of the Manosphere. Go forth and teach them all that I have taught you.”

    And they saw Roissy ascend to Mons Veneris from whence he came; and they marveled at his words and what they had seen. And they resolved to minister to the beta, the omega, and the feminists who suffered for lack of good relationships and good sex. And they taught the men and women of all that Roissy had said, and of the Law and the Commandments; and many were saved from unhaaaaappy marriages and sluthood and involuntary celibacy.

  42. Damn it Deti. I don’t even know who 1/2 those guys are, but I still had to interrupt my work to give you a standing ovation. Creative, funny, yet still somehow informative. A fine, fine effort.

  43. Rollo, shoot me an email if you want some pro bono copy editing. I’m a huge fan and it always makes me cringe a little when I catch errors in your posts. Typos are bound to happen with the volume of writing you do, but if you want some help I could absolutely keep things polished for you. Hit me up.

  44. I somehow missed this post. You’ve not been coming up on my reader feed lately. Anyhow, I’m very excited for the book. The issue of unplugging bluepillers from square one is something that I’ve been struggling with lately as well. You were one of the first blogs I started reading obsessively when I found the manosphere and I found you pretty accessible, but at the same time, I was at just the right point in my life where I was disposed to

    The worries about someone unfamiliar with the manosphere not being able to understand your comments are mine exactly. Ask anyone about the ‘feminine imperative’ and you’ll likely get a blank stare. Even smart people. The concepts are just foreign, and you have to first explain why people should buy in before making them put a lot of mental effort into something that will, in the short run, cause them a lot of discomfort on levels they didn’t even know were possible.

    I’ll echo CJ’s comment, if you would like a more novice perspective on a section or too, I’d be available to help edit. youngmanredpill. Best of luck.

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  48. What we need to keep in mind is ONLY since “The Game”, Game TM and the Manosphere’s explosion are women starting to acknowledge psychological truisms that the more intelligent amongst them simply must’ve known. It’s odd because men want women to be more attractive but not vice-versa.

    Any woman from my mother to my few genuine female friends to a female counsellor could’ve told me to be more alpha. But apparently alpha to women was simply too ethereal and unknowable.

    Now Game is emerging and indirectly calling them out we hear (mostly through the cruel process of nice shaming) that:

    “of course being nice and sensitive isn’t enough”

    “have they ever seen the inside of a gym”

    “They’ve gotta be a challenge”

    “I hate guys who are too into me/keen/needy”

    “Being too nice signals to me desperation”

    “I don’t need another girlfriend”

    “They’ve gotta stand up to me”

    “I only want what I can’t have”

    “I never go for the nice guys”

    “These men need to understand their attention needs to be something we fight for not something given away easily”

    When all we heard before were:

    “I want a nice guy”

    “I want a sensitive guy”

    “I want honesty”

    “I want true love”

    “I want to be treated like a princess”

    “I want to be respected”

    “I want to be treated like a human being”

    How is are we supposed to feel after this? How can we fully respect and trust women on this subject again?

    I’m currently in an LTR but I am left wondering what do I owe women or any woman given their rejections of me in my teens/early twenties when “I NEEDED THEM”?

  49. Thanks Rollo.

    It’s funny cos her (past) behaviour drove me to your works but your works are keeping us together as she undeniably sees me as alpha which is a first for me in a relationship.

    She went out with her ex for 6 months and did nothing sexual with him (took me hours).

    She went out “for the attention” as younger girl (no doubt would’ve used a desperate and pained beta like me had we lived in the same city).

    When said ex left her a teary, heartbroken answerphone message she invited her mates round to listen to it as they contemptuously mocked it (I listened to it and it was heartbreaking for me).

    But she treats me like a king? Kind, thoughtful, sexual, keeps good house, cooks?

    Sounds like I’ve started to make my mind up. About time I experienced at thirty years of age after years of pain, fear and mental and physical improvements what females get for free at sixteen.

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