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Leave it to Roissy to scoop me on my own posts:

Rollo Tomassi writes:

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for creating the single greatest time-comparative engine men have ever known. I’m not a big fan of Face Book from a male standpoint, but if it has any redeeming aspect it’s that it provably shows men, in stark contrast, how women’s SMV declines. This is driven home all the better because the subject women are usually ones he’s known personally for a few years.

I entered my 20s in the early 90s, well before the internet went mainstream. I can vividly remember the women I was banging then and the ones who wouldn’t have a thing to do with me. Now I see them 20 years later thanks to social media and every single one is just ravaged by time and lifestyle. I’ve accepted friend requests from women whose memory from 20+ years ago are ones of flirtatious, beautiful lust-inspiring youth, all to be shattered when I see photos of them in their late 30s and early 40s. Then I pray to God and thank Him for sparing me from being yoked to cows like that in spite of my consuming desire at the time to get with them.

Take a minute to digest this: we are really the first generation of men to have such a convenient comparative tool. There was a time when a man could get with (or not) some girl he fancied and never see her again. Young men hear all the time how inconsequential the women they pine for really are in the grand scheme of things. Now the older men giving him advice have a tool to prove and emphasize that advice, and women have cause to lament the ugly, provable truth.

I had imagined going into this dynamic in more detail when I wrote it a few months back, but Roissy’s pretty much summed up my thoughts fairly well. However, one thing I couldn’t have accounted for is the inevitable female response to this dynamic, as represented in the comments by Maya (the troll):

Such a pleasure when you see us getting old and worthless, isn’t it?
If this makes you feel better about yourself …

I can fully understand why women would think men acknowledging this would be mean-spirited. Women’s innate solipsism predisposes them to thinking that viscerally identifying their SMV’s decay is an attack on them personally. Vitally important ego-investments tend to bring out that kind of defensiveness. That’s really not what I had in mind when I wrote that.

I primarily write for Men’s benefit, though I think women may learn something along with it. In writing this, my intent was to provide men with an overall perspective of their own, protracted SMV in comparison to women’s protracted SMV. Naturally, women will see that as an affront because it casts their sexual strategies in a negative light, but think about the beta chump struggling with thoughts of suicide because he thinks he’s losing his soul-mate in a break up at 19. We may live in girl-world, but sometimes our emotional wellbeing, even our own survival, depends on resisting it’s influences. As I said, I believe Face Book, and the greater part of social media, dynamically serves the feminine imperative – attention, affirmation, voyeurism, gossip, etc. – but allow a man to even recognize a use for it that serves to put things into a masculine-positive perspective and he’s attacked and shamed for it by default.

It’s a simple matter to tell a guy he’s dodged a bullet in the cosmic scheme of things, but it’s altogether different to provably show him how he’s dodging it. For all the evils of facebook at least it gives him an ability to see the forest for the trees, but the feminine can’t even afford him that. You must stay dumb, you must stay plugged-in for the feminine to maintain primacy. For all the benefits of a globally connected world, the feminine imperative expects you to accept a feminine-centric normalization of it.

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  1. The first woman I really fell for hard ended up leaving me and getting snatched up by another guy almost immediately after. 15 years later, I still look almost exactly the same, but actually slightly more fit than I was in the military. She had a kid with that guy, who ended up abusing her and their kid, and now looks REALLY bad. This same girl was one of the privileged girls in “the hot sorority”.

    So while she’s a single mom, with few prospects for any high value men, I’m dating hoties not much older than she was when we dated.

  2. This entire article. This is so true.

    Just for example purposes, here’s a list of the SMVs of my prior GFs:

    1. age 18: SMV 6. at age 42: SMV 3
    2. age 17: SMV 5 at age 44: SMV 2
    3. age 18: SMV 7. at age 43: SMV 5
    4. age 20 SMV 7 at age 43: SMV 3
    5 age 21 SMV 5 at age 44 SMV 3
    6 age 19 SMV 9 at age 43: SMV 1
    7. age 18 SMV 7 at age 43: SMV 4

    If more men had and understood this perspective, more men would be less heartbroken over their young love breakups. Schadenfruede isn’t the point. The point is that perhaps Facebook can bring more perspective to relationships for men.

  3. It’s great for us older guys to be able to see the progression of a typical woman from high sexual market value to low sexual market value over the years but have to wonder the benefit to younger men. Being the older guy who KNEW these women 20 years ago (and yes there are a few in my case) the point really hits home, but I’m not sure that the 21 year old dude who is mesmerized by the 19 year old’s ass is gonna be able to imagine that tight size 0 ass having the ability to morph into a size 16. I know at that age I wouldn’t. Don’t know if it is an idealization or what, but I just can’t see younger guys being able to take the same lesson from this that an older guy might.

  4. GLC makes a good point. But I personally know three young guys (under 22) who committed suicide over the loss of their “one true love”. The message needs to get out to the young: girlfriends can be replaced, usually with upgrades.

  5. That comment made by Maya was a typical response I have gotten when discussing any aspect of the Crimson Arts with most females. Well, I learned my lesson. I never discuss this topic with any woman, unless they really need to be told the truth. But this quote really struck home:

    “For all the evils of facebook at least it gives him an ability to see the forest for the trees, but the feminine can’t even afford him that. You must stay dumb, you must stay plugged-in for the feminine to maintain primacy.”

    It is amazing to see the reactions on females’ faces when they realize that you are onto their schemes. And furthermore, know how to manipulate their actions to work in your favor. Whether you explain it through words or actions, women find our mindset very dangerous. Rollo has eloquently written how women automatically revert to feminine shaming techniques by default. It’s humorous and quite rewarding to know that you are tuned into their psyches.

    1. It takes a while for some of us to be able to connect their responses to their inputs. I mean, a more reasonable sort of man would take a logical input and try to come up with a logical output. That women take an input and come back with shaming tilts the pinball machine for men who are just beginning to get a handle on females.

      Women are processing correctly, according to their agenda. It’s just that their agenda is not about truth and reason.

      At first a guy will think the girl simply isn’t understanding. Or that she is processing the information wrong.

      It takes a while to realize that they are processing “correctly”, according to their female nature and needs.

      And that’s about when a man realizes that he is not playing on the same team as women. And that what they say and think doesn’t much matter. It’s all about getting them to act in accordance with our needs, in a way that entraps them into a love snare.

      1. It’s all about getting them to act in accordance with our needs, in a way that entraps them into a love snare.

        If a woman said or did that to you what would you like that? They for the most part just don’t think like that. If you want to think so I’m going to tell you that you are projecting. They have “needs” and would like them met just like men. The thing is nobody can meet another humans needs fully and completely all the time. People with very low frustration tolernance tend to be self involved twats who end up miserable because they can never satiate. Both genders can be deceptive but it serves neither well in the end. On an individual level it may work for some but most people want some reciprocity and honesty. As you sow so shall ye reap.

        Please learn the differance between need and want .

  6. This is an interesting article, but the premise of “the first generation of men” is largely false.

    Throughout most of the world’s history, on any continent, people usually stayed close to the area where they were born, village, town, or city. They were still nearby other people. They could actually see in person what those women turned out to be, because they still lived near each other. This was always true in rural or semi-rural societies — where most people lived — but even urban areas. Most people got married right after high school or college, even into the early post WWII years in America.

    And while many of the men in those days married their first girlfriends, they still had a chance to see what happened to the girls they perhaps had crushes on before they got married.

    Yes, Virginia, there was life before Facebook and the Internet, and some people seem curiously unenlightened about how that life was lived. Such is the attitude of all younger generations that life as we know it started with them.

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