A woman’s imagination is the single most useful tool in your Game arsenal. Every technique, every casual response, every gesture, intimation and subcommunication hinges on stimulating her imagination. Competition anxiety relies on it. DHV relies on it. Sexual tension (gina tingles) relies on it. Call it “Caffeinating the Hamster” if you will, but stimulating a woman’s imaginings is the single most potent talent you can learn in any context of a relationship (LTR, STR, ONS, Plate Spinning.)

This is the single greatest failing of average frustrated chumps; they vomit out everything about themselves, divulging the full truth of themselves to women in the mistaken belief that women desire that truth as a basis for qualifying for their intimacy. Learn this now: Women NEVER want full disclosure. Nothing is more self-satisfying for a woman than to think she’s figured a Man out based solely on her mythical feminine intuition (i.e. imagination).

When a man overtly confirms his character, his story, his value, etc. for a woman, the mystery is dispelled and the bio-chemical rush she enjoyed from her imaginings, her suspicions, her self-confirmations about you are GONE. AFCs classically do exactly this on the first date and wonder why they get LJBF’d promptly after it – this is why. Familiarity is anti-seductive. Nothing kills Game, lust and libido like comfortable familiarity. Despite their common bleating filibuster tactics, women don’t want to be comfortable with a potential (or proven) sex partner, they need their imaginations stoked to be excited, aroused and anxious to want sex with a potential partner.

In an LTR there’s an even more critical need to keep prodding that imagination. I would go so far as to say it’s imperative for a healthy relationship, but then you’ll ask, how do you go about that when your LTR GF or wife already knows your story and the familiarity becomes cemented in?

The easy answer is never let it be from the outset – the health of any LTR you might entertain depends and survives on the frame you enter into it with. The foundations of a healthy LTR are laid while you’re single and dating non-exclusively. I’ve yet to meet the guy who’s told me he’s getting more frequent, more intense sex after his LTR / Marriage / Live-in situation was established. The primary reason for this is the relaxation of the competition anxiety that made the urgency of fucking you with lustful abandon in your dating phase an imperative to get you to commit to her frame. And that’s the crux of the matter that so many guys fail in, they surrender the frame BEFORE they commit to an LTR. They believe, (thanks to their Matrix conditioning) that commitment is synonymous with acquiescing to her frame control. Combine this with anti-seductive familiarity and the growing commonness of your own value because of it, and you can see exactly why her sexual interest wanes.

So what do you do to prevent that? First and foremost, understand that whose frame you enter into an LTR sets the foundation of that LTR. If you find yourself buying into an “it’s women’s world and we just live in it” mentality where your default presumption is that commitment means she wins, you lose and that’s just how it is, don’t even consider an LTR. She enters your world, not the other way around.

Secondly, you need to cultivate an element of unpredictability about yourself prior to, and into, an LTR. Always remember POOK’s proverb, Perfect is BORING. Women will cry a river about wanting Mr. Dependable and then go off to fuck Mr. Exciting. In an LTR it’s necessary to be both, but not one at the expense of the other. Too many married men are TERRIFIED to rock the excitement boat with their wives because their sex lives hang in the balance of placating to her and her already preset frame. She must be reminded daily why you’re fun, unpredictable and exciting, not only to her, but other women as well. This requires covertly implying that other women find you desirable. Women crave the chemical rush that comes from suspicion and indignation. If you don’t provide it, they’ll happily get it from tabloids, romance novels, The View, Tyra Banks or otherwise living vicariously through their single girlfriends.

By playfully staying her source of that rush you maintain the position of stimulating her imagination. Married men, who were defeated before they committed, don’t think that elements of Game apply to marriage out of fear of upsetting their wives frame, when in fact C&F and Negs and many other aspects of Game work wonderfully. Just kicking her in the ass or busting her chops, playfully, is sometimes enough to send the message that you’re fearless of her response. You can break her frame with cockiness and the imaginings that come with it.

Breaking from an established, predictable familiarity is often a great way to fire her imagination. Married guys will report how sexual their wives become after they get to the gym and start shaping up after a long layoff (or for the first time). It’s easy to pass this off as looking better makes women more aroused (which is true), but underneath that is the breaking of a pattern. You’re controllable and predictable so long as you’re pudgy and listless – what other woman would want you? But start changing your patterns, get into shape, make more money, get a promotion, improve and demonstrate your higher value in some appreciable way and the imagination and competition anxiety returns.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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    1. This makes a lot of sense. However, I am not so sure it applies to all women. Also, they are all a bit crazy and the rules must be adjusted to fit the crazy. I certainly don’t have them figured out, that’s truly impossible.

  1. Great to find this other blog here, Rollo. Your stuff is on a very high level, and I enjoy reading it quite a bit.

    I find your views on Pornography quite interesting, and I mostly agree. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m under the impression that you have a Tumblr account which has some mighty fine photos of some young lasses.

    How do you square the view of porn detailed above, with a provocative online photo collection? I’m asking because I have a similar view and also like the stuff–which induces some cognitive dissonances.

  2. A wise man once said “The only time you should ever give a woman a straight answer is when you are telling her ‘no'”. Or something to that effect.

    Women don’t thrive in a world of facts and logic. They derive their energy from the emotional roller coaster of uncertainty. Chicks are nothing more than grown up ADD kids. They need constant stimulation and if they can’t get it from you they will get it from the next person who pushes their buttons.

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  5. This article rings so true with me, and the willingness to give away all the details about myself so quickly after meeting a girl is why I always end up enduring the LJBF. Thanks for opening my eyes Rollo.

  6. “Women will cry a river about wanting Mr. Dependable and then go off to fuck Mr. Exciting.”

    Holy Fuckin’ shit man! you just nail’d it. damn!

    Man, you’re goin’ good. keep it this way.

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  8. I have a question because I think I may be in the same situation as this. How exactly can I let her know that other women find me attractive? like should I casually mention a work colleague and that she was casually touching me but I was not interested. kind of along those lines?

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  10. No wise man always holds the Absolute Truth. And this time the very wise Rollo has missed the mark.
    There’s no way a sane, healthy relationship can be mantained through “keeping the mistery”. The same way that one cannot always hide our true nature, unless one is a dangerous schizophrenic.
    Women are far better at understanding emotions and “reading between the lines” than men. It’s part of their neural biology and there’s no way a man can hide his true nature from a woman for long. Unless a woman doesn’t want to see the truth (plenty of cases like this out there, people). “There’s no bigger blind than one who doesn’t want to see”.

    Science has proven beyond doubt that sexual attraction is based on “chemistry”. The specifics of said chemistry still elude human mind, though. But everyone (even the most hardcore “romantics”) know its’ true. There’s a special something which makes some people more attractive to others than everyone else. Smells? Sweat?… We still don’t know.

    What we do know is that sometimes we come across a man or a woman who will just blow our mind. In a way we’ve never had it blown before.
    We see it happen a lot. A man or a woman, married for a long time, living the quiet, peaceful bliss of family life and picket fences. Until a member of the opposite sex enters their life. And suddenly years of companioship and affection for a loving spouse are obliterated. “We must have that man/woman!”
    If contact is initiated then exploding, over-the-top sex happens. Women who always had a problem getting lubricated suddenly start juicing like a fountain. Men who usually only lasted 5-10 minutes in sex, see themselves getting hard for an entire hour of sex activity.

    This kind of chemistry is intense. Sometimes it can last a lifetime and make a marriage be like an Hollywood film. Other times it only lasts for a couple of months. An then the chemistry dissipates as if it had never existed.

    There’s no way to control this. The same way there’s no way to control other people’s emotions, be they male or female. Creating trigger-mechanisms to make other people fancy us just works with weak-minded drones with scarce intelligence or willpower. And who’s interested in a brainless bimbo (apart from a brainless moron or a pimp)?

    Everyone has to make the best of life while the good things last. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing! Knowing that, we have to enjoy the good stuff as it comes along.

  11. Love your work but the abundance of anagrams without what the anagrams are to me, makes this text confusing.

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